Beagle Poodle X Breed: Facts, Temperament, and More

Poogles are born from magnificent Poodles and lovely Beagles. Poogles, Beaglepoos, Beagledoodles, and Beapoos are a few of the other names for them. Poogles get both their parents’ behavioural and physical traits.

Poodles are pretty intellectual, whilst Beagles are devoted and curious. They are exceptionally trainable canines as a result. Their ears originate from their Beagle ancestry, whereas their hair is evocative of their Poodle father.

Poogle pups are brilliant like poodles and very faithful and inquisitive like beagles. They acquire their parents’ physical features, personal characteristics, and temperamental qualities.

History: Beagle Poodle Cross

The Poogle may be considered one of the first crosses made, believed to have its origins throughout the 1980s in America. It is a little dog with charming Poodle-like wavy hair and a Beagle-like attitude.

The bulk of these dogs is tiny to medium-sized breeds since they are Beagles mixed with Miniature Poodles or Toy Poodles. This variety is becoming more and more well-liked day in and day out.

Height 11 to 15 inches

15 to 25 pounds
Lifespan12 to 15 years
Breed typeDesigner
Coat coloursBlonde, Tan, Apricot, Red, Black
Best suited forAll Families

1. About the Breed

About the Breed
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If you’re seeking a tiny, low-shedding, entertaining, and clever family pet, a Poogle could be your ideal choice. This amiable youngster blends a more recent variety of dogs with the Beagle’s enthusiasm with the Poodle’s intellect.

You’ll quickly become infatuated with poogles thanks to their plush fur and large brown eyes. However, aspiring Poogle pawrents must think about their ability to provide focus on their needs and wants. A household that spends eight hours per day outside the home should not have this dog.

2. Physical Attributes

The dimension of Poogle’s parents determines the spectrum of sizes that it can have. Poogles often range in height from 11 to 15 inches and weigh 15 to 25 lbs.

However, if their stature influences your choice, you should examine the Poogles’ parents to get a clear picture of the dog’s growing ability.

3. Personality and Temperament

Poodles and beagles share characteristics with poogles.

Poogles are kind and caring creatures. They enjoy being around others and would be miserable without you.

They are indeed quite loving due to their insecurity. Given that it is a half Beagle, they would love to spend the evening relaxing with their people. So, if you’re looking for a cuddly partner for the evening, the Poogle may be the best option.

They frequently play if people disregard them. Their activity to attract the pawrent’s notice includes doing naughty things. The beagle-poodle mix will seek as much of your time and focus as possible if you ignore them. If not, the poogle pup may quickly experience anxiety or depression.

This variety may make a good watchdog even if it is not well renowned for aggressive barking.

The Poogle is bright, but he’s also obstinate. This is not the dog you should choose if you’re hoping for a puppy that will be blindly obedient.

4. With Family, Kids and Other Pets

With Family, Kids and Other Pets
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Due to the gregarious nature of parental breeds—the Beagle and the Poodle—poogle puppies are extremely friendly. They demonstrate that they are excellent companion animals, given that they get together well with kids and adults.

They are also a loving and devoted breed that will grow to be staunch companions and guardians for your kids. With this canine present, entertaining visitors won’t be an issue for you.

The Poogle gets well with various canines since they are clever and friendly. Your Poogle will be everybody’s greatest buddy if your community has a dog park since they get along nicely with other canines. Both parental breeds, nevertheless, have intense hunting drives.

Thus they might not get along with a household with cats or other domestic pets. Your smaller pets may get wounded, or even worse, as a Poogle may follow them about without recognising what they’re doing incorrectly.

5. Appearance of Beagle Poodle Cross

A tiny to medium-sized dog breed described as that of the Poogle resembles a fluffy canine teddy. They resemble Beagles because they have long tails and an athletic physique below their fur.

Its ears seem longer than those of the Poodle but not quite as long as those of the Beagles, and it comes with huge, circular, dark-coloured eyes.

Like most doodle hybrids, its coat typically reflects the Poodle’s curly appearance. As a result, they could shed significantly less than the Beagle, but don’t anticipate them to be as hypoallergenic as their Poodle father.

Although some Poogle pups are solid-coloured, many have white patches. Blonde, Tan, Apricot, red, and black are popular colours.

6. Activity

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The Poogle would need to work out a great deal. Poodles and Beagles are both sporting breeds with high activity levels and strong hunting instincts that need to be active daily. Poogles will necessitate an average of two long walks or, at minimum, 45 minutes of activity.

Your Poogle will enjoy physical and intellectual activity because of their sharp minds and inquisitive temperament.

The Poogle may be rather sluggish if they don’t feel like training, making them an excellent choice for apartment pups and quite flexible whenever it regards housing conditions.

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7. Diet and Nutrition

Due to the Poodle’s several breed dimensions, the Poogle may appear in a broad range of sizes. Therefore, ensuring that your puppy’s chow is the proper size for its jaws is important.

The Poogle will eat between two and three servings daily, totalling around one cup of feed. They will thrive on premium chow that offers them a well-balanced meal.

Protein, carbs, fibre, good omega oils, minerals, and vitamins are all components of a nutritious diet. Keep goodies to a limit and watch how much your Poogle consumes to prevent overeating.

8. Training

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If you are strict with them and begin training early, the Poogle will be easy to teach. Additionally, they are motivated to impress you, which makes training simple. In only a few minutes, your Poogle puppy will learn new tricks and be delighted to do these for you to satisfy you.

For Poogle, desensitisation and socialisation are essential. Acclimatise them to plenty of unusual creatures, humans, and noises to which you can comfortably expose them. Otherwise, your dog can become nervous, jittery, and fidgety.

Training in crates is essential. Your goal is for Poogle to see their crates as a secure haven rather than a place to dread or be punished.

9. Health Concerns of Beagle Poodle Cross

Despite the lack of data, the consensus thus far points to a lifetime of 12 to 15 years. This number is reassuring because it is greater than most dog breeds’ 10 to 13-year average lifetime.

The Poogle variety is often in good health. Nevertheless, because it is a blend, it may have health issues for both parents. Parents of Beagle Poodles can pass on specific health hazards to their offspring. Here are a few of them:

  1. Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia, a difficult joint defect that might result in immobility in later years, is a potential risk inherited from both parents.
  2. Patellar Luxation: This ailment, sometimes called floating kneecap, happens when the depression where the kneecap rests is too small. The dog finds it challenging to stretch its leg as a result completely.
  3. Eye problems: It is well known that both of their families have several eye disorders. The key issues to watch out for are cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy.
  4. Hypothyroidism: Typical symptoms include fatigue, weight gain without increasing consumption of food, loss of hair, and skin abnormalities. Medications can be used to treat this disease.
  5. Dental Problems: The Poogle breed is susceptible to teeth issues because Poodles are notorious for having them. This danger can be decreased by using toothpaste and a brush made for canines every day.
  6. Heart problems: Heart problems are also quite common in this breed.
  7. Epilepsy: Convulsions are common in several dog breeds and may have no obvious reason.
  8. Addison’s disease: A dog with Addison’s disease cannot manufacture specific hormones, resulting in several ailments, notably cancer. Some indications include diarrhea, sluggishness, hair loss, weight loss, and stool blood.
  9. Intervertebral disc disease happens when fluid imbalances cause pressure in your dog’s vertebral column. This has catastrophic consequences, including, at the very worst, immobility, discomfort in the back and neck, or trouble with feeling.
  10. Beagle Dwarfism: This is something that Beagle Poodles may get from their Beagle ancestor. The dog under this condition is much smaller than average.

10. Care

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  • Different brushing needs apply depending on whether a Beagle Poodle acquires a shorter mane or a long coat. You can brush your pet once every other day if its coat is shorter.
    The most frequent is about three times every week. You must comb the animal’s fur more frequently to reduce tangles if its coat is longer.
  • Every eight to twelve weeks, they will be required to take a bath. Experts suggest using a mild, all-natural cleanser as both of its parents seem likely to have delicate skin.
  • Be sure to brush and clip your dog’s claws.
  • Examine their ears and eyes to detect any sickness symptoms as soon as possible for any indications of infections or irritability.

Final Words

The Poogle is a variety that, while somewhat rare, will win your love with its charm. They are lovely and distinctive canines that can adapt to just about any home and flourish there, provided they are prepared to offer them the care and affection they require.

Both parental breeds have a rich heritage and love-filled genes. However, confirming that your canine was created with the same affection and consideration as the breed itself is crucial.

The Poogle is a cute and content puppy that would fit well with most homes. They will remain content as much as you possess the time to work out their minds and bodies throughout the day and can invest a fair amount of time around them.

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