Border Collie X Golden Retriever: Facts Temperament and More

Are you looking for a loyal, intelligent, and spirited companion? Then, a Border Golden Collie Retriever might be your perfect partner in crime.

This mixed-breed dog results from crossing two popular dogs in the U.S. – a border collie and a golden retriever. And you will be besotted with this crossbreed pup as they bear the playfulness, intelligence, and smartness of golden retriever and border collie’s loving, obedient nature.

So border collies golden retriever mix dogs are the best for parents who run into a super active and energetic lifestyle.

Golden Collie: Know About the Parent Breeds

Golden Collie- Know about the Parent Breeds
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Border collie retrievers are also popularly known as Gollies. They are among the most popular crossbreeds that result from bringing together a purebred border collie and a purebred golden retriever.

Interestingly, today’s most popular and loved retriever was created by breeding the now extinct Tweed water spaniel and yellow retriever.

Thus, it’s obvious that the breed will be intelligent and more helpful in water. In 1925, the American Kennel Club acknowledged this breed.

In the early 1900s, golden retrievers were used in redeeming shot waterfowl in certain hunting games.

However, they are the most loved and preferred dogs to keep as pets and rescue and search dogs. Parents are simply fond of the energetic and lovable nature of golden retrievers.

An adult male retriever grows up to 24 inches, weighing nearly 75 pounds. And females are usually smaller than males.

On the other hand, the border collie is known as the most intelligent and working breed. They were initially used for herding sheep and other livestock. Border collies amuse their owners with perky and obedient workaholics, making them great pets.

The standing height of a male border collie is 22 inches, and they weigh about 44 inches. Alternatively, female dogs are a bit smaller.

Height22 to 26 inches tall
Weight50 to 70 pounds
Lifespan12 to 15 years
Breed TypeHerding
SheddingMedium to high shedding
Coat Colourswhite, black, golden, red, brown, yellow & tan
Best Suited ForFamily, single person

Border Collie Cross Golden Retriever Mix: Origination

Unfortunately, the crossbreed border collie retriever has no recognition in the AKC. So it’s typically hard to get popular breeders to produce these mix-breed dogs.

Nevertheless, crossbreeds manifest the best qualities of the parent breeds. They are caring, loving, and amiable. In the case of the lovable Gollies, you will mostly find them at shelters. So rest assured, if you bring one home, it would be your perfect companion.

Know Your Border Collie Golden Retriever

Know your Border Collie Golden Retriever
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Let’s find out what a border collie golden retriever is like regarding physical traits, personality and behaviour.

1. Physical Traits

Border Collie Retrievers are one of the most excellent and intelligent herding dogs. They stand between 18 and 22 inches tall and weigh nearly 30 to 45 inches. Comparatively, females are petite.

2. Coat colour and Type

Gollies exhibit smooth and short double-layer wavy coating. Some may also have rough medium-length fur. Eventually, they can adapt to various weather conditions.

Apart from this, they manifest a wide range of markings and colours, inheriting the coat colours of their parents, singly or in combination. However, you will most commonly find the black and white variety in this breed. Other coat colours include golden, red, brown, white, yellow, and tan.

Border collies have high energy levels that seek much mental and physical stimulation.

3. Appearance

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Your Gollies’ appearance will depend on their parents’ genes and look different from other Gollies. However, this mixed breed generally manifests a robust body with a fuzzy tail and a straight back.

They look almost like their golden retriever parent but have short ears, whereas their coats mostly come from their collie parent.

4. Temperament

Gollies are fun-loving, loving, and caring dogs that can mingle with anyone, single person or family. They will act according to your instructions, being smart. You can train them quickly.

However, gollies are a bit gluey and seek lots of attention from their parents or family. So prepare to invest ample time in interacting and various activities if you get a border collie retriever mix. Otherwise, they can get depressed and destructive.

If you can’t spend much time with your doggy, you can hire a caregiver or a dog sitter to attend to them while you are away.

The best part is that border collie retrievers always tend to do other activities to please their parents. They are very protective, too. Likewise, they create strong bonds with their families, participating in everything they do.

5. Intelligence

Gollies are intelligent dogs like their border collies and golden retriever parents. Plus, they are too bright. As a result, you can quickly train and make them learn even complex tricks or commands.

However, you should never punish or yell at your doggy and employ positive reinforcement methods while training. And you can explore and exhibit your dog’s innate potential.

6. High-spirited


You will be charmed to see your super energetic and agile doggy playing all around and over the day. However, to help them maintain their shape, let your canine have several play sessions and exercise regularly.

Nearly 90 minutes of physical activity is regularly a must for border collie retrievers. But, some collie Golden may need to exercise for up to 180 minutes to burn off the excess energy.

Take your doggy for long walks, hiking, jogging, or swimming. Keep note that this mixed breed enjoys playing fetch and recouping. So you can play throw ball or Frisbee to let them have some fun and exercise simultaneously.

7. Health Issues

Fascinatingly, crossbreeds are usually healthier than purebreds. Nevertheless, a border collie retriever can pick up certain diseases from which their parent border collies and golden retrievers have been affected. Some include ear infections, allergies, bloating, and elbow or hip dysplasia.

Moreover, Gollies are also vulnerable to cancer and heart problems, like their dog parents. Thus, it’s recommended to get this mix breed from a recognized breeder to ensure your doggy is healthy. You can check the parents’ elbow and hip scores and health reports.

Border collie golden retrievers are healthy breeds with 10 to 15 years of average life expectancy.

8. Dietary Habits

A proper diet is necessary to ensure the excellent health and well-being of your Gollie. Their diet chart should include plenty of proteins, carbs, fats, essential vitamins, and minerals.

Moreover, get big-breed doggy food for your adult Golden Collie. Plus, there should be two evenly shaped meals each day. Remember that Golden Collies are prone to bloating, so maintain a consistent diet schedule. And don’t free-feed your doggy.

In the case of puppies, feed them with quality puppy food four times a day. But when you bring the pup home, provide them with the same dog food used by the breeder for a month. Then, you can transit to a different one.

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9. Grooming & Care

Grooming & care
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This mix breed requires high maintenance because of its medium-length and dense coat. However, Gollies typically shed heavily during the shedding season. So you are likely to immerse in your doggy’s hair. Follow these instructions to control shedding and remove dander or dirt –

  • Brush your doggy’s hair three times per week.
  • During the shedding season, try to brush daily.

You can brush your mix one day after another based on how much they shed loose hair all over the house.

Other grooming activities include primary care, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. Brushing their teeth every day is necessary, so get your mix accustomed to this routine from an early stage.

On top, trim their nails every three to five weeks. You can do it at home or take your doggy to a groomer. Finally, you should check and clean their ears weekly or as necessary because Gollies are vulnerable to ear infections.


How much is a border collie golden retriever?

This popular designer breed is quite rare. So how much the mix can cost you will depend significantly on their demand and supply in your area. 
However, in general, it can cost you between $300 and $900, depending on the quality of the Golden collie pup.

How big and heavy can a Golden collie mix get?

An adult Border Golden coolie can grow up to 24 inches tall and weigh between 45 and 75 pounds. Some of them can even be smaller. You will get an idea by looking at their parents.

What is a Golden Retriever and Border Collie mix called?

The Border collie golden retriever, a cross between a collie and golden retriever, is popularly known as Gollie. They are super-loving, energetic, intelligent, clever, and thoughtful dogs, inheriting the best traits from both parents.

Are Gollies Apartment Dogs?

Border collies golden retrievers exhibit sturdy and large build, packed with lots of energy. But, eventually, they aren’t suitable for apartments or small spaces.
This mix-breed needs a big space to play and gallop around regularly to stay happy and healthy. Furthermore, they can manifest their full inherent potential if they get a little outside space.

The Takeaway

Overall, the Border collie golden retriever can be the perfect lovable and intelligent companion you are looking for. They are highly spirited, fully loving, and caring crossbreed that can easily mingle with children and adults.

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