4 Cool Dog Collars in Australia (Our Top Pick)

Dog collars are the foremost piece of protective clothing that a dog owner can purchase. Collars are frequently used to keep puppies from sauntering off, particularly when they’re unsure of their new surroundings and going missing in congested locations.

When faced with an infinite number of options, attempting to find the “perfect” dog collar for your pet can be a daunting task. Strangers can identify dogs by their collars. It shows that your dog is genuinely cared for. It is useful when trying to walk a dog on a leash. It can even be used as a training opportunity at key moments.

The type of collar you need is determined by the rationale you want one. Are you looking for something that simply informs people that your pet belongs to you, or are you attempting to control the incidence with which your dog starts barking?

The Maya Personalized Dog Collar and Leash Set

The Maya Personalized Dog Collar and Leash Set

Our Top Recommendation for Cool Dog Collars!

This uniquely designed collar has caught the hearts of countless pup owners all around the world. The Maya Personalized dog collar and leash set is a personalized dog collar on which you can engrave your pet’s name as well as your phone number with laser art to keep your pet safe.

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So, let us first look at all the types of collars available in the market today and their uses to get a broad idea of what we’re looking for.

Cool Dog Collars to Buy

The Maya Personalized Dog Collar and Leash SetThe Maya Personalized Dog Collar and Leash Set• Laser engraved name and contact information
• Available in all sizes
• Leash and Bow tie included
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Sirius Genuine Leather Dog CollarSirius Genuine Leather Dog Collar• Durable
• Soft interior lining
• Unique Personalisation features
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Dog Nation Cool Rivets Studded Genuine Leather Dog CollarDog Nation Cool Rivets Studded Genuine Leather Dog Collar• Made of premium quality, genuine leather
• Sharply spiked rivets
• Durable buckle
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Pawid Flower Custom Dog CollarPawid Flower Custom Dog Collar• Luxurious and Sophisticated floral prints
• Detachable velcro flower
• Durable
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1. The Maya Personalized Dog Collar and Leash Set

The Maya Personalized Dog Collar and Leash Set
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The Maya Personalized Dog Collar and Leash Set is a high-quality handcrafted item that is ideal for dogs of all sizes, from pups to huge canines. Its eye-catching colours and geometric designs were painstakingly developed and handcrafted with passion and accuracy by creative specialists and experienced artisans.

Available in a Wide Range of Unique Patterns

These collars are well recognised for their spectrum of shades and designs.

Laser Engraving Feature

They include laser-etched customised names and the owner’s contact information on the tag.

I Made My Dog Wear The Maya Personalized Dog Collar and Leash Set

Soft and Durable

They are comfortable and long-lasting and are made of high-quality polyester. High-quality polyester is a very robust fabric. It has high tensile strength and minimum elasticity, hence capable of serving your dog for a long time.


Because the Maya Personalized Dog collar is featherweight, it puts little if any pressure on your dog’s neck.

Suitable for All Breeds

This one-of-a-kind handcrafted collar is available in five sizes, varying from extra small to extra large, rendering it suited for all breeds.

The Maya Personalized Dog Collar and Leash Set Review

Included Leash and Bowtie

The Maya Personalized Dog Collar is complemented with a matching leash and bowtie.

Suitable for all Seasons

Because it is composed of high-quality polyester, it is appropriate for all seasons.

My Dog Love Playing After Wearing The Maya Personalized Dog Collar and Leash Set


This all-natural collar costs only $41 and can be zipped as low as $10 a week.

Pros & Cons


  • Available in a wide range of unique patterns
  • Laser engraved name and contact information
  • Soft and Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Included leash and bowtie
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Cost-effective


  • There are no cons to dominance

User Review:Beautiful, high-quality collar with readable customised inscription. Excellent quality. It looks great, and there will be no more misplaced name tags. A satisfied customer and a pleased dog.”

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2. Sirius Genuine Leather Dog Collar

Sirius Genuine Leather Dog Collar
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The Sirius genuine leather dog collar is a traditional leather dog collar that is elegant and simple and will never go out of trend. This authentic leather customised dog collar goes above and beyond in terms of elegance, size, and customisation.


Leather being a premium fabric itself, is bound to assure you a longer period of durability without any signs of wear and tear.

Soft Interior

Sirius Genuine Leather Dog Collar Review

The inner padding of this collar has been softened quite well for your dog’s convenience.

Available in a Variety of Shades

This quality leather collar comes in three distinct colours: rich red, dark brown, and brilliant green.

Available in a Variety of Sizes

There are six distinct sizes available, spanning from extra-extra-small to extra-large, making it suitable for practically every breed.

A Dog Wearing Sirius Genuine Leather Dog Collar

Personalization Feature

You can personalise the Sirius Genuine Leather Dog Collar with your dog’s name, address, and phone number to make the ideal comprehensive identification card.

Worth the Investment

It is rather economical for a well-reviewed, elegant leather dog collar with a phone number and name engraved on it.

I Made My Dog wear Sirius Genuine Leather Dog Collar

Pros & Cons


  • Elegant style
  • Durable
  • Soft interior
  • Available in a variety of shades
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes
  • Additional personalisation features
  • Worth the investment


  • Comparatively heavier

User Review: “ Excellent craftsmanship! I went through a series of dog collars and id cards, but now I’m not worried! Many collars stain my dog’s fur; however, this one leaves no marks or hues. There are no traces of excessive wear, which is a plus! I’m going to buy several more as presents. It was fantastic! I would strongly recommend it.”

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3. Dog Nation Cool Rivets Studded Genuine Leather Dog Collar

Dog Nation Cool Rivets Studded Genuine Leather Dog Collar
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This Rivet Studded Leather Dog Collar from Dog Nation looks so classy! The high-quality leather with its soft inner side will be comfy on your canine friend’s fur. Moreover, its spiked rivets add to the collar’s stylishness. Luxurious and fashionable, the Dog Nation Cool Rivet Studded Collar will protect and stud your doggy besides making them look charming, cuter yet strong.

High-Quality Leather

This Rivet Studded Collar is crafted of high-quality and soft leather, making it feel cozier on your pet. However, what adds to the flexibility and softness of this collar is its soft inner padding. It will eliminate the chances of irritation and rubbing on your dog’s neck. All these things make this Dog Nation Studded Collar ideal for walking, running, or training.

Sharply Spiked Rivets

The sharply spiked rivets make the collar look bold, strong, and stylish. However, they are designed to protect your furry buddy from being bitten by others. Overall, it exhibits unique, luxurious, and fashionable designs. Wearing this Dog Nation Rivet Collar, your doggy will look majestic and stand out outdoors. So get ready to capture eyes while walking!

Other Supplies

Another feature that adds to the collar’s durability is its sturdy stainless steel alloy buckle. It ensures more security and safety for your doggy. In addition, this durable and long-lasting leather quality makes it suitable to use in all seasons. Plus, the collar boasts a solid pattern, and it is adjustable.

The Dog Nation Cool Rivets Studded Genuine Leather Dog Collar is available in different sizes and colours.

Pros & Cons


  • It is made of genuine leather
  • Soft and comfortable
  • The spiked rivets protect your pet from getting bitten
  • Sturdy stainless-steel buckle
  • It offers more security and safety


  • The spikes aren’t sharp enough to cause punctures
  • The leather can wear down easily
  • Its durability could be better

User review: “This dog collar clearly states that it is made for medium to large dogs and has a 2in width. Even after reading that, I ordered it for my small Chihuahua. I ordered an extra small one, thinking it would fit. It is obviously too big for my dog, but I was so impressed with the quality of the material that I am giving it to a friend as a gift for her large breed dog. This collar will make your dog look extremely intimidating.”

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4. Pawid Flower Custom Dog Collar

Pawid Flower Custom Dog Collar
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The PawID Flower custom dog collar is a one-of-a-kind dog collar with a detachable velcro flower and a lovely floral design.

Floral Designs that are both Luxurious and Sophisticated

This collar’s beautiful floral patterns come in a variety of colour combinations, including black and green, cream and dusty blue, beige and peach,  and a vibrant baby pink design.

Pawid Flower Custom Dog Collar Review

Detachable Velcro Flower

This dog collar also comes with a velcro flower that can be added or removed at your leisure.


Because it is constructed of nylon, this collar will last a lot longer.

Available in a Variety of Sizes

The smallest size fits a neck diameter of 25 cm, while the maximum size fits a neck diameter of 40-65centimetres.

I Made My Dog Wear Pawid Flower Custom Dog Collar

Effortless Personalisation

Personalization is straightforward, with a name and number prominently written on the lapel in Century Gothic style.

Pros & Cons


  • Luxurious and sophisticated floral designs
  • Detachable velcro flower
  • Durable
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Wide range of colour combinations
  • Effortless personalisation


  • Not machine washable
  • Not available in extra small sizes

User Review: “The cutest collar ever. Material of exceptional quality and sturdiness. I’m glad I invested in a personalised collar since it’s one of a kind.”

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Types of Collars

Shopping for collars can be particularly exhausting because of the wide variety of collars available. To know which collar will suit your pet’s needs, first, you need to know what each type of collar is used for. So, let’s take a look at the basic types of collars and their uses.

1. The Standard Flat Collar

The most commonly used type of collar is the standard flat collar, which is made of a slender segment of nylon, leather, or even other durable fabric with a loop to connect a leash or moniker label. It has an instant snap closure and is available in a variety of colours and patterns.

2. Choke Collar

Chain collars or choke collars are made from metal and often are covered with tines that dig into one’s pet’s body whenever a leash is pulled. They are typically used for training purposes by professionals and are not advised for general use.

3. Martingale Collar

Martingale collars are a tweaked version of choke collars designed to keep nervous or frightened dogs from falling out. They have a cloth loop that gets smaller only enough when yanked on to be stable and inhibit stumbles. As a result, they are also known as Limited-Slip Collars.

4. Martingale Leads

Martingale Leads, as the name suggests, include both collar and leads.  They function similarly to Martingale collars. Whenever the lead is tugged, the collar piece glides over the face and strengthens, preventing the lead from falling off. To hold the collar in position, a cylindrical tube glides down the leads.

5. Head Halter

The head halter is tailored to accommodate your dog’s head just behind the earlobes, with another sling wrapping around the muzzle. The said style is ideal for huge, robust dogs who enjoy pulling. It is best used more as a guide to help nudge your dog onto the path you need to go.

6. Rolled Leather Collar

Rolled leather collars are more lasting and less prone to promote hair fall or splitting.  Ensure to attach a label with your updated contact details on your dog’s collar.

7. Harnesses

Harnesses are meant to be worn over the upper torso of a dog, arching over the spine. A leash can be added to the harness’s collar. Certain dog owners prefer harnesses over collars, notably for canines who pull a lot since they impose minimal strain on the necks.

8. Flea or Tick Collar

These collars are frequently employed in combination with standard collars. They’re laced with medications that keep your dog safe from insect vectors. The idea with them is to take note of how far the collar lasts and replace it as required.

9. Vibratory Collar

Vibratory collars attract your pet’s interest by pulsating. This one is beneficial for deaf canines that cannot hear their voices.

10. GPS Dog Collar

The GPS dog collar can track your dog if they stray too far and get lost in loops.

11. Show Collar

Show Collars are slipping collars that are usually constructed of woven fabric like leather, nylon, or metals. These chains have the potential to get too snug around the dog’s collar and must never be left on an unaccompanied dog.

12. Elizabethan Collar

This collar is designed to keep your dog from clawing or licking himself after a cut or surgery at the clinic.

Now that we’ve covered the fundamental types of dog collars, let’s have a look at some of the most stylish standard dog collars on the market.

Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Collars

The best dog collar in the market would surely prove its superiority over others in terms of features like size, durability, design and ease of maintenance.

1. Size

The right fit provides comfort. Since your dog would be using this every day, the collar must be the proper size for their neck. Slimmer alternatives are softer and lighter, making them perfect for pup collars. Powerful and/or big dogs should wear broad collars. Refer to the size table for each collar compared with your dog’s neck size; some have only limited size.

2. Durability

The best dog collars in the industry ought to be incredibly durable and endure for many years. Leather and high-density nylon are ideal materials for tough collars. Certain polyesters are also durable enough to survive for years.

3. Design

Some have basic solid colours and some with design and colour. Customised collars allow you to experiment with different hues, designs, and textures.

4. Washable

Only some are machine washable, whereas the rest will need to be washed by hand with mild water and soap and should not wait to dry; towel dry immediately after washing.


How to choose a collar for your dog?

First, you must measure where you will place the collar around your canine’s neck. It’s generally the base of the neck. However, you need to ensure your two fingers are slipping between your pet’s neck and the measuring tape. And to get a comfortable fit, you might have to add 2-3 inches.

How many collars should you get for your dog?

Besides training collars, it’s better to get two collars for puppies. A puppy collar is designed to keep your canine safe. However, one of the collars will serve as their everyday collar.

Which collar is better: thin or thick?

While a thicker collar generally gives more support, they are perfect for stronger dogs. Moreover, a wide dog collar is more comfortable as it efficiently minimizes the pressure on the neck. Nevertheless, the downside is that these collars are heftier, making them unsuitable for small breeds.


Dog Nations Maya Personalized Dog Collar and Leash Set is the finest collar in the industry in our opinion.

If you want a more natural, eco-friendly solution that won’t break the bank, the PawID Personalized Laser Engraved Bamboo Fiber Dog Collar is the one for you.

The Sirius Genuine Leather Dog Collar is an actual leather collar that can be personalized to your desire, and for a step up in elegance, the PawID Flower Custom Dog Collar is a lovely alternative.

Overall, every dog collar has advantages and disadvantages. The best one for you is the one that provides the greatest comfort for your dog while also leaving you pleased as a customer. We hope our reviews assisted you in making an informed decision. Happy shopping!