6 Best Anti-Bark Dog Collars Review [Australia, 2022]

If you have a dog at home, you probably get into the habit of barking. However, some dogs have the habit of barking louder and more frequently. This is why it becomes problematic for you to concentrate on your work. Moreover, your neighbour feels annoyed and might complain to you with constant barking. 

Many dog owners provide training to their dogs to teach them not to bark without any command. Isn’t something like discouraging your dog from being playful and doesn’t allow them to bark even if someone is trying to steal your things?

Hence, in that case, bark collars for the dogs are the perfect solution to stop your dog from barking and excessive barking habits. The dog collar can help them stay in control and stop barking unnecessarily even if you are not around them. 

If you use the anti-bark collar safely and effectively on your dog, you are probably going to avoid so many things. Now, you must be thinking about which anti-bark dog collar will be right to buy. After intense research, we’ve selected and reviewed some of the best anti-bark dog collars in the post. 

Top Anti-Bark Dog Collars

We paid attention to the needs of the dog’s comfort level and scouted out the competitors to make our top list. So let’s have a look, read the reviews, and select the best anti-bark collar for your dog. 

SparklyPets Humane Dog Bark Collar• Suitable for constantly barking dogs
• Adjustable anti-bark band
• Reflective strips
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My Pet Command Citronella Dog Collar• Functions such as vibrate, spray, and tone training
• Waterproof rechargeable batteries
• One year warranty
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DOG HERO Dog bark Collar• Qualcomm microprocessor
• LED touch operation
• Easy installation
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Citronella Spray Dog Training Collar• Comes with two training modes
• Waterproof
• Hassle-free refilling
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AntiFury Bark Collar• Suitable for small and medium dogs
• Weather-resistant
• Shock-free vibrations
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MODUS Bark Control Device• Ergonomic design
• LED indicator
• 12 months warranty
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#1. SparklyPets Humane Dog Bark Collar 2 Pack | Anti Barking Training Collar

SparklyPets Humane Dog Bark Collar 2 Pack
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SparklyPets Humane dog anti-bark collars are excellent to have for those dogs who constantly bark. It comes with seven adjustable sensitivity levels, making it a perfect option for all kinds of breeds. In addition, other dogs will not feel disturbed or irritated with the sonic sound with this dog collar. 

This collar fits the medium and big size dogs properly. It features no shock technology and notices the dog’s vocal cord movement. Whenever the device finds excess movement, it quickly generates vibration to calm down your dog. This way, your dog will get associated with the bark and make it correct or stay calm.

image was taken while testing SparklyPets Humane Dog Bark Collar 2 Pack on my breed

Besides that, it has an adjustable anti-bark band made with high-quality material with a reflective strip. This is very comfortable for your dog and adapts according to the comfort level. Moreover, the device is 100% waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about its wetting issues. 

You’ll get two adjustable nylon collars and alkaline batteries which allow you to keep the device charged. Plus, there is a two-year warranty, so you don’t need to worry about damage and other issues. Whenever you feel there is a defect, ask for a refund and return. 

image of SparklyPets Humane Dog Bark Collar 2 Pack  Anti Barking Training Collar

Key Features and Specifications

  • No Shock and No Harm 

This device is made with advanced technology and can notice the movement of the vocal cord. It makes vibrations when your dog is barking in excess and makes it calm. However, the vibration is of low intensity, so your pet will be safe from the vibration generated by this anti-bark collar. 

  • Adjustable Sensitive Levels 

This device comes with seven different adjustable sensitivity levels. You can easily set the limit of the vibrations according to your dog’s comfort level. The multiple sensitivity levels make it fit for almost all dog breeds. This will be the perfect device for medium and large dogs who bark excessively. 

  • High-Quality Fabric 

This anti-bark collar is made with premium-quality fabric material and has reflective strips on the collar. You can easily adjust the strap and fit on the neck of the dog snuggle. Besides that, this dog collar is 100% waterproof. You won’t have to fret about it getting wet or getting damaged.

  • Two Anti-barking Collars 

Two anti-bark collars will be included in the package with two anti-bark devices. So, it would be a worthwhile investment for the dogs who have the habit of barking constantly. Plus, two years warranty further enhances the value of having anti-bark devices and keeps your dog in control.


  • An adjustable anti-bark band is excellent for all breeds. 
  • It notices the vocal cord movement to prevent excess barking of the dog. 
  • Seven different adjustable levels to set the vibration frequency according to a dog. 
  • Two years warranty and 100% refund policy make it an ideal option. 
  • Easy-to-use and fits on the dog neck easily.


  • Excess vibration may scar your dog.

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#2. My Pet Command 2600 FT Range (0.5 Mile) 4-1 Citronella Dog Training Collar

My Pet Command 2600 FT Range (0.5 Mile) 4-1 Citronella Dog Training Collar
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The second-best anti-bark collar on the list is My Pet Command. It is a perfect training solution for your dog and comes with four different functions such as vibrate, spray, and tone training. Also, the three different adjustment levels make it the right fit for heavy dog breeds. 

There are LED lights included and a remote on the spray collar. This means you can easily control the anti-bark collar and train your pet when to bark and when to stop. It is a perfect device for handling notorious dogs and training them to be within the limit and control their behaviour. 

The range of the device is up to ½ mile, so you don’t have to control your dog running from a distance. Moreover, you can add three collars to the single remote. There are three individual buttons available on the remote, which let you control three anti-bark collars fitted on different dogs from one place. 

It comes with waterproof rechargeable batteries, which, once charged, provide long-lasting performance for up to one week. 

image taken during unboxing My Pet Command Citronella Dog Training

In addition, the collar is made with premium quality material to withstand all weather seasons. Besides that, it has a high-velocity spray nozzle which can be helpful to keep your dog under control. 

Key Features and Specifications

  • 4-in-1 Functional Device 

This anti-bark collar comes with a 4-in-1 function which includes vibrating, spraying, and tone training. The four-in-one functionality makes it an ideal option for training and reducing their barking habits. Plus, you can set three adjustable levels for all the features to control the dog.

  • High-Velocity Spray 

There are three different adjustable levels of the spray modes that can be adequate for the dog’s training. For example, you can use the mild spray whenever your dog barks excessively, and dogs will react to the spray. This, in turn, helps you to prevent their behaviour and keep them in control even if they quarrel. 

  • Remote Control 

The device is operated with a remote. This covers a distance of almost ½ mile, which means you can easily command your dog even from a distance. In addition, the remote device has three individual channels, which allow you to control three collars at one time. So, it would be a perfect device for the owners having multiple pets. 

  • Rechargeable Batteries 

It comes with a rechargeable battery and a remote-control device. The rechargeable batteries, once charged, can deliver performance for more than one week. So, you don’t need to charge the device over and over again. 


  • Excellent device for controlling the dog barking and training too.
  • Three collars and a remote can control three collars at one time.
  • High-velocity spray nozzles that can deliver 42 sprays before refilling. 
  • Adjustable straps and user-friendly. 
  • One year warranty is included, which sets you free from damage issues.


  • The spray system is not that effective in controlling the barking habit.

#3. DOG HERO Dog bark Collar Non-Shock

DOG HERO Dog bark Collar
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It’s a smart and stylish anti-bark collar for dogs. This would be an ideal device to prevent the dog’s excessive barking. This is specially designed to control the barking habits of the dog’s inhumane ways. Besides that, it is safe and effective in training your dogs. 

Dog hero anti-bark dog collar comes with an advanced Qualcomm microprocessor that can easily filter out nearby dogs’ barking and prevent false environment noise. In addition, this device delivers high ultrasonic vibrations, which can last up to three seconds. 

It is very elegant and has an LED touch operation, making it easier for you to operate the device and keep your dog under control. The best part is the device is USB rechargeable and resistant to water. You can easily recharge the device by connecting to any charging application. 

image of DOG HERO Dog bark Collar Non-Shock for my breed

Once charged, it can deliver up to 12 days, and the water-resistance design makes it perfect for using the device in all weather seasons. Also, the LED control makes it an excellent anti-bark device to use on your dogs. Furthermore, this device is perfect for dogs weighing 5 kg to 50 kg.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Qualcomm Microprocessor 

This device comes with an intelligent microchip which makes it suitable for training your dog. It can easily filter out the outer environment noise and other dogs’ barking noise. Thereby effective in preventing the false triggering of the device. The device is helpful to train your dog and stop them from excessive barking. 

  • LED Touch Operated Device 

The best thing about this device is it has LED Touch operation. So the pet owner can easily control the device with the help of the LED touch and set the vibration frequency. Moreover, the dog’s collar is made with elegant style and can fit on the neck of the dog perfectly. 

  • USB Rechargeable 

The device comes with a USB rechargeable feature which is why it is easy to recharge. You can connect with any of your devices like a laptop, electricity supply, and a power bank to charge it. Once charged, it can be effective for 12 days. This means you don’t need to charge the device frequently. 

  • Two Training Mode 

This device comes with two training modes. You can set it on beep and vibration mode that suits your dog best. When you activate the collar, it will send ultrasonic vibration, which lasts up to 3 seconds. This can be effective in controlling the pet when they quarrel.


  • Easy to install and has a stylish design. 
  • Qualcomm processors that can filter out dog barks and cancel environment noise. 
  • US rechargeable and highly resistant to water.
  • Elegant style and has LED touch for easy operation. 
  • Long-lasting performance when once charged.


  • Not appropriately fitted to the small dogs. 

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#4. WWVVPET Citronella Spray Dog Training Collar with Remote Control

WWVVPET Citronella Spray Dog Training Collar
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Citronella Spray’s anti-bark dog collar would be an ideal way to keep your naughty pet under control and prevent their irrelevant barking. However, unlike the electric shock-based anti-bark collars, this device emits a burst of citronella spray, which can prevent your dog from making noise.

It comes with a remote-control device that lets you control the collar easily and keep your dog under control. Since there will be no stimulation, it would be an excellent device for all dog breeds. This device comes with two different training modes: a beep sound and citronella spray. You can set the device on any mode to train your dog. 

Its remote control is effective up to 500 feet and 167 yards. Besides that, you can also connect two collars at the same time. So, it would be effective in controlling two notorious pets at one time. Plus, it comes with rechargeable batteries and has built-in batteries which help to keep the device charged for maximum days.

image of WWVVPET Citronella Spray Dog Training Collar with Remote Control

The collar is adjustable and comes with a high-capacity spray refilling tank. Once you fill the spray bottle, it can deliver 35 sprays. Very easy to use and effective in dealing with the pets who make so much noise.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Two Training Modes 

The device comes with two training modes: beep sound and citronella spray. This will be effective in training dogs with two different models. Moreover, you can control the device with remote control, which means you can keep a check on your dog even from a distance. 

  • Built-in Large Batteries 

Built-in rechargeable batteries can give up to 5-7 days of performance. Plus, it is highly waterproof, and you can easily use it on dogs in all weather seasons without worrying about rain. The adjustable control can help to stop barking dogs without harming them. 

  • Two Adjustable Modes

The collar is highly adjustable and has two different adjustable modes. This is why it can fit on the dog’s neck of almost all breeds. In addition, since it effectively controls the bark without shock, you can use it even on smaller dogs. However, it is best suited for dogs above six months and weighs more than 8 lbs. 

  • Easy refilling 

You can easily refill the spray just by opening the device. Once filled, it can deliver up to 35 sprays constantly. Above this, the anti-bark collar spray refilling is straightforward; all you have to do is press the spray nozzle in a downward direction and keep it in sinking motion. Within 15 seconds, it will be ready to use.


  • Two different adjustable training modes are available. 
  • It can be charged and refilled easily and give you long-lasting performance. 
  • Ideal for small dogs and even large dog breeds. 
  • Two band adjustable features and no vibration barking control.
  • Easy refilling and comes with a remote. 


  • It is more pricey than other options available on the list.

#5. AntiFury Bark Collar for Small to Medium Dogs

AntiFury Bark Collar
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AntiFury Bark Collar is perfect for small and medium dogs who bark excessively. The training device generates shock-free vibrations, making it an effective device for controlling the dog’s barking behaviour. In addition, the bark device uses ultrasonic stimulations, which will increase in intensity when your dog continually barks. 

Additionally, a microprocessor makes it pretty helpful to distinguish between the external noises and a dog’s barking. It delivers the vibration of low frequency, which increases if your dog doesn’t stop barking. The device provides seven different sensitivity control modes. Now you can adjust vibration based on the dog breeds on which you are using the device. 

The device is effective and has adjustable features, making it an excellent option. For example, the collar strap can be adjusted to properly fit the dogs’ necks. Above this, the dog’s collar is made with breathable nylon, making it an ideal option for using it for a long time. 

image of my breed with the AntiFury Bark Collar

Very stylish and resistant to weather, so you can use this device to train your dog easily. The length of the beck band can be adjusted up to 50cms and is easy to wear for a long time. 

Key Features and Specifications

  • Comfortable and Adjustable 

The automatic anti-bark controlling neckband is made with premium quality material. This is extremely comfortable to wear and can deliver maximum performance. This would be a perfect device to control the excess barking of the mode and keep your pet under control. 

  • Shock-Free Vibrations

The device comes with shock-free vibration mode and slowly breaks the sounds. Moreover, it comes with a microprocessor chip which is helpful to distinguish between the dog’s bark and external environment noises. So, it would be effective in controlling the pet and help control the false alarm signals. 

  • Seven Level Sensitivity Adjustment 

It comes with seven-level sensitivity adjustment levels. So, you can easily set the frequency of the vibrations based on your dog’s toleration power. Due to the seven-level sensitivity adjustment, this device is ideal for use on small and medium-sized dogs. Besides that, it doesn’t generate electricity shock, making it an excellent option. 

  • Nylon Collar Band 

This anti-bark collar is made with premium quality Nylon resistant to weather and protected from wear and tear damages. Plus, it comes with adjustable straps so you can easily fit the collar on your dog. 


  • Made with high-quality nylon resistant to damage. 
  • Shock free vibrations are effective in controlling your pet. 
  • Perfect fit for the large and small dog breeds who bark continually. 
  • Seven different vibration modes settings for easy usage.
  • 100% water-resistant and interchangeable tags.


  • Not suited for the large dogs and heavy breeds.

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#6. MODUS Bark Control Device

MODUS Bark Control Device
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The Modus Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent produces a strong frequency when a dog’s bark is detected. Simply push the battery-powered control gadget when your dog barks, and a 25,000-Hz vibration will emit. Most ultrasonic deterrents begin at frequencies above 25,000 Hz, which are exclusively audible to dogs. 

Your dog will hear the echo when they are between 16.4 feet of the gadget using this collar. However, keep in mind that any dog inside range may also be able to pick up the frequency; therefore, it’s preferable to use it in a home with only one dog. It’s also not recommended for pups under the age of six months.

Despite the limited range, this gadget is an excellent tool for correcting multiple barking forms in different scenarios. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, according to Houpt. For example, they bark to warn us of an intruder and bark because they want the Thanksgiving remains.

However, this collar might not be the best option in the long run. “Usually, the ultrasound succeeds initially, and after some time, dogs become used to it,” Houpt explained. It’s possible that what works for one dog won’t work for another. The Modus has shown comparable effects for users, with some controlling their dog’s barking when necessary.

image of MODUS Bark Control Device for my breed

It’s recommended to get your dog’s hearing checked and their disposition assessed before using the Modus to see if an acoustic deterrence is the appropriate bark-control technique for them.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Economic Design 

The device has an ergonomic design, so it is effective to use on pets. The best thing is this device comes with the 12 months warranty. So, you can set worry-free from wear and tear damages. However, it may not be effective on dogs with hearing issues. 

  • Ultrasonic Sound Waves 

The dogs can detect ultrasonic waves even from miles of distance. The ultrasound technology makes it effective for small, medium, and large dogs. It is ideal for training them and controlling their irrelevant behaviour. 

  • Easy to Use 

The device is effective to use on small dogs and medium dogs. It comes with an LED indicator light which will instantly light up and emit ultrasonic waves to control your dogs. Plus, it comes with an adjustable wrist strap to fit snugly on the dog. 

  • Convenient for Outdoor Usage 

The Ultrasound based barking control device is effective in controlling the dogs. The control range of the device is a deterrent to 166.4 feet, so it would be effective in controlling your dog even from a distance. This works efficiently on all dogs.


  • Convenient to use and 100% safe on the dogs. 
  • Ultrasonic waves range between 20Gz to 25000 Hz.
  • Adjustable strap to fit properly on the dog.
  • Battery-powered and has a convenient design. 
  • Comes with a 12 months warranty.


  • It catches up with other dogs’ sounds which might disturb the training.

Bottom Line 

An anti-bark collar is a valuable device not only for controlling your pet but also for training them. So, if you have been looking for the ideal anti-bark collar for your pet, the listed anti-bark collars are highly effective and can be used on all dog breeds. So now, you can easily pick up a suitable anti-bark collar for your dog and start training them.