4 Best Anti-Bark Dog Collars Review [Australia, 2023]

If you have a dog at home, you probably get into the habit of barking. However, some dogs have the habit of barking louder and more frequently. This is why it becomes problematic for you to concentrate on your work. Moreover, your neighbour feels annoyed and might complain to you with constant barking.

Many dog owners provide training to their dogs to teach them not to bark without any command. Isn’t something like discouraging your dog from being playful and doesn’t allow them to bark even if someone is trying to steal your things?



Our Top Recommendation for Anti-Bark Dog Collars!

This bark collar by PetSafe tops our list because of its fantastic features. It features a rechargeable battery that charges to full in just 2 hours. Plus, there are two spray cartridges – one citronella and another unscented. The sprays are easily replaceable with 100% recyclable cartridges containing approximately 35 sprays.

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Hence, in that case, bark collars for the dogs are the perfect solution to stop your dog from barking and excessive barking habits. The dog collar can help them stay in control and stop barking unnecessarily even if you are not around them.

If you use the anti-bark collar safely and effectively on your dog, you are probably going to avoid so many things. Now, you must be thinking about which anti-bark dog collar will be right to buy. After intense research, we’ve selected and reviewed some of the best anti-bark dog collars in the post.

Top Anti-Bark Dog Collars

We paid attention to the needs of the dog’s comfort level and scouted out the competitors to make our top list. So let’s have a look, read the reviews, and select the best anti-bark collar for your dog.

• No false alarms
• Included Safety feature
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• Low-battery indicator
• Money-back guarantee
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DOG HERO Dog bark Collar• Qualcomm microprocessor
• LED touch operation
• Easy installation
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AntiFury Bark Collar• Suitable for small and medium dogs
• Weather-resistant
• Shock-free vibrations
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The PetSafe Spray Bark collar is considered to be the best solution to control nuisance barking in a lesser inhumane yet more effective way. This unique collar features citronella spray technology that distracts and calms your canine companion every time they bark.

Advanced Sensor-Triggered Technology

Unlike electric no bark collars, this collar features advanced sensor-triggered technology that picks up the noise when your dog barks and sprays citronella to distract your pup.

This feature proves itself as a less inhumane way of managing your dog’s nuisance barking, as barking is a natural impulse every canine has. This technology also picks up the pattern of your dog’s barks.

Recyclable Cartridges

The PetSafe spray collars also feature recyclable cartridges, which you can easily refill with citronella spray every time the collar runs out. Hence, you do not have to worry about getting a new collar when the contents are over.

Two Types of Cartridges

This spray collar also comes with unscented spray as well as light citronella spray cartridges on purchase which you can use as necessary to train your canine.

Rechargeable Collar

This unique collar is completely rechargeable, and you will not require any batteries. This saves you the hassle of running around for new ones as soon as the device runs out of charge.

A More Effective And Humane Alternative

This Spray collar has been proven to be more effective for nuisance barking in comparison to other conventional electric collars. Moreover, citronella is a very hypoallergenic agent and will not cause any harm to your canine companion.

No False Alarms

Most anti-bark collars tend to pick up barks from other dogs and also trigger a stimulus to certain other noises. This may upset your furry friend as they may feel punished for no reason. With PetSafe, there are absolutely no false alarms. The sensors respond only to your dog’s barking, and this helps your dog to hold their horses.

Available in a Range of Sizes

The collars from this variety come in sizes ranging from small to large and can fit almost any dog breed that exists. Make sure you refer to the sizing chart to ensure the size you get fits right.

Extended Battery Life

This unique spray collar also has an extended battery life of up to 40 hours. If your dog is a night barker, this collar is sure to last you through the night without any distress.


You don’t have to fret about your dog jumping into puddles of a little rain drizzling during your walks damaging this collar. This collar from PetSafe is made of sturdy nylon, which is water-resistant and will not get damaged by occasional accidents and mishaps.

Safety Feature

PetSafe has also added a safety feature to this device. If it is noted that your pup barks continuously for 15 times or more in 50 seconds, the device shuts off the device for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, the device automatically turns on and continues its normal function.

Pros & Cons


  • Advanced sensor-triggered technology
  • Recyclable cartridges
  • Comes with two types of cartridges
  • Rechargeable collar
  • More effective and humane way to control nuisance barking 
  • No false alarms
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Extended battery life
  • Water-resistant
  •  In-built safety feature


  • A little Pricey
  • May cause psychological side effects as with any anti-bark collar
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Another unique device from the PetSafe range is the Ultrasonic Bark collar. This collar employs Ultrasonic tones, which are harmless yet quite annoying to our canine companions, to control nuisance barking. These sounds are inaudible to almost any human and hence will not cause any disturbances.


This unique anti-bark collar from PetSafe uses Ultrasonic sound waves to control your dog’s barking. The sensor picks up your dog’s bark and, in return, produces a harmless sound that stops your dog from barking. This technology has proven to be more effective than conventional electric collars.


Although it serves a great purpose and is made of sturdy material, this collar does not feel any different than wearing a normal collar I’m terms of its weight. The PetSafe collar is incredibly lightweight and will not cause any extra burden on your dog’s neck.


The collar is also built to fend itself from occasional splashes of water. The material is completely water-resistant and will not soil the collar or damage the sensor technology encased within the collar.

Replaceable Batteries

This Ultrasonic Bark collar uses 3V lithium batteries, which are easily available and can be replaced as soon as they run out. Hence, you don’t have to worry about getting the collar charged on time if you’re going for a last-minute trip or walk.

Low Battery Indicator

Replaceable batteries may catch you off-guard at times. You wouldn’t want your dog barking their throats off one day all of a sudden only to later realise that the batteries had run out. To prevent this, PetSafe has also included a low-battery indicator on this device so that you know exactly when the batteries need to be changed.

Available in a Wide Range of Sizes

The collar comes in a wide range of sizes and can fit almost any dog, from small to large sizes. This collar can also be used on puppies and very small dogs as they do not cause any harm or risks.

Money-Back Guarantee

PetSafe is dedicated to finding the best product for every dog and pawrent. Each dog is different, and you may need to venture a little to find the right way to control their behaviour. If you feel like the Ultrasonic Bark collar is not the right option for your canine, you can easily return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Pros & Cons


  • Effective
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Effectiveness is dependent on factors like age and hearing ability
  • A little pricey
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3. DOG HERO Dog bark Collar Non-Shock

DOG HERO Dog bark Collar
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It’s a smart and stylish anti-bark collar for dogs. This would be an ideal device to prevent the dog’s excessive barking. This is specially designed to control the barking habits of the dog’s inhumane ways. Besides that, it is safe and effective in training your dogs.

Dog hero anti-bark dog collar comes with an advanced Qualcomm microprocessor that can easily filter out nearby dogs’ barking and prevent false environment noise. In addition, this device delivers high ultrasonic vibrations, which can last up to three seconds.

It is very elegant and has an LED touch operation, making it easier for you to operate the device and keep your dog under control. The best part is the device is USB rechargeable and resistant to water. You can easily recharge the device by connecting to any charging application.

image of DOG HERO Dog bark Collar Non-Shock for my breed

Once charged, it can deliver up to 12 days, and the water-resistance design makes it perfect for using the device in all weather seasons. Also, the LED control makes it an excellent anti-bark device to use on your dogs. Furthermore, this device is perfect for dogs weighing 5 kg to 50 kg.

Qualcomm Microprocessor

This device comes with an intelligent microchip which makes it suitable for training your dog. It can easily filter out the outer environment noise and other dogs’ barking noise. Thereby effective in preventing the false triggering of the device. The device is helpful to train your dog and stop them from excessive barking.

LED Touch Operated Device

The best thing about this device is it has LED Touch operation. So the pet owner can easily control the device with the help of the LED touch and set the vibration frequency. Moreover, the dog’s collar is made with elegant style and can fit on the neck of the dog perfectly.

USB Rechargeable

The device comes with a USB rechargeable feature which is why it is easy to recharge. You can connect with any of your devices like a laptop, electricity supply, and a power bank to charge it. Once charged, it can be effective for 12 days. This means you don’t need to charge the device frequently.

Two Training Mode

This device comes with two training modes. You can set it on beep and vibration mode that suits your dog best. When you activate the collar, it will send ultrasonic vibration, which lasts up to 3 seconds. This can be effective in controlling the pet when they quarrel.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to install and has a stylish design
  • Qualcomm processors that can filter out dog barks and cancel environment noise
  • US rechargeable and highly resistant to water
  • Elegant style and has LED touch for easy operation
  • Long-lasting performance when once charged


  • Not appropriately fitted to the small dogs
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4. AntiFury Bark Collar

AntiFury Bark Collar
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AntiFury Bark Collar is perfect for small and medium dogs who bark excessively. The training device generates shock-free vibrations, making it an effective device for controlling the dog’s barking behaviour. In addition, the bark device uses ultrasonic stimulations, which will increase in intensity when your dog continually barks.

Additionally, a microprocessor makes it pretty helpful to distinguish between the external noises and a dog’s barking. It delivers the vibration of low frequency, which increases if your dog doesn’t stop barking. The device provides seven different sensitivity control modes. Now you can adjust vibration based on the dog breeds on which you are using the device.

The device is effective and has adjustable features, making it an excellent option. For example, the collar strap can be adjusted to properly fit the dogs’ necks. Above this, the dog’s collar is made with breathable nylon, making it an ideal option for using it for a long time.

image of my breed with the AntiFury Bark Collar

Very stylish and resistant to weather, so you can use this device to train your dog easily. The length of the beck band can be adjusted up to 50cms and is easy to wear for a long time.

Comfortable And Adjustable

The automatic anti-bark controlling neckband is made with premium quality material. This is extremely comfortable to wear and can deliver maximum performance. This would be a perfect device to control the excess barking of the mode and keep your pet under control.

Shock-Free Vibrations

The device comes with shock-free vibration mode and slowly breaks the sounds. Moreover, it comes with a microprocessor chip which is helpful to distinguish between the dog’s bark and external environment noises. So, it would be effective in controlling the pet and help control the false alarm signals.

Seven Level Sensitivity Adjustment

It comes with seven-level sensitivity adjustment levels. So, you can easily set the frequency of the vibrations based on your dog’s toleration power. Due to the seven-level sensitivity adjustment, this device is ideal for use on small and medium-sized dogs. Besides that, it doesn’t generate electricity shock, making it an excellent option.

Nylon Collar Band

This anti-bark collar is made with premium quality Nylon resistant to weather and protected from wear and tear damages. Plus, it comes with adjustable straps so you can easily fit the collar on your dog.

Pros & Cons


  • Made with high-quality nylon resistant to damage
  • Shock free vibrations are effective in controlling your pet
  • Perfect fit for the large and small dog breeds who bark continually
  • Seven different vibration modes settings for easy usage
  • 100% water-resistant and interchangeable tags


  • Not suited for the large dogs and heavy breeds
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Things to Consider Before Buying Anti-Bark Dog Collars

Before you make a final decision, consider the following features to select the best no-bark collar:

1. Size

Any bark collar must comfortably fit your dog’s neck. An anti-bark collar’s size is very important. Never choose a choker for your dog that is either too tiny or too big. The anti-bark collar shouldn’t be able to move around easily and should not slip off, but it also shouldn’t be so tight that your dog becomes irritated by it.

2. Sensitivity

It is best to take your dog’s sensitivity to a stimulus into account before making a purchase. For dogs who are not as susceptible to stimulants, it should provide significant stimulation, and for those who are too sensitive, it should provide subtle stimulation.

3. Battery Life

The battery capacity of the Anti-bark collar is another crucial factor to consider while looking for the best choice. The battery power and life should be sufficient to prevent you from constantly having to change the batteries.

4. Range

The range is also crucial if you want it to function properly while the dog seems far from you. In order to transmit impulses over a considerable distance, the collars need to have a decent range. It is also advantageous if the collar contains reflective bands because it makes your dog easier to spot from a distance.

5. Signal Tone

The anti-barking collar’s signal tone is equally vital. The number of barks your dog will produce per minute will depend on how sensitive it is; therefore, you should modify it accordingly. Three signal tones, with adjustable low, mid, and high frequencies between 60 and 110 hertz, are present in a good anti-bark collar.

6. Purpose

Consideration should also be given to your intended purpose. You might want to purchase a bark collar with vibration sensors if your dog enjoys the majority of the day lounging on the couch because it will only respond when he starts to move about or bark.

However, if your dog is particularly active, you might want to purchase a bark collar with distant training or electric functions so that he can stop barking immediately as you command him to.



Definitely, the best approach is to have the animals self-evaluate, which is the correct method. We can reduce or perhaps even completely stop the undesirable behaviour by employing such devices as they stimulate the dog and remind them to keep calm.


Your pets won’t suffer any harm from these collars. The shock from the device is identical to the jolt you might get after passing through a statically charged carpet and then contacting a metal pole or perhaps another person. As a result, they do not present any risks.


Before employing a static or citronella bark collar on your dog, wait until they are 6 months old. This is done to make sure the dog comprehends the purpose of the treatment. It is important to think about a manually set collar when using electric collars on younger or aged dogs so the owner may regulate the severity of the reprimand.


A static collar should only be worn by your dog for a maximum of 10 to 12 hours per day. This is done to prevent any itchiness or sores that could develop from utilising the probes for an extended period of time. When using the collar, make sure your dog’s neck isn’t irritated every day, and wash the sensors and the dog’s neck thoroughly once a week.

Bottom Line

An anti-bark collar is a valuable device not only for controlling your pet but also for training them. So, if you have been looking for the ideal anti-bark collar for your pet, the listed anti-bark collars are highly effective and can be used on all dog breeds. So now, you can easily pick up a suitable anti-bark collar for your dog and start training them.