6 Best Dog Bike Trailer Options in Australia {Top List}

Understandably, you do not want to leave your furry friend behind at home while travelling. The best way to do that is to have a dog bike trailer in your possession that can take your pet with you, irrespective of where you are going. Choosing the right dog bike trailer might be a daunting task for you as there are multiple options available to choose from.

It would help if you considered several factors, such as the size of your dog, the material used in making the pet strollers, and several others. But we are here to help you and to save you valuable time.

In this article, we will talk about some of the Best dog bike trailers so that you can decide which one is best for your pet partner. So, without any further delay, let’s get straight into the topic of discussion.

Dog Bike Trailer

Best Dog Bike Trailers to Buy in 2022

Finally, as you scroll down the page to read in detail about the trailers, be sure to note which one will be perfect for your needs. Here we have mentioned all the minute details for you, so that you do not have to explore anywhere.

The Hercules Heavy-Duty Pet Stroller• Spacious interior.
• Sturdy making material.
• Ensured safe rides.
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Booyah Medium Dog Stroller• Conversion from trailer to stroller.
• Reflectors on both front and back tires.
• Presence of sunroof and rain cover.
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Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer• Complete safety of the pet.
• Proper air supply inside of the pet trailer.
• Quick entry and exit.
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New Skiiddii Foldable Dog• All-around safety.
• Lightweight.
• Non-slippery and moisture preventing base.
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vidaXL Dog Bike Trailer Foldable• Made up of oxford fabric and durable steel.
• Safety flags and reflectors are attached for safety.
• Foldable for convenient storage.
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Tidyard 2-in-1 Pet Bike Trailer• Wheels with quick release feature.
• Sturdy design.
• Zippered front and back door.
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#1. The Hercules Heavy-Duty Pro Pet Stroller/ Bike Trailer

The Hercules Heavy-Duty Pro Pet Stroller Bike Trailer
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If your dog’s breed ranges from medium to large, like Labrador or Husky, it is natural that your pet will show signs of ageing with increasing age. When you and your pet buddy go for a walk, you might notice that he is getting tired soon. 

This Hercules heavy duty pro pet stroller is the ideal product for your dog. You need not worry about the size of your dog as even the larger sized dog can easily fit inside of the pet stroller. 

With the help of this, you can continue your fun walks together. This model is new and enhanced, and now you can even take him with you for cycling by connecting the stroller’s pram with your bike.

image of The Hercules Heavy-Duty Pro Pet Stroller/ Bike Trailer for my breed


  • Heavy Duty Bike Trailer: Any sized dog will easily fit inside the bike trailer as it can carry a maximum load of 110 lbs. 
  • Durable and Comfortable: Irrespective of the road condition, you will get a comfortable ride because of the high-level shock-absorbing tires, which are made up of durable punctual-free EVA material. Both the tires attached to the stroller are pneumatic that can rotate in all the possible directions, making changing direction a lot easier. 
  • Convenient Storage: Wheels can be installed or removed with the help of a button, and after removing the wheels, the stroller can be folded without any hassle, which makes it easy to store inside of the house. 
  • Water Resistant Making Material: Fabric used to make the pet stroller and can withstand water splashes. So, when it gets dirty, you can easily clean it by using water.
  • Adequate Airflow Inside of the Trailer: To ensure the proper amount of airflow; windows are present on the front and backside like most dog trailers, and along with that, a window is also current to control the temperature inside of the stroller. All the windows can be enclosed with zippers. 


  • The dog stroller has an advanced ergonomic design and attractive colours that make it look nice. 
  • The door on both sides of the stroller is present, along with windows.
  • The cabin is spacious.
  • Brakes are current with reflectors in the wheel to make the journey safe.
  • Tires are made up of premium quality rubber.
  • Easy to push in both forward and backward directions.


  • Though you will find it easy to carry while travelling because of the size, you will find it challenging to take it inside your home through a normal-sized doorway. So, you need to store it outside, or you need to fold the product to keep it inside of your home. 
  • When the tires lose air present inside, you need to pump the tires, but no bicycle pump is delivered with the product. It would help if you bought it separately.
The Hercules Heavy-Duty Pro Pet Stroller Bike Trailer

#2. Booyah Medium Dog Stroller & Pet Bike Trailer

Booyah Medium Dog Stroller
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Naturally, you will want to take your dog with you wherever you go as a dog owner. The most convenient way to do this is to purchase this dog stroller cum pet bike trailer from Booyah. 

image taken while testing the Booyah Medium Dog Stroller

This dog stroller is sturdy and can withstand adverse conditions. Connecting it with your bike while travelling is easy, and the stroller can be converted easily into a trailer. Dimensions of this product are 46 L x 26 W x 37 H. The product weighs only 28n pounds, making it easy to ship from one place to another. More unique features will clarify why you should buy this product.

image of Booyah Medium Dog Stroller with my breed


  • Included Bike Trailer Kit: As previously mentioned, this dog stroller can be converted into a bike trailer anytime you want. The bike trailer kit is included with this product. This kit is kept underneath the stroller, and whenever you need it, you can unfold it to transform it into a bike trailer. 
  • 12 Inch Wheels: Pneumatic wheels are made up of aluminium which makes them highly durable because of the rust-free nature of the aluminium. Suspension is attached with the 12-inch front wheel to make the journey smooth.
  • Smooth Braking System: Dual brakes are attached to the dog stroller, making it easy to slow down whenever you need to stop in your journey. This dual braking system works both as a parking brake and a brake used to slow down the bike trailer. 
  • Smooth Ride for Your Pet: The dog stroller has a maximum towing capacity of 60 lbs. Small to medium-sized dogs can easily fit inside of the stroller. 
  • Quick Release of Handlebar and Rear Wheels: The handlebar and rear wheels can be easily removed from the dog stroller. So, you will find it easy to store the product inside when you are not using it. 


  • It can be folded easily and is highly versatile.
  • 16-inch wheels are attached to the stroller.
  • Great suspension.
  • Presence of manual braking system on the left side of the stroller.
  • Pockets are present on both sides.
  • Ensured stability.
  • Small to medium-sized dogs can easily be carried inside of the bike trailer. 


  • Absence of brake on the handlebar of the stroller.
  • Windows can not be covered, not even under adverse weather conditions. 
  • When you use it as a stroller, the tubes get exposed, which needs to be covered.

#3. Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer
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It is unfair to leave your pet friend behind at home when going out for fun activities. Now with the help of this pet trailer from Schwinn, you can take your dog with you while travelling without any danger. 

The product weighs approximately 50 pounds, and now your pet can arrive at the destination alongside you in style. The product is available in two different sizes, and they are known as Rascal and Rascal Plus. You can choose one depending on the size of your dog.

Image of Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer while we were out for a walk with my breed


  • Guaranteed Safety: Sometimes, the pet can try to jump out of the pet trailer, so the internal leash is there. Safety flags are also attached to the dog bike trailer to make the trailer visible under dark circumstances. 
  • Convenient Storage: You need not worry about the storage as the product’s frame can be folded easily. You can easily fit the product inside the car trunk and anywhere inside your house. 
  • Comfortable Ride: All the attached tires are adequately filled with air to smooth the journey. Alongside the presence of a highly adjustable bug screen, the inner portion of the dog bike trailer is cool for the pet.  
  • Easy Installation Process: The instruction manual that comes with the product makes it easy for the user to install it. You can attach this with almost any bike as the coupler comes with a universal design and can hold the pet properly. 
  • Different Sized Pet Trailers: Two variations of this product are available online for you to choose from. As mentioned earlier, they are known as Rascal and Rascal Plus. The Rascal model can hold up to 50 lbs which means a small to a medium-sized dog can easily fit inside the stroller. 
    The 16-inch wheels with aluminium rims are attached to the pet trailer to ease the journey. On the other hand, the Rascal Plus model can withstand a weight of up to 100 lbs. This means that this model can carry a large-sized dog as 20″ rims are attached to the wheels of the product. 


  • Safety while transporting
  • The steel frame of the product can be easily folded.
  • Wheels can be removed while storing them.
  • The coupler available with the product helps in the easy attachment of the dog bike trailer to the owner’s bike. 
  • The product comes with a one year warranty.
  • The presence of the rear door makes it easy for your pet to enter and exit from the stroller.
  • The safety of pets is ensured due to the presence of a leash. 
  • The bicycle pump with the product helps fill air whenever air pressure is low in the tires.


  • While making sudden turns during a journey, there is a high tendency that the dog bike trailer will tip over. So as a driver, you need to be highly careful.
  • The inner leash protects the pet, but some pets might feel entangled by that.

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#4. New Skiiddii Foldable Dog

New Skiiddii Foldable Dog
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The frame of this new foldable bicycle dog trailer from Skiiddii comes with a steel frame attached to a roll bar for easy carrying. The product weighed only 13 kg and was made while keeping the dog’s safety as a primary concern. 

Along with these, several other features make this product an excellent option for you while choosing a dog bike trailer for your pet friend.

Image taken while testing New Skiiddii Foldable Dog


  • Load Capacity: As mentioned earlier, the product weighs only 13 kg, but it can carry up to 40 kg. That means one could carry dogs of any size inside without worrying about toppling the trailer.
  • Ideal for All Bicycle Models: Rotary safety coupler is attached to the trailer, making it easily attachable with almost all the bikes available in the market. 
  • Locking Feature on the Wheels: To prevent slipping of the trailer, the wheels can be locked within seconds. 
  • Presence of Reflectors: Reflectors are attached on both the front and back sides of the dog bike trailer for a safe journey, whereas reflectors are also attached to the wheels.
  • Convenient Storage: Internal dimensions of the dog bike trailer are 70 cm in length, 55 cm in width and 65 cm in height, and that makes it easy to store. In case you are short on space, you can also remove the wheels along with the shaft to save storage space.


  • Twenty-inch wheels filled with air are attached on both sides of the trailer.
  • The presence of a fly net on the windows prevents flies from getting into the trailer.
  • Reflectors attached to the wheels ensure the safety of the dog bike trailer.
  • Lightweight, so it is easy to carry this product with you.
  • The base of the product prevents moisture from getting into the trailer.


  • Due to the presence of a fly net attached to the trailer windows, your dog might feel uneasy inside of the trailer. 
  • Assembling this product is slightly tricky as the instruction manual given is not easy to understand.

#5. vidaXL Dog Bike Trailer Foldable

vidaXL Dog Bike Trailer Foldable
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If you are looking to take a bike ride with your dog, then this dog bike trailer from vidaXL should be one of the options that you should consider. The product weighs only 21 lbs and is extremely easy to assemble. 

Along with the trailer, you will also get a rain cover. When you are not using it, fold it and store it inside the house as the rear wheels can be detached within moments. Following are some of the exciting features of this product from vidaXL.

picture was taken while we were out with my breed on vidaXL Dog Bike Trailer


  • Easy Conversion: This is a 2-in-1 model, and you can convert it from one shape to the other with minimal effort. It is usually used as a pet bike trailer, but it can be shaped in the shape of a pet jogging stroller within seconds. 
  • Durable: The frame and most of the other parts of the body of the pet bike trailer is made up of steel which is highly water-resistant and has a coating of oxford polyester fabric on it. So, this product is capable of standing the test of time. 
  • Convenient Journey: To ensure the pet’s comfort, windows are present on both sides of the trailer, and your fur buddy can enter either from the front or back as doors are present on either side. Windows ensure maximum airflow inside of the cabin, and your dog will never feel that he is estranged in a place. 
  • Smooth Riding Experience: The front wheel can rotate in all the possible angles, and along with that, the suspension attached to the trailer prevents any jerking while travelling. You can attach the leash hook inside the dog bike trailer with your dog’s collar if you feel that your dog may jump out of the trailer.
    Moreover, in case of an unfortunate accident, the safety rotating joint will ensure that the trailer keeps in an upright position so that your pet remains safe and sound.
  • Superb Design of the Base: Special care has been taken about the base of the dog bike trailer. The material used in the inner lining of the product does not slip and prevents moisture from getting inside the trailer. This increases the longevity of the product. 



  • You can also use the pet bike trailer for pets other than dogs.
  • You need not spend a lot of time maintaining the product as the material used in the making is water-resistant, so it does not catch rust.
  • Presence of leash hook inside of the dog stroller to keep the dog safe. 
  • This dog trailer can be easily folded for storage purposes.
  • Easy attachment with the bike.


  • As the product is manufactured in the United States of America, the product warranty may not be applied in other countries. 
  • The rims of the tires are thin compared to the other dog trailers.

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#6. Tidyard 2-in-1 Pet Bike Trailer & Jogging Stroller

Tidyard 2-in-1 Pet Bike Trailer & Jogging Stroller
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This pet bike trailer cum stroller will help you maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle for your pet. You can now take your pet with you for biking and all other adventurous activities you have to participate in without your pet friend so far. 

Easy to set up and meshed zippered windows and doors will make your dog comfortable inside the dog stroller. So, just set up your trailer with the bike and set off for an exciting journey.

picture of my breed with Tidyard 2-in-1 Pet Bike Trailer


  • Guaranteed Longevity: When you buy a product, if your primary concern is durability, let us inform you that this product from Tidyard will last long. The steel frame of the product is extremely sturdy, and a removable canopy is attached with the product, which can be removed anytime at your convenience. This canopy protects the dog bike trailer from harsh weather conditions.
  • Easy Attachment: A hitch shaped like the English letter “A” is attached to the trailer, making it easy to attach to the bike. 
  • Highly Functional 2-in-1 Product: You can use this product as a dog bike trailer, or you can also use it as a jogging stroller for your pet. So, you will get two products at the cost of one. 
  • Adequate AIr Flow: Ventilation will never be an issue in this dog bike trailer as meshed windows are present on both sides, providing adequate airflow inside the cabin. Air can also come from the zippered front and back door. 
  • Less Storage Space: The dimension of this product is 23.25″ D x 17″ W x 20.5″ T, and when it is attached to the towing bar, the total length rises to 49″. These dimensions are well complemented by the 44 lbs weight of the product. 
    It is easy to carry from one place to another. You can remove the rear wheels, and after the removal of the wheels, they can be folded completely in halves, which makes the storage easy for you as an owner. 


  • Water-resistant polyester fabric is used to make this product, which resists any kind of damage from water splashes.
  • A furry friend of yours can enter the trailer from both the front and back sides.
  • You can fold it within no time and assemble the product within a minute before use. 
  • The attachment of a 32 inches long safety flag ensures your pet’s safety while travelling.
  • “A” shaped bicycle hitch makes it attachable with most of the bike models available in the market at present.


  • The product is not suitable for large-sized dogs such as labradors and the german shepherd. They cannot fit inside the bike trailer.
  • It is made up of 100% polyester material, so the product can get damaged from heavy uses. 

The Bottom Line

Consider the size of the trailer, and alongside that, look for sturdy construction, and in case you are short on space, the primary concern for yourself should be storage. Buying any other dog bike trailer is not enough; you should look for safety features such as reflectors, safety flags, and others. 

Use your dog trailer with all the precautions. It is better to avoid rough surfaces and don’t speed up while carrying the dog bike trailer with you. Finally, make your dog feel comfortable inside of the trailer. Some dogs require large spaces, while some can adjust in short spaces. 

When you buy, do it according to your choices and preferences. Shop one today and have a nice day out with your pet friend. As we have concluded this article, we hope you have found the best dog bike trailer for you and your pet buddy. 

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