4 Best Dog Car Seat Options in Australia {Our Review}

Your car needs to be safe for you, your family, and your pets. Most often, we tend to not pay serious attention to dogs’ safety. The laws in Australia are different in different states (in this matter). You might not think much about it and simply follow the rules unless your dog doesn’t like travelling in the car or being restrained in the back seat.

However, using a dog car seat and securing your fur baby is recommended even if the laws aren’t too particular about it. In fact, it is quite easy to get a car seat for small to mid-sized dogs. It’s similar to buying a baby seat for your little one.

A good dog car seat will ensure that your pet is safe and happy in the backseat and won’t disturb you when driving. A comfortable doggy is less likely to distract you when driving, isn’t it? For example, you can secure your little pet in a booster seat so that it can see outside through the window and enjoy the scenery from the comfort of the car.



Our Top Recommendation for Dog Car Seat!

SuperPets’ PaWz Pet Car Booster is the best in its league because of some of its key features. It is easy to install, and the tether helps keep dogs in your car while driving. The bottom is padded, and the rest of the body is made of durable material and breathable mesh fabric.

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That said, a dog car seat is an ideal choice in many instances. You can use the car seatbelt for bigger dogs so that they have enough space to be comfortable but not enough to distract you from behind. Car harnesses also work for some dogs.

There are various types of car seats available for dogs. The booster seat is different from the one that goes around the headrest. Then some models need the seatbelt. You need to choose the model that best suits your car and your dog. Also, make sure to check with the local authorities/ laws before buying a dog car seat.

Dog Car Seats in Australia

Now, go through the reviews of Australia’s top six best dog car seats. We compiled the list after carefully researching several models in the market.

• Built-in safety strap
• Adjustable straps
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Pettom Pet Car Booster Seat• Comes with a removable cover
• Can be used in cars and flights
• Ideal for small dogs
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NIBESSER Dog Car Seat• Has a soft padding
• Easy to install
• Resistant to water

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GENORTH Small Dog Car Seat• Suitable for small dogs
• Fits all vehicles
• Safety strap keeps the dog safe

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One of the biggest issues a pawrent may encounter is getting their furry members to stay still for the duration of a long car ride. You may take your dog along on the highway with the help of this pet seat from PaWz.

Easy to Install

Some seats could be difficult to install. We have a choice that deviates from this! With the security tether that is provided, this pet car booster seat from PaWz is easy and simple to install and helps keep dogs still in your car while you’re travelling.


One of the most crucial things to count on when purchasing something for your pet is durability. The material used to make this automobile booster seat is strong, won’t flake off easily, and will last you for a long time.


Sometimes, sitting in the same enclosure for a while could leave your dog feeling uncomfortable and suffocated. This seat from PaWz features a breathable mesh fabric and keeps your pet well-ventilated.


Additionally, it is highly comfortable, and your dog will undoubtedly like using this dog seat. This product offers a comfortable trip for your canine buddy, thanks to the padded bottom seating area.

Adjustable straps

Sometimes it can be difficult to discover a product that will blend in with your decor or vehicle, and this particular problem may cause you to explore the entire web for the ideal goods. Correspondingly, this PaWz car booster seat has adjustable straps that fit a variety of automobiles.

Built-in Safety Strap

This automobile booster seat has built-in safety belts in addition to adjustable straps. In the unfortunate event of an accident or even just a sudden brake impact, your canine companion will be better protected by this built-in safety strap that links to the harnesses or pet collars.

Added Front Compartment

The PaWz Pet Car Booster seat doubles as a useful tote bag. It has a front compartment with a zipper that makes it easy to store snacks or toys. It undoubtedly offers the whole gamut of convenience!


Due to their decreased portability, some car seats may be difficult to disassemble or store and may require a large amount of storage space. Additionally, incredibly simple to fold, you can keep this pet booster seat anyplace, even below your seat.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Comfy
  • Adjustable straps
  • Built-in safety straps
  • Added front compartment
  • Foldable


  • Not waterproof

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2. Pettom Pet Car Booster Seat Carrier

Pettom Pet Car Booster Seat
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There’s a lot to love about this booster seat carrier by Pettom. For one, it’s super comfortable for little doggies to lie inside and watch the world through the mesh windows on the sides. The carrier feels like a safe dog bed with a removable cover. It has extra padding to keep the interiors soft for your pet baby. Moreover, you can use your dog’s favourite blanket or towel to add another layer of softness.

The carrier looks like an oversized shoulder bag and comes with adjustable straps. It feels a tad uncomfortable to carry it around but is entirely safe for your pet. The bottom of the carrier is sturdy. There’s no fear of it breaking open or your dog falling out. You can hook the carrier to car seats, plane seats, etc., and carry your little doggy by slinging the case over your shoulder. Also, you can use the shorter handles to carry the booster seat in your hand.

this image was taken while testing the Pettom Pet Car Booster Seat

The carrier has a mesh pocket and a few more side pockets to store your doggy’s treats, toys, etc. You don’t need another bag to carry these items separately. That makes it easier to take care of your dog when travelling. The carrier has been designed for long-distance travel. The mesh top cover and windows allow ample light into the booster seat.

Two-in-One Design

The biggest advantage of the booster seat carrier is that it can be used in cars and flights. This is an aeroplane-safe model for people who travel with their pets from one place to another. Then, you can continue using it as a car seat for your dog. The high price is worth it.

600D Nylon Material

The carrier is made of high-quality material and is durable. It can hold the shape with ease without being stiff or hard and is easy to clean. It can last for a really long time.


The harnesses and straps are all adjustable. You can make the required adjustments to fit the carrier on the car seat and buckle it in the way your dog finds it comfortable. When not in use, fold the carrier and store it in the netted cover that comes in the package.

Easy Entry Points

The dog car seat has more than one entry point. You can place your little fur ball inside from the top or allow it to go in from one of the side entry points. Moreover, the carrier is suitable for smaller pets like cats, kittens, and pups.

Great Ventilation

You don’t ever have to worry about ventilation for your dog inside the carrier. The design provides for it.

Pros & Cons


  • Well-built and durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Portable and collapsible
  • Can be used for other smaller pets
  • Top mesh cover
  • Side pockets for storage


  • Expensive model
  • Ideal only for small dogs weighing up to 15 lbs

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3. NIBESSER Dog Car Seat, Dog Booster Seat, 2-in-1 Car Seat

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The dog car seat by NIBESSER is cosy, bulky, and comfy. It’s not for every cat and dog but works like a dream for little furballs. The dog seat looks like a compact sofa with soft padding on the bottom. The protection wall on the front keeps your dog safe inside and supports its head.

If you have a dog with orthopaedic problems, you’ll find this booster seat to be a great choice to provide comfort and relief to your dog’s back, joints, and bones. Pups and older dogs will equally love the booster seat.

The material is water-resistant. It is also anti-scratch and bite-resistant. Your doggy won’t damage the bottom cushions or claw its way through the outer cover. Moreover, the shape of the booster seat ensures that your dog can’t scratch the car seat either. That’s a smart move, isn’t it? Moreover, the harness ensures that your dog doesn’t wobble or move around too much inside the booster seat.

NIBESSER Dog Car Seat for our breed

The dog car seat comes with wide pockets on both sides. Throw in the toys, towels, treats, leash, etc., to save space. Make sure to leave the car seat in the wind for 10 minutes or more after unpacking it. That’s because the company uses vacuum packing to ship the seat. Let it spread out and get back to its original shape before using it for your dog. The buckle straps should be fitted to the car seat to install the carrier in place. You can install it in a few minutes.

Fluffy & Comfy

The dog car seat is fluffy and bulky. It is highly comfortable but doesn’t fit well in smaller cars and cannot accommodate slightly bigger dogs with long limbs.

Easy Maintenance

The seat cover and the double-sided cushions are removable. You can wash them separately and put them back again. Don’t forget to flip the cushion based on the season.

High-Quality Materials

The seat is made using 9000D nylon, a hypoallergenic material that is free of toxic chemicals. If your dog has sensitive skin, this booster seat is a safe choice.


The booster seat has many other uses. You can fold it on the side and convert it into a dog bed. You can remove the cushions and use them as dog mats at home.


The booster seat’s bottom has an anti-slip design that ensures minimum or no movement once it is in place. In fact, you can use it at home as a dog chair and be assured that your doggy won’t hurt itself when jumping inside.

Pros & Cons


  • Water-resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Anti-scratch material
  • Multipurpose dog car seat
  • Best for small and mid-sized dogs
  • Adjustable design


  • Can be bulky
  • Not suitable for all cars

4. GENORTH Small Dog Car Seat Upgrade Deluxe Portable Small Pet Booster Seat

GENORTH Small Dog Car Seat
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The fifth dog car seat on our list is by GENORTH and has been specially designed for little dogs that weigh less than 13 pounds. It looks like a square box with fabric and meshes on the sides to provide support. So how does the structure hold shape? Well, you’ll have to do a bit of work here. The package contains PVC rods that help in setting up the dig seat.

You’ll have to follow the instructions to ensure that the carrier is sturdy and in a perfect square. This might take a little time when you set it up initially. Once you understand the process, installing and removing the dog car seat anytime you want is super easy.

A picture of GENORTH Small Dog Car Seat that was clicked while setting up

The company provides an adorable cow blanket with a car seat. The blanket is made of fleece and can be easily cleaned from time to time. Your doggy is sure to love such a soft and cosy blanket when sitting in the car seat. Do remember that the seat hasn’t been designed for medium-sized dogs. Though they’ll fit right in, they can also jump out just as easily. This can be dangerous when you’re driving.

Waterproof Material

The portable booster seat is made using durable waterproof Oxford cloth. This makes it easy to clean and maintain. The metal hooks are sturdy and don’t break easily.

Breathable And Comfortable

The mesh sides of the booster seat provide good ventilation. Of course, the top is open too. Your dog can enjoy the view from the side mesh even when lying down on its side.

Invisible Pocket

There’s an invisible pocket on the top (which is hooked to the car seat). You can store your doggy’s treats and stuff in this pocket. It won’t even come in the way or occupy extra space.

All-Vehicle Compatible

The biggest advantage of this booster seat is that it fits in all vehicles. Oh, it is a headrest model and needs to be harnessed around the seat and its headrest. Install it in the backseat for convenience.

Safety Strap

The safety strap ensures that your pup/ dog will not climb out of the booster seat. However, make sure to attach the strap to the harness and not the dog’s collar. Hooking it to the collar can lead to injuries.

Pros & Cons


  • Sturdy build with PVC frames
  • Free fluffy fleece blanket
  • Anterior pocket for storage
  • Designed for small pets up to 13 lbs
  • Adjustable safety belt
  • Budget-friendly


  • Collapses if the support is not installed properly
  • Easy for some dogs to jump over the side

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Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Car Seat

Finding the best car seat is surely not a piece of cake. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a safety seat:

1. Ease of Use

A dog seat ought to be easy to use because there is no point in purchasing a version that requires too much effort to assemble. It would be a loss if you eventually wind up spending so much money on something you can’t use often.

Many booster seats have a straightforward belt system that makes installation and removal simple. When not being used, they can also be folded and stowed with ease.

2. Sturdiness

Your dog has to have a seat that can safeguard it in the sad event of a crash. You cannot sacrifice quality for cheap while purchasing this item. Make absolutely sure you investigate the materials utilized to fortify the seat.

3. Safety Features

The primary function is to safeguard your dog, so it’s crucial that you look over its critical safety mechanisms. You must determine if your dog can be securely attached and confined to the seat prior to making a purchase.

Leashes that are cozy and adaptable should be attached to seats so that your dog can be securely fastened to them. This device must operate as a latching mechanism instead of a strangle and put the lowest stress possible on your dog’s collar.

There are also some dog seats with additional security provided by a strap that can be fastened to the backrest.

4. Size

A long vehicle ride is among the most enjoyable activities for just about any dog. Hence, we must ensure that their journey is as comfortable as possible.

Help ensure that the seat is big enough for them to lounge and pick up the surrounding scenery and also lay luxuriously and have a nap. If there isn’t enough room, it could render your canine companion anxious and restless.

5. Comfort

Relaxation is crucial. The majority of dog car seats have a plush duvet texture composed primarily of wool or faux fur. In order to make them feel even more at peace, you could also offer an additional comforter or a cuddly toy.

FAQ‘s For Dog Car Seat


Your dog will determine a lot of things. Mature, potty-trained canines can typically travel for up to four hours without stopping. 
Nevertheless, because they have poorer bowel control, older dogs, as well as young pups, could require frequent breaks.


The majority employ buckles that fasten to the centre console, the seat foundation, or the belt mechanism in your automobile. A harness prevents your dog from straying and also functions as a restraint in the event of a crash by spreading the force of the hit and preserving the animal contained.


Dog travel nausea could be lessened if your pet is safely fastened inside your vehicle. A dog car seat can assist in keeping your small dog looking ahead, so they don’t experience the vestibular disturbance that comes from looking at the moving landscape.

The Bottom Line

Dog car seats are useful and effective in restraining your furballs in the car while keeping them comfortable and relaxed. You can use our article as a checklist to research more about the best dog car seat for your four-legged buddy.

Before finalizing a seat and placing an order, take time to measure the inners of your car and your dog’s size. Choose the best dog car seat for your pet and enjoy your trips.