4 Best Dog Clippers to Buy in Australia

Every dog needs a haircut after a while. For this, dog clippers are beneficial in many ways. The main advantage is that you don’t have to take your dog frequently. In this way, you can also save money as well as time. Many companies provide dog clippers in Australia. But you have to pick the best one among them.

Learning about all the famous brands is necessary to choose a perfect dog clipper for your pet. Unfortunately, many people skip researching the products well and later regret their decision. If you don’t want to put yourself in such a situation, you should not forget it. We have prepared this article to help you find the right dog clipper for your pet.

Fur King Cordless Dog Hair Clippers

Fur King Cordless Dog Hair Clippers

Our Top Recommendation for Dog Clippers!

The Furminator Pro clippers are a tool for excellent performance. It has an ultra-low vibration, and the non-slip rubber grip offers an extraordinarily comfortable hold. The overall is made of stainless steel, and it is powerful enough to tackle bigger, bushier coats. Plus, it has a high-impact polycarbonate structure for lifetime durability.

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Apart from learning various brands, you must also consider some broad things. These include size, blade, battery, and more. The best thing about using dog clippers is that you can use them on every breed.

If you are interested in knowing some reliable dog clippers, you can read this article until the end. First, however, you need to make sure to select a suitable one to transform your dog’s look. So let’s get started with it without further ado. 

Best Dog Clippers to Buy in Australia

Here is a list of suitable dog clippers that you can purchase in Australia. You can look at the features and other things to make a perfect choice.

Fur King Cordless Dog Hair ClippersFur King Cordless Dog Hair Clippers• Long battery life
• Safe for dog skin
• Four guard combs
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FURMINATOR COMFORT PRO CLIPPERSFurminator Comfort Pro Clippers• Lightweight
• Excellent performance
• Good grip
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• Lightweight
• Four comb lengths
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Bousnic Dog Clippers 2-Speed Cordless Pet Hair Grooming Clippers KitBousnic Dog Clippers 2-Speed Cordless Pet Hair Grooming Clippers Kit• Low sound and vibration
• All materials in one pack
• Two-speed levels
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1. Fur King Cordless Dog Hair Clippers

Fur King Cordless Dog Hair Clippers
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Fur King is a trustworthy brand that provides dog clippers. This product includes all the essential things used in grooming a dog. In addition, these hair clippers are of good quality and durable, and it means that you don’t have to waste your money from time to time on replacing them.

As the name suggests, you will get hair clippers without cords. There is no issue regarding the noise as some dog clippers often make annoying loud noises. The body of the hair clippers is pretty solid and hard. It further means that the body doesn’t get damaged quickly and might last longer than ever.

image was taken while having a trim with the Fur King Cordless Dog Hair Clippers

It doesn’t matter whether you are grooming your dog for the first time or not. You can quickly learn the entire process of using it effortlessly. Here are some features that you should know about Fur King Cordless Dog hair clippers.

The Battery is Fantastic

People prefer buying this product because its rechargeable battery gives pretty impressive results. Once you charge it for three hours, this built-in li-ion battery can last up to 300 minutes. It also has a high-quality Australian plug that won’t get damaged too soon.

Safe For Skin

Some hair clippers have bad-quality blades. So, it might harm your pet’s skin. The cutting is also not effective with these hair clippers. These hair clippers by Fur King have a ceramic blade that runs smoothly on your pet’s body. You can also remove the blade to clean it and then attach it to trim the hair.

Low Vibration and Noise

One thing that irritates many dogs is the noise and vibration of hair clippers. You don’t need to worry about it because this product has no sound issues. With less vibration, you can also make the grooming process convenient for yourself.

Four Guard Combs

Another excellent thing about these hair clippers is that you will get four clipping combs of different sizes. You can attach any comb according to your dog’s hair, and this option is not available in all hair clippers.

User-Friendly System

Some dog clippers are pretty complex to understand. But the system in these dog clippers is straightforward to understand. You will get used to it after some time.

Pros & Cons


  • It has a 1200MAH battery that lasts for at least 300 minutes. You need to charge the device for three hours before use. 
  • The low-vibration feature is available with these hair clippers. You will have a good experience while grooming your pet. 
  • You don’t need to be an expert to use these clippers. Even if you are a beginner, you can learn the process within a short period. 
  • The dog clippers’ weight is neither too heavy nor too light.
  • The quality of the body is pretty solid and durable. 
  • The ceramic blade is suitable for every dog’s skin.


  • Blades are difficult to detach. But if you learn the correct way of separating and attaching them, you won’t face any troubles.
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If you are looking for the best dog uppers in Australia, you should go for this one. Furminator comfort pro clippers will give you excellent results regarding grooming dogs. As the name suggests, it offers high-level comfort to both the dog owner and the dog. In addition, all the materials used to make it are durable and safe to use over a dog’s skin. 

A Picture is click when my dog trim his hair with FURMINATOR COMFORT

The experience of trimming your pet also depends on the body of the product. If it’s lightweight and solid, you don’t need to worry about anything. Furminator comfort pro clippers are lightweight and offer a perfect experience to the users. Let’s discuss its features in detail.


Lightweight dog clippers are always a better option than heavier ones. You won’t be able to do the process without any struggles. This hair clipper is lightweight. So, you can buy it if you want the same.

Durability at its Best

The product has all the long-lasting materials used in it.

Good Grip

The grip should be good enough to cut the hair. That is why Furminator provides a rubber grip.

Excellent Performance

A smooth performance is not possible if the power of dog clippers is poor. So, you should never forget to buy one with a good performance. You never know one of these might be a perfect choice for you.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight product with stainless steel blades. 
  • The performance it provides is pretty impressive. 
  • Rubber grip offers excellent support to the users. 
  • It is a durable product.


  • The quality of blades is not suitable for a dog’s skin. You might have to replace them after a few months. 
  • These dog clippers are not cordless.
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The Rufus and Coco easy trim cordless pet clippers are ideal for rapid touch-up trimmings on the face, paws, and ears and also for a routine full-blown grooming session in the comfort of your home.

Cordless Design

This clipper features a cordless design that can be easily recharged before every use. The cordless feature of Rufus and Coco enables you to easily move around the grooming table as you trim your way through your pet’s fur, without entangling them.


Along with being cordless, this device is also lightweight and hence, will not cause too much strain on your arms and wrists. This makes the product ideal if you have multiple pets or are a beginner who could take a few hours to trim your pet’s hair.

Four Comb Lengths

These dog clippers also come with four different comb lengths. These comb lengths include measurements of 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, and 12 mm, which you can interchange as required. This saves you money from buying different size combs, especially if you have multiple pets with varying coats at home.

Included Cleaning Brushes And Oil

The Rufus and Coco easy trim cordless clippers also come with cleaning brushes. These brushes help sanitise and maintain the clippers, thus preventing infection and keeping them stain and rust-free for longer durations. It also comes with oil which can be used for lubricating the blades after every use.


Its unique features could give the misconception of being pricey. However, this pet clipper is not only unique in its features but is also extremely affordable for any common man because every pet deserves a stunning haircut!

Pros & Cons


  • Cordless
  • Lightweight
  • Four comb lengths
  • Included cleaning brushes and oil
  • Affordable


  • Does not include a storage pouch
  • Not suitable for canines with long, thick tresses
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4. Bousnic Dog Clippers 2-Speed Cordless Pet Hair Grooming Clippers Kit

Bousnic Dog Clippers 2-Speed Cordless Pet Hair Grooming Clippers Kit
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If you want a perfect grooming kit for your dog, there is no better option than Bousnic Dog clippers. You will get all the materials you need to transform your pet’s look. From good quality blades to oil, you will get everything you need for your pet’s hair care. 

The sound and vibration it produces are also not a cause for concern. Your pet won’t have to go through the annoying sounds and vibrations involved in the cutting process. The device’s design is one of the things that people look for before buying it. You will quickly fall in love with the design. 

This image is taken while testing the Bousnic Dog Clippers 2-Speed Cordless Pet Hair Grooming Clippers Kit

Low Sound And Vibration

The system used in this device is good at reducing vibrations and noises.

Get all the Materials in One Pack

Grooming a pet is not easy. You should have all the necessary things with you, like combs of different sizes, oil, extra blades, and more. Now, you have the option to get them all at once by buying this kit.

Two-Speed Levels

These dog clippers also have the feature of modifying the speed level.

Powerful Battery

The powerful rechargeable battery is the most significant feature of this product. It is around 2200mAh.

Pros & Cons


  • The battery is long-lasting and rechargeable.
  • You can pick any level speed from the two according to your preferences. 
  • You don’t have to spend more money on getting other items. Everything is available with this kit.


  • Some materials in the kit are not worth the price.
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Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Clippers

Here are a few features to look out for when considering options to purchase a clipper for your canine companion:

1. Your Dog’s Coat

You can choose the electric body clipper to occasionally groom your pet if it has a thin coating of hair and no scruffy hair. Both rechargeable and battery-operated options are easy to maintain, so you can choose between the two. You need a rotational motorised hair clipper if your dog’s body has too much fur. These clippers’ constant motion makes it easier to remove hair evenly and without interruptions. You need a clipper with a rotary wheel and a power source if your canine companion has a double-layered coat and is scruffy. Whether their tresses are straight or curly, a strong brush would indeed be needed to hold the clippers.

2. Cord vs. Cordless

You can choose a corded or a cordless option based on whether a power source is readily available. Cordless is best if you intend to carry the clipper around with you. You should, nevertheless, choose the electrical corded type if you plan to use it continuously. Rechargeable clippers can assist you in trimming your dog without creating any tangles if they cannot sit still.

3. Types of Clipper Blades

Also, ensure that you examine the quality of the blades and the component before purchase. The optimum metal for any instrument used on hair is one that is rust-free. The best blades are made of titanium or stainless steel since they are stain-free, simple to wash after use, and don’t corrode. Self-sharpening edges are seen on several clippers. Others, though, necessitate replacing the blades.

4. Safety Features

Examine the clippers to determine whether they have any safety measures. Some feature guards that are specially made to trim your dog’s fur without hurting their flesh. If you are a novice user, safety features are crucial. To keep the clippers firmly in your grip when trimming your dog, make sure they have an anti-slip grip.

5. Noise-Free

Loud noises and vibrations tend to alert our furry friends beyond limits. For your dog’s razor, you may always choose the type with the least amount of noise. Your dog can feel uneasy due to noisy clippers. They could be afraid to approach. Alternatively, you might opt for more quiet clippers that operate just as well.

6. Your Level of Comfort

Purchase clippers that are the proper weight and size for trimming your dogs. In accordance with how effortlessly you wish to do the duties, you ought to get light or heavy clippers. The vibrations from the light clippers are felt by the dogs more frequently than by the hefty ones, making it difficult to trim your dog sometimes. The heavier ones could put a little bit more strain on your hand, but ultimately, it comes down to how comfortable you are.

7. Clipping Speed

Make sure the clippers are powerful and fast enough to smoothly slice through your pet’s tresses. The number of rotations the clippers undergo should be determined, as should the motor’s velocity.

Opt for clippers that run quickly while making sure they are not all that loud. This is a crucial characteristic to look for when buying dog clippers since you should be able to complete the process fairly quickly.

In a professional model, the motor could have two speeds for slower and quicker operation. When utilising, you have the option of employing anyone or even opting for single-speed hair clippers.

8. Ease of Maintenance

Infection prevention and adequate hygiene are essential. The cleaning brush that comes with the clipper may be used to remove the bulky fur chunks, and oils can be used to sanitise the remainder of the blade. A storage pouch for the clipper would be an excellent addition because it should never be left unsupervised.

9. Cost 

Before entering any store, decide how much you want to spend. Prices vary by brand and are influenced by functionality, reliability, and performance. Making and sticking to a quota makes it simple for someone to start looking.

10. Customer Reviews

Reading the evaluations is the best approach to determine the kind of services provided. People discuss their preferred brands and what distinguishes one business from another. The best approach to avoid buying inadequate clippers is by listening to customer experiences.

FAQ’s For Dog Clippers


You cannot trim your dog’s hair with human shears. If you don’t use specialised clippers, it may harm your dog’s skin and result in cuts and bruises that could become infected. Additionally, utilising human clippers might make sensitivities worse.


They each have various functions when it comes to grooming dogs, and the best option will vary depending on the situation. While scissors work best for fine details and delicate regions, clippers are ideal for big areas. Scissors are an excellent substitute for conventional clippers for fearful dogs who cannot tolerate the sound.


Dog clippers can be replaced every four months if you have a tight schedule and can’t condition them. However, if you frequently use these, it is preferable to change your blades as soon as you feel they are too deformed to work.

The Bottom Line

Dog clippers are pretty helpful when it comes to cutting your pet’s hair. Nowadays, grooming kits are also available that include everything. You can also consider buying a kit from the options mentioned above. All the brands discussed are trustworthy and provide high-quality products.

If you are still in a dilemma about which one you should choose, you can note your preferences. After doing it, you will know what you are looking for. You can always take help from this article to avoid problems.