5 Best Dog Food in Australia [Updated]

Nutritional food is an unavoidable part of your canine best friend’s growth. And this is one aspect you cannot ignore easily. Many nutritionists and veterinarians also vouch for the need of adding nutritious food to a pet dog’s everyday diet.

Witnessing this upsurge in demand for healthy dog food, many different brands have ventured into the business. However, not every brand can offer the perfect food for your canine friend.

Petzyo Kangaroo and Sweet Potato

Petzyo Kangaroo And Sweet Potato

Our Top Recommendation for Dog Food!

The Petzyo kibble is one of Australia’s healthiest, iron-rich, low-fat proteins with delicious, low GI sweet potato. Moreover, it contains legumes and vitamin-rich veggies. The size of the kibbles is optimum to aid in maintaining the teeth and gum of your doggo.

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Today, we will list the seven best dog foods available in Australia to answer your queries. You can try among these brands and find what suits your dog’s taste and your budget.

You love your dog, and you try to feed it with the best nutritious diet that you can find. But, sometimes, you might grow suspicious of the ingredients that companies might be using. That is why we will tell you only the best tried and tested brands.

Best Dog Foods in Australia

Most people like to feed their dogs a homemade formula. But, feeding your dog a homemade diet is a time-consuming thing to do. There is also no guarantee that your dog will not get bored with this food in the long run. That is why you should consider buying good dog food.

Dog foods are carefully formulated to have the optimal amount of every nutrient your dog needs. Besides nutrients, dog foods also take care of dental and digestive health. And for maintaining the overall good health of your pet buddy, good dog food will be your one-stop solution.

We will now list all the seven brands, and we will tell you their features, pros, and cons in detail.

Petzyo Kangaroo and Sweet Potato• Highly nutritious
• Affordably priced
• easy and fast delivery to your doorstep
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Ziwi Peak Dog Air-Dried Food
• Zero use of chemical preservatives
• Beef meat with green mussels gives sufficient protein
• Super tasty

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Hypro Chicken And Duck Dog FoodHypro Chicken And Duck Dog Food• Suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes
• Healthy and balanced diet
• No artificial colours or flavours
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Whole Earth Farms Adult Recipe LambWhole Earth Farms Adult Recipe Lamb• Supports immune function
• Grain-free diet
• High-quality meat
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Balanced Life Chicken Dog FoodBalanced Life Chicken Dog Food• Suitable for all life stages
• Air-dried for freshness
• Paleo diet approved
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1. Petzyo Kangaroo And Sweet Potato

Petzyo Kangaroo and Sweet Potato
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Wherever we mention premium-quality dog food, Petzyo always tops the chart. This proud Australian brand has the best naturally made dog food, and the ingredients are sourced sustainably from nature.

The dog food has the base of kangaroo meat and sweet potato. In addition to these ingredients, it also has superfoods like blueberries, turmeric, and flavoured herbs. Petzyo fulfils the requirements of PFIAA and AAFCO.

They deliver at your doorstep all over Australia. Petzyo’s website is designed around scientific facts about feeding. The best aspect is that it offers customised feeding portions and cycles as per the dog’s weight and age.

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Naturally Sourced

The best thing about this dog food is using natural ingredients while making it. Kangaroo meat, sweet potatoes, chicken oil, and flaxseed oil are sustainable natural sources and full of nutrition for your doggo’s healthy growth. Hence, you don’t need to worry about feeding any harmful chemical diet to your dog.

picture of my neighbours dog with Petzyo Kangaroo And Sweet Potato food packet

Rich in Nutrients

Petzyo dog food has all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It has iron, manganese, zinc, and copper in ample amounts. Plus, vitamins like A, B, B1, B2, B6, B11, B12, D, and E make this food a fantastic blend of vitamins and minerals to top our chart of best dog food.

Affordable in Price

You can see it yourself that for premium-quality dog food, it is reasonably priced. Petzyo is a brand that aims to provide the best with natural ingredients. They will start to expand to the retail stores in some time.

My sister's dog with his new Petzyo Kangaroo And Sweet Potato

High-Quality Standards

This product is very high in its quality standards. It fills the requirements of AAFCO and PFIAA. You will get the trust of thousands of satisfied Australians with Petzyo dog food. These stats make this dog food the best choice to buy for your dog.

Pros & Cons


  • It has a significant amount of omega-3 and fatty acids.
  • It is made up of 100% natural and sustainable ingredients.
  • It has an amazing quantity of fruits, vegetables, and pulses.
  • It maintains dental and digestive health with utmost proficiency.
  • It has all the necessary vitamins and minerals to boost your dog’s potential.
  • Super tasty, so that your dog shows no more tantrums and cleans the bowl every time.


  • Slightly less quantity of fats and protein in it.
  • Minerals and vitamins are added as a pack, not individually.
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2. Ziwi Peak Dog Air-Dried Food Beef

Ziwi Peak Dog Air-Dried Food Beef
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ZiwiPeak is a New Zealand brand that claims the second position on our list. This brand aces all kinds of foods for cats and dogs, and they have wet and dried food for your canine and feline best friends. But today, we will tell you about their dog foods only.

The meat for this dog food is sourced from the best farms in New Zealand, which ensures the quality of their product. Like Petzyo, they also have a feeding calculator on their website to facilitate perfect feeding sizes.

ZiwiPeak Dog Food is very light and tasty, and you can give it to your recovering dogs as well. There are no preservatives used in this product, so you can trust it for your dog. Now we will tell you about all of its features in detail.

Pets love Ziwi Peak Dog Air-Dried Food Beef

Fit For Recovering Dogs

If your dog is recovering from some illness, it cannot digest heavy foods. This dog food is so light that it does not put pressure on your dog’s digestive system, and your dog can easily digest it in any condition. It is also helpful if your dog has food allergies.

No Preservatives

This dog food contains only natural ingredients and no preservatives. You do not have to worry about feeding chemicals to your dog, and soya, grains, antibiotics, and potatoes are not added to this dog food.

Quality Ingredients

My pet his new batch of Ziwi Peak Dog Air-Dried Food Beef

Ingredients are sourced from Best New Zealand farms to give a quality finish to this product. Beef meat, liver, kidney, and bones are in the formula as a meat by-product in this dog food. Along with beef, the green mussel is also there to add some more vitamins and minerals.

Amazing Taste

The ZiwiPeak dog food tastes so amazing that your dog will clean its bowl every time. You will not have to switch again from this brand once you start feeding it to your dog.


This dog food contains zinc amino acids and copper amino acid complex. It has minerals and vitamins like B1, B2, and E supplements. These vitamins and minerals improve the immunity of your dog.

Pros & Cons


  • It is made with beef meat which gives tons of protein.
  •  Mainly mixed tocopherols are there as preservatives.
  • Perfect fat to protein ratio to ensure a balanced diet.
  • Air-dried beef to ensure chemical-free preservation.
  • Green mussels are added to increase protein content.
  • Fit for dogs with food allergies.
  • You can feed this food to dogs with weak digestion due to illness.


  • A pricey option to choose from.
  • Beef in the ingredient may change with sheep due to the seasonal availability of beef meat.
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3. Hypro Chicken And Duck Dog Food

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The Hypro Premium Chicken and Duck Dog Food is among the most preferred diet options by pawrents and canines all across the globe. This special formulation helps keep your adult canines in good physical and mental health.

Suitable For Dogs of all Breeds And Sizes

This kibble from Hypro is not breed-specific, so you do not have to worry if your canine will be compatible with the food. Hypro Premium is a specially formulated healthy diet for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Hypro Chicken And Duck Dog Food features

Healthy And Balanced Diet

This diet’s unique combination of ingredients ensures that your canine companion gets all the nutrients they need to thrive. This dog kibble from Hypro hosts the perfect balance between vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that help your furry friend’s overall well-being.

No Artificial Flavours or Colours

This kibble from Hypro also contains no added chemical preservatives, flavours or colours. This diet is completely natural and organic and will not expose your dog to any potential allergies or sensitivities.

Grain And Gluten-Free

This diet is also perfect if your dog has special dietary requirements or gluten sensitivity. The Hypro Chicken And Duck Premium Dog Food is completely grain-free and is perfect if they require more protein-rich diets than usual.

High-Quality Meat

This dog kibble also features high-quality duck and chicken meat. This is an abundant resource of amino acids, which help in overall muscle repair and growth. This helps maintain adequate body weight and prevent malnourishment.

Pros & Cons


  • Suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes
  • Healthy and balanced diet
  • No artificial flavours or colours
  • Gluten-free
  • Grain-free
  • It consists of high-quality meat


  • Not suitable for puppies
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4. Whole Earth Farms Adult Recipe Lamb

Whole Earth Farms Adult Recipe Lamb
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This adult dog food recipe is another favourite option of adult canines across the globe. Whole Earth Farms Adult recipe contains a range of nutrients and ingredients that help increase your canine’s quality of life and longevity.

Supports Immune Function

Various nutritious vitamins and antioxidants are included in every package for excellent immunological performance. Blueberries, sweet potatoes, healthy cereals, carrots, and rosemary are added by Whole Earth Farms to the lamb, providing your dog with various potent nutrients to boost their immunity.

Grain-Free Diet

This diet from Whole Earth farms is also a completely grain-free diet. This makes it suitable for consumption by adult dogs with sensitivities or intolerance to gluten or carbohydrates. This is also perfect if you’re looking for a more protein-rich diet.

No Artificial Ingredients

Whole Earth Farms foods also do not contain any artificial ingredients. It is perfect for parents who want to give their pets natural foods because it doesn’t include soy, artificial flavourings, colours or chemical preservatives.

Well-Appreciated Flavour

Although formulated with other vegetables and fruits rich in phytonutrients, this food has its own exceptional flavour without artificial ingredients. This nutritious diet is enhanced with the flavour of lamb meat which your canine companion will simply love.

High-Quality Meat

The Tablelands of Central West New South Wales is where Whole Earth Farms produces their Adult Recipe Lamb. It includes locally produced, prepared lamb, and contains 26% protein, 13% fat, and 6% fibre per serving.

Pros & Cons


  • Supports immune function
  • Grain-free diet
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Well-appreciated flavour
  • High-quality meat


  • Suitable only for adult dogs
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5. Balanced Life Chicken Dog Food

Balanced Life Chicken Dog Food
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Balanced Life Chicken Dog Food is a healthy formulation of meat, vitamins and minerals that is suitable for consumption by canines at all life stages. This diet is not only balanced but also Paleo diet approved and thus makes it a choice option for many pawrents.

Suitable For all Life Stages

Unlike most brands, with Balanced life, you don’t need to search specifically for a formulation if you have a puppy Or a senior dog too. This diet is prepared so that any canine at any life stage can consume it for a balanced and healthy life.

Picture of my neighbour's dog with Balanced Life Chicken Dog Food


Balanced Life is also unique in it that this kibble is completely air-dried before packaging. This enhances the food’s freshness and prevents moulds and fungi from forming. It prevents odour and also increases the shelf life of the product.

Full of Natural Prebiotics

Collectively, canine prebiotics and probiotics help support a healthy intestinal microbiome, which safeguards your dog’s general health. The Balanced Life dog food is rich in prebiotics, which aids in better digestion and immune system function.

Paleo Diet Approved

Additionally, this product is acceptable for the Paleo diet. This indicates that the nutrients in your dog’s diet are those for which they were naturally built.

Therefore, this diet has no cereals, beans, vegetables, dairy products, refined sugars, or chemical additions. Just animal protein and additional essential vitamins and minerals are found in paleo food products.

Balanced Life Chicken Dog Food features

Grain-Free And Gluten-Free

This diet, as mentioned, is also completely grain-free and gluten-free. This makes it suitable for pets with gluten sensitivities and intolerances. It is also a perfect addition to your pet’s diet if you are looking for a more protein-rich diet.

Pros & Cons


  • Suitable for all life stages
  • Air-dried for freshness
  • Full of natural prebiotics
  • Paleo diet approved
  • Grain-free and gluten-free
  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals


  • A little pricey
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Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Food

There are a few things you need to consider before purchasing dog food as it contributes to your canine’s overall mental and physical well-being:

1. Age

Your companion dog’s nutritional needs evolve as he gets older. Pups need greater carbohydrates and proteins than older or senior dogs. They require a lot of fluids, minerals, essential fats, and amino acids for a balanced diet. However, once they enter maturity, they must consume fewer calories and proteins to prevent weight gain.

Some foods provide extra assistance for issues like joint pain for seniors. You must intentionally buy and serve your dog the appropriate food for its stage as a responsible pet owner. Be certain that the choice you are making is the best one for your dog.

2. Breed

One aspect you may want to take into account when selecting a dog food is the breed of your dog. Breeds that are more lively than others will expend higher calories.

Not all dogs must adhere to the same nutrition. Before purchasing any corporate food for dogs, take into account the breed as well as the fact that the diet will vary depending on their age.

Each breed of dog has a certain diet requirement in order to remain in good health. Help ensure the components in the food you buy are appropriate for your breed. A few well-known businesses also make a meal for various breeds.

3. Size

It’s not like all canines are constantly active and alert. The liveliest ones don’t always need to consume large quantities of carbohydrates. A dog who must gain weight requires a very varied diet than one that is overweight.

Really be aware of the unique requirements of your dog. Because of their higher metabolism, small breeds of dogs could require additional greater calories per kilogram than bigger breeds.

On the contrary hand, big dogs frequently need specific diets to reduce specific health issues.

4. Preferences

Our canine friends also have their own preferences. Although some of them enjoy eating plant-based foods, others may be content to eat meat-based meals. As a pawrent, you need to be aware of what your dog is capable of eating and transition to the appropriate diet. Even though each kind of food has advantages and disadvantages, not all dogs enjoy wet food more than they love kibble. For instance, a wet diet can be simpler for an older dog having dental issues to chew than that dry cereal.

5. Sensitivities

Analyzing your dog’s reactions to various foods is a crucial procedure to follow when selecting a food. The appropriate diet can help your pet develop a powerful immunological defence against allergens.

Additionally, meals that include synthetic and hazardous components are more likely to cause an adverse reaction. If your dog truly has an allergy, he can exhibit a rather more severe immune reaction, resembling anaphylaxis. Hives, face puffiness, or itching are symptoms of a less serious allergic response.

It is crucial to consult your veterinarian if your dog has food sensitivities in order to pinpoint the problem and discover a meal that’s also acceptable for your dog.

6. Ingredients

Before purchasing any dog food, it is extremely crucial to read the nutrition label. Avoid being overly enamoured only with exotic components listed on the labelling. Not all widely viable food is good for your dog.

Knowing what substances are in it is crucial for this reason. Therefore, ensure that the item you are purchasing contains all of the necessary nutrients and is devoid of added chemicals. Choose the product with the fewest components as well as the most water content while scanning the labelling.

A well-balanced diet has the right proportions of the necessary components, such as carbs, fat, protein, minerals, and vitamins, to satisfy your dog’s nutritional needs.

7. Price

Sometimes, quality dog food could be quite expensive. However, this does not imply that you must spend a fortune to provide your pet with the required nutrients. Establish budgeting for dependable feed that will guarantee your dog’s adequate nutrition without requiring you to make compromises. Avoid putting yourself in a situation whereby you can’t care for your companion’s general health.

8. Veterinarian Recommendations

Your veterinarian is the individual who has the closest connection to the state of your canine’s well-being. Such qualified experts are well-versed in your dog’s health records, physiological or behavioural problems, and any ailments which may have affected them. 

Whenever changing food brands or selecting your own picks, first talk to a vet who has examined your dog; they can counsel you on components to eliminate or unique considerations for your pup’s requirements.



Certainly, dry dog food has advantages. It is simpler to use and preserve. It also has a less offensive smell and is not as prone to spoil. Dry dog chow is frequently a less expensive choice and helps to decrease plaque development from gnawing.

Both senior dogs who may find it difficult to chew dry food and canines that need to improve their hydration levels may benefit from eating wet food.


Pups younger than three months ought to consume at least four meals daily. Three servings should be provided to puppies between the ages of three and Five months.

You can feed adult dogs once or twice each day. Set a mealtime plan and keep to it since dogs enjoy predictability.


Dog food needs to be kept dry and cool, ideally off the floor. Dry dog food should be poured from the package into a sizable, spotless Tupperware box that has a sealed lid. You can store tinned Food in a cabinet with other tinned food.


The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standardized animal feeding trials are used by the pet food market. This accreditation guarantees that the food you buy is suitable for your dog to consume. For six months, animals are fed and observed to make sure the diet contains the proper ratio of nutrition.

The Bottom Line

There are so many brands in the market that choosing the perfect one becomes almost a daunting task. We covered the best nutritious dog foods, so you narrow down your choices and arrive at the best option.

We structured these brands in their effectiveness and quality. After going through this article, we hope that you do not have the slightest doubt regarding the best dog food. Take note of the ingredients and check the affordability according to your budget.