5 Best Dog Grooming Kits in Australia Buying Guide

You know that time of the month when you’re well overdue for a trim, so you have a string of awful hair days? And you keep promising yourself you’ll get a haircut soon, but you wind up being the busiest person for the rest of your life! You might agree that it’s tolerable to a point. But you know there’s going to be an issue when there’s fuzz all over the place!

Grooming a dog can be a challenging task. Especially considering our four-legged companions loathe it more than anything else on the planet. With the pandemic in full swing, regular grooming sessions had never been a possibility. Furthermore, it had become quite a pricey option.

Pet Parlour Dog Hair Clippers

Pet Parlour Dog Hair Clippers

Our Top Recommendation for Dog Grooming Kits!

This dog hair clippers by Pet Parlour tops our list of dog hair clippers due to their amazing features. It’s got a sharp and safe ceramic blade. Plus, it is ultra-quiet with low vibration, and the metal combs are guarded. It comes in pair of four with a scissor and an additional long metal comb.

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Choosing the suitable grooming kit can make the task a little easier, if not worse. Out of the million options, we’ve handpicked the best options for a safe and pleasant grooming session in the comfort of your house.

Top Grooming Kits to Choose For Your Dog

When it comes to grooming, there are a lot of options on the market, and it might be challenging to find the appropriate one. So, we’ve chosen Australia’s five best dog grooming kits. Let’s go over them one by one.


Pet Parlour Dog Hair Clippers
Pet Parlour Dog Hair Clippers• A rechargeable built-in li-ion battery
• Ultra-quiet design
• Sharp blade and four guard combs.
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Pet One Grooming Small Animal Care Kit
Pet One Grooming Small Animal Care Kit• Perfect for small-sized dogs
• Packs the right tools
• Ergonomic handle.
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Kazoo Grooming Small Animal Slicker
Kazoo Grooming Small Animal Slicker• Ball-tipped nylon bristles
• Ergonomic handle
• Air-cushioned pad.
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Pet One Grooming Small Animal Plastic Pin Brush
Pet One Grooming Small Animal Plastic Pin Brush• Thin Plastic bristles with rounded pinheads
• Ergonomic handle
• Ideal for short and smooth hair coats.
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WAHL Lithium-ion Cordless Dog Clippers• Self Sharpening blades
• Smooth cut guide combs
• Cordless and Rechargeable
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1. Pet Parlour Dog Hair Clippers

Pet Parlour Dog Hair Clippers
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These great grooming hair clippers from Pet Parlour might be the only thing you need to make your furry buddy look at its best. Grooming is of utmost essential for dogs, especially the ones with long hair. It helps to keep the fine, delicate fur silky and shiny. And it won’t be difficult to accomplish using the Pet Parlour’s Dog Hair Clippers.

Whether you are naïve in grooming or cutting a pet’s fur for years, these professional hair clippers will be feasible to use. Interestingly enough, when you pay for these hair clippers, you get a cordless trimmer, a rechargeable battery, a sharp blade, a metal comb, and more – all in one!

A Built-in Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

The cordless trimmer packs a built-in Li-ion 3.7V 1200MAH battery that takes three hours to charge fully. However, the charge lasts for about 300 minutes. So you can use it continually for a few grooming works from one charge. And while the device doesn’t take many hours to charge fully, you won’t have to wait longer to carry out the remaining grooming services.

Another impressive fact is that you can use the device to trim matted fur while on charge. In addition, you will benefit from an Australian plug that accompanies this Pet Parlor grooming kit.

Ultra-Quiet Design And Low Vibration

What makes these dog clippers stand out in the market is their low vibration and sound technology. Thanks to this exclusive sound technology, it causes minimal friction between your dog’s fur and blades, eventually reducing the noise. Now, you might wonder what’s the advantage of this noise absorption due to silencer technology in pet clippers. The fact is that a loud noise will not trouble or bother your canine.

Eventually, the grooming process will become more convenient and pleasant for you and your doggy. And it’s an essential factor for those who want to groom their pets at home.

Sharp Ceramic Blade

When you have these Pet Parlour Hair Clippers, you won’t have to worry about the ease of use and the durability. This grooming kit also comes with a fixed ceramic blade that promises to offer you a top-notch cutting performance. On top of that, the blades are removable. This means that you can easily remove it to clean and change it when required.

Four Guard Combs

With this Pet Parlour kit, you even pay for four guard clipper combs measuring 12mm, 9mm, 6mm, and 3mm. Moreover, professional groomers or beginners will benefit from four levels of blade adjustment. This means you can feasibly cut your doggy’s coat to the exact required length.

With the removable guide combs, you can quickly and easily change them. On top of that, the adjustable clipping combs will ease the trimming of both short and long-haired dogs. In addition, it increases the power and versatility of the clippers during the process. Overall, you can carry out cost-effective and easy grooming in the comfort of your home.

Pros & Cons


  • Cordless trimmer
  • Versatile
  • It emits low-noise and low vibration
  • Heavy-duty and high-quality product
  • The battery gets fully charged within three hours
  • The charge lasts for nearly 300 minutes
  • The detachable blades offer top-notch cutting performance
  • Its blades are easy to remove and clean 
  • The kit includes four guard clippers to achieve the precise required length
  • A cost-effective and convenient dog grooming kit.


  • It’s a simple kit
  • It doesn’t include curved scissors.
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2. Pet One Grooming Small Animal Care Kit

Pet One Grooming Small Animal Care Kit
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First, it is better to mention that this Pet One grooming kit is designed for small dog breeds. Secondly, it might be a perfect starter pack for those who have just adopted a dog or are planning to groom their pet at home on their own. Finally, the Pet One Animal Care Kit stocks up the right grooming tools you will require to take on grooming time.

Right Grooming Accessories

The Pet One Grooming Small Animal Care Kit packs the right tools to ease the process of grooming at home. The pack contains four tools – 1 plastic pin brush, one flea comb, one nail clipper, and a soft bristle brush. The two kinds of brushes are a great addition because they will ideally make the grooming process more convenient and effortless.


Although less, we think Pet One provides sufficient variation for grooming small dog breeds easily. You can make use of the plastic pin brush to remove loose hair, dirt, and tangles on your dog’s coat. On the other hand, the sturdy and soft bristle brush will give your short-haired dogs thorough soothing and gentle grooming.

Plus, its ergonomic handle design will give you a better brushing experience. On top of that, the nail clipper completes this grooming kit. Overall, this grooming set is no-buss and has good value for money.

Pros & Cons


  • The kit includes the right grooming tools for small-sized dogs
  • It will keep your dog’s fur clean and soft
  • It has nail clippers
  • The brushes will remove loose hair and dirt
  • Ergonomic handle for good grip
  • It will promote a healthy hair coat.


  • No scissors
  • Not ideal for professional grooming services.
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3. Kazoo Grooming Small Animal Slicker

Kazoo Grooming Small Animal Slicker
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Look no further than the Kazoo Slicker if you are in the market for a budget-friendly beginner’s grooming tool. Get your small furry buddy a clean and neat look with this colourful slicker. Its soft bristles can graze through your dog’s fur and hair, smoothing out any tangles and knots. As a result, grooming will be gentler than ever for your furry buddy!

Simple Yet Functional Design

This Kazoo Slicker Brush features an air-cushioned pad equipped with uniquely shaped wire pins. As a result, it will maintain a balanced brushing force and elevate your grooming technique. In addition, it’s an efficient brush, perfect for removing knots, tangles, and loose hairs from a small dog’s coat.

The brush is equipped with unique ‘ball-tipped’ nylon bristles to enable stress-free and comfortable grooming. Plus, each bristle is tipped with a tiny plastic ball. They will massage the skin gently and remove debris and loose hair from your dog’s coat.

However, don’t pull on the hair excessively as it can lead to discomfort and stress.

Ergonomic Design

Groom your furry friend gently with the Kazoo Small Animal Slicker Brush and develop a healthy bond and stronger relationship with them. Besides soft nylon bristles, the brush features an ergonomic handle that makes for easy and comfortable gripping. Overall, it exhibits a stylish design with captivating colours. The brush dimensions are 15cm x 7cm x 4.5cm.

Pros & Cons


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Good quality
  • It is perfect for small animals
  • The tiny plastic balls on the bristles make grooming gentler
  • Easy to hold and grip the handle
  • It exhibits stylish design
  • It will effectively eliminate loose hair, tangles, and dirt.


  • Furs can get caught in the bristles because of their design
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4. Pet One Grooming Small Animal Plastic Pin Brush

Pet One Grooming Small Animal Plastic Pin Brush
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Every pet parent should have the right accessories for grooming, and this Pet One Plastic Pin Brush is a staple in every kit for your small dog. It is equipped with thin plastic bristles with smooth pinheads, making the brush ideal for short and smooth hair coats. Besides eliminating loose and tangled hair, you can also brush out dirt from your dog’s coat.

Perfect Design

Pet One brings up this plastic pin brush to remove dirt, nasty mats, and loose hair. Regular brushing will gently eliminate tangles, dander, and knots, always keeping your dog’s delicate fur glooming. However, this Pet One Plastic Pin Brush will work great on small dogs with short to medium hair length.


Pet One has equipped this brush with thin bristles made of plastic and tipped with smooth rounded pinheads. It will be fascinating to know that the brush will not only let your furry buddy look good but also feel good. The soft pinheads will groom and massage your pet’s fur. As a result, the blood circulation will increase, producing a soft and shiny coat. And once you start brushing, your buddy will start enjoying the soft touch of the brush’s bristles.

Finally, you get an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip and hold. No matter how long you brush your doggy, it won’t cause wrist or hand strain.

Pros & Cons


  • Durable 
  • The bristles are soft and comfortable on your pet’s coat
  • It will remove tangled, loose hair and dirt
  • The brush features an ergonomic handle
  • Easy and cozy to grip
  • It can promote a healthy coat
  • Good for regular grooming.


  • The bristles quality could be better
  • The plastic bristles can break off
  • It cannot be used for long-haired dogs.
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5. WAHL Lithium-ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

WAHL Lithium-ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers
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Wahl pet grooming packages are the products of choice for individuals looking for high-quality, long-lasting electric clipping and trimming machines for their pets.

image taken after unboxing the WAHL Lithium-ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

Low Noise 

Allows stress-free grooming.

Suitable for a Variety of Breeds

Handles varied hair lengths, including double coats on small and suited for full-body cuttings on dogs of all breeds. 

Fast Charging

A 15-minute quick charge provides instant power, while a recharge takes 3-5 hours. Moreover, the battery can retain charge for up to a year.

Image of WAHL Lithium-ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

2 Hour Life 

Enables several grooming operations with your pet before needing to be charged.

Self-Sharpening Blades

The high-carbon blades remain sharp for efficient grooming.


Since it is wireless, It doesn’t require much power and provides enormous power.

Pros & Cons


  • Low noise
  • Fast charging
  • 2 hour life
  • Self sharpening blades
  • Wireless


  • Not suitable for all breeds
  • Requires skill and practice
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Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Grooming Kits

Here are some common things to consider before buying a grooming kit:

1. Noise, Vibrations, Heat

Purchase hair clippers that are suited to your dog’s coat such that they cut easily while keeping quiet and cool for an extended period of time and hum as little as possible on low rpm.

2. Size of Clippers

 As previously stated, many clippers today are ergonomically constructed so that the hand can enjoy the hold for extended periods of time. Choose one which would fit your fingers perfectly.

3. Weight of a Trimmer

Although lighter dog clippers prevent wrist strain, you and your dog are more likely to recognize vibrations, especially with high speeds. For a much more precise and detailed cut, Consider a heavier and more sturdy trimmer.

4. Clipper Blades

Although most dog clippers include their own unique blades, ceramic blades are preferred since they hardly conduct excessive heat and are thus ideal for long grooming sessions.

5. Oils

If clippers are not lubricated and maintained on a regular basis, the teeth and blades will deteriorate. As a result, before purchasing a clipper, it is critical to check which oil is indicated for it.

6. Combs

The size of the blade and the head of your clipper should permit the comb to fit perfectly and lock on it firmly to provide an even trim. Find the right size for your dog’s coat for smooth grooming.


How to get your dog soft?

You have to do more than simply wash your furry buddy. First, use a shampoo that fits your dog’s fur type and get your doggy a great wash. Then, like professional dog groomers, you can pamper your buddy’s fur using additional products like crème rinses, finishers, and conditioners. They will make the soft beautiful and soft.

Should you bathe your dog after or before grooming?

You should do preparation work or initial cleaning before taking your doggy for a bath. After cleaning, dry them completely. Then, you can carry out the rest of the grooming procedures.

How to groom dogs at home?

When grooming your dog at home, the first important thing you need to gain is your dog’s trust. As per Dr Neil Marrinan, your pet has to have faith in your behaviour. So, it’s necessary to practice home grooming works daily and incrementally by typically providing positive attention and rewards during the process. 
However, if you possess the right tools, create a grooming routine. It would include brushing, bathing, nail and fur clipping, and hair cutting if or when necessary. If you follow the same routine every day, your canine pal will get used to it and start enjoying your touch and pamper. 


Everything does not work for everyone. It also heavily relies on your comfort. So, select the bundle that works best for you, and you’ll be up and running in no time! There are a lot of fantastic products out there, and I’ve merely named a few based on my personal experiences.

Grooming a pet is a difficult task. I mean, there have been instances when I’ve wondered if the groomer is simply overcharging. How hard could giving a haircut be, right? But it’s a skill worth learning, and once you’ve mastered it, you may actually enjoy it!