5 Best Dog Life Jackets in Australia (Updated)

Swimming, surfing, and sailing are super fun activities (excuse the alliteration) for humans and dogs. But not all dogs love water the same way. While some breeds swim like a fish, other struggle and thrash about. What keeps them safe in the water is a life jacket.

Life jackets are compulsory according to Australian law. Though the law doesn’t specify it for dogs, pet parents don’t like to take chances. After all, the doggy is their baby, and they cannot leave it to fend for itself in the middle of a water body.

A dog life jacket is handy if you plan to train your pet to swim. Swimming is considered a good exercise for dogs and helps build muscle strength without hurting their joints. If you haven’t yet introduced your furball to water, make sure to use the life jacket as a precautionary move. If anything goes wrong, you don’t want your pet to be sacred for water.

Dog Nation Life Jacket for Dogs

Dog Nation Life Jacket for Dogs

Our Top Recommendation For Dog Life Jackets!

The Dog nation Life Jacket for Dogs will make you fall in love with its sturdy polyester make and beautiful design. It is available in varied sizes, from extra small to extra large. Plus, there is also a variant in colour. You can check the size chart and order what suits best to your dog.

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The life jacket will protect your dog to a major extent. Be it pools, lakes, or the ocean, a life jacket keeps your dog safe and afloat when it enters the water body. You’ll still have to monitor your pet, but you don’t have to get stressed about it. As you might have already guessed, buying a dog life jacket is not that easy. There are quite a lot of models in the market, and finding the best one for your dog means tons of research.

Best Life Jackets For Dogs 

We’ve done that on your behalf and have listed the top eight best life jackets for dogs. Read through the below reviews and pick the one that’ll keep your pet baby safe and happy in the water.

Life Jacket for Dogs• Made of nylon and polyester
• It comes with reflexive trims
• Quick delivery

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• Built-in front neck float and belly band
• Easy grab handles
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EzyDog Dog LifeJacket• Comes in bright yellow and red
• Has a curved neck
• Straps are adjustable

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EzyDog DFD X2 Boost• It's lightweight
• Comes in four colours
• Comfortable and support the dog in the water

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Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket• Budget-friendly
• Two strong handles for better grip
• Thermal insulation

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1. Dog Nation Life Jacket for Dogs

Dog Nation Life Jacket for Dogs
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The first dog life jacket on our list is by Dog Nation. The polyester life jacket for the dog is secure, durable, and versatile. It comes in seven sizes, ranging from extra small (XXS) to extra large (XXL). The life jackets are also available in bright colours such as orange, red, pink, yellow, and blue. You can easily identify your dog from a distance.

The life jacket is adjustable and comes with two buckles to secure under the dog’s belly and on the side of the chest. Once you adjust the straps and buckle them, the life jacket won’t move an inch. At the same time, it will be breathable and comfortable enough for your dog to move around and swim.

Picture taken while my breeds were testing Dog Nation Life Jacket for Dogs

You don’t have to worry if the life jacket gets dirty. Simply throw it into the washing machine and run the gentle wash. Take it out and leave it to air dry before using it again. Cool, right? The life jacket has been tested and certified for Australian surfing conditions. If you and your doggy like to ride the waves, go ahead and have fun!


The dog life jacket is made using 400D nylon and Ripstop polyester, making it durable and sturdy. There’s a floatation layer inside for additional protection.


The life jacket can also be used as a raincoat. Your doggy’s chest and tummy will be protected from the rain.

Ease of Use

There’s a big handle on the top of the life jacket. This makes it easy to get the dog to wear the jacket, lift and carry your wet dog if necessary. If your furball is a little thing, the handle will be pretty handy to use.

Reflective Trims

The life jacket also has reflective trims that increase visibility and give you peace of mind. Between the bright colours and the trims, you can be assured that your pet won’t be lost.

Fast Delivery

Dog Nation provides fast delivery services when you order directly from the brand’s website.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Stays in place
  • Multiple colours and sizes
  • It can be used as a raincoat
  • Good quality material


  • Dogs with bigger heads need the next size


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All throughout the world, parents and dogs alike favour the Outward Hound Splash life jacket. With its amazing features and vibrant colours, this life jacket is one of the best in its class.


Dogs enjoy swimming, and we prefer to keep them secure. The Outward Hound Splash life jacket offers a snug and comfy fit for hours of aquatic pleasure. Outward Hound’s Splash dog life jacket is made of incredibly tough ripstop fabric for pleasant flotation in the waters and unrestricted mobility on land.

Bright Colouring

This life jacket by Outward Hound was designed to stand out while your canine companion plays in the surf or bounces around on the sand. You will be able to recognise your dog right away in or out of the ocean thanks to the stylish reflective borders and vivid orange colour.

Built-in Front Neck Float And Belly Band

This life jacket also features a belly band and an inclusive front neck inflatable to help your pet float. The neoprene belly band safely secures their torso and tummy, whereas the front neck float keeps their face and neck well above the surface of the water.

Available in a Wide Range of Sizes

Dogs can be of any size or form. There is a life jacket that will fit your dog perfectly, regardless of how short and bulky or how tall and slender they are. With sizes varying from extra-small to extra-large, it’s simple for you to pick one that accommodates your canine companion and meets their swimming requirements.

Easy Grab Handles

This life jacket has simple grasp handles and increased buoyancy for safety, both of which might be helpful to you in an emergency. Dual grab grips built into the Outward Hound splash life jacket make it simple for you to rescue your canine companion in an accident.

Safety Straps

Tummy buckles, chest straps, and Velcro links provide additional protection by preventing the fasteners from catching on unidentified objects in the waters, allowing your dog to frolic and surf all day long.

Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable
  • Bright colouring
  • Built-in front neck float
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Easy grab handles
  • Safety straps


  • Sizing may not be very accurate
  • A little pricey

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3. EzyDog Dog LifeJacket, Yellow, XS

EzyDog Dog LifeJacket
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The third dog life jacket on our list is by EzyDog. It is available in five sizes (XS to XL) and two bright colours- yellow and red. The smallest size of the life jacket is suitable for a dog weighing a minimum of 15 pounds. The life jacket has around 50% more flotation material than many other market models. This gives it better buoyancy and helps your dog stay afloat even in deep waters.

The grab handle is strong, holds your dog’s weight, and is perfectly integrated into the design. The life jacket is made of heavy-duty polyester and neoprene straps. It also has reflective piping on the sides to increase visibility.

Took a picture of my breed with EzyDog Dog LifeJacket, Yellow, XS

What we love about this life jacket is the small pocket at the rear end. It can be used for storage purposes and to help balance the dog’s weight in water. This will make it easier for your pet to swim, especially if it has a larger head and a smaller body. The stitches at the seams aren’t as strong as we’d like. You can get them double-stitched for durability and safety.

Leash Hook

There’s a D-ring at the top to hook the leash to the life jacket. However, it is made of plastic and can be prone to breakage due to rough use.

Contoured Neck Design

The curved neck design protects the dog’s neck and keeps its head above water. This helps to minimise the risk of your dog getting underwater.

Adjustable Straps

The body straps are flexible and can be buckled to suit the shape of your dog’s back and belly. You can also cross the straps to give a tighter fit if the life jacket feels lost.

Ergonomic Fit

The life jacket by EzyDog has an ergonomic design intended to allow free movement in and out of the water. It is comfortable and fits snugly.

Pros & Cons


  • It comes in five sizes
  • Adjustable neoprene straps
  • Ultra-buoyancy foam
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Lightweight and sturdy


  • The D-ring for the leash is made of plastic
  • The stitch at the seams could be stronger

4. EzyDog DFD X2 Boost

EzyDog DFD X2 Boost
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We have another life jacket or dog vest by the same company, EzyDog. The DFD X2 Boost model is a premium dog life jacket with an array of features and is suitable for all dog breeds. It is lightweight and made of high-quality materials to ensure great buoyancy in water. Your dog is sure to love wearing the life jacket and getting into the water for a swim.

The dog vest has a webbing layer inside the neck strap that allows breathability without causing any irritation due to loose webbing hanging outside. The neoprene handle is integrated into the upper part of the vest. It provides a good grip for you to lift and carry the dog when required.

Picture of my breed with the EzyDog DFD X2 Boost while we were out to test the Life Jacket

The buckle straps are wide and sturdy enough to hold the life jacket in place. Moreover, it is super easy to get your dog to wear the vest. Removing the life jacket doesn’t take time, either. It won’t stick to the dog’s body or cause any discomfort. Your dog will be out of the vest and happily running around in less than a minute. The brand sells the dog vest in five sizes, ranging from XS to XL. Be sure to select the right size.


The vest is made using premium-quality materials that provide wonderful buoyancy. Even heavier dogs will have no trouble floating on water when wearing this life jacket.

Multiple Colours

EzyDog DFD X2 comes in four different colours to choose from. The yellow, red, blue, and pink are bright, cheerful, and offer great visibility. The reflective trims add to the colours.

New Design

The new design of the life jacket increases comfort and support for dogs in water. The vest shapes itself around the dog’s body instead of being stiff and tight. This provides better agility.

Additional Rear Attachment

There’s a special light attachment at the rear end for you to hook a small light. This further increases the visibility of the dog, especially in the dark or in deep waters.

Pros & Cons


  • It comes in five sizes 
  • Available in four colours
  • Top collar adjustability
  • Neoprene grab handle
  • Light attachment point


  • Not budget-friendly
  • The belly flap needs better adjustment

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5. Outward Hound Granby Splash Orange Dog Life Jacket, XL

Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket
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We have another dog life jacket by Outward Hound, and this one is called Granby. You can purchase it in sizes XS to XL, and it comes at a budget-friendly price. The premium quality of the material makes the vest last for a long time. The combination of materials makes it reliable, safe, and supportive for dogs that like to swim.

The life jacket has been designed to assist newbies, and experienced swimmers float on water with ease. You can be assured that your doggy will fall in love with water if you use this life jacket. The front neck float and the belly band provide additional comfort to your fur baby. However, remember that the vest is suitable for use in calm waters. Be alert if you take your dog into waves.

Image of my Breed with the Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket

The life jacket has two strong handles to give you a better grip when lifting the dog from the water. It’s much better than the single grip, which can cause discomfort to you and your dog. The handles are integrated into the design to prevent them from breaking or coming apart.

Velcro Belly Straps

The life jacket has Velcro belly straps and clips to keep it in place. This makes it doubly secure. Moreover, the straps and clips are adjustable and can be tightened or loosened to suit your dog’s size.

Bright Colour

The vest comes in a bright neon orange colour, with great visibility. The fun fish variant is also in orange and has white strips for a cuter look.

Longer Design

The life jacket is slightly longer at the top so that it covers longer dogs from the neck to the tail. However, you’ll have to size up for a comfortable fit. The vests are not true to size.

Neoprene Belly Band

There’s a special neoprene belly band over which the Velcro straps are secured. This cushions the doggy’s tummy and gives it a secure feeling in the water. Novice dogs will feel safe when they enter the water for the first time.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable dog life jacket
  • Additional front neck float
  • For the novice and experienced swimmers
  • Dual handle design
  • Thermal insulation to prevent cold


  • It can be used only in calm waters
  • Need to size up in most instances

Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Life Jackets

Life jackets are one of the most crucial things you could buy for your canine companion to keep them safe while going for an adventure at sea. So, before you finalise on the best life jacket available, here are a few things you need to consider:

1. Ability to Float

The life vest’s inherent floatation, commonly referred to as buoyant force, is undoubtedly an essential component. To guarantee that the jacket works, you’ll need to ensure that it can support your dog’s body weight. You should check the load ratings whenever you purchase a dog life vest.

However, a smaller, lesser buoyant style may be more suitable for long-term use if you’re looking solely for just a quick life vest as a precautionary safeguard in the event your dog falls off the dock or pier.

2. Colour

The colour should be taken into account subsequently. The vest should be a really vivid colour. This will enable them to find in the case that your dog is tossed overboard or gets bogged down in the waters. Most have bright trimmings, which reflect light more effectively and increase your pet’s visibility.

3. Strong Handles

Sturdy grips are yet another crucial component. If you need to drag your dog from the waters, you should make sure the grips can support your puppy’s mass. Prior to taking your dog into the waters, inspect the handlebars.

Help ensure they adequately support the collective load of your dog. Furthermore, you can easily and firmly connect a leash when the life vest conceals your dog’s collar, thanks to an accessible outside D-ring.

4. Sizing

Make absolutely sure your canine’s jacket works snugly before donning it. Nearly as risky as wearing no jacket at all is a jacket that doesn’t fit snugly. Bring your dog into the showroom, if possible, to ensure that it will fit comfortably and securely.

Verify your pet’s capability to sit and lay on the floor when wearing their jacket. Check to see if anything has been tugged or squeezed if your dog seems to be on the chubby side.

5. Ease of Use

A jacket with numerous customisable fasteners that make it challenging to put on again and take off your dog is not what you desire. Before buying the vest, ensure you can slip it on and take it off your dog with ease.

Most vests include convenient swift fasteners, making it easy to put them on and take them off. In addition to making your life easier, you also must help ensure that the vest is made of solid material, such as neoprene or robust nylon.

6. Customer Reviews

It’s challenging to predict whether a dog life vest will perform properly when you’re at the lakeside, despite evaluating in advance if it accommodates your dog. Check the internet for customer reviews that have undergone testing with dogs in water directly. Make sure these evaluations aren’t connected to any brands on a professional level.



Prior to actually addressing your dog, properly adjust the vest. Give them a quality snack while he is examining it. Display the vest again after pausing, and give the treat. Repeat numerous times till your dog starts to get excited and start looking for the goodie when the vest appears.

Then, encourage him with a treat to step underneath the jacket by holding it up by the handles with the strap unbuckled. If he is anxious about this portion, move slowly and cautiously until he feels comfortable with the jacket on his shoulders.


It is strongly recommended that your canine wears a life jacket when bathing or engaging in other water-related hobbies. The Center for Pet Safety’s professionals advises utilising life vests to keep your dog secure in both tiny and big rivers and lakes. Life jackets help keep your canine companion comfortable, secure, and buoyant in the waters.


In reality, a puppy’s ability to swim depends on both their medical conditions as well as how bouncy their bodies are. Low body mass makes dogs like greyhounds less buoyant or apt to float. Other varieties, such as Bulldogs and Pugs, are high in the surface water to their outsized, girthy bodies.

The Bottom Line

Dog life jackets are a must, no matter what. The vests keep your fur babies safe when you go kayaking or boat-riding. Even dogs that are excellent swimmers require life jackets. Make use of our list to find the best life jacket for your dog and ensure its safety in the water.

Happy swimming!