5 Best Dog Nail Clippers to Buy {Australia}

Most people think those dog nail clippers are meant for grooming purposes, but only a dog parent can tell you the importance of chopping dog nails. It is a necessity as long nails can prove to be troublesome for your dog as it can cause them to walk abnormally. In the long run, this can lead to other health-related problems, including joint pain. Plus, long nails accumulate a lot of dirt and bacteria that can cause serious infections.

Some dog parents like to take their dog out to professionals who are trained to take care of your dog’s nails. Others like to utilise this opportunity by spending some quality time and building a stronger bond with their pet. The best activity that allows an unlimited amount of time to build this relationship, apart from taking your dog for a walk or playing with your dog, is to clip your dog’s nails.

Why not? You get to spend quality time with your dog, and your dog gets a nice and cozy pampering session. What can be better than that? Isn’t it a win-win situation?  Besides, who could pamper your dog better than yourself? So, call it a nail clipping date!

This date can be fixed at the comfort of your home, next to a special treat for your dog and perhaps a glass of wine for you. Or you could consider an open space, on a sunny afternoon, with a comfortable spread laid out on fresh grass.



Our Top Recommendation for Dog Nail Clippers!

Kazoo grooming puppy nail clipper tops our list because of its unique ergonomic design. Its large rubber grip handle provides comfort to your hands when trimming your pet’s nails and is as smooth as cutting a cake. The blades are made of stainless steel and are sharp enough to get the task done in a jiffy without causing any trouble to your pet.

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Don’t forget to carry all the things that your dog would require on this date, including his/her favourite treats! This may take some time, and you would not want to starve your dog in the process.

Ensure that your dog is well hydrated and well fed before starting the session and is in a comfortable state physically and emotionally. If you think your dog is getting weary of the activity, you could discontinue and watch out for some better opportunities when you feel it is the right time for your dog.

Best Dog Nail Clippers in Australia

We have curated a list for you of the top 6 best dog nail clippers in Australia in 2022. You’ll become a pro at clipping your doggo’s nails all by yourself in no time. This could soon become your dog’s favourite activity to do with you. Have a look and decide for yourself which one suits you the best for your dog.


• Smaller blades
• Helps to avoid over-clipping
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Pet Parlour Dog Nail Clipper
Pet Parlour Dog Nail Clipper• Sharp stainless steel blade with a powerful cutting stroke
• Ergonomic handle covered with soft rubber
• A secure safety guard.
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Kazoo Grooming Deluxe Nail Clipper Large
Kazoo Grooming Deluxe Nail Clipper Large• Razor-sharp blades
• Smooth scissor action for easy grooming
• Ideal for both dark and light dog nails.
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Rufus Coco Nail Clippers With File
Rufus Coco Nail Clippers With File• Stainless steel blades
• Safety guard and rubber-gripped handle
• Comes with a nail file.
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Pet One Grooming Dog Nail Clipper
Pet One Grooming Dog Nail Clipper• Sharp blades
• A soft handle for extra grip
• Small blades.
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The whole experience of clipping the nails of pups and little dogs can be quite intimidating for both the dog and the dog parent. Grooming and pampering are essential components of every healthy dog-parent connection. The focus is also on maintaining a healthy paw of your dog so that nails don’t end up chipping or splitting, causing unnecessary trouble. Other than that, in order to maintain the overall hygiene and to ensure the well-being of your dog, a regular check on the length of the nails is really important, especially for pups who are more susceptible to infection from dirt/bacteria in their nails.

If your dog is small and you are looking for a nail clipper, then this product is the right choice for you as it is specifically designed to cater for your needs. It is a scissor style clipper that is small in size but with sharp blades that can easily cut the soft and small nails of your pet in one go. However, it is advised that with smaller pups who have even smaller nails, you should try to cut them little by little in order to avoid over clipping.

Most dog nail clippers have wide blades and can prove to be problematic when dealing with smaller size of nails. The size of their nails can make it impossible for any ordinary nail clipper, but this one can really come in handy when dealing with puppies.

Also, the product doesn’t look too big so as to scare your little puppy. It is the best choice when it comes to ensuring the safety and comfort of your puppy.


Best suited for pets with small breeds and puppies. Ensures that it makes it convenient for you to clip the tiny nails of your puppy.


It is meant for reaching the difficult corners of your puppy’s nails. It can also be used to trim the hard nails of your dog that could not be shaped properly by using a regular clipper, in the case of bigger dogs.

Avoid Over Clipping

Be it because of the smaller size of your puppy’s nails or because of the untrimmed and irregular edges of your dog’s nails, this product could prove to be helpful in avoiding over clipping of nails that can be hurtful.

Pros & Cons


  • Pup-friendly
  • It can be used to trim the corners of large dog nails l
  • Highly compact yet sturdy quality
  • A comfortable grip allows you to cut tiny ails without any fear.


  • Smaller blades won’t be able to clip the nails of your large dogs.
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2. Pet Parlour Dog Nail Clipper

Pet Parlour Dog Nail Clipper
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Trimming a dog’s nail isn’t an easy feat. You may have to battle with your canine buddy to accomplish the purpose, leaving you tired and stressed at the end of the day. But you cannot keep your pet’s nails untrimmed for long as it can injure you or others and even damage your furniture. So you will need a well-made and durable nail trimmer to complete this important job. And Pet Parlour has got you covered!

The Pet Parlour brings up this nail trimmer integrating all desirable features that can turn a delicate procedure into a feasible task.

Powerful Cutting Stroke

Let’s first decipher the main part or feature – the blade! It is sharp enough to tackle trimming tasks with ease. Plus, Pet Parlour has designed the blade using high-quality stainless steel, promising to offer long-lasting service and stay effective.

The next impressive feature is the trimmer’s cutting stroke. It packs a rugged, high-tension spring that gives off an efficient cutting stroke. So rest assured you can accomplish your job on the first try only and, interestingly, without leaving ragged edges. Instead, the spring is smooth enough to consistently trim your dog’s nails one after another.

Adjustable & Comfortable

Are you wondering whether it can trim your big furry buddy’s strong and thick nails? That said, this Pet Parlour Nail Clipper is adjustable to tackle the nails of any dog breed. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the clipper with an ergonomic handle for added convenience.

In addition, it’s covered with soft rubber, making it non-slippery and comfortable to hold. The handle reduces the possibility of sliding out of the hands and injuring your dog or yourself. On top of that, it won’t strain your hands.

Require Only One Person

As we mentioned above, trimming pets’ nails can be very distressing. And the entire endeavour usually needs two people to accomplish the work. There’s also a potential risk of hurting yourself or your doggy. With this in mind, Pet Parlour has designed this trimmer as well-made and easy-to-handle equipment to make trimming an easy job.

And fascinatingly, it will require only one person to handle and carry out the procedures.

Safety Features

This trimmer packs every safety feature necessary to prevent injuries to your canine buddy during nail trimming. First, you will benefit from a safety guard that will secure your doggy from potential injuries while trimming. On top of that, the trimmer is equipped with a safety lock for added security when not in use.

Overall, the Pet Parlour Dog Nail Clipper presents a combination of features that meet the essential needs of a convenient and durable tool. When you pay for this nail clipper, you pay for exceptional quality. And we cannot ignore that you will get such quality at an affordable price.

Pros & cons


  • High-quality and durable
  • It looks and feels sturdy
  • It has a high-tension spring that offers a smooth and efficient cutting stroke
  • It’s adjustable
  • Easy to hold
  • It has an ergonomic handle covered with rubber
  • It won’t strain your hands even after consistent use
  • The handles are non-slippery
  • The safety guard and lock offers added security
  • It can be handled with only one person
  • Safe and secure to maneuver.


  • A nail stopper would have been better.
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3. Kazoo Grooming Deluxe Nail Clipper Large

Kazoo Grooming Deluxe Nail Clipper Large
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The pet grooming industry is typically a bit ‘sizy’ when creating pet essentials. In most cases, you might have to seek a product specifically for your large or extra-large doggy. For example, the Kazoo Deluxe Nail Clipper can be great for big dogs with big nails.

Trimming a pet’s nails is an essential part of grooming. However, considering the difficulty involved in the process, pet parents often feel a bit hesitant to accomplish the task. However, no need to fear! The Kazoo Nail Clippers provide you with the safest and easiest way to do the task with complete safety.


This clipper’s razor-sharp, durable edged blades are due to the high-quality stainless steel used to build them. This makes this Kazoo Nail Clipper perfect for medium to large dog breeds. In addition, it comes with an ergonomic handle featuring a rubber grip exterior. It boosts the convenience and coziness of the clipper while trimming.

Design & Safety

You will love the green colour combo of this clipper – it’s quite attractive! Apart from that, this Kazoo clipper is equipped with a safety stop nail guard, keeping you and your canine buddy safe from any injuries. You will even be impressed with its smooth scissor action that eases the grooming process. In addition, you won’t have to make efforts to control the nail growth.

Above all, it can tackle all kinds of nails efficiently and quickly. And the clipper will be suitable to use for both dark and light dog nails.

Pros & Cons


  • Its sharp blades can cut all nail types efficiently
  • The clipper will trim nails cleanly
  • It has an easy-to-grip rubber-topped handle
  • Comfortable to use
  • It is perfect for light and dark dog nails
  • It ensures smooth scissor action
  • The safety stop nail guard reduces the possibility of injuries.


  • The blades could be sharper.
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4. Rufus Coco Nail Clippers With File

Rufus Coco Nail Clippers With File
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The Rufus Coco Nail Clippers would be a good choice for pet owners on a budget. It exhibits a cool orange and black colour duo design that makes it easy to maneuver. Furthermore, with its sharp stainless steel blades, you can slice through your canine’s nails smoothly.

This Rufus Coco Nail Clipper will be an ideal pet accessory for unconfident and naïve groomers as it packs an in-built safety guard. And this additional security assuring peace of mind is just priceless!

Ergonomic Design

This Rufus Dog Nail Clipper is built of stainless steel and PVC, attesting to its durability. And with a reliable nail guide, you can easily take the stress out of trimming your doggy’s nails – no risk of discomfort and pet pain! Another desirable feature of all nail clippers is a comfortable handle. And Rufus covers you in this too.

This clipper comes with rubber handles, promising a non-slip grip and, eventually, additional security. On top of that, you will benefit from a tight spring mechanism that will let you put in even pressure while you cut.

Bonus Supplies

The clipper is completely safe to use. It features a built-in nail safety guard to prevent over-clipping your doggy’s nails – a prime consideration for beginners! However, a bonus to the package is a removable metal nail file fitted within the clipper’s handle. It is meant to smoothen out the grooming task. Overall, it’s a fantastic product available at a pocket-friendly price.

Pros & Cons


  • The stainless steel blades are sharp enough to tackle the ripping of any nail
  • It comes with an ergonomic handle covered with rubber
  • Comfortable to use
  • Quality is good
  • Its safety guard will protect your dog from over-clipping
  • The kit includes a removable nail file.


  • It is pretty noisy.
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5. Pet One Grooming Dog Nail Clipper

Pet One Grooming Dog Nail Clipper
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Now let’s cater to puppies and small doggies! We recommend this Pet One Dog Nail Clipper. If dog nails are clipped right from puppyhood, it becomes easier to clip them later in life. And this clipper from Pet One is perhaps the ideal choice for your pup. It’s un-intimidating and has super sharp blades to slice through the nails easily.


This tiny pair of clippers is equipped with super sharp blades that can tackle your dog’s nails effortlessly. On top, the blades manifest a specific shape to make clipping better. In addition, there is a soft feel handle that reminds us of its ease of use. It offers added grip, and while the handles are smaller in size, you can easily get close to your doggy.

Unfortunately, this clipper might not be as comfortable to use as the bigger models. This is because it features pretty small finger holes. Pet owners would have even appreciated a safety guard to prevent over-clipping.

Pros & Cons


  • It features small blades
  • It’s designed for ease of use
  • The blades are super sharp
  • The handle offers a comfortable grip
  • Curved blades make clipping better.


  • No safety features
  • The finger holes are small
  • The blade quality could be better.
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Things to Consider When Searching For The Right Pair of Nail Clippers

You must consider a few factors when finding the right pair of nail clippers. Remember, nail clippers aren’t as petrifying as they may look. But if you deal with the wrong pair, it can make the stressful task uncomfortable for you. And in the worst scenario, you can end up harming yourself or your canine buddy. So to eliminate the risks, here’s what you need to acknowledge and consider –

  • Kinds of Nail Clippers Available
  • Nail clippers are of two types – guillotine clippers and scissor clippers.

You can utilize scissor clippers as grooming scissors. The blade is squeezed around the pet’s claw and clipped like being done with normal scissors. However, guillotine clippers have a little bit different operation processes. It has a hole at the tip where the nail’s edge is placed to cut.

By squeezing the clipper’s handle, you will push the blade forward and cut across the nail in one try. Well, the one which is more convenient will depend on you.

Some users say scissor clippers are easier to handle and allow for a more precise cut. Others say that a guillotine clipper can brush your pet’s toe.

1. Material

It is significant to consider the materials used to craft dog nail clippers. Durable materials such as stainless steel are always a better choice. It guarantees the sharpness and strength of the blade with time. Moreover, while stainless steel is easily accessible, the cheapest pair of nail clippers are typically made of it.

2. Safety

Another essential consideration is safety. Of course, you never want to harm yourself or your furry buddy while clipping. Well, safety depends significantly on how you are using the product. That said, the manufacturers put their best to make their clippers as secure and safe as possible.

You will find some clippers with safety stop safety features on the blades to reduce the possibility of over-cutting. Also, make sure the blades aren’t dull as you have to struggle with slicing through your buddy’s nails.

3. Comfort

The pair of nail clippers you choose should be comfortable to use as it will also attest to how safe it is to use. You will experience less strength and precision when cutting the pet’s nails if uncomfortable. On top of that, you want a clipper that will let you put in even pressure or perfectly fit your hand to achieve precise cuts.


Is it better to clip or grind your dog’s nails?

The fact is that some dogs do well with clippers, while others prefer grinding. But if you want to acknowledge what’s best for your canine buddy, it’s better to go with nail clipping. This is more significant because clippers are quiet tools and less likely to petrify your doggy than a grinder’s buzzing noise.

Should you clip your dog frequently?

This will depend on a few factors. First, you need to consider how active your doggy is. Dogs who often play outdoors or walk on pavements will have their nails wear down naturally with time. Secondly, if your dog’s nails grow fast, you may need to clip them every two months. However, try to do it more often, so your pet adapts.
Nail clipping won’t be enjoyable if your doggy isn’t used to it. So many dog parents choose to clip their pet’s nails each week to turn it into a frequent grooming routine.

Do walking dogs trim their nails?

If your dog goes on regular walking, especially on hard surfaces like pavements, it can help to shorten their claws. But it might not be sufficient to keep their nails as short as they should be.


Whether it be a small or large dog breed you have, trimming their nails becomes of utmost importance. You never know that too long nails may become either unhealthy or invite infection at some point in time. Or it may get you or your dog hurt. Thus, timely trimming of nails is a necessity for your dogs. 

And so, you need a proper nail trimmer depending on your dog’s size. If your dog is large and you have bought a smaller nail trimmer, it will possibly not be effective, and in case you bought a big nail trimmer for a smaller dog, it is again a problem. Taking this review as your guide for the specific nail trimmer, you will be able to decide which nail trimmer is best for your pet.