8 Best Dog Shoes: Buyer’s Guide [Australia, 2022]

Dogs’ paws are usually tough, yet they need extra care and protection with the shoes. The dogs’ shoes become the best friend of your furry dogs for extra care and comfort, and if dog owners don’t want their pet buddy to get hurt. Most pet parents don’t want their pet’s feet harmed with stones. 

Hence, dog shoes have gained immense popularity these days, and there are various dog shoes available in the marketplace. Therefore, selecting the best dog shoes may seem difficult for pet owners, as it requires a lot of knowledge, especially if you need to take care of the dog’s comfort. 

Are you among those who wish to have the best dog shoes for your dog? But, clueless about which dog shoes fit perfectly to the dog paws? Here are the best dog shoes that we have listed by considering various aspects and digging through multiple reviews.

Best Dog Shoes you can get for Your Dog

With that in mind, we’ve listed here the best dog shoes so that you can easily buy the best shoes for your pet. So let’s dive into the reviews and help you choose the right shoes for your lovely doggy. 

Paws Paw Protector Doggy Boots• All season protectors
• Light in weight
• Highly durable

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Hipaw Summer Breathable Dog Boot• Comes with an anti-slip design
• The toe cap is wear and tear-resistant
• Reasonably priced

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Ruffwear All-Terrain Dog Boots• Suitable for medium-sized dogs
• Anti-slip resistant base
• Uses quick-drying technology

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ZUNEA Dog Boots• Boots have abrasion-resistant performance
• Have double-layer mesh fabric
• Comfortable for all-day wear

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Pawz Red Water-Proof Dog Boot• Waterproof dog boots
• Reasonably priced
• Easy to wash

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WINSTON Dog Australia Boots• Adjustable Velcro straps
• Anti-slip designs
• Lightweight and easy to put on/off

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Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Dog Boots• Come with two elastic reflective straps
• Fit amazingly
• Designed in a natural paw shape

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Ultra-Paws Durable Dog Boots• Ideal for slippery surfaces
• Machine washable
• Suitable for old dogs with hip troubles

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#1. Paws Paw Protector Doggy Boots for Large Dogs

Paws Paw Protector Doggy Boots
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Many pets feel annoyed with the stones in the pathway as they may hit their paws. So, to protect their paws, the ‘Paw Protector Doggy Boots are best. And this one is specially made for big dogs. These Paw Protectors can protect your doggy’s foot in all seasons, even against the hot and humid weather in the summers and winter’s icy environment. 

clicked a picture of my happy breed with the Paws Paw Protector Doggy Boots for Large Dogs

The doggy boots are highly adjustable and come with multiple stick straps, which allow you to adjust the boots according to the dogs’ feet. The shoes are extremely comfortable to wear and available in multiple sizes that fit the dogs of all sizes. 

Key Features & Specifications: 

  • Multiple Sticky Straps 

It comes with adjustable multiple sticky straps that ensure snuggly fit. Moreover, the sticky straps don’t put a strain on your dog’s paws. So, they can wear it easily, even for a longer time, without feeling annoyed. The sticky straps don’t allow the paw shoes to slip from the paws and keep them in their position. 

  • Rugged Design and Lightweight 

The shoes are made with breathable and lightweight material, so it’s very comfortable to wear. In addition, the top of the shoes is designed with rubberized synthetic leather weave mesh. This gives long-lasting performance and maintains breathability into the boots. Also, the upper sole is highly durable. 

  • Withstand in All Seasons 

The shoes are made with rubberized material, which provides extra comfort to the feet, making them withstand all seasons. Due to synthetic leather, it gives excellent protection to the feet in all seasons. Whether your pet is roaming on icy land, hot land, or other places – these shows are capable of delivering excellent performance.


  • Lightweight and rugged material which improves breathability and keeps paws fresh. 
  • Excellent for protecting feet in four seasons and also during the hot pavement. 
  • Money-back guarantees are available and come with three years warranty. 
  • Long-lasting and highly durable material that lasts longer. 
  • A set of four that’s easy to wear and very comfortable.


  • These are not waterproof.

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#2. Hipaw Summer Breathable Dog Boot Reflective Strap Rugged Nonslip Sole

Hipaw Summer Breathable Dog Boot
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Hipaw Summer Breathable Dog Boots are best for dogs who love to play outdoors. The shoes are made with breathable mesh that makes them comfortable and specially designed to wear during summers. In addition, its rugged sole and anti-slip design make it perfect for the pet paws and extremely durable. 

The rubber sole prevents the dogs’ paws from sharp thorns, hot pavement, and extreme cold. It comes with a toe cap covering the front of the paws, thus protecting them from stones. These shoes are suitable for the outdoors. Extremely breathable and prevent dogs’ paws from muggy conditions. Moreover, it has non-slip soles that prevent slipping of the paws. 

picture of Hipaw Summer Breathable Dog Boot while we were out for walk

Key Features & Specifications: 

  • Rugged Sole and Breathable Mesh 

The shoes feature a rugged sole with anti-slip designs and are durable enough to last longer. The rubber sole is helpful to prevent your dog’s paws from; thorns, hot pavements, and extreme cold seasons. Also, the breathable mesh improved the comfort level and maintained breathability. It’s a shoe perfect for protecting your dog’s paws in all seasons.

  • Toe Cap for Extreme Coverage 

The Toe Cap provides complete coverage to the paws and maintains durability. Plus, the Toe cap is resistant to wear and tear damage, perfect to use for outdoor purposes. Also, the magic tape straps allow you to adjust the shoes according to the pet paws. 

  • Reflective Tape 

It features a reflective tape design which helps to keep the pet paws safe during the dark. Due to this reflective tape, the dogs can easily escape from the stones without getting hurt and play easily outdoors. Above this, the dog shoes can fit snugly to their paws and never create trouble while using them.


  • Easy to wear and has breathable mesh. 
  • Very comfortable to wear and has a rugged sole that prevents slipping. 
  • Toe cap that gives complete coverage to the feet. 
  • Reflective tape designs and keeps the pet safe when it’s dark outside. 
  • Affordable and long-lasting. 


  • Some dogs may easily remove it from the foot. 

#3. Ruffwear All-Terrain Dog Boots

Ruffwear All-Terrain Dog Boots
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Ruffwear is a very sturdy and perfect brand for all-terrain. These paw boots protect dogs’ paws from extreme environmental conditions. It is perfect for dogs when hiking, trail running, and mountain biking. It prevents their paws from thrones, stones, and walking easily on the hilly terrains. 

Ruffwear is suitable for medium-sized breeds. It comes with very high traction soles that can be used outdoors and indoors to prevent slipping on the wet floor. Features with adjustable hooks help secure it on the paws and as a wide gusset opening for easy removal. 

Picture of my Dog with Ruffwear All-Terrain Dog Boots

Its rubber base gives extra security and has a rugged Vibram outsole which makes it perfect for traction. 

Key Features & Specifications: 

  • Machine Wash Safe 

Ruffwear is machine wash safe and has quick-drying technology. So, you can keep them fresh all the time and keep the shoes away from debris and dirt. Besides this, it comes with a reflective trim which makes it suitable for walking into the dark. You can even wash it with mild detergent to keep it fresh for longer. 

  • Adjustable Hook and Loop 

Another impressive feature of the shoes is its adjustable hook and loop ankle closure which help to keep it secure on the paws. It comes with no slippage designs and has wide gusset openings, which make it worthier for wearing for a long time. Your dogs feel comfortable and can easily walk with these shoes. 

  • Excellent for Tracking

The shoes are made with sturdier material and have an anti-slip resistant base, ideal for taking your pet to the tracking. It protects the paws from snow, hot asphalt, road salt, etc. These are also excellent for the pet paws with wounds that require no licking.


  • Perfect for the pets to go outdoors and indoors.
  • Rugged Vibram outsole for easy traction and has an adjustable hook. 
  • It can be used in extreme environmental conditions and trail running. 
  • Breathable mesh that keeps the paws fresh all the time. 
  • Good for medium-sized breeds and protection.


  • Not meant for the bigger dogs. 

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#4. ZUNEA Dog Boots for Hot Pavement Soft Mesh Summer Dog Shoes

ZUNEA Dog Boots
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ZUNEA Dog Boots are suitable for hot pavements and ideal for all dog sizes. The shoes are made with high-quality Neoprene and double-layer mesh fabric upper, which maintain the breathability of the paws. Moreover, the multiple air holes provide airflow and make the feet comfortable. 

It features rugged anti-slip soles that increase the friction on the ground and keep the feet ‘paws stable. In addition, the shoes deliver excellent abrasion-resistant performance for better stability. 

Picture of my breed with ZUNEA Dog Boots for Hot Pavement Soft Mesh Summer Dog Shoes

These boots are perfect for going outdoors and indoors. Dogs can easily perform several activities like walking, running, travelling, and many more. 

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Reflective Velcro Strap Designs

It comes with safe reflective Velcro strap designs and has two adjustable reflective straps, which bring stability to the foot. Due to the reflective Velcro strap, you can keep your dog safe while going in the dark. Velcro designs are also unable to take off and on from the paws easily. 

  • Breathable & Comfortable 

The dog boots are made with a double-layer mesh fabric upper and have multi air holes, which help maintain the airflow and keep the foot cool. Due to airflow, the paws remain breathable and keep them comfortable. Also, the neoprene layer further adds comfort and durability. In addition, features with multi rubber particles improve the friction and enhance the performance. 

  • Prevent Hurting of Paws 

The heat-resistant material is helpful to prevent the paws from the hardwood, hot pavement, round ground, and other things. The rubber outsole also helps protect the paws from jagged stones and abrasive surfaces and keeps the paws warm and cozy. The anti-slip soles also add friction to keep the paws stable while walking and running.


  • Breathable and comfortable to wear all day. 
  • Safe reflective Velcro strap design for easy take-off and on. 
  • Resistant performance and ideal for summer wear.
  • High-quality Neoprene and has double layer mesh fabric. 
  • Adjustable reflective strap and maximum visibility.


  • Too small for the bulky size dogs. 

#5. Pawz Red Water-Proof Dog Boot

Pawz Red Water-Proof Dog Boot
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Pawz Red are waterproof dog boots that offer excellent protection for paws while walking on rocky areas. These shoes are made with biodegradable material, so they are highly comfortable to wear. They fit snugly to the paws and have a breathable design that keeps the feet fresh all the time. 

Above this, it is endorsed for easy on and easy off. These are easy to dispose of and reusable. It comes with a set of four and is made with anti-slip resistant material that gives perfect gripping while walking on the ground. These are suitable for small and medium-size breeds. 

A picture of Pawz Red Water-Proof Dog Boot was clicked while wearing up for testing

Its rubber outsole further provides friction relevant for moving, walking, and running. It is hand wash safe and quick-dry, so you can easily keep the dog boot fresh and clean all the time. The shoes could be ideal for keeping the dog safe from stones and thrones. 

Key Features & Specifications: 

  • Reusable and Waterproof 

Pawz Red waterproof dog boots are made with biodegradable, inexpensive earthy friendly material. So, it is safe to use. The boots have a rubber base, so it is perfect for use on any ground. It is resistant to heat and can be used in summers. 

  • Easy to Wash and Use 

The boots are hand wash safe and very easy to wash. You can clean these boots with mild detergent, and it’s ready to use again. Moreover, the shoes have an ergonomic design which is why it is easy to wear and extremely comfortable on the paws. However, due to rubber material, it stays snuggly to the paws. 

  • Excellent Gripping on Floor 

These boots have a rubber outsole and thick base, adding more friction and keeping the paws stable on the ground. Good for outdoor and indoor usage.


  • It is excellent for the medium size and small size breeds.
  • Made with biodegradable material, which is why it is 100% safe.
  • Easy to wash and highly affordable. 
  • The rubber outsole further gives stability to the paws and make them comfortable to wear.
  • Breathable and fits snuggly.


  • Not made for all forms of dog breeds.

#6. WINSTON Dog Australia Boots

WINSTON Dog Australia Boots
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If you are looking for dog boots for your pet to wear in winter, WINSTON dog boots are for your pet. The winter dog boots are made with PU leather material which gives it a cool look and keeps the dog paws cozy. In addition, its anti-slip rubber soles add friction which helps the puppies move freely outside and inside. 

These are designed to fit perfectly on dog paws and are extremely easy to wear. The dog boots are lightweight and easily put on/off. The boots give complete protection from the heated pavement and help to secure clean paws. This comes with adjustable Velcro straps that ensure a secure fit. 

Picture of WINSOON Dog Australia Boots look more cute on her foot

The boots are designed for protection and comfort. The pet owners who care for their dogs love this product, and perfect for going inside and outside activities. 

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Anti-Slip Design and Soft PU Leather

The boots have an anti-slip design that comes with rubber soles. The rubber sole keeps the foot stable and helps puppies perform their activities easily. Moreover, it has PU-leather material, which is resistant to wear and tear and looks amazing on your dog’s paws. 

  • Highly Durable and Easy to Wear 

The dog boots are made with top-class leather material and have rubber outsoles which are highly durable and provide long-lasting performance. Moreover, the shows are designed to fit easily and for comfort and protection. As a result, your dogs will feel safe and protected from the stone’s abrasion. 

  • Adjustable Velcro Straps 

It comes with adjustable Velcro straps, ensuring a tight fit and not getting kicked out from the paws. In addition, the dog’s boot’s design is made so that boots can easily fit on the paws and allow dogs to run on any ground comfortably.


  • Very easy to wear and lightweight. 
  • It helps to protect the paws from heat, pavement, and cold.
  • Soft PU leather material is highly durable and adds the style statement. 
  • Designed for protection and has anti-slip designs 
  • Machine wash safe and dry quickly.


  • It is more pricey than other.

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#7. Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots

Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Dog Boots
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Bark Brite dog boots are ideal for use in all weather. This is made with high-quality breathable Neoprene, which is extremely comfortable to wear and ensures a non-inhibit natural paw moment. In addition, its new, improved durable rubber sole comes with tread, which is puncture-resistant, water-resistant, and ensures perfect traction. 

The Bark Brite is great to use in all weather seasons and perfectly suits outdoor and indoor activities. Since these are comfortable to wear, the dogs can easily walk, run, hunt, and swim. In addition, it helps to keep the paws clean and protect the paws from hot asphalt, rocks, sharp objects, and wet surface.

Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Dog Boots for our breed

It comes with two elastic reflective straps for easy adjustment and is easy to wear. 

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Maintain Natural Paw Movement

The dog boots are made with breathable Neoprene material, which is comfortable to wear and maintains natural shape and movement. Moreover, it comes with an improved durable rubber sole which is resistant to puncture and water. So, it would be excellent for traction on all kinds of floors and perfect for outdoors. 

  • Protection from Snow and Hot Asphalt 

These dog boots are made with durable non-skid rubber soles and come with tread. Also, the upgraded heel guard adds more durability. This protects from the heat and maintains the temperature within the boots. It is perfect for all size dogs and is available in pairs. 

  • Perfect Gripping on the Ground 

It comes with a rubber outsole and is designed with a natural paw shape which is helpful to improve the friction to keep the paws stable. Due to additional friction and stability, these boots help the dogs play their activities easily. Furthermore, they are extremely comfortable to wear and durable enough to provide long-lasting performance. The shoes are even perfect for rainy days. 


  • Improved durable rubber sole with tread for additional stability 
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities 
  • Keep the pet paws clean and dry while maintaining the flow of air. 
  • Comes with two adjustable reflective straps to fit snuggly 
  • Skid soft rubber sole with tread to enhance the stability.


  • The sole is extremely stiff.

#8. Ultra-Paws Durable Dog Boots

Ultra-Paws Durable Dog Boots
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Ultra-Paws are highly durable dog boots meant to wear in all seasons. It offers great traction for dogs growing old and having hip problems. In addition, the shoes provide perfect protection on slippery floors. These boots are made with a flexible and skid-resistant sole to prevent slipping and are ideal for use in all seasons. 

Above all, the dog boots are extremely comfortable to wear and have a wide split seam at the top of the shoes. Besides that, it comes with a generous foam cushion outsole which provides seamless gripping to keep the paws stable. The shoes are perfect for medium to large size breeds. However, small dogs can also use them for better breathability and comfort.

this image was taken while testing the Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Water Resistant Polyester Material 

The shoes are made with water-resistant polyester material, which helps to keep them water-resistant but also helps in improving the friction. In addition, the polyester material is highly durable and long-lasting, so it will give a long-lasting performance without getting damaged. 

  • Two Velcro Straps for Proper Fit 

It comes with two Velcro straps for accurate fit. In addition to the Velcro straps, it comes with fastening belts so that it would not slip from the foot of the pet. It is flexible and has a skid-resistant sole which performs very well in all conditions. Due to accurate fitting, pets can easily walk and feel comfortable to wear even if they wear it all day long. 

  • Skid Resistance Sole 

It features a skid-resistant sole which improves the friction and keeps the paws stable even on the most slippery floors. Due to this, it is excellent for the old dogs who have hip problems and many other medical issues like difficulty in walking.


  • Easy to wear and machine-wash safe. 
  • It provides excellent protection to the senior dogs and helps them to move.
  • High-grade polyester material which provides durability and added comfort. 
  • Extra thick cushion outsole that makes it comfortable to wear. 
  • Protect paws in all weather conditions.


  • Not usable in extremely cold regions. 


Finding the right dog boots can help to keep your pet away from the stones and slip issues. Moreover, the pet boots can help protect the paws from hot and cold conditions, thereby maintaining the ideal temperature. So, now you 

have the reviews of the eight best dog boots, which can provide better stability, keep the furry paws protected and make them able to perform activities without worrying of damage. 

These pet boots are made to protect the little paws, and the listed brands are excellent. However, the final decision is on you which dog boots you like the most or fit perfectly to your dog’s paws.