5 Best Dog Strollers to Buy in Australia

Do you consider pet strollers an eerie fashion? But it’s a necessity for many dog parents. Most dogs enjoy walking alongside their parents. That said, some others are more comfortable with a stroller than on four paws.

Dog strollers are ideal for walking your furry old friend to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and, more significantly, exercise. They even protect your small, disabled, or elderly dog in different weather conditions and provide them with a safe place to joyride in style or rest on long outings.

Ibiyaya Monarch Premium Pet Jogger Stroller

Ibiyaya Monarch Premium Pet Jogger Stroller

Our Top Recommendation for Dog Strollers!

The Ibiyaya Monarch Premium stroller is designed to make riding joyful for your pet. It features a sturdy frame with a wide dog cabinet, meshes windows, and a retractable mesh hood. Plus, it features a lock on the front wheel and brakes on the back wheels.

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So are you wondering which is the best stroller for your dog? In this article, we will guide you in choosing the perfect dog stroller for your four-pawed friend and finding the best stroller Australia offers for your old pup. You will learn about the features that would benefit your beloved dog and make an informed decision.

Best Dog Strollers in Australia: Our Top Picks

So let’s begin searching for the right stroller for your furry friend. We have curated a list of five of the best options in Australia. So continue reading to find them out!

Ibiyaya Monarch Premium Pet Jogger StrollerIbiyaya Monarch Premium Pet Jogger Stroller• Plenty of storage space
• Top-notch safety features
• Folds down easily
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Pawz Modern Pet Foldable Stroller Pram Pushchair – BluePawz Modern Pet Foldable Stroller Pram Pushchair – Blue• Durable steel frame
• Innovative spring shock absorption system
• Easy to fold
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i.Pet 4 Wheels Pet Stroller Dog Cat Carrieri.Pet 4 Wheels Pet Stroller Dog Cat Carrier• Built-in powder-coated steel
• Three air meshes for excellent ventilation
• One step to fold
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Ibiyaya Collapsible Elegant Retro Pet StrollerIbiyaya Collapsible Elegant Retro Pet Stroller• Ultralight aluminium frame
• Adjustable height handlebar
• Front mesh canopy
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Ibiyaya Cloud 9 Pet Stroller for PetsIbiyaya Cloud 9 Pet Stroller for Pets• Reinforced frame
• Mesh windows for sufficient ventilation
• Quick one-hand foldable mechanism.
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1. Ibiyaya Monarch Premium Pet Jogger Stroller

Ibiyaya Monarch Premium Pet Jogger Stroller
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Topping the list is a luxurious and elegant stroller from Ibiyaya. This pet stroller is a premium Ibiyaya edition, designed to attune with your canine, offering sheer comfort to be your perfect companion. It is quite popular among dog parents because of its wide space inside. Moreover, its mesh windows and retractable mesh hood ensure that your puppy will enjoy riding in style.

Durable Silhouette

This exquisite and rugged pet pram is highly durable yet not too hefty. And the credit goes to the anodised aluminium with which it is built. Moreover, this choice of material also creates a frame resistant to scratches. So just stroll around with your doggy without fearing the pram’s wear and tear.

Ibiyaya Monarch Premium Pet Jogger Stroller Customer Review


This stroller offers a spacious and soft space inside the cabinet. Your doggy will simply love resting and riding on it! Especially because the wide carriage comes with a soft mat on the bottom that enhances the comfort of the pram. And together with mesh windows and a retractable mesh hood, this premium pram makes for a worthy choice for you.

Larger Wheels

Another impressive feature of this beautiful stroller is its fairly big wheels. However, the front wheels might appear like two wheels are set closer. Nevertheless, its three-wheeled design provides enough stability, making it easier to maneuver simultaneously than a four-wheel stroller.

Safety Features

If you are worried about your dog’s safety, you can bet on this pram. It is packed with all imaginable and expectable safety features. First of all, you will benefit from the brakes on the back wheels. Secondly, the front wheel lock will offer you added security while stationary. Well, there’s even more!

The cabin has two safety tethers to clip to your pet’s harness, preventing accidents. On top of that, you can close the mesh hood completely to keep your pup inside and open it up to let them stick out their head.

Ibiyaya Monarch Premium Pet Jogger Stroller Review

Bonus Items

You will also benefit from a large storage basket beneath the carriage to store your and your doggy’s belongings. Plus, two cup holders are on the handle to increase your convenience. And after you come back from walking, fold the stroller and store it – fantastic! The Ibiyaya Monarch Premium pet jogger is what you need to keep your pet safe and go for a stroll at any time.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Luxurious design
  • It’s made of scratch-resistant anodised aluminium
  • The soft mat on the bottom offers immense comfort
  • The mesh hood is retractable
  • It allows enough air circulation
  • Larger wheels offer much stability
  • Easy to maneuver
  • The back wheels have brakes
  • The front-wheel lock provides more safety
  • Attached is lead in the carriage secure pet
  • You can attach your pup’s harness to the safety tethers
  • It has a large storage basket and two cup holders for convenience
  • Folds down easily 
  • Plenty of storage space
  • You can remove all fabric parts for cleaning.


  • It’s not ideal for bigger dogs.
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2. Pawz Modern Pet Foldable Stroller Pram Pushchair – Blue

Pawz Modern Pet Foldable Stroller Pram Pushchair – Blue
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Here’s a super easy, versatile, and convenient pet pram to take your pup for a fun ride. The Pawz Modern Stroller Pram offers a safe and secure space for your pet to enjoy nature, lounge, or just be on their own. In short, this pushchair is equipped with special features that ensure a comfortable ride for your furry friend.

Meshed Front

Your furry friend can get a beautiful view of the surroundings through the pram’s meshed front while joyriding in style. However, you can adjust the zippered canopy to get your doggy fresh air. In addition, it’s an excellent way to socialize your pet, making them less exposed to risks like bad weather, flying insects, dangerous terrain, and even any non-amiable pets.

Smoother Experience 

Worried about strolling on uneven terrains? No worries! Pawz has something unique to offer pet owners with this pushchair, making it stand out from many others. It has equipped the stroller with a modern spring shock absorption system to ensure a comfy ride.

Your pet will get the right amount of support, and its soft texture will sweep them into a world of peace and silence. In addition, this absorption system works great on bumpy or uneven surfaces. So it’s a perfect stroller pram, especially for sensitive dogs who get nervous and frightened easily.

A Robust Metal Frame

Thanks to the premium quality cationic fabric and steel, this Pawz stroller pushchair is the ultimate example of practicality and convenience. The rugged metal frame makes it durable and proficient in combating daily usage. Because of its excellent stability, you can move the pram around smoothly on bumpy surfaces.

On top of that, the exclusive anti-dust fabric will prevent the breaching of tiny micro-particles. So no matter what the weather is outside, enjoy walking with your dog anytime!

Easy to Fold and Maneuver

Fold and unfold this Pawz stroller with ease. It’s super lightweight – just pack the pram up and embark on an adventure! In addition, you get an ergonomic handle, and together with the 360-degree rotatable front wheels, you can push the pram effortlessly in any direction. So get ready for an easy-going and stress-free ride with your furry friend!

Detachable Pads

The pram packs washable and removable pads. As a result, you can always keep it neat and clean, preventing bad smells and breeding of bacteria. Start a journey with your pet and make moments to remember. Even the wheels can be locked. Thus, when you want a break, simply lock it up and park the pram at a side.

Finally, you get a small storage basket beneath the dog’s cabinet to carry some essentials while going for a walk.

Pros & Cons


  • Appealing design
  • Robust metal frame
  • It offers enough space
  • Breathable and adjustable canopy
  • The spring shock absorption mechanism offers added comfort
  • 360-degree rotatable front wheels
  • The rear wheels can be locked
  • Detachable and washable pads
  • Easy to fold
  • An added storage basket
  • It’s ideal for small and medium dogs.


  • It is a little bit hefty due to the steel frame.
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3. i.Pet 4 Wheels Pet Stroller Dog Cat Carrier

i.Pet 4 Wheels Pet Stroller Dog Cat Carrier
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This is indeed the stroller that can offer you the best value for money out of all options that Australia has to render. With this i.Pet stroller, you can take out your small pet for an enjoyable walk, undergoing minimum hassle. In addition, it comes packed with a host of pet-friendly features, making it a captivating choice for pet owners.

Wide Capacity

i.Pet 4 Wheels Pet Stroller Dog Cat Carrier Review

This stroller is highly durable and stable, and the credit goes to the powder-coated steel. Moreover, it features the biggest cage with a 50kg capacity. Measuring 55cm x 35cm x 55cm, the size is perfect for medium and small size pets. This pram is handy when you want to bring your injured or sick pup to the hospital.

However, keep the space dimensions in mind if you are considering this pram for your bigger-sized dog.

Ample Ventilation

You can rest assured your pup will get an ample amount of fresh air inside the pram’s cage, thanks to its three air meshes. Besides, the base is edged with a soft cushion, and the large mesh-panel walls will offer optimal ventilation and visibility.

Furthermore, you can also utilise the zipped opening to access your pet easily and quickly. On top of that, the cage features two built-in inside leashes to offer you peace of mind that your pet is safe inside.


The material used in this stroller is 600D oxford fabric and nylon resistant to UV rays. However, before you take it out to wash, make sure to remove the storage basket beneath the carriage. With dimensions of 30cm x 30cm x 20cm, the basket will offer you substantial space to keep your pet toys and essentials.

i.Pet 4 Wheels Pet Stroller Dog Cat Carrier Customer Review

The Lockable Wheels

This i.Pet stroller moves on four EVA wheels that can be locked to keep your pet safe in place. Fascinatingly, the wheels can rotate 360-degree, allowing you to adjust the stroller’s position. Thus, maneuvering this pram is nothing anguishing. Furthermore, you can push it on uneven terrains without putting much effort into your hand.

One-Step to Fold

You will also be impressed to know how easily you can fold the stroller. Its anti-slip foam handle has a red button. By pressing this button, you can rotate the arrow’s direction and lock the folded latch tighter. So plan your journey anywhere you wish to go with your old doggy. This i.Pet stroller will be your perfect canine companion.

My Dog Love to Stay Inside the i.Pet 4 Wheels Pet Stroller Dog Cat Carrier while we go out

 Beneath the pet’s cabin, you get a storage basket where you can store up to 3kg of stuff.

Pros & Cons


  • Robust and functional
  • It is made of UV-resistant and water-resistant fabric
  • Multiple accessible points
  • Storage basket with 3kg capacity
  • Four EVA wheels with lock
  • The wheels can rotate 360-degree
  • Easy to fold
  • Easy to maneuver
  • It comes with an anti-slip foam handle.


  • The weight capacity is low.
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4. Ibiyaya Collapsible Elegant Retro Pet Stroller

Ibiyaya Collapsible Elegant Retro Pet Stroller
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Does your doggy have difficulty running or walking but loves being outdoors? With this Ibiyaya Collapsible Elegant Retro Pet Stroller, you can let your adorable doggy enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Whether your pet is disabled, elderly, or simply tired, this stroller is perfect and practical for you. It is comfortable and roomy to hold more than one pet up to 35kgs. So you get a great resting place to travel with your disabled, injured, recovering, elderly, sick, or elderly pets without any hassle or body strain.

A Top-Tier Cabin With a Cooling Canopy

This pet stroller comes with a top canopy and a spacious room built of mesh material, allowing an abundant fresh air flow. Moreover, your canine buddy will get plenty of visibility being inside. In addition, the canopy provides a much-needed shade during those bright and hot sunny days. At the same time, it will prevent your doggy from pests such as bugs and other undesired small animals that may climb into the stroller.

Foldable Canopy

What’s impressive is that you can fold down the canopy to open up the stroller. It would get your pet more view and ventilation. Furthermore, your canine can enter from the front or back once you open the canopy. And the Velcro closures will ensure that your elderly doggy is secure inside. On top of that, Ibiyaya has offered pet stairs to lift your pet into the stroller. This Ibiyaya Pet Stroller is a worthy choice for disabled, elderly, or sick pets.

Durable Construction

The stroller exhibits a rugged yet lightweight aluminium frame that will let you carry it effortlessly. Plus, it’s easy to fold and collapse for storage. In other words, you can push the stroller bearing your pet effortlessly. Thanks to its durable and tough design, the Ibiyaya Collapsible Pet Stroller will accompany you for many years.

Ibiyaya Collapsible Elegant Retro Pet Stroller Review

Robust Wheels & Safety Brakes

The stroller is equipped with 360-degree rotatable EVA-made wheels that will allow you to maneuver easily. And its flexible and smooth movement makes the stroller easy to move on various turns and terrains. In addition, there are larger back wheels and smaller front wheels that will spread the weight and support for a better experience.

Above all, Ibiyaya has integrated the stroller with emergency brakes and lock brakes. They will keep the stroller stagnant and secure in place if your dog moves around inside or while taking a break.

Removable & Washable Lining Pad

Your doggy will have a peaceful nap on the stroller’s soft and cozy lining pad. The best thing about it is that the lining is detachable and washable. Your pet’s paws will get dirty during morning or afternoon outdoor fun. And after they get inside the stroller, the lining pad will get dirty. But no worries, you can easily remove the pet mat and clean it for reuse.

Bonus Supplies

This Ibiyaya Elegant Retro Pet Stroller features a variety of goodies that pet parents will love. It has an extra-large storage basket beneath the cabin to store your essentials. In addition, the stroller has a built-in adjustable handlebar that will allow you to set the height as per convenience. You will also benefit from a detachable cup holder at the side to keep a drink or bottle. When not in use, remove and keep it in the storage bin.

Pros & Cons


  • Durable
  • Ultralight
  • Easy to move and fold
  • It has an adjustable height handlebar
  • Spacious compartment
  • A top mesh canopy for added ventilation
  • Rotatable lightweight wheels
  • It has brakes for added safety
  • A large storage basket to keep essentials
  • It features a built-in adjustable handlebar
  • Detachable and easy-to-wash lining pad
  • A detachable cup holder
  • The stroller has a quick-release folding mechanism
  • You can pack it in the closet, garage, car trunk, or back seat.


  • It might not suit large-sized dogs.
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5. Ibiyaya Cloud 9 Pet Stroller for Pets

Ibiyaya Cloud 9 Pet Stroller for Pets
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Another worthy contender in this list is the Cloud 9 Pet Stroller from Ibiyaya. Again, a pet pram is necessary as it will allow your older, disabled, injured, or tired doggy to relish the beautiful outdoors. This new and modified Ibiyaya stroller has ample room and other conveniences to sit or lay cozily as your pet explores the world.


You will benefit from a large cabin with front and back access points. It also comes with zippers for added security. In addition, there is a detachable screen to let your doggy watch their surroundings inside. The top canopy is another bonus that you can open to let in the sunshine.

Rotatable Wheels, Leash & Brakes

Thanks to its freely rotatable wheels, you can take this pet stroller on different terrains. As a result, it would be easier to turn and maneuver. Furthermore, the Ibiyaya Cloud 9 Pet Stroller promises to keep your canine buddy safe and secure. With the rear brakes and a seat belt leash, you can keep it secure in place while taking a break.

Ibiyaya Cloud 9 Pet Stroller for Pets Review

Ventilated & Foldable

You will like the mesh windows on the stroller that ensure to prevent the entry of bugs or insects. At the same time, they will provide your furry buddy with maximum fresh airflow. On the other hand, the pram is easy to store and transport as you can fully collapse it utilizing a simple foldable mechanism.

Overall, the Ibiyaya Cloud 9 Pet Stroller is lightweight – ideal for cats and dogs weighing up to 20kg. Other benefits include a rear pocket, undercarriage storage, and a cup holder. In other words, it has everything you require on long trips or walks.

Pros & Cons


  • It has a big cabin to accommodate pets up to 20kg
  • Easily accessible pet compartments
  • It features a retractable hood to protect pets from heat or rain
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Easy to collapse and store
  • Maximum ventilation and visibility
  • The seat belt leash and rear brakes offer added security
  • A removable dual cup holder
  • Durable wheels to move even on uneven terrains
  • You can use rear pockets to carry belongings
  • It complies with EU1888 and SGS baby stroller standards.


  • None
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How to Choose the Right Dog Stroller? Consider These 5 Aspects

Getting the right doggy stroller is significant for you and your doggy to enjoy strolling. However, you need to consider a few factors while choosing your dog stroller. What are they?

Keep on reading to check them out!

1. Size and Capacity

Will the stroller you are looking at fit your dog? Make sure of it.

You usually won’t face any issues with tiny dog breeds, such as Chihuahua. But for dogs over 15kg, considering the weight limit is essential. For example, the maximum weight limit of some pet strollers is 15kg. And it’s recommended not to pack a stroller with weight more than its given capacity as it can result in potential accidents.

Another aspect to consider is the size of the area where you will place your dog in the stroller. Check whether the pram you are considering has ample space for your pet to stretch, lay down or stand up. That said, it might not be a mandatory option always, given your pet’s size is bigger.

If they can at least sit comfortably inside, it’s fine!

2. Comfort

Your doggy stroller should allow an abundant inflow of fresh air. It’s an essential factor to ensure when concerning your pet’s comfort. So a stroller with multiple mesh windows could be a worthy choice as it will allow the air to circulate properly.

However, the next important things to consider will be adequate shade in the pram and its water-resistant capability to allow walking your dog in the sun or rain.

3. Safety

Now comes the next significant factor to consider: the dog stroller safety. In this regard, consider these two things –

  • First, the brakes.

It’s better to get a stroller that will let you lock the wheels securely in place. Then, with brakes, you would be sure that your pet won’t roll away being inside.

  • Secondly, your dog’s position.

Some sort of safety mechanism will be required inside the stroller, especially if your small pup can’t stay calm. Look for the strollers fitted with tethers that you can use to hook to your dog’s harness. It will keep them in place and prevent them from rolling around.

4. Wheels

You will come across dog strollers with either three or four wheels. While getting the right pram for you, keep in mind the following things –

Three-wheeled prams offer less stability than the four-wheeled ones

The three-wheel stroller won’t be a good choice for heavier dogs.

However, three-wheeled strollers are perfect for even terrain like a paved street – not for bumpy surfaces.

Now check how the wheels rotate. Most dog parents prefer to have front wheels that can rotate 360-degree. Eventually, it makes it much easier to maneuver the stroller. Also, your best bet will be the ones with bigger wheels as they work well on varied terrain.

5. Design

Finally, you must choose a perfect design that tones your strolling purpose. Dog strollers are of two main types –

Some strollers appear like a dog-wheeled crate. In this type, the dedicated space for the dog is kept low, close to the ground. These are typically bulkier, with a few benefits. However, the inside space is too large to fit a big dog effortlessly.

On the other hand, you will find dog strollers with the cabin set much above the ground, keeping your pet closer to you. In addition, most strollers are accompanied by an added storage basket below the cabin to store your pet’s essentials. However, these strollers aren’t ideal for bigger dogs.

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Here are a few facts and questions to enlighten you more about dog strollers in Australia.

Is it ok to Put Your Dog in a Stroller?

A pet stroller works great, especially for frightened, disabled, or old dogs, keeping them away from other pets or non-pet-friendly things. Take, for example, a crate. It can be a pet’s safe place in your home. Similarly, a stroller can be a safe crate away from the house. In simple words, with a dog stroller, you take a baby step towards letting your doggy enjoy in a public place.

Which Dogs Would Need Strollers?

Several dogs would benefit from using a stroller, including:
• Elderly dogs
• Injured dogs
• Paralysed dogs
• Sick dogs
• Rescued dogs
• Dogs with heartworm
Nevertheless, most dogs love joyriding in prams, no matter whether they are injured or sick. A stroller helps your pet explore new areas while being secure in a carrier. And dogs love it!

Which Dog Stroller is For Your Pet?

You will find many styles and designs to suit almost every breed. However, it’s essential to consider the size and weight capacity of a stroller so that your doggy gets sufficient space to be comfortable. For example, lightweight styles would do fine for smaller dogs, whereas big-sized breeds will tune with reinforced and rugged strollers.


So which stroller do you think is the right stroller for your dog? Remember one thing: you will easily find a suitable stroller for small-sized canines rather than for bigger ones. From the aforesaid list, you can choose i.Pet Stroller for doggies below 15kg. It’s packed with all features pet owners look for in a good pram, and the best thing is that it comes at an affordable price tag.

Although the story might get pretty challenging with bigger dogs, strollers like Ibiyaya Monarch Premium Pet Jogger Stroller could be a perfect fit.