8 Best Dog Water Bottle in Australia {Experts Choice}

Dog owners understand that keeping their dogs hydrated can quickly become a challenging task, especially on the go. The obvious solution, if one thinks about it, is having a separate water bottle instead of carrying a separate bowl, requiring regular cleaning. Dog water bottles are available in a convenient two-in-one design with a water container and an incorporated bowl. A simple yet seamless solution that can keep your pet’s thirst quenched without any hassle.

HOWGO Super Lightweight Water Bottle

HOWGO Super Lightweight Water Bottle

Our Top Recommendation for Dog Water Bottle!

The HOWGO dog water bottle is made of super light-weight, portable, food-grade silicone and plastic. The brilliant orange colour has a nice appealing look to it.

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But before you go and purchase a dog water bottle, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind.

Best Dog Water Bottles in Australia

Now that you have known what are the important factors before buying a water bottle for your pets. Let’s have a look at the best dog water bottles in Australia. We don’t say these are best according to our views, but experts recommended these and we have just curated this list for you so that you get the best of what you have been looking for.

HOWGO Super Lightweight Water BottleHOWGO Super Lightweight Water Bottle• Practical &Large Capactiy
• Excellent Healthy Materials
• Lightweight & Portable
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Lesotc Pet Water BottleLesotc Pet Water Bottle• Large Capacity & Portable
• Leak-Proof Design & Easier To Hold Water In The Bowl
• Perfect for Dog to Drink & Humanize Design
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QQAPPU Water BottleQQAPPU Water Bottle• Health Safety And Durable
• Large Capacity
• Portable Water Bottle
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Zenify Pets Store Water BottleZenify Pets Store Water Bottle• Portable & Lightweight
• Leak Proof Design
• Easy To Use
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Kurgo K01819 Gourd Travel Dog BottleKurgo K01819 Gourd Travel Dog Bottle• Perfect for walking, hiking
• Holds 750 ml water
• Lightweight
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Esing Dog Water BottleEsing Dog Water Bottle• Portable&Convenient
• Leakproof & Save Water
• Easy to Use
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N\C Water Bottle With BowlsN\C Water Bottle With Bowls• Collapsible Dog Bowls:350ml
• Dog Water Bottle &Travelling Bowls
• For Small Medium Dog Breeds
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Lesotc Foldable Cap Water Bottle For PetsLesotc Foldable Cap Water Bottle For Pets• Large Capacity
• Safe And Lightweight
• Easy To Use
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1. HOWGO Super Lightweight Water Bottle

HOWGO Super Lightweight Water Bottle
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HOWGO water bottle is our top recommendation for pet water bottles. It is a durable product that lasts for an extended period, and as evident by the name, it is incredibly lightweight, which naturally adds to its appeal.

Made with High-Quality and Healthy materials

The HOWGO super lightweight water bottle is designed to keep the health of your furry companion in mind. The water bottle is entirely made up of food-grade silicone and plastic, making it a BPA-free and lead-free, healthy solution.

Lightweight and Portable

As mentioned earlier, it is an extremely lightweight product, only weighing up to 0.34 lbs. This makes for a convenient portable product for one to take on a hike, trek, or other outdoor activity.

Practical Solution With Large Capacity

It is a product that actually works and is not there just for the show. The large capacity of the bottle, rounding up to 24 oz, can meet the needs of thirsty dogs regardless of their size and breed.

Giving My Dog Water to Drink in a HOWGO Super Lightweight Water Bottle

Quick And Convenient Product

The HOWGO silicone water bottle for pets has a large water bowl incorporated in the design. You can flip the silicone top, and you have a water bowl. Squeeze the bottle and gently allow the water to flow into the container. And once your pet has had its fill, flip the top back down—a simple, no-mess solution.

No Water Waste

This bottle has a silica gel seal with a lock ring design for a leakproof solution.

HOWGO Super Lightweight Water Bottle Review

Pros and Cons


  • A pet water bottle made with premium materials.
  • The silicone wear makes this product long-lasting and highly durable
  • A lightweight product that would add to one’s travel load
  • Beautifully designed with a bowl seamlessly incorporated into the bottle
  • A normal than average holding capacity, suitable for all breeds


  • A bit on the expensive side; not a budget option
  • The silicone material invites the dog to chew on the water bottle. It could cause damage.
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2. Lesotc Pet Water Bottle

Lesotc Pet Water Bottle
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Lesotc has an excellent pet water bottle on offer that one can buy in Australia. It is one of the top-rated pet water bottles listed on Amazon, and for a good reason. It is a well-designed product that serves its purpose incredibly well. And it is available in a variety of colourful options that are aesthetically pleasing only adds to its appeal.

An Improved Design From the Last Generation

Lesotc is a respected and established name as a pet water manufacturer. Their Lesotc Pet Water bottle is an upgraded design from the first generation of products. The buckle design to the side is added to make it easier to control and keep the water in the bowl.

Lesotc Pet Water Bottle Review

Perfect for Dogs to Drink

The bowl size has also considerably increased from the previous generation, with an added depth for dogs to quickly drink water from the bowl. The latest product is also human friendly, making it easier for one to hold the bottle.

Lighter With More Water Capacity

This water bottle is lightweight as well, close to 0.28 lbs. The capacity of water holding the bottle is up to 21 oz. Additionally, the straws are softer and closer to the bottom of the bottle.

Lesotc Pet Water Bottle Customer Review

Leakproof Design

The Lesotc pet water bottle has a silicone gasket present inside the cover. It helps ensure that there is no leaking from the bottle.

Eco-Friendly Build

This product is made using LDPE, and the water bowl is constructed using food-standard silicone. It is an environmentally friendly pet water bottle.

Giving My Dog Water to Drink in a Lesotc Pet Water Bottle

Pros and Cons


  • One of the best products in the market, extremely durable
  • Made with premium and environment-friendly materials that are safe for your pet
  • An enormous water holding capacity, making it suitable for both small and large dogs
  • An incorporated water bowl made with food standard silicone
  • Available in beautiful colour options


  • Not your budget solution
  • The silicone build of the product makes it highly vulnerable to be chewed upon by dogs.
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3. QQAPPU Water Bottle

QQAPPU Water Bottle
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QQAPU might not be a name you are overly familiar with, but they do offer an excellent pet water bottle that is worth one’s consideration. This simple yet practically designed product does the job well. And with the large capacity, this product has a huge demand in the market.

A Portable Design

This travel bottle is designed for folks that love to travel and go hiking with their pets. The rope attached to the top makes it easy for one to carry this product with one hand and keep the dog’s leash on another.

Designed For One-Hand Use

Designed with a one-hand use feature, the water will dispense to the bowl at the top of the bottle by pressing a simple button — a convenient solution in allowing one to hydrate their pet.

Giving My Dog Water to Drink in a QQAPPU Water Bottle

Made With Healthy Materials

This pet bottle is made with high-quality food-grade PC plastic, a health-conscious choice made by the manufacturer.

Optimal Capacity

The capacity of the water bottle is 16 oz which is roughly equal to 450ml. And while it is not the most prominent product on the market, it is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.

Pros and Cons


  • A quality product made with premium materials, BPA Free
  • Leakproof offering with a specially designed lock button and silica gel ring seal
  • An inexpensive offering compared to some of the other options available
  • Designed for one-hand use
  • The incorporated water bowl is incredibly convenient.


  • The colour options with this product are limited
  • The brand name is not particularly renowned
  • Some questions about its durability
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4. Zenify Pets Store Water Bottle

Zenify Pets Store Water Bottle
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Zenify Pets Store has an outstanding offering of dog water bottles in the market. You might have heard the name before, as Zenify is a mission-based brand working in Australia and supports causes with donations from every purchase of their products.

A Beautifully Designed Product for One-Hand Use

Unlike the other products in the product that are not compatible for one-hand usage, the Zenify Pets Store water bottle for pets is easy to use with one hand. One can easily dispense the water with one button. So, now you can easily handle your dog’s leash with one hand while dispensing the water with another.

A Dog Drinking Water From Zenify Pets Store Water Bottle

A Leakproof Design

This bottle is designed to be completely leakproof, allowing one to put it in their backpack and forget about it. This essential travel accessory has a leakproof silicone seal with a lock button that ensures that there are no leak spills during the travels.

A Portable and Lightweight Design

Zenify Pets Store is a brand that offers excellent travel accessories that are highly portable and lightweight in design. And so is the case with their pet water bottle as well. The product’s weight is only 135 gm (or 160 gm depending on your preferred model).

Available in Both Large and Small Options

Another advantage of this pet water bottle is that it is available in two variants – the 350ml one (for small and medium-sized dogs) and 550ml ml (for large dogs).

Zenify Pets Store Water Bottle Review

Pros and Cons


  • The incorporated bowl ensures that the pet owner does not rely on public water bowls.
  • Available in multiple capacity options that make it perfect for both small and large-sized dogs.
  • The leakproof design alleviates one’s worry about any spill during their travels.
  • You can use it with one hand.


  • It could be difficult for one to get accustomed to
  • Room for improvements regarding the plastic rings for the tether strap
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5. Kurgo K01819 Gourd Travel Dog Bottle

Kurgo K01819 Gourd Travel Dog Bottle
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Another brand you possibly might not have heard of. However, you just can’t question the quality of the product that Kurgo offers. Its travel dog bottle is one of the best-selling on Amazon.

A Simple Yet Effective Design

One look at the Kurgo travel dog bottle, and you might mistake it for just another water bottle for human use. But when it has been finely working, why change it? The water bottle has a detachable bowl at the top, holding up to 250ml of water.

Kurgo K01819 Gourd Travel Dog Bottle Review

Made With Safe Materials

The pet water bottle is made with PVC and is completely BPA free, making it a perfect product for your furry companion.

A Lightweight Offering

The Kurgo travel dog bottle is a lightweight product, perfect for walking or hiking with your dog.

Kurgo K01819 Gourd Travel Dog Bottle Customer Review

Pros and Cons


  • A simple and easy-to-use design
  • The top has a holding mechanism allowing one to carry the product with one hand.
  • The quantity size is excellent, one of the best available
  • A lightweight product
  • Made with healthy materials


  • Its simple design might turn off people that are looking for an aesthetically pleasing offering.
  • Not designed for one-hand use
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6. Esing Dog Water Bottle

Esing Dog Water Bottle
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Another option for folks looking for a one-hand use water dispenser for their pets. This portable and convenient to use product is suitable for small dogs.

An Easy-to-Use Item

Giving My Dog Water to Drink in a Esing Dog Water Bottle

The Esing water bottle is designed to be used with one hand. It has a simple water release mechanism that allows one to press and hold a button to determine the amount of dispensed water.

Easy to Clean

Come with detachable parts; the bottle is super easy to clean.

Extremely Portable Offering

This product is designed to be portable. The rope on the top of the bottle makes it convenient for one to carry it for an extended period. And the 15oz capacity of the water bottle is enough for a number of outdoor activities.

180 Days Warranty

Esing offers 180 days of warranty on every product covering any non-human damage and unconditional return.

Esing Dog Water Bottle Review

Pros and Cons


  • An excellent portable solution for an essential task
  • The anti-lost rope ensures that one can carry this product without any issues
  • Designed for one-hand use, with a simple button press mechanism
  • Detachable parts make it easy to clean 
  • 180 days of warranty with the purchase


  • Some complaints about how difficult it is the press and hold the button
  • Question about the durability of the cord
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7. N\C Water Bottle With Bowls

N C Water Bottle With Bowls
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It is a 2 in 1 pet outdoor food and water bottle with two 350ml portable foldable travel pet bowls. These separate bowls can be used for feeding your dog.

A Complete Pet Travel Accessory

We have only discussed the water dispensing and hydration needs of a dog, but an N\C water bottle with bowls goes well and beyond to offer a safe food bowl in the mix. It is undoubtedly an excellent product that one can buy.

Optimal Capacity

The two bowls can hold 350ml of substance, whereas the water holding capacity of the container is 450ml. Now, it might be the least preferred choice, but it does the job well enough.

Ideal for Short Trips

While the limited capacity of the water container might limit its usage, it is still ideal for small and medium-sized dogs for shorter outdoor activities.

Pros and Cons


  • An excellently designed product that does more than what is asked from it
  • Perfect for small and medium-sized dogs
  • Weights only about 250gm, which is comfortable enough for one to carry around
  • Durable product made with silicone material


  • A bit simple in design
  • The container is a bit smaller, limiting the purpose of the product.
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8. Lesotc Foldable Cap Water Bottle For Pets

Lesotc Foldable Cap Water Bottle For Pets
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It is not a coincidence that Lesotc is a name that has appeared more than once on this list. It only shows how excellent the brand is when designing water bottles for pets. And this current option only goes and makes a case for that.

Lesotc Foldable Cap Water Bottle For Pets Review

An Easy-To-Use Product

Lesotc has developed a unique pet water bottle design that looks appealing and is also easy to use. The top of the bottle has a folded cap attached to it which can be easily turned into a drinking bowl immediately. One only needs to squeeze the bottle for the water to come out.

Sealed Silicone Gasket To Prevent Any Leakage

A Dog Drinking Water From Lesotc Foldable Cap Water Bottle For Pets

Because of the folded cap, one might suspect that the bottle is vulnerable to leakage, but that is not the case. This is due to the silicone gasket present inside that ensures that there is no water leak.

A Comfortable Water Capacity

When it comes to water holding capacity, the Lesotc foldable cap is at the top end. With an 18oz capacity, the bottle can easily contain freshwater for small and medium dogs during outdoor activities.

Pros and Cons


  • A premium product with a large water holding capacity
  • Made with BPA free, no smell and environmentally friendly parts
  • The parts are easily detachable, making the cleaning process simpler
  • An easy-to-use design
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs


  • An expensive product
  • It is not compatible with large-sized dogs.
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Things to Look Into While Buying a Good Pet Water Bottle for Your Furry Friend?

Here are some vital factors that determine whether a water bottle is suitable for your pet’s needs or not.

1. Capacity

You have a variety of sizes, and even shapes available when buying a water bottle for dogs. But the top determining factor for a water bottle is its capacity. Depending on the breed of your companion and how frequently you can refill the bottle is an important criterion that needs to be considered.

2. Portability

The common reason why one would opt for a pet travel bottle is that they are travelling with their buddy. Their canine friends need to remain hydrated during the trip. So, naturally, portability is an essential factor that demands proper consideration. Make sure the water bottle is easy to travel with before deciding on a pet water bottle.

3. Build Quality

There is no perfect material that hits the ball out of the park for pet bottles. You will find dog water bottles made with plastics, silicone, and even stainless steel. And they are excellent materials. They all have their upside and downsides. The only thing one needs to be sure of is the build quality and that the materials used are approved for safety.

4. Drinking Feature

Most pet water bottles have some dispensers or cups incorporated in the design. Their purpose is to ensure convenience for pet owners to hydrate their furry friends. A unique feature that is often present in many of these water bottles is the ability to control the amount of water released. Retracting the excess water to eliminate water is another feature to enjoy.

5. Durability

You might want your dog’s water bottle to last longer, especially against the normal wear and tear during travels, despite being a portable option. Also, it is common for dogs to chew on their bottles. So, the durability of the product is the next thing you want.

The market is filled with excellent and functional water bottles for pets that their owners can take advantage of. But how to determine the right one for your pet? Luckily, we have compiled a list of some of the best dog water bottles in Australia suitable for your requirements.

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Those mentioned above are some of the best dog water bottles you can buy in Australia. And while they all differ from one another in some aspects, they all do their job wonderfully; there is no question about it. Choose the one that is more suited for you and your pet’s needs.