Border Collie X German Shepherd: Facts, Temperament, and More

This hybrid is a unique cross between the German Shepherd and the Border Collie. They are intelligent, energetic, and devoted canines that go by the names Shollies or German Shollies.

The top herding dog breeds in the nation were combined to produce this clever and extremely active hybrid dog breed. They would make excellent service dogs for military, security, or farming duties due to their tremendous loyalty.

They also make a great company for an individual who can provide them with the appropriate level of activity both physically and mentally.

German shollies are attentive designer pets who love to learn tricks, play fetch, and an eager to learn. Both parents, German shepherd, and Border Collie, contribute the traits of hard-working dogs.

This breed is a plus for you if you are active, as Shollies can be very active, too. Also, for the first time, pawrents won’t have much of a problem exercising and training these breeds.

History: German Shepherd Cross Border Collie

History of German Shepherd cross Border Collie
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Height 21 to 27 inches
Weight70 to 80 lbs
Lifespan10 to 14 years
Breed typeDesigner
Coat coloursGolden, White, Brown and Black
Best suited forActive Families

Border collies and German shepherds each come from a herding breed. German shepherds were first developed in Germany during the nineteenth century, and they were given breed status in 1899. The nineteenth century also saw the formal recognition of border collies, mostly sheepdogs.

It’s uncertain specifically when the Shollie kind first appeared or what growers hoped to accomplish with it. However, given their genetic makeup, it is reasonable to conclude that the mix was bred to create the ideal giant dog.

Such characteristics make Shollie a beautiful family pet.

1. About the Breed

The Shollie makes a great family dog because it develops strong relationships with the people in its life and takes on the role of a defender. The hybrid type is also exuberant and lively.

Therefore, it isn’t a dog that would perform well in an isolated setting. They require access to open areas and a dedication to regular exercise.

Since they are a mixed breed, each pup will have unique traits inherited from each parent. This crossbreed is a bundle of enthusiasm and intelligence that surely understands how to brighten a home!

2. Physical Attributes of German Shepherd Cross Border Collie

Shollies are often rather big canines with a slim and athletic build. Due to their tendency to resemble their German Shepherd father, dogs of this variety are inclined to be enormous in stature.

They may weigh between 70 and 80 pounds and stand between 21 and 27 inches in height when fully developed. Since Collies typically only reach approximately 40 pounds, they could be smaller and weigh less when they incline more toward the Collie side.

3. Personality and Temperament

Personality and Temperament
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A Shepherd Collie enjoys playing with its guardians and looks forward to a game of catch in the long term.

So make sure you’re prepared to satisfy your pet whenever it tries to engage you in play by playing a game, giving it a tummy rub, or just cuddling. This crossbreed is frequently commended for being among the best pets for new owners since they are facile to train and require little upkeep.

Each of these personality qualities results from the pup’s genetic makeup, which includes a number of the coziest varieties to own.

If these dogs are left alone for an extended time, they might develop anxiety or depression. They don’t seem like the dogs you can keep at home alone when you’re out at work for several hours.

Most of the time, they prefer to be with their guardians. A bright, active dog left by itself is prone to disruptive behaviour, including gnawing on furnishings and whining.

Caregivers must take steps to train and cater for their Shollies appropriately to prevent the qualities of shyness and aggressiveness from overdeveloping.

4. With Family, Kids and Other Pets

German Shepherds and Border Collies are both renowned for their loving personalities. So it makes sense that the Shollie would share this quality with other breeds who like cuddling and receiving attention from their masters and families.

The Shollie strikes a good balance between expressing love to the people in their lives and serving as a protective defender. The dog will develop an especially close attachment with kids; if intruders come near, it will act defensively.

They usually like interacting with kids and have a soft spot, but pawrents must always watch them around young kids. Particularly when it comes to dangers to their tiny ones, they might become too vigilant.

Due to its herding history, the mix Shollie is compatible with dogs and other animals.

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5. Appearance

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They share characteristics with German Shepherds, including stunning coats, powerful physiques, and eloquent eyes. The majority of Shollies have a countenance with a moderately long nose.

They may have either border collie-style floppy ears or the pointed set of a German shepherd.

The medium-length double coat of the German Shepherd or the medium-length coat of the Border Collie may well be passed down to a Border Collie x German Shepherd pup.

Shollies are usually nearly a blend of at least two distinct hues. They can be practically any hue of their ancestors, notably White, Golden, Black or Brown. They frequently have lovely speckled patterns.

6. Activity of German Shepherd Cross Border Collie

Frequent physical and mental activity is necessary for a Shollie. Shollies require at least one hour of daily exercise, ideally split into two or more brief bouts during the day.

These canines will like going to off-leash dog parks that allow them to run freely without being restrained by a leash. In addition, they will enjoy going on walks and hiking vacations with their families.

Ensure you have enough cognitively taxing jobs and activities since mental exercise is also crucial.

7. Diet and Nutrition

The best Shollie meal should be designed for a big, energetic dog. Based on its activity, the Border Collie x German Shepherd hybrid needs roughly three servings of dry kibble daily. Owners might choose 4 cups daily if the mix dog is fatigued from much more exercise than normal.

Shollies must maintain a balanced diet because binging can result in gaining weight and other health issues, mainly if enough exercise isn’t provided.

In addition, Shollie’s nutritional requirements will alter from the early stages of life through adulthood, which will continue to shift into their elderly years, just like all canines.

8. Training of German Shepherd Cross Border Collie

Given their intelligence, Border Collie Shepherd Mixes should be simple and entertaining to teach. Therefore, constructive reward and repetition are the most effective dog training methods.

This combination seems particularly true since educating it to respond positively to negative behaviour is challenging.

They will need to interact with others frequently to lessen any guarded or distant characteristics. Although this breed isn’t often violent, integrating these pups with other pets is still a good idea.

9. Health Concerns

Health Concerns
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A Shollie may be expected to live between 10 to 14 years. Even though the hybrid mix can be prone to many of the same issues that the Border Collie and German Shepherd Dog encounter, Shollies are often regarded as healthy animals.

The following are a few of the most prevalent health issues Shollies experiences:

  1. Bloat: Bloat is a common fatal condition that can develop in these canines.
  2. Hip and Elbow Dysplasia: Both the German Shepherd and the Border Collie are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, so it seems logical that their progeny may acquire this health issue. As a Shollie gets older, its leg and hip joints will degenerate. Based on its activity, the mix will develop difficulties more quickly.
  3. Ear Problems: Pawrents occasionally neglect to cleanse the hybrid dog’s ears, resulting in infections and, eventually, hearing impairment. If any parent race already has hearing issues, the pup can also be born deaf.
  4. Von Willebrand disease: When the German Shepherd x Border Collie cross bleeds profusely from minor wounds, Von Willebrand disease develops. The dog’s life might be in danger due to this serious bleeding problem. Surprisingly, it affects dogs seldom.
  5. Epilepsy: When the dog has intermittent seizures, it has epilepsy. An unexpected brain function frequently causes sudden alterations in the dog’s movements.
  6. Degenerative Myelopathy: This terrible spinal disease results in gradual immobility in the legs. This condition is currently incurable.

10. Care

  1. Cleansing their mouth twice weekly should be sufficient for the mixed breed because they typically have decent dental health.
  2. Inspect their nails and paw pads to assess for any potential harm or infections after being outside. Look for dirt or parasites in their ears.
  3. If your dog inherited a double coat like their Shepherd father, you must groom them at least twice a week.

It would help if you took them for professional grooming a few days per year, particularly during the months when they shed the most. This will maintain their coat incredibly glossy and help avoid mats.

Final Words

Shollies are athletic, high-energy canines who will readily integrate into the community. They’ll certainly choose to join you on every one of your holiday excursions.

You don’t have to be an experienced dog trainer to engage in their coaching and raising because they are exceedingly friendly and easily trainable. It will take a lot of effort, but it will also be great fun to keep them cognitively engaged.

A guardian who can catch pace with a Shollie’s great energy, humour, and loving temperament is just what they necessitate.

So you’re set for a lifelong, caring, and joyful friendship alongside one of the greatest breeds on the planet if you believe you can meet all of these canine demands.

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