German Shepherd X Golden Retriever: Facts & More

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is a friendly, spirited, loyal, and intelligent dog.

Also adoringly called the Golden Shepherd, this breed crosses between two of America’s popular breeds – German Shepherd and Golden Retriever.

The German shepherd ranks two, and the golden retriever ranks three in the most famous dog breed list of the American Kennel Club (AKC). So their crossbreed is obvious to be amazing.

The golden shepherd is a perfect mesh of the German shepherd’s protectiveness, obedience and loyalty, and kindness and friendliness of the golden retriever.

And that makes them fantastic family pets. So let’s explore what you can expect while adopting the lovable and intelligent Golden shepherd.

German Shepherd Cross Golden Retriever Mix: Parent Breeds

German Shepherd cross Golden Retriever Mix: Parent Breeds
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Many of you might not be well-versed in the ‘designer dog breed’ term. Although it has been around for centuries, this crossbreeding process of two different dog breeds became popular nearly a decade back.

It’s scientifically proven that crossbreeding helps to create sturdier and healthier animals. Plus, it gives owners a wider choice of finding a perfect family dog.

Golden Shepherds are mix-breeds that result from crossing between a purebred German shepherd and a golden retriever.

The popular German shepherd was initially used as a herding dog. But now you can find them working as search or rescue dogs for police and the army because of their bravery and intelligence.

On the other hand, golden retrievers were used as gundogs in waterfowl hunting games. However, while people adored their endless caring and loving nature, golden retrievers are today popular as pets and guide dogs.

So what’s expected from a German shepherd golden retriever mix? This crossbreed is super energetic, intelligent, loving, and caring, making it a great family companion.

Height 21 to 26 inches tall
Weight50 to 80 pounds
Lifespan 10 to 13 years
Breed TypeHerding
Coat Colourswhite, black, dark golden, solid brown & tan
Best Suited ForFamily, Children, single person.

German Shepherd X Golden Retriever: Key Traits

Here, we will outline the key characteristics of the German shepherd golden retriever mix. While it’s a cross, you will probably find slight differences between some pups.

1. Appearance & Size

Appearance & Size
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The Golden Shepherd exhibits a sturdy, thick, and big body frame with a deep chest, measuring from 21 to 26 inches in height. And their weight usually remains between 50 and 80 pounds.

Golden shepherds are a bit longer in size but don’t possess the sloped back line like the parent German shepherd. However, they typically bear the wild look like a German shepherd.

On the other hand, this mixed breed has big triangular ears that either flop down or stand erect. The tail tends to be thicker and longer. They have large paws and dark eyes with a long muzzle extending to their wide skull.

2. Coat Type & Colour

German golden shepherds exhibit dense and thick double coats. However, the coat length will vary from medium to long, depending on their parent breed. For example, if their German shepherd parent is long-haired, the Golden shepherd is likely to have longer fur.

Nonetheless, the Golden shepherds shed moderately because of their thick double-layered coating. So they aren’t hypoallergenic.

The coat colours offer a wide range of choices, including solid black, white, brown, golden, and a combination of tan and black. Your Golden shepherd can inherit the coat colour of either parent.

However, some may even manifest facial markings like their German shepherd parent.

3. Temperament

While a crossbreed can inherit either of their parents’ qualities, it’s difficult to predict their temperament and personality. However, the Golden shepherd is generally known to be pleasant and friendly.

Unlike German shepherds, they can easily mingle with anyone, even outsiders and strangers.

With a welcome bark of one colours or two, your doggy will make you alert if there’s someone at the gate.

Golden shepherds won’t hesitate to expose their highly protective nature to the immediate dangers they inherited from their GSD parent.

4. Energetic

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This mixed breed’s high-spirited and super lively nature can often turn destructive if they are restless or bored.

Otherwise, Golden shepherds are fun-loving and always bucked up to play fetching games. You will even encounter a German shepherd’s detective dash in this crossbreed.

On the other side, they will win your heart with their social and loyal nature like their golden retriever parent.

Golden shepherds love human company and eventually can go through depression if left alone for a long time. So try to avoid leaving your doggy alone for over a few hours.

5. Health Problems

Fascinatingly, the German shepherd golden retriever enjoys a longer lifespan than its purebred parents.

The average life expectancy is nearly 10 to 13 years. However, check your pet’s parents’ health to apprehend what diseases he might have inherited.

Note that Golden shepherds have no prescribed health tests, as they are a somewhat new designer dog breed.

Some of the diseases golden shepherds might be vulnerable to are –

  • Hip & Elbow Dysplasia: An abnormal condition affecting joints gradually leading to crippling arthritis.
  • Pigmentary Uveitis or Progressive Retinal Atrophy – It can cause total blindness.
  • Sub-Aortic Stenosis – This disease is often diagnosed when the dog shows a heart murmur.
  • Degenerative Myelopathy – This disease affects the spinal cord and brain, which are immobile by the lower body.
  • Gastric Torsion – It’s also known as bloating. In this condition, the stomach rolls after food intake, immediately after or before intense exercise. It can cause a life-threatening condition.

6. Dietary Habits

Dietary Habits
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You should feed an adult Golden shepherd at least 3 cups of meal every day. However, slightly sedentary pups consume less, and super active ones eat more.

Note that this mixed breed is prone to gastric torsion, so you should feed them the recommended food across two different sittings. And never feed them immediately after or before acute exercise.

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7. Training

While Golden Shepherds are intelligent, loyal, and eager to please, they are easy to train. Gradually, they will learn the tricks and techniques while enjoying training sessions.

Always use the positive reinforcement training method and reward your pup with toys or treats for correct behaviours.

Next, it’s essential to socialize with family members and unfamiliar people from an early age. They must learn that guests are friends of their master.

However, although golden shepherds are highly clever, they seek a consistent and firm master.

You must teach your GD commands and carry on with the training sessions. Interestingly, you can even train this mixed breed to retrieve and herd and to serve as a guide or therapy dog.

One of the best ways to keep your doggy’s mind occupied is by playing fetch. With this, they will blow off their total energy.

8. Grooming

You must provide extra effort and time to your golden retriever mix when it’s about grooming. Brush at least 2 to 3 times weekly to keep your doggy’s coat glossy and healthy.

Then, they require brushing daily for a manageable coat during the shedding seasons.

Those who are allergic to dog hair should go for another dog breed. On the other side, your golden shepherd will need bathing every five to seven weeks to keep them clean.

But avoid washing too much as it might damage their natural skin oils.

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9. Living Conditions

Living Conditions
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Considering their sturdy and oversized silhouette, the German shepherd golden mix is suitable for homes with big yards. In addition, they love to meander outside in the fresh air.

In other words, this mixed breed is not a tiny home or apartment dog. But if your home has a separate exercise outlet, then thumbs up.

Apart from that, golden shepherds mingle well with children. However, they are more suited for older children who are sturdy enough hard to knock over.

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Is Golden Shepherd a Family Pet?

The german shepherd cross golden retriever is remarkably friendly and can socialize with anyone.

Their super energetic nature makes them a perfect companion for active families. But they need a bigger space to accommodate.

Golden shepherds won’t be the right pick for those prone to dog allergies. However, they are great with children, especially older ones, because of their size.

On top of that, golden shepherds will happily make space for another pet in the house.

They are loving, caring, and affectionate and require your maximum attention. So try not to leave your doggy alone for a long time as they tend to get depressed.


The German shepherd golden retrievers are lovely, friendly, fun-loving, and pleasant. Their super protective nature makes them devoted to their family.

A golden shepherd will be the ultimate dog if you have a dynamic lifestyle and enough time to attend to your pet.

However, it would help if you found a reputed breeder to get a golden shepherd.

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