K-Mart Pet Bed Review: Is It the Best in Australia?

Are you looking for beds that can give your pet a tremendous amount of comfort? If yes, then we have just the right product for you today. K-mart pet bed is the one-stop solution for your bed requirements. The bed has memory foam which does not get damaged even after more extended uses. 

This pet bed makes an excellent spot for your furry friend to cuddle and sleep peacefully. K-Mart beds are fit for large and small pets, so you do not have to worry about the size you want to buy. You sometimes use a makeshift bed for your pets only to save some pennies. But, your pet does not get the comfort it deserves in those makeshift beds.

That is why you need to wake up and start thinking about your pet’s comfort. If your pet remains sleep-deprived, it loses appetite and energy. Gift this awesome bed to your lovely pets and watch them snoring in peace.

Today, we will tell you about the K-mart pet bed in detail. We will cover its features, pros, and cons. At the end of the article, we will also take the most asked questions of pet owners about pet beds.

K-Mart Pet Bed Review
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About K-Mart

K-mart Australia limited is a chain of affordable retail stores in Australia with its headquarters in Mulgrave, Melbourne. The company offers all daily needed items under one roof. It is known for good quality products at affordable prices.

During the covid 19 crisis, K-Mart could sustain and grow considerably. The company also received the International Retailer of the Year award in 2021 for its sustained and healthy growth.

It partnered with Red Dust Role Models (RDRM) to fulfil its commitment to preserving indigenous culture. RDRM is an NGO that works to develop health promotion programs for the northern indigenous community. K-Mart gives back to society in many other innovative ways.

K-Mart has become the second name of reliability for middle-class Australians. It provides incredible variety in terms of ranges of products. You can find the best deal for your money with K-Mart.

We now know how trustworthy the brand is, we will tell you the pet bed details. We will begin with the pros of this bed.

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About K-Mart
Image Credit: www.pexels.com


  • It is made of good quality memory foam, so it does not get damaged in the long term. This bed will provide your pet with the comfort it needs. It is also chew-resistant, so you do not have to worry about your pet’s playful behaviour towards it.
  • The memory foam adjusts its temperature according to your pet’s body; this will provide optimum comfort to your pet. Your pet will not get overheated enough to get out of the bed and sleep on the cool floor. This bed will ensure uninterrupted sleep.
  • If you have a senior dog that suffers from joint pains and body aches, this bed will be suitable for them. It provides joint supports and muscle relaxation that will ease the pain. Your dog will be more comfortable than ever.
  • This bed is already extra-large, so you do not have to worry about fitting it to your pet. The foam of this bed is made keeping in mind the comfort of different sizes. The foam will adjust itself for your smaller and larger pets equally.
  • The outer cover of this bed is made with polyester, which gives it tremendous strength. The polyester cover makes it chew-resistant and easy to clean. If your pet likes to play rough, buy this bed to stay carefree.
  • Memory foam is chipped from the inside, giving your pet more comfort than regular beds. Chipped foam captures air in between, giving this bed temperature control feature.
  • The inner coating of this bed is made with polypropylene which gives extra sturdiness to this bed. Polypropylene is a non-toxic material for pets. Along with polypropylene, polypropylene glycol and TDI is also added in fillings.
  • This bed is rectangular and easy to carry. You can use it both indoors and outdoors with the same efficiency. On average, pets sleep for 14 hrs a day, so the design is exhaustively cuddle-friendly.


  • If this bed is kept in contact with damp or pale surfaces, the colour might get transferred to the surface.
  • Some dog owners reported that their big dogs managed to destroy this bed a few days after purchase.
  • If the pets tear the beddings and ingest them, a severe health concern may arise.

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Is the K-Mart Pet Bed Worth the Hype?


There is no doubt about that. This bed is one of the finest in an affordable price range that you can find in the market. You can ensure that your pet gets the best comfort with a few dollars. This bed is chew-resistant, which will ensure its longevity. 

The polypropylene glycol and TDI filling make this product a comfortable option to choose from. You get the trust of K-Mart with this product which vows for the best, non-toxic quality.

Features of K-Mart Pet Bed

We hope that you are convinced by now that the K-Mart pet bed is the perfect choice for you. But, if you still have any doubts, these quick features will satisfy them.

  • It is a chew-resistant bed with which your pets can play rough.
  • It is incredibly comfortable and cuddles-friendly.
  • The large size of this bed makes it usable for large pets.
  • Polyester and polypropylene covering gives it sturdiness and makes it easy to clean.
  • It is suitable for senior pets with arthritis and muscle pain. It gives excellent joint support.
  • Easy to carry and usable both indoors and outdoors.

After these features, we will now answer the most basic question pet owners have. Why do you need to buy a pet bed after all? Why can’t a makeshift bed serve the purpose of a particular pet bed?

Features of K-Mart Pet Bed
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Why should you buy a good-quality pet bed?

  1. Ensure Comfort: A good sleep is necessary for pets to stay energetic. If they do not get a good shut-eye, then they get lazy. You can stop all of this from happening only by choosing a good quality bed for your pets.
  2. Support Joints: If your senior pets have arthritis, muscle pain, or other joints related issues, you should consider buying a good bed. The bed will support your pet’s joint and ease up their pain. 
  3. Healthy For you: A good bed is not only healthy for your pets, but it is healthy for you as well. When your pet does not have a separate sleeping bed, it often cuddles up in your bed. Your pet will leave behind its hairs or bacteria on your bed, and this might harm you. You can develop severe allergies, so pets should sleep on their bed.
  4. Maintains Body Temperatures: This is another excellent application of a pet bed. The problem with makeshift pet beds is that they do not regulate body temperatures. When your pet gets overheated, it might have to leave the makeshift bed to get some comfort. With pet beds, your pet will take an uninterrupted sleep.
  5. East to Carry: Pet beds are highly portable so that you can carry them with you anywhere. When your pet moves to an unfamiliar place, its bed might be the only thing that can ease up its anxiety.

Customer Service of K-Mart

K-mart is known for its quality at affordable prices. The company has one of the most flexible ordering systems. You can see and read the specifications of the product on their site. If you need the product at the earliest, you can also look for its availability in a K-Mart store near you.

K-Mart always works towards customer satisfaction and responds to any of your queries. In the past, some of the products that had defects were recalled, and customers got refunds. K-Mart has become the second name of trust for middle-class Australians.

The company ensures fast delivery and swift returns. K-Mart also has a simple payment and refund policy and provides complete transparency to the whole process.


Q1:- Will this pet bed fit my large dog?

Ans- Yes, this pet bed is large and easily fits large dogs. The foam is robust to keep them comfortable.

Q2:- How much durability does this pet bed have?

Ans- The polyester and polypropylene used in this bed make it chew-resistant. Your pets can play rough with this bed, but it will not break apart.

Q3:- Can this bed help my dog suffering from arthritis

Ans- Yes, foam beds are helpful for dogs with bones and muscles issues. The bed will support the joint and prove a comfort to your ailing dog.

Q4:- How to clean this pet bed?

Ans- The cleaning instructions are given on the package that you receive. Please read them carefully to ensure freshness and longevity to this bed.  

Final Words

Today, we told you about the perfect product for your bed requirements for pets. You can finally make up your mind and give your pet the comfort it deserves. K-Mart Pet Bed has some exceptional features that make it the best choice for you. 

The bed is made with polyester and polypropylene to ensure chew resistance to it. The bed has a cuddle-friendly design which makes it comfortable for your pets. If you have a senior dog that is suffering from arthritis and muscle pains, this bed will be a perfect choice for you. K-Mart Pet bed can fit all sizes of pets, is highly portable, and easily washable.