6 Best Long Dog Leash to Buy in Australia (Updated 2023)

Many people believe that dogs are born with the ability to walk respectfully on a leash, but this is a talent that must be developed. It’s a vital skill to teach, and you’ll appreciate this every moment you take your dog on a stroll.

Leash training refers to acclimatising your dog to maintain a leash while displaying good conduct. That implies your dog must not tug, run about, bark all the time, or yank at you.

Teaching your dog to walk correctly on a leash is critical for a myriad of purposes. Leashes will come in handy when you go to the veterinarian, groomer, stores, or the parks.

Beau Pets Cotton Webbing Black Dog Lead

Beau Pets Cotton Webbing Black Dog Lead

Our Top Recommendation for Long Dog Leash!

The Beau Pets Cotton Webbing Dog Leash is a fantastic collar as it is a durable, lightweight design and comes with a chrome-plated hook that connects easily to your dog’s collar.

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Although there are many fascinating alternatives for long dog leashes available, finding the ideal one may be difficult. So here’s a list we’ve put together for the best long dog leashes to buy in Australia!

Best Long Dog Leashes to Buy

Beau Pets Cotton Webbing Black Dog LeadBeau Pets Cotton Webbing Black Dog Lead• Gentle on skin
• Features Trojan Hook
• In-built D-ring
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Recall Line By Company Of AnimalsRecall Line By Company Of Animals• Durable
• Comfortable
• Not too bulky
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Dog Nation Long Dog Leash Soft Padded Strong Reflective NylonDog Nation Long Dog Leash Soft Padded Strong Reflective Nylon• Soft mesh, padded nylon webbing
• Quick release and reflective feature
• Available in different lengths
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Dog Nation Floral Dog Leash With Multiple HandlesDog Nation Floral Dog Leash With Multiple Handles• Neoprene padded handle
• Beautiful floral design
• Durable zinc alloy clamp
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Rogz Control Long Lead Black Extra LargeRogz Control Long Lead Black Extra Large• Shock-absorbing bungee section
• A ShocLoc feature for greater control
• Reflective stitching
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Rogz Control Long Lead Red Extra LargeRogz Control Long Lead Red Extra Large• Shock absorbing webbing
• Lockable trigger hook
• ShocLoc feature for greater control
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1. Beau Pets Cotton Webbing Black Dog Lead

Beau Pets Cotton Webbing Black Dog Lead
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The Beau Pets Webbing Dog Lead is a versatile and reasonably priced multi-purpose dog leash. This accessory is at the top of our list of suggestions and a personal favourite of ours and pawrents all over the world. Give it a shot; we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Durability is obligated for a reliable and consistent long lead. This dog leash has met its match in terms of durability! The Beau Pets leash is made of cotton webbing, which is tough and durable and will not wear off during your dog’s first training sessions. Bye-bye, frequent replacements!

Beau Pets Cotton Webbing Black Dog Lead Review

Available in Various Lengths

This is a strong lead that comes in a variety of lengths, so you can get essentially everything you need. Long leashes are ideal for allowing your dog more liberty while still maintaining some authority over what they do.

The Beau Pets has lengths of up to 15m, making it easier to coach your dog for recall training.

Gentle on Skin

Dog training may be stressful, and the frequent tugging and pulling on your skin may cause your hands to get dry and sore. This cotton training leash feels amazing in your palm and will not bruise after lengthy, strenuous sessions with your canine buddy.

Trojan Hook

This dog leash has a chrome-plated spinning snap hook that will not corrode. This Trojan Hook has a sewn-in end and can be simply connected to your canine companion’s collar or harness. It will not slide until you release it, and the swivelling nature will not tangle.

In-Built D-Ring

The Beau Pets Leash also has a built-in chrome-plated D-ring near the handles for clipping any extras you may wish to carry during practice sessions. They have it all in terms of convenience and endurance!

Pros & Cons


  • Durable
  • Available in various lengths
  • Gentle
  • Trojan hook
  • In-built D-ring


  • Cotton is a relatively heavy material hence making this leash heavier
  • Available only in one colour
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2. Recall Line By Company Of Animals

Recall Line By Company Of Animals
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The Company of Animals recall line is one of those things that is deceptively basic yet provides exactly everything you need. The Company of Animals Recall Line enables a dog to run loose while being under supervision when strolling in town.

It is a wonderful tool for regulated socialisation of pups and canines with behavioural challenges, as well as for anxiety-free early recall training.


When purchasing a long dog leash, the most crucial factor to consider is durability. The Recall line is constructed of strong webbing with strengthened stitching. This will guarantee that you have a strong, long-lasting leash that you won’t need to replace after the first few training sessions.

Recall Line By Company Of Animals Customer Review

Available in Two Lengths

This line is available in two lengths: 5m and 10m, from which you can select the ideal length to give your canine companion greater freedom while yet having some control over what they do when training them.


One issue with webbing leashes is that they frequently slice into your palm when your dog tugs, but the Company of Animals solved this by tucking and sewing the web. It’s designed in such a manner that curved edges appear on both edges, making the line quite easy to grip.

Not too Bulky

When the length exceeds 5m, the weight of the product soon starts to add up, so avoid anything too hefty. This recall line helps to give your pet as much space as they need to run free while still guaranteeing that the leash does not grow too weighty for you to grasp.

Recall Line By Company Of Animals Review

There is also an extra lighter model available that is only 8 mm to remove the excess burden for little and petite dogs that do not require a very hefty link.

Pros & Cons


  • Durable
  • Available in two lengths
  • Comfortable
  • Not too bulky


  • No loops or D-rings
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3. Dog Nation Long Dog Leash Soft Padded Strong Reflective Nylon

Dog Nation Long Dog Leash Soft Padded Strong Reflective Nylon
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Regarding a long leash, it would be worth getting the one that perfectly balances durability and weight. You want something that is strong yet not too heavy. With that in mind, this long dog leash from Dog Nation might fulfil your requirements. Its nylon, soft mesh padded material, and essential safety features make it an ideal everyday lead.


This Dog Nation Long Leash is made of soft, webbing nylon that attests to its durability. Moreover, it exhibits soft padding to ensure you will have a comfortable hold while taking your doggy for a walk or stroll. Besides being strong and soft simultaneously, the leash would feel and look amazing in your hand because of its vibrant colour duo.


The leash packs everything necessary, and it’s exactly what pet owners should consider in a good dog lead. It comes with a strong buckle that will let you attach to your canine’s collar effortlessly. Plus, the buckle can rotate 360-degree. So it promises to let your furry buddy play more safely and securely anywhere outdoors.

Bonus Supplies

With this dog training long leash, your doggy can run freely yet remain under control while walking or strolling in a public place. You can even plan for hiking, hunting, camping, recall training, swimming, and more with confidence and peace of mind. It comes in a variety of lengths and widths. On top of that, you will get this Dog Nation leash in vibrant colours. Above all, its quick release and reflective features make it a worthy purchase.

Pros & Cons


  • Soft and sturdy
  • Highly durable
  • It is made of wear-resistant nylon
  • Easy to hold
  • The strong buckle offers a secure hold
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • The strap is built rugged to handle the elements
  • Length is good
  • It’s available in different colours


  • The hook material could be better
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4. Dog Nation Floral Dog Leash With Multiple Handles

Dog Nation Floral Dog Leash With Multiple Handles
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Here is another leash from Dog Nation that will work great for on-leash walks and recall training, giving some freedom to your canine pal. A leash is an essential accessory for every dog parent as it helps to keep them under control, train them, and at the same time, ensure safety. However, Dog Nation has designed this leash to make dog walking more fun and safer, keeping you and your pet in style at once.

Top-Tier Quality & Attractive Design

You will be impressed to find that this Dog Nation Floral Long Leash boasts neoprene padding. Plus, it is accompanied by an SBR material handle for a comfortable and secure hold. The leash length is long enough to use during casual strolls with your doggy. Another benefit you get is a short-distance handle. This ensures to make it easier to train and control your canine.

Moreover, it exhibits a beautiful floral design that will keep you and your pup in style while on a walk, capturing others’ eyes.


There is a rugged clamp made of zinc alloy for you to secure it on any of your pup’s vests. You can even put the clamp on any harness that equips a D-ring or an O-ring. Other than that, this Dog Nation leash is designed for hassle-free maintenance. It is easy to wash. Overall, the leash is tough and durable and promises to keep the outdoors safe for your furry buddy in all seasons.

Pros & Cons


  • A high-quality long leash
  • It shows an attractive floral pattern
  • The padded handle is durable and cosy to hold
  • It can withstand any weather condition
  • The clamp is of good quality
  • It can be tied to any vest or harness with D-ring or O-ring
  • Easy to wash
  • It comes in different sizes and colours


  • The width is a bit less
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5. Rogz Control Long Lead Black Extra Large

Rogz Control Long Lead Black Extra Large
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This long lead from Rogz is among the products that are simple but render more than what you require. If your doggy pulls and lunges on the lead, it indeed becomes difficult to enjoy a walk. But no worries, as the Rogz Control Extra Large Lead will put the control back in your hand, no matter how restless your four-legged buddy is.

A Shock-Absorber

The Rogz Control Long Lead outdoes many others in the market with its exclusive shock-absorber functionality. In addition, it has a bungee section designed to absorb the shock from a sudden jerk or pull by your doggy. In other words, this minimises the shoulder tug, eventually preventing you and your dog from injury.

Facilitates Control

You will even benefit from a control handle, ensuring much better control. On top of that, the leash has an anti-stretch functionality that locks in the shock-absorbing function. What’s more impressive is that the leash boasts reflective stitching. So go on for a walk or stroll, day or night, with peace of mind as your furry friend will be visible in the dark or low light conditions.

Other Utilities

There is a lockable trigger hook to let you attach this long leash to your dog’s collar. However, while it ensures added safety, this leash is perfect for moderate pullers. The leash is made of shock-absorbing and waterproof webbing neoprene. In addition, Rogz equipped the leash with a special ring where you can hang poop bags.

Finally, this Rogz Control Long Leash comes in an extra-large size, about 120cm, in black colour.

Pros & Cons


  • It can absorb sudden pulls or jerk
  • Durable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • It will let you enjoy greater control
  • The leash has a shock-absorbing and comfortable handle
  • The trigger hook offers extra security
  • It minimises the pulling pressure on the arm
  • Perfect for moderate pullers
  • There is an anti-stretch functionality
  • Its reflective stitching offers increased visibility in the dark
  • It has a special ring to hang poop bags
  • This leash is available in extra-large size (120cm)


  • The dog poop bag holder doesn’t work
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6. Rogz Control Long Lead Red Extra Large

Rogz Control Long Lead Red Extra Large
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Here is another long lead from Rogz that will prevent you and your dog from sudden jerking, lunging, and continuous pulling. Again the control will be in your hand! There will be no risk of getting injured. So get ready to enjoy walking on a breezy morning and evening with your canine puller.

Absorbs Shock

The Rogz Control Long Lead is designed to absorb shock, thanks to a unique bungy section in the middle. As a result, the chances of getting injured will be less. On the other hand, with a ShocLoc system, you can have greater and closer control over moderate pullers. Plus, you can utilise the lockable trigger hook to fasten the leash to a collar.

Finally, this Rogz Control Long Lead is available in vibrant red colour.

Pros & Cons


  • It features shock-absorbing webbing
  • The shock-absorbing handle is comfortable to hold
  • You can enjoy greater control with its ShocLoc feature
  • The hook can be fastened to any collar
  • It ensures added safety and security
  • You will have no pressure on your arm
  • It’s of an extra-large size


  • None
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Things to Consider

Here are a few things to consider before you get long dog leash:

1. The Length of Your Leash

The length is perhaps the most significant consideration when selecting a lead. The length you need is primarily determined by how you want to use the leash. Shorter leads are ideal for lead instruction and free leash strolling, while extra-long leads are ideal for recall instruction.

2. Durability

When shopping for a long dog leash, one of the most crucial factors to consider is durability. These leashes are intended for training and may be handled more forcefully than conventional leashes. Making sure your leash can withstand a little force without snapping might save you a lot of time, effort, and money.

3. Weight

The weight of very long leashes can quickly pile up. Find a professional mix of weight and strength. We don’t want the leash to be so weak that it snaps with any kind of force, but then we also don’t need it to be too broad, rendering the leash bulkier.

4. Sewing

With some harsh treatment, the sewing on these leashes might easily come undone. Seek for leashes featuring reinforced stitches, especially made of heavy-duty industrial thread. This may also increase its longevity and eliminate the need for a replacement.

5. Comfort

When your canine companion pushes or pulls on the leash, it can easily burn or slash your hand. Search for leashes with a cap or grip made for your convenience; you can create one manually or opt for newly developed materials such as Biothane.


Are long leashes suitable for dogs?

Long leashes can be harmful if you use them incorrectly. Otherwise, they aren’t bad for pets by nature. Long leashes can provide your canine buddy with a sense of extra freedom. However, it can harm if fastened to a collar on dogs that pull enthusiastically. In that case, you can use a harness rather than a collar. It will minimise the chances of getting injured.

What is the best length leash for a dog?

If you want overall control, it’s usually recommended to opt for 4 feet length for most puppies and dogs. It will help while teaching your dog to stay by your side. Overall, this leash length is typically recommended for dogs who require a little more guidance. 
On the other hand, 3 feet will be ideal for taller dogs to enjoy the same control.

What do you mean by recall leash?

Recall leashes are designed to help teach your canine to stay beside you without wandering far away. They generally come at 10 to 15 metres in length. You can place these leashes on the ground, letting your dog feel free. But you will still have control.


The Beau Pets Cotton Webbing is the greatest overall. This Australian-made product is certain to meet all of your training requirements at a reasonable price. Company of Animals’ recall line is not far behind in terms of competition.

Because of its silky, soft texture, the Viper Biothane leash takes things up a notch.

If you’re searching for a leash that you’ll only use infrequently, consider the AmaGood Dog Recall Training Leash. The Zenify Pets is perfect for late-night walks, but if you want to provide your dog with a wide range of movement, you might choose the Fabselection range.