Maltipom (Maltese X Pomeranian): Info, Temperament, and More

A Maltese and a Pomeranian were crossed to create the hybrid dog breed known as the Maltipom. The result is a tiny dog with the Pomeranian’s features, nose, and height and the Maltese’s silky, flowy coat.

This crossbreed is delicate, mischievous, and extremely smart. Maltipoms are a low-maintenance species that make wonderful first dogs.

They have traits from both parent breeds that are all good, helping to make them clever, energetic, and loving crossbreeds.

History of Maltese Cross Pomeranian

History of Maltese cross Pomeranian
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The Maltipom is a modern hybrid dog breed; unlike their ancestors, these dogs don’t have an ancient legacy. In actuality, we don’t know a lot about the origins of this unique hybrid.

But that is not to argue that the Maltipom is cryptic or ambiguous; there is a straightforward explanation.

Due to the long history of mixed dogs, it is unknown exactly where the Maltipom variety originated. Furthermore, we don’t know when such a Maltese and Pomeranian combination was developed initially. This is because no single person has been given credit for doing so.

Height 8 to 12 inches
Weight3 to 9 pounds
Lifespan12 to 15 years
Breed typeDesigner
Coat coloursBlack, Red, Orange, Cream, White
Best suited forFirst-time owners, Families looking for small dogs

About the Breed

About the Breed
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The Maltipom is a playful, intelligent dog with loads of charm who enjoys cuddling and playing. Maltipoms are adorable as could be at first impressions and appear to be the ideal lap dog and the most lovable, snuggly family members.

They are large canines in small packages, with the boldness to add domineering characteristics to gear. Maltipoos are a brilliant option for a first-time dog owner or pet enthusiast because they are simple to teach and quick to appreciate.

Your adorable Maltipom puppy will become your closest companion with time and the right care.

Physical Attributes

Physical Attributes
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At adulthood, the Maltipom typically weighs 3 to 9 pounds and is approximately 8 to 12 inches in height. The ancestry of this variety and the proportion of each strain utilised in the hybrid will affect the canine size.

Personality and Temperament

Personality and Temperament
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Maltipoms are perfectly content to sit on their owner’s lap and see the world drift away. They are just as enthusiastic about playing frisbee as curling up.

They lack the less admirable characteristics of purebred Pomeranians and Maltese dogs. Nevertheless, they have wonderful predispositions and a desire for social interaction.

Although they are perceptive and make great alarm dogs, you shouldn’t rely on them to offer any security.

Maltipoms can live in any residence, whether a condo or a cottage. They usually live inside with their human community, never outside in crates.

This is because they prefer to be with their people regardless of their accommodation. They shouldn’t be used in households where they are frequently left unattended.

With Family, Kids and Other Pets

With Family, Kids and Other Pets
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The Maltipom is an amiable animal. This family-friendly companion combines the greatest traits of the Maltese and Pomeranian breeds.

Although they act a little domineering against other canines in the family, these dogs are friendly with kids. This dog often usually develops an especially close relationship with one family member.

Before picking up a dog of this kind, it is advised that kids be at least a little older because smaller kids might play harshly with the dog.

Maltipoms interact well with other creatures and are easily socialised with several other canines and pets. They can peacefully coexist with other wildlife, but it’s simpler if they are all reared together.

To prevent conflict, introduce your Maltese Pomeranian Hybrid in a secure environment if you already have dogs.

Appearance: Maltese Cross Pomeranian

Appearance: Maltese Cross Pomeranian
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Despite appearing small, their physique is robust and sleek, and their limbs are erect. The Maltipom typically has a luxurious, flowy coat of silky, smooth hair. Albeit the look of this breed can vary significantly according to its genetics.

Black, Red, Orange, Cream, White, and any combination of these hues are the most typical colours for Maltipoms.

Their faces are adorned with angular ears, dark round eyeballs and are vibrant, smart, and hair-fringed.

Rather than the pointy ears of the Maltese, many Maltipoms have had the straight, cuddly bear-like ears of the Pomeranian. Nevertheless, it cannot be anticipated if your Maltipom doesn’t receive the Pomeranian ears.


Additionally, critical to maintaining excellent health is exercising. Despite being thin and compact, Maltipoos can easily put on weight if they don’t work out. The Maltipom is a lively tiny dog that enjoys playing and running.

Your dog should be content if you give them a regular 30-minute stroll and lots of play. Lack of sufficient mental and physical exercise may cause the emergence of problematic habits.

This may include burrowing, gnawing, and barking. It will work with a quick stroll, playtime in a fenced backyard, or a vigorous game of catch in the corridor.

Diet and Nutrition

A healthy diet will benefit your pet’s general well-being and enhance its quality of life. Fortunately, Maltipom’s diet is not very difficult.

The Maltipom needs a high-quality dog food regimen tailored to their stature and exercise levels because they are small-breed dogs. Additionally, they will want a feed suitable for their age bracket, whether a pup, adolescent, or geriatric.

Typically, toy breeds receive two to three little servings per day. If it matches your puppy’s disposition, you may free-feed them. But you should keep a close eye on the amount your Pom Maltese hybrid is consuming because this could result in overfeeding.

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Maltipoms are pretty smart. It will be simple to instruct them.

The optimum training method for maltipoms is positive reinforcement using rewards. This is because they are hypersensitive to harsh reprimands.

Therefore, being gentle and caring is crucial when teaching your Maltipom. Screaming or yanking on the leash will only breed resentment and stubbornness in them.

Early socialisation and training are necessary to stop the emergence of harmful behaviours. It is also important to remember that your dog can be challenging to housebreak, similar to many smaller species.

The suggested training technique for housebreaking is crate conditioning. Consideration may also be given to specialised training institutes.

Health Concerns: Maltese Cross Pomeranian

The Maltipom breed has a 12- to 15-year lifespan on the median. Although Maltipoos don’t frequently have health problems, there are still some illnesses that a conscientious pawrent should be aware of.

  • Patellar luxation: This results in a jump, a skip in the stride, or impairment in the affected limb. Even though the actual dislocation or joint instability does not often happen until much after, the problem is present from birth.
  • Hypothyroidism: Infection or thyroid gland atrophy are the major causes of hypothyroidism, a frequent hormone abnormality in dogs. Thyroid function is hampered, and thyroid hormones are inadequate due to this gradual gland degeneration.
  • Hip dysplasia: No matter the size or type, canine hip dysplasia could affect any dog. It is hard for guardians to witness this agonising illness in canines, which can significantly lower their level of well-being.
  • Patent Ductus Arteriosis: The most prevalent inherited cardiac condition in canines is patent ductus arteriosus. Owing to the ductus arteriosus muscle’s inability to tighten, a blood vessel is left open, eventually leading to left-sided cardiovascular disease and generalised heart failure.
  • White Shaker Dog Syndrome: The symptoms of White Shaker Syndrome include bodily tremors, impaired coordination, and jerky blinking. Attacks typically begin when the dog is agitated or overexcited and between the ages of six months and three years. The discomfort level and the dog’s temperament are unaffected by this ailment.
  • Pyloric Stenosis: Dogs with pyloric stenosis have a gastrointestinal condition. It develops when the musculature at the stomach’s exit thickens excessively, delaying the stomach’s ability to expel meals. Vomiting and reflux are symptoms that your dog may be suffering from this illness.
  • Liver shunt: The blood circulation between tissue and the liver is faulty. Typically, symptoms start to show before actually two years of age. Long-term care may benefit from surgical repair, as well as from a customised diet.
  • Glaucoma: A condition known as glaucoma causes the pressure inside the eye to rise. Despite medical intervention or surgeries, 40% of canines with glaucoma turn blind in the eye within one year of diagnosis.
  • Distichiasis: Distichiasis is characterised by abnormal eyelashes near the edge of the eyelids, where they can press against the cornea.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy: It is a deteriorating eye condition that, due to the decrease of photoreceptor cells at the rear of the eyes, ultimately culminates in blindness. Years well before the dog exhibits any evidence of visual impairment, Progressive Retinal Atrophy is evident.
  • Skin problems: Maltipom is also susceptible to many skin conditions.


Constant care is necessary for your Maltese Pomeranian hybrid to look and feel its finest.

In terms of grooming, Maltipoms can require a lot of work. Their medium-length woollen coat must be brushed daily to maintain it pristine and healthy. If not sufficiently combed, they may grow severe mats or cutaneous blisters.

Except for the region surrounding their eyes and face, which requires regular trimmings, they’ll require bathing once per month and trimmings quite often.

As with both of its ancestors, as well as other toy-sized canines, this crossbreed is vulnerable to dental problems. You must include tooth brushing in their everyday routine as a result.

Only a skilled stylist should cut or trim the Maltipom’s fur if it becomes exceedingly long, particularly if it has two layers.

Additionally, watch out for any redness or rashes because this variety is susceptible to skin problems.

Final Words

Maltipoos are entertaining, affectionate lapdogs that live long lives and are not too challenging to train. They’re fantastic crosses for households searching for a smaller dog.

They’re also perfect for anyone searching for a special lapdog with loads of character. The Maltese Pomeranian Blend loves interacting with people and adapting well to most environments.

These attributes make it an excellent dog for people who enjoy bringing their pets on adventures. Maltipoms are joyful, fun-loving canines that have won many people’s hearts. They can make excellent pets for individuals who enjoy their fuzzy allure and provide them with the necessary connection.

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