6 Best No Pull Dog Harness to Buy in Australia

Walk training will never be easy if you have an unruly canine companion. They might always be excited to travel around everywhere during walking. So your canine takes off at full speed to pull you around at anything that arouses their interest in the neighbourhood, practically choking themselves. In such a case, a dog harness comes handy.

A standard dog collar can bestow pressure on your canine’s neck as they strain to get ahead. Moreover, canines are known to suffer from several collar-related issues and injuries, including skin issues, mouth and limb injuries, and accidental strangulation. But a no-pull dog harness can be a game-changer.

With it, you can train your restless furry canine to slow down, preventing choking. No pull dog harnesses are a unique product that comes in all designs and shapes.

Adventurer No Pull Dog Harness Extra

Adventurer No Pull Dog Harness Extra

Our Top Recommendation for No Pull Dog Harness!

The Adventurer No Pull Dog Harness tops our list because of its versatility. It’s made of a strong oxford nylon mesh and comes with a spongy padded layer for added comfort. In addition, there’s an adjustable strap that works independently. Moreover, the harness can be adapted to your doggy’s shape, enhancing its convenience.

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In this article, we have discussed what to consider in a no-pull harness and compiled the best products out there in the Australian market in a list. We hope you will make the right choice for you and your dog.

So let’s get started!

Best No Pull Dog Harness to Buy

Now that you know what to look for in the no-pull dog harness, let’s explore our top picks available in the Australian market for your doggy. You will see that most harnesses exhibit a standard construction and shape. However, they have some subtle differences that may attune with your dog’s physiology in some way.

Adventurer No Pull Dog Harness ExtraAdventurer No Pull Dog Harness Extra• Good size range
• Fully adjustable straps
• Front and back lead attachments.
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Puppia Soft Harness Pink SmallPuppia Soft Harness Pink Small• Back lead attachment
• Breathable mesh fabric
• Made of finely aerated fabric.
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Ezydog Harness Quick Fit LGE BlackEzydog Harness Quick Fit LGE Black• Unique construction
• Made of a tightly stitched nylon
• Fabric mesh is gentle on the skin and long-lasting.
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Sport No-Pull Dog Harness Outdoor Adventure With HandleSport No-Pull Dog Harness Outdoor Adventure With Handle• Easy to use
• Comfortable
• Durable
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Ultra-Light No Pull Dog HarnessUltra-Light No Pull Dog Harness• Easy to use
• Lightweight
• Extra comfortable
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Halti No Pull Harness For DogsHalti No Pull Harness For Dogs• Dual attachment
• Extra comfort
• Helps to keep your dog safe during dark hours
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1. Adventurer No Pull Dog Harness Extra

Adventurer No Pull Dog Harness Extra
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The first product topping our list is this Adventurer No Pull Dog Harness. It is designed for pet owners always on the go – perfect for regular trips to the park, great long walks, and exclusively for dogs who love running! The Adventurer No Pull Dog Harness will fit comfortably, allowing your pup to run or walk freely.

Adventurer No Pull Dog Harness Extra Customer Review


This is a perfect example of a versatile no-pull harness. It has been designed to adapt to all your needs. So go for trekking through high terrain or a gentle stroll on the beach with complete peace of mind with your restless canine companion.

In addition, this harness is very lightweight, making it effortless to wear during long walks. Your pup will feel no discomfort with it.


The Adventurer No Pull Harness is crafted of a rugged oxford nylon mesh. It’s imperishable and breathable. Moreover, such kind of material makes the harness capable of combating any wear and tear.

In addition, your dog will benefit from a spongy padded layer in the harness that would protect its shoulder and chest from rubbing. The best thing is that it won’t be heavy or itchy on your pup, no matter how much they sweat while running.


The Adventurer No Pull Harness is available in a varied range of sizes. So there is a size for dogs of all sizes! You will find the smallest size at 33-43cm across the chest and the largest size at 81-107cm across the chest. Moreover, you will benefit from the adjustable straps of the harness that work independently. Well, there’s more!

Adventurer No Pull Dog Harness Extra Review

This no-pull harness can be adapted to your canine’s shape. In short, the manufacturer has crafted this harness keeping all dogs in mind. So whether you have a Dachshund or a Greyhound, it will cater to you and your dog’s needs.

The ‘No Pull’ Mechanism

What’s the mechanism behind the ‘no pull’? This harness functions through two attachments – a front attachment and a back one. However, always utilise the front attachment while walking if you want the best results from a no-pull harness.

Eventually, you can enjoy more control and better maneuver over the harness and your dog.

Above all, it’s super easy to put on and take off your doggy. Plus, this harness is reflective, protecting you and your doggy in the dark.

A Dog is Wearing Adventurer No Pull Dog Harness Extra

Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable
  • Well-fitted and easy to use
  • Durable enough to combat wear and tear
  • It’s made of a rugged oxford nylon mesh
  • Lightweight 
  • It doesn’t feel heavy or itchy
  • Available in a different range of sizes
  • It comes with an adjustable strap
  • Front and back attachments
  • The lead doesn’t get tangled.


  • It might be heavier for warm weather.
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2. Puppia Soft Harness Pink Small

Puppia Soft Harness Pink Small
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Such a cutie! This Puppia No Pull Harness comes in vibrant pink colour, and your little pup will look pretty with it. Besides the captivating colour, this harness has practical functionalities. It comes with a padded and soft lining that enhances the comfort of wearing the harness. So if your puller dog needs a decent amount of control, this Puppia Soft Harness will offer you what you need.

Puppia Soft Harness Pink Small Customer Review


With this back-attached no-pull harness, you can have fine control over your little pup. So no worries, you will cause no harm to your doggy’s soft physiology by putting on this harness.

Moreover, it exhibits a unique design, packing durable and breathable mesh fabric. Together, they don’t bestow much pressure across the chest, preventing your canine from pulling and getting injured.

A dog is Wearing Puppia Soft Harness Pink Small


Remember that you have to slip this H-shaped harness over your doggy’s head. To ensure a perfect fit, you should measure their neck. The manufacturer has designed this specific model exclusively for small doggies with a chest size of 42cm maximum. So you can consider this Puppia Soft Harness a perfect puppy harness.

Above all, this model is crafted of a beautifully aerated fabric that will make it feel fresh on your pup’s skin. Plus, the harness comes with fully adjustable belt straps. This means you can move it to where your dog is comfortable. Bonus is the quick-release buckle that makes the harness a breeze to remove.

Puppia Soft Harness Pink Small Review

Pros & Cons


  • Captivating colour
  • Comfortable to wear
  • It comes with a soft padded lining
  • It features breathable polyester mesh materials
  • The harness can be easily attached 
  • Adjustable chest straps
  • You can easily remove the harness
  • Washable by hand or machine
  • Perfect for small dogs.


  • It has no reflective strips for low light visibility.
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3. Ezydog Harness Quick Fit LGE Black

Ezydog Harness Quick Fit LGE Black
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Another contender worth your attention is the Quick Fit Harness from Ezy Dog for puppies. This harness is easy to put on and take off, thanks to a step-through design.

This harness looks fashionable but doesn’t compromise comfort or safety. So no matter how much your pup love to go for a walk, you will always be ready to go! It’s simple to use and even gives you the aid you require during walk training.

Ezydog Harness Quick Fit LGE Black Review

Did you notice this product’s tagline? “The simplicity of a collar with the control of a harness.”

Unique Construction & Durability

This Edzydog harness boasts a unique design. You will find one belly strap and one chest strap fastened together using a single buckle. Eventually, this makes clipping on and off hassle-free and quick.

When it comes to durability, this puppy harness won’t disappoint you. It’s crafted of tightly stitched nylon and soft padded neoprene, making it more long-lasting and gentle on the skin.

Finally, you will find this harness in six different sizes, ranging from XXS to XL. However, make sure to take the proper measurement of your pup’s chest. The smallest size will fit your doggy.

Ezydog Harness Quick Fit LGE Black in Blue Color

Pros & Cons


  • Simple to use
  • It boasts an eccentric construction
  • Easy to clip on and off
  • Perfect for puppies
  • It’s available in different sizes from XXS to XL
  • It is made of stitched nylon
  • The material is breathable


  • It comes with no front attachment
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4. Sport No-Pull Dog Harness Outdoor Adventure With Handle

Sport No-Pull Dog Harness Outdoor Adventure With Handle
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The Sport No Pull Dog Harness Outdoor Adventure with Handle is one of the most commonly used and favourite no-pull harnesses among dog pawrents and canines all across the globe. Owing to its unique features, this harness is surely worth a shot, especially if you’re looking for something convenient.

Easy to use

This harness features a built-in handle that allows you to pull your canine companion close to you with ease. It also features a double clip option in the front and back that enables you to securely strap your pet in without much difficulty.


Besides being easy to use for a pawrent, this harness is also made of premium material that is incredibly comfortable for your canine companion. With this harness, you can be assured that it won’t chafe your pet’s limbs or irritate them in any way.

A picture is been click by me while testing the sport no pull dog harness

Available in a Variety of Colours

The Sport No Pull Dog Harness also comes in a variety of colours. There are various colours to choose from, such as orange, blue, pink, black and yellow. These colour variants are interesting when you need to match your outfit on vacation or even pick a regular one that your dog finds attractive.

Available in a Range of Sizes

This comfortable and colourful harness is made for every canine companion that tugs at their harnesses. This product comes in sizes ranging from XS to XL, which makes it available for almost every breed out there.


Durability is one of the most important things we need to consider when opting for a harness. The Sport harness is not far behind on that either. This product is made of premium quality durable nylon and is sure to last you for at least a decade.

Perfect for Use During Dark Hours

If you’re a pawrent who loves walking your furry friend after dusk, this harness makes just the cut. This harness features reflective stitching and makes your canine companion visible during dark hours. This helps avoid unnecessary accidents and mishaps, thus enhancing your dog’s security and safety.

my friend also purchase the same sport no pull dog harness for his lovely freind


Harnesses can be quite uncomfortable, and hence pawrents always try to ensure to get one that helps keep their canine companion content. This harness is not only snug and fit but is also completely breathable and can be used in all seasons around the year.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Durable
  • Perfect for use during Dark hours
  • Breathable


  • A little pricey
  • The neck strap is not adjustable
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5. Ultra-Light No Pull Dog Harness

Ultra-Light No Pull Dog Harness
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The Ultra Light No Pull Dog Harness is another great product not far behind on this list. If you’re looking for a more lightweight harness for your canine companion, this product Is the perfect fit for you.


This harness is unique owing to its incredible lightweight feature. Due to its weightless design, this product puts little strain on your canine companion’s body and neck and is perfect for long walks and hikes.

Extra Comfortable

Besides being lightweight, this harness is also made of super soft material and is extra comfortable for your canine companion. The material is gentle to your furry friend’s skin and will not cause any irritation or chafing.

A picture is been click by me while testing Ultra-Light No Pull Dog Harness

Keeps Your Dog Safe During Night Walks

This harness is worth considering if you enjoy night walks with your furry friend. This harness is also made of the reflective lining that helps increase visibility after dusk.

This helps keep your canine companion safe and secure from accidents and mishaps during nighttime walks.

Available in a Wide Range of Sizes

In addition, this ultra-light No pull dog harness has something special for every canine.

The brand offers sizes ranging from XXS with chest measurements of 30-35 cm and neck measurements of 22-30 cm to XL with chest measurements of 81-107 cm and neck measurements of 58-85 cm.

You can check their size chart to find the perfect fit for your canine companion.

Available in a Range of Colours

This harness does not compromise on style either. The brand offers a range of three different colours to choose from, depending on your taste.

With the ultra-light harness, you can choose between the colours black, army green and purple while you make your purchase.

my Puppy love to wear Ultra-Light No Pull Dog Harness


Comfort is a factor we all wish to offer our furry companions routinely. In addition to all its features, this harness is also breathable, enhancing your dog’s comfort level.

With this product, your dog can roam freely about without feeling suffocated during the hot summers.


With this harness, you don’t have to worry if the harness would be a perfect fit for purchase. The harness also features adjustable straps.

These straps enable you to snugly secure your furry friend into the harness to prevent them from slipping out or from choking on it.

Pros & Cons


  1. Easy to use
  2. Lightweight 
  3. Extra comfortable 
  4. Keeps your dog safe during night walks
  5. Available in a wide range of sizes
  6. Available in a range of colours
  7. Breathable
  8. Adjustable


  • A little pricey
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6. Halti No Pull Harness For Dogs

Halti No Pull Harness For Dogs
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The Halti No pull harness for dogs is another product widely popular among pets and pawrents all over the world. This harness is unique in its dual attachment feature and is a must-add to your pet’s wardrobe if they enjoy pulling and tugging on their harnesses.

Dual Attachment

The Halti No pull harness features a dual attachment design that provides two unique No pull functions. It features a rear attachment design that helps you lift your pet when it tightens as well as a frond connection that helps you turn your dog in another direction away from which they are pulling.

Extra Comfort

Most harnesses can cause irritation and strain to your pet’s body. This harness features a padded chest panel and padded straps that make it more comfortable for use. The padded chest panel helps reduce strain from pulling, and the straps provide your dog with an added sense of comfort.

A picture is been click while testing the Halti no Pull harness

Helps Keep Your Dog Safe During the Dark Hours

This harness is also particularly useful when it comes to keeping your canine companion safe during nighttime walks. It features a reflective chest panel that increases visibility during dark hours and thus keeps your furry friend secure.


In addition, the Halti No pull Harness is made of strong, high-quality fabric that is durable and long-lasting. With this product, you don’t have to worry about replacing it too quickly, regardless of how harshly your dog pulls at it.

my furry friend love to wear the Halti no pull harness

Available in a Range of Sizes

The Halti harness also comes in a range of sizes. Depending on the measurements of the base of your dog’s neck, you can choose between Small, Medium and Large sizes.

If the measurements are between 26 to 36 cm, opt for the small size. If between 34 to 46 cm, go for the medium size, and if it measures between 48 to 66 cm, the large size will do.

Pros & Cons


  1. Dual attachment
  2. Extra comfort
  3. Helps keep your dog safe during the Dark hours
  4. Durable
  5. Available in a range of sizes
  6. Perfect fit


  • No clips
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3 Things to Look For in a No Pull Harness

Below are the primary things you should consider while selecting the best no-pull harness for your dog. Take a look at them and make an informed decision!

1. Size

Sizing is essential to consider while getting the perfect no-pull harness for your canine. First, measure the circumference of the widest part closest to the collar bones (where the harness will sit) to ensure you choose the right size and product. After all, the right fit will ensure the best comfort.

2. Attachments

Dog harnesses typically have different lead placements that vary according to your canine’s physiology and use purpose. For example, you will see front-lead attachments fastened at the breastplate of a harness. It increases the muted, pressured feeling across the chest while your pup tries to pull ahead from you.

On the contrary, some harnesses have a back-lead attachment attached to the middle of the canine’s back. However, you will experience lesser control as an anti-pulling mechanism. This is better for small dogs and brachycephalic breeds like Pugs, Chihuahuas, Frenchies, and Dachshunds.

3. Comfort

Well, comfort can signify different things for different dogs. Like, small short-haired dogs may be fond of extra padding in winter months while walking. Alternatively, your big canine buddy with long hair may not prefer heavy padding.

So it would help if you contemplated the weight of the harness you are looking at. It should be light enough to let your pup walk freely. Also, the material should be skin safe and breathable.

Finally, choose the harness keeping your canine friend’s unique needs in mind.

FAQ’s For No Pull Dog Harness

Here are some interesting facts and queries you should know about no pull dog harness when you are going to buy one for your pet buddy.

Is it Better to Use a Collar or Harness?

A harness is typically the best choice for walk training dogs as it doesn’t bestow immense pressure on their neck. Moreover, if your dog has breathing issues, you should opt for a harness rather than a collar. 

Can a Harness Hurt Your Dog?

If you don’t fit the harness properly, it can affect your pup’s movement and gait. So several animal professionals don’t recommend using a harness that covers a dog’s chest as it puts pressure on the shoulder. 

Does a Harness Make Dogs Feel Safe?

Dog harnesses are usually a safer option to attach a leash while walking. When properly fitted, a harness spreads the pulling force over the shoulders and chest. As a result, they offer more control and security. 


The No-Pull Dog Harnesses are available in various styles and designs. First, you must analyse which is ideal for you and your pup.

For example, if you have a long-haired dog, you may use a durable harness like that from Adventurer. On the other hand, the Puppia Soft Harness is lightweight, so small or short-haired dogs can work well with it.