Shar Pei X Staffy: Info, Temperament & More

If you are looking for a dog as your pet, then you may have to consider which one you would like to bring for your family. Given the different dog breeds, you might want to look for one that’s best suited for you and your family members. In short, you need to know their temperament.

In this piece, we are going to walk you through a dog breed; after knowing about it, you are surely going to adopt one. And that’s the Shar Pei X Staffy.

The Shar Pei X Staffy is a crossbreed of the Chinese Shar Pei dog and the British Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy). The Shar Pei X Staffy is generally known by the name Shar Pei Staffy cross. They are the unique breed and the cutest ones who are known, for the most part, as little.

Keep reading as we unfold about its origin, personality, appearance, barking tendency, grooming habits, etc.

Shar Pei X Staffy: Origin

Shar Pei X Staffy: Origin And Parent Breeds

The Chinese Shar-Pei and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier were crossed to generate the hybrid breed known as the Shar Pei X Staffy, or Sharpstaff. The Shar Pei is a long-lived breed of Chinese origin that is known for its wrinkled skin and loyal temperament. On the other hand, the English-bred Staffordshire Bull Terrier is renowned for its powerful dominant, and friendly nature. The Shar Pei X Staffy shows a blend of the characteristics of these two breeds, including trust, power, and loving nature. The unique look and adaptive temperament of this hybrid breed contributed to its popular appearance.

About Shar Pei

About Shar Pei

Almost on the brink of extinction by the 20th century, Shar Pei’s origin dates back to 200 BC in Southern China. This breed is known for its wrinkled appearance; however, many don’t like it much for the same reason. In 1978, this breed was named the world’s rarest breed.

Here’s a short info on this breed that will help you understand their physical appearance.

Physical Appearance
Coloursdifferent solid colour except for white
Height44-51 cm or 17-20 inches
Weight16-29 kg
Coatsshort, harsh, & bristly
Life span11-12 years.

They are also known as Cantonese Shar Pei and Chinese fighting dogs.

The Shar Pei is a less intelligent dog, and it is different from European breed dogs. They are a more aggressive nature breed, have a poor quality of dealing with other animals, and are honest with other people but are protective of their families. Their moods and manners make them low-average dogs, among others, but they can be stubborn and strong-willed.

About Staffy/ Staffordshire Bull Terrier

About Staffy/ Staffordshire Bull Terrier

On the other hand, the Staffordshire bull terrier originated in 1935 AD from the United Kingdom and the black country of Staffordshire, on which they were named.

They are also known as Staffy or Stafford. They are purebred dogs in their terrier group, and the old type of bull terrier was recognised by Great Britain in 1935.

Here’s what you need to know about their physical appearance:

Physical Appearance
Colourswhite, black, blue, fawn, and red colours, with or without white, and they come in any variety of brindle with or without white
Height13-17 kg
Weight36-41 cm or 14-16 inches
Litter size5 - 7 inches
Coatssmooth, short & close
Life spanover 12 years

Temperaments of Shar Pei Staffy’s Cross

If you are thinking about a new family member, it is necessary to know about the breed’s temperament. So, here in this section, we will discuss all the key temperaments of the Shar Pei Staffy crossbreed.

Characteristics of The Shar Pei Staffy’s Cross

Characteristics of The Shar Pei Staffy's Cross

The traits of the Shar Pei Staffy cross mixed breed are:

SizeSmall to medium
Height14-20 in
WeightRed, Fawn, White, Black, Blue, or any shade of brindle.
Coat coloursthin, smooth, close, and short
Coatlow shedding
EarsRims dark, pale yellow, or gooseberry
EyesRims dark, pale yellow, or gooseberry
Barking tendencyModerate
Life span12-14 years
Kids friendlyyes
TemperamentLoyal, friendly, and stubborn

1. Personality


Shar Pei Staffy Cross is loyal and friendly, but sometimes they are also aggressive and stubborn; this depends totally on their mood and the owner’s control over them. They are also energetic and playful, but sometimes they stay calm according to the situation. They will be a good companion for your families and are friendly with small kids.

They are quite difficult to understand, but you have to understand their personality because it can vary on many factors, including genetics, socialisation, and training. You will also have to work on their aggressive and stubborn nature. Providing training to them will help you a lot.

2. Barking Tendency

You should know that Shar Pei and Staffordshire bull terriers are not known for being good barkers. So, inheriting from parents, the Shar Pei Staffy Cross has a moderate barking tendency.

These breeds do not have high barking tendencies but can be entertaining with their snores, snorts, grunts, and groans. They are also known for their singing voice, and most people love this tendency. They are fun to be around and can gain lovely characters with huge personalities with the right training.

3. Appearance


The Shar Pei Staffy Cross has a head, tail, and body like a Staffordshire bull terrier and has some wrinkles on the face like Shar Pei. Their body has a thin, short, closed, and smooth coat. They are known, for the most part, as little and interesting to know about how they act and live. Their coats are shiny and require less maintenance.

Sometimes they come in dual colours or with patches on the chest and face. Some body parts of these brees are too small. They come in Red, Fawn, White, Black, Blue, or any shade of brindle colours. They can have a height between 14-20 in and a weight between 17-29 kg. They have triangular ears, dark butterfly shape nose, and small paws.

4. Grooming

These breeds require low maintenance:

  • The coat requirement for this breed is to brush them with a grooming kit or bristle dog brush once weekly to keep their coat clean and healthy.
  • They need occasional baths unless they have rolled in something nasty.
  • The coat of this breed is short and smooth, so they need quick brushing.
  • Use the right and branded shampoos to brush their coats so that the coat remains shiny and smooth.
  • Clean their teeth twice weekly with vet-advised toothpaste, and trim the nails accordingly.
  • You can clean their ears according to the vet’s opinion.
  • You can also apply sunscreen on their nose and ears in the warmer season to protect them from getting burnt.

5. The Activity Needs

The Activity Needs

They need regular exercise or at least one hour of exercise every day. Take them for a walk every day to maintain their health. Take them to a park near your location so that they can enhance their activities by playing with numerous props. You can include challenging activities for them to increase their mind working.

They love to dig, jump, fence, and run. Your Shar Pei Staffy Cross loves scent games, so you can provide them with puzzle-treat toys. They are very energetic and love to play with their loved ones. You can also give them a strong toy because they love to chew. Along with these, you will also have to take care of their mental needs.

However, avoid too many treats for them because it can lead to obesity.

Health Issues of Shar Pei Staffy’s Cross

Health Issues of Shar Pei Staffy’s Cross

The Shar Pei Staffy Cross is generally healthy but still can have major health issues due to negligence, such as Arthritis, cancer, heart disease, and hypoadrenocorticism. So, knowing about their health issues is better before having them as a new member.

1. Obesity

Be aware of this issue because these breeds get obese easily due to their small size. So you can protect them by providing a fixed, proper and healthy diet.

2. Arthritis

As your Shar Pei Staffy Cross will be older; you can notice this issue in them. This happens due to being so active. They can suffer from joint and bone issues. You can be able to recognise it by seeing their difficulty in getting up from lying down. You may also recognise stiffness in hips or elbows or may recognise their lameness.

3. Cancer

As your Shar Pei Staffy Cross will be older; you will have to conduct regular blood tests of them because it is difficult to notice this disease. There is a minimum chance of detecting this disease early.

You will have to keep your pet in proper care as they grow older; you can have a look at them so that they do not get any lumps, they won’t be lethargic, they do not get tired very soon, or they do not have weight loss.

4. Heart Disease

As your Shar Pei Staffy Cross is older; you will have to keep them under proper care because this disease can lead to the death of your pet. So to detect this disease, you can check out for some symptoms in your pet, such as fainting, tiredness, breathing difficulties, swollen abdomen, reduction in appetite, gagging, or endurance during exercise.

5. Hypoadrenocorticism

These breed dogs are more likely to get this disease than other dogs. The increase in condition will make it difficult to detect this disease. This disease is caused by too much of steroid hormones produced in the adrenal gland by malfunctioning.

You can notice the signs of urinating more than normal, drinking more than normal, hair loss, reduced activity, increased appetite, potbelly, and skin thinning to detect this disease.

In conclusion, if you notice any kind of changes in their habits, activities, or body, you must directly consult your veterinarian to make the right decision for your pet in terms of their quality of life.

What Are The Dietary Needs of Shar Pei Staffy’s Cross?

You must provide your friend with the correct amount of food for a healthy lifestyle. You should always prefer branded foods for your pet and the nutrients the veterinarian provides. These breeds often suffer from allergies, so you must feed them wisely.

Feed them according to the vet’s dietary plan. Giving them small meals three times a day Ghostwriter Berlin will prevent the bloating and acidic formation in their stomach. So it is better to feed accordingly.  You will also have to maintain nutrients, vitamins, and proteins in them for your healthy lifestyle.

You will also have to maintain the portion of a meal so that your pet does not get obese because they get obese easily due to their small size klausur schreiben lassen kosten. So you can protect them by providing a fixed, proper and healthy diet.

What is The Lifespan of Shar Pei Staffy’s Cross?

What is The Lifespan of Shar Pei Staffy’s Cross?

These breeds can live 12 to 14 years but also longer than the provided life span if you care for them properly and provide a proper healthy diet Hausarbeit schreiben lassen. You will also have to take care of their activities and regular exercises to extend their life span.


In conclusion, the Shar Pei Staffy Cross is ideal for owners who want a silent environment in their house or who want to avoid a lot of barking noise and need protection from outsiders a href=”” style=”color:#222222″>ghostwriting. These dogs are also good for owners who walk or jog daily.

These breeds are fit for families and small kids. They are loving, affectionate, friendly, and of silent nature. They love to play with their loved ones ghostwriter wien. You will just have to think of their requirements for their healthy physical and mental state for a healthy lifestyle of your pet friend.

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