Staffy X Pitbull Dog Breed: Facts, Temperament And More

Staffy and pitbull are both muscular good looking breeds with courage and tenacity. They make great family pets but need to be trained well before leaving children around them.

But did you know that both also have a cross breed which doubles the look, courage, and being a family pet?

By crossing the breed, we get Staffy Bull Pit.

Designer dogs like the Staffy Bull Pit are rare, but inadvertent crossbreeds are probably rather common.

The Staffy x Pitbull is a mixed-breed canine. It is a hybrid of the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This hybrid is not a common one, which means you need to plan if you wish to get a Staffy bull pit.

Although the Staffy Bull Pit is a relatively uncommon designer canine, accidental crossbreeding is quite common.

History: Staffy Cross Pitbull

History-Staffy cross Pitbull
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These dogs may be traced back to good ancient Bulldogs in England in the 1700s, mixed with other Terrier canines to add athleticism and intellectual curiosity.

The resulting Bull-and-terriers were powerful but nimble canines with the strength and bravery to help manage bulls, aid archers in hunting down wild animals and bears and battle each other to the grave.

When these canines were brought to the United States throughout the 1800s, they were purposed to be hunting dogs.

Height 17 to 22 inches
Weight35 to 65 pounds
Lifespan12 to 14 years
Breed typeDesigner
Coat coloursCan be in any colour except Blue
Best suited forActive families

1. About The Breed

The most attractive and friendly gentle giants belong to this kind. They are lively and fun. They are simple to teach and enjoy being around humans, although they do not like frequent visitors.

They are obedient and devoted creatures renowned for getting well with children. They can even get alongside other canines if taught from a very early age. With their contagious smiles and high level of cuteness, Staffy cross Pitbull crosses win your hearts and homes.

2. Physical Attributes

Throughout its existence, the Staffy x Pitbull hybrid can grow to a size of 17 to 22 inches and gain up to 35 to 65 pounds. Females often have lesser heights than males. Besides, they are less violent, less assertive, and less authoritative.

3. Personality And Temperament

Personality And Temperament

When selecting a pup of this breed, it is crucial to complete your research since its lineages might still tend towards aggression and conflict.

Most producers have focused on developing this species to be peaceful, affectionate, and devoted, besides being athletic and strong.

These canines are too obedient to their masters and amiable to serve as security dogs. As they demand a lot of activity to keep healthy, they are better suited for households that can meet their daily exercise requirements. They also have separation anxiety and can’t be left alone for an extended period.

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4. With Family, Kids And Other Pets

Although Staffy Bull Pits have long been trained to have calm, even dispositions, it is crucial to watch over any encounters between such dogs and kids.

Particularly when it comes to small kids and infants, there can be devastating outcomes. Also, Staffy Bull Pits sometimes lack awareness of their strength, so it is crucial to keep a watch during encounters with young children.

A well-bred dog like this could be too affectionate with people to make a good defender for a site. But they might possess their owners and are often aggressive with other pets. This necessitates intensive socializing to make them comfortable with other pups.

If multiple dogs are present, interactions with these dogs might become less tense and under control.

5. Appearance: Staffy Cross Pitbull

The medium-sized Staffy Bull Pit has a sturdy frame and tight, well-defined muscle structure.

They have a relatively sizable, robust skull with a large, long snout, a strong jaw, and straight, upright lips instead of drooping lips. They also own a broad, flattened head and a broad, level forehead. They have eyes that are round or almond-shaped, generally deeper brown but sometimes other colours besides Blue.

Both types often favour their shorter, maintained either in a rosette or half-prick shape native ears over clipped ears. A solitary covering of sparse, tight fur covers this combination.

Compared to other varieties, their chests and shoulders are exceptionally well-muscled. Their limbs ought to be erect with robust, rounded bone fragments.

6. Activity

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This breed is an athletic and energetic kind that needs at least an hour of hard exercise every day to preserve its incredible figure.

These crosses are adept in activities like frisbee and even following challenges, yet they are equally content with shorter excursions and long walks.

Some dog owners might want to work out their canines by having them draw weights, but this needs to be done very carefully since these canines can fatally overburden themselves.

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7. Diet And Nutrition

The greatest method to ensure your dog’s comfort and well-being is to provide them with balanced food. Additionally, many exercises, routine veterinary treatment, and an involved, loving family will keep them happy.

The Staffy cross Pitbull hybrid requires two and a half cups of food daily, not including treats. Also, given that they are more susceptible to infections and skin disorders, a diet rich in omega fatty acids is advised. Your best bet is a medium or all-breed formulation because they are a medium-sized mix.

8. Training

Given that most dogs of this variety have very short attention spans, training should be brief and enjoyable. Ideally, training should be done just as the dog is about to give up.

This implies that daily, fun and brief training courses are required. Make every effort to make it enjoyable. They are kept from freezing out of fear by encouragement.

Whenever you reward your dog for sitting, they likely practice it more going forward. With the help of this training technique, dogs can develop self-assurance and affection for their owners.

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9. Health Concerns

Health Concerns
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The lifespan of the Staffy Bull Pit is 12 to 14 years. However, this crossbreed is more susceptible to contracting a variety of diseases, such as the following:

  1. Demodicosis: These Dogs frequently contract demodicosis, an aggressive skin condition caused by mite overgrowth in hair cells and oil glands. It is among the most challenging treatment issues in veterinary dermatology.
  2. Canine Hip Dysplasia: As canines develop, a disease known as canine hip dysplasia causes the hip joint to become unstable or loose. Possible clinical indicators include hip discomfort, limb malfunction, and progressive alterations in the joint.
  3. Cerebellar Abiotrophy: Staffy Bull Pits are also predisposed to Cerebellar Abiotrophy. This hereditary deteriorating condition causes the cerebellum’s tissues to degenerate progressively. Stability, posture, and synchronization are lost in canines with cerebellar degeneration. This condition usually worsens with age.
  4. Patellar Luxation: One or both rear legs may be affected. The Patella seems more vulnerable to gliding out of its usual arrangement in this condition.
  5. Cataracts: When the eye’s lens fogs,  a dog gets a cataract. Blindness can be caused by light not reaching the retina whenever the lens gets infiltrated. Abnormalities bring this on in the proteins or water content in the lenses.
  6. Ichthyosis: The footpads and the skin’s outermost part enlarge under this uncommon disease. Puppies with the condition have heavy, oily scales or granules covering their tough skin, which adhere to their skin and fur.
  7. ZincResponsive Dermatosis: Uncommon in canines, zinc-responsive dermatosis is caused by zinc deficiency. This condition is also seen in most Staffy Bull Pits.
  8. Progressive Retinal Atrophy: Cells in the eye are affected by a group of deteriorating illnesses known as progressive retinal atrophy.
  9. Hypothyroidism: Hypothyroidism is another common disease to look out for in these breeds.
  10. Cleft Palate: A cleft palate is a typical trait in these mixed breeds. It happens due to the mouth’s roof failing to seal properly in the womb development process. As a result, there is a vacuum between the nasal passage and the mouth.
  11. Skin Allergies: Since these dogs have shorter coats, they are prone to various skin conditions. This includes skin cancer, lumps, and irritating allergies. They are susceptible to sunburns, so be careful to continue sheltering them and apply dog sunblock as necessary.

10. Care

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  1. The Staffy Bull Pit usually doesn’t need a lot of maintenance work, and its fur can be cared for properly and neat with little hassle.
  2. Baths are only necessary on very few occasions per year. They are straightforward, except if your dog gets into anything stinky or filthy.
  3. A weekly combing session with a smoother brush or styling glove is enough to maintain healthy, glossy hair.
  4. These canines are susceptible to skin issues. So, remember that every time you clean your dog, the body should be carefully inspected. This helps ensure that any illnesses or infestations are treated immediately.
  5. Canine sunscreen must be employed in light-coloured canines and puppies with delicate skin. This is because of this dog’s single-layer fur and susceptible skin. It may expose them more to UV radiation impairment.

Final Words

Even though their posture and build may intimidate you, this canine buddy would be a superb complement to your loving family.

They get along well with children and will appreciate being a part of your household as long as you can offer them the entertainment and care they need.

However, be cautious when selecting one from this breed, and ensure you do your homework. Pitbull crosses are unclear in the law. Thus it’s safer to keep the canine on a lead and muzzled.

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