Westiepoo (West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle): Facts & Info

Meta: Considering adopting an energetic Westiepoo into your tiny home? Here’s everything you need to know about the West Highland Terrier and Poodle cross!

These puppies are intelligent, energetic, and loving and acquire some greatest traits from each of their parents. Wee-Poos and Westiedoodles are other names for Westiepoos. This designer blend dog breed, known as the Westiepoo, is adored not just for its gorgeous appearance but also due to its sweet blend of intellect, elegance, and affection.

History of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle

History of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle
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Westiepoos is a hybrid breed of dog created by crossing the Poodle and West Highland white terrier. Since the Westiepoo is more of a relatively recent hybrid dog breed, there isn’t a lot of reliable documentation about its past. However, the West Highland Terrier and the Toy or Miniature Poodle were intended to be mated together to create this variety, which is believed to have originated in the Americas during 1970.

Height 11 to 17 inches 
Weight20 to 35 pounds
Lifespan12 to 14 years
Breed typeDesigner
Coat coloursBlack, Golden, Cream, Fawn, Brown, Apricot
Best suited forFirst-time owners, Single adults, Active families, Elders

About the Breed of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle

About the Breed of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle
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Among the friendliest and perhaps most sociable dogs known is the Westiepoo. They love communicating with people and will get along well with your family. Although Westiepoos are little canines, they do have a tremendous level of activity, so you would need to be capable of committing to a regular exercise schedule. Despite their ability to adjust to apartment buildings, they cannot be left alone throughout the day. The Westiepoo is a dog that constantly tries to be in the midst of the action!

1. Physical Attributes of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle

Typically, the Westiepoo is referred to as a little dog. However, as is frequently the case with more recent mixed breeds, precise size requirements may differ. Most canines fluctuate in stature from 11 to 17 inches and weigh 20 to 35 lbs. Between the ages of 8 to 12 months, they are fully developed.

2. Personality and Temperament of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle

Personality and Temperament of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle
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The Westiepoo is a wonderful cross of a rather affectionate and lively dog. The species always like to cuddle and stick out with you if you’re unwinding at home on a leisurely day or evening.

Families, single adults, elders, and kids enjoy having Westiepoos as companionship. Offering these cute little balls of fur plenty of attention and fun ought to be an everyday goal since they love it. The Westiepoo can also adapt to all living conditions; they thrive in anything from apartments and condominiums to suburban areas or large tracts of land. This is similar to just how they integrate into all varieties of families.

Although it is normally not a vicious dog, it can also become irritable and snappy. They will gladly approach visitors on a stroll because they are lively and amiable. However, they possess some terrier characteristics and may be quick to bark whenever somebody knocks on the door. They won’t ever pose a sufficient threat to be considered a security dog, but at best, they will warn their people of any prospective trespassers.

In most cases, Westiepoos are okay with spending several hours unattended daily. But if they are left alone for too much or too often, this very gregarious breed is prone to separation anxiety. In addition, due to their intellect, Westiepoos require engaging toys to prevent destructive behaviour.

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3. With Family, Kids and Other Pets of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle

With Family, Kids and Other Pets of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle
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Westiepoos make the ideal pet for virtually any home because of their propensity to get along with kids, families, elders, and other pets. These Petite but sturdy dogs enjoy interacting with people and are typically keen on playing with their guardians or other dogs.

Generally speaking, the Westiepoo gets along well with kids, particularly older ones who have grown to appreciate the dog’s limits. If early education and socialisation are done properly, strong ties can be created between these dogs and children.

The high predatory drive of this mixed breed can undoubtedly be a problem regarding home pets, particularly with smaller animals. For example, a home with cats may not be a suitable fit for this canine. But early socialising can assist in resolving this problem.

4. Appearance of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle

Appearance of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle
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They will win your love with their soft, fluffy coats, wide brown eyes, and joyful nature. The Westiepoo’s piercing eyes are broad and have a friendly yet vigilant attitude. Most canines of this breed possess ears that fall and dangle towards the sides of their faces rather than being upright like the Westies.

Their comparatively large, dark nostrils will rest at the tip of their sleek muzzles and match their dark eyes. When attentive to its master, this dog is renowned for peculiarly scrunching its neck.

The Westiepoo could have taller legs like a poodle or be considerably shorter, heavy, and boxy like a Westie, based on the traits they inherited from their parental figures. They usually have medium-length coats that can be either silky and glossy or stiff and prickly.

Although poodles appear in several colours, most Westiepoos receive a white coat like their Terrier father. Everything from black to golden Westiepoos may have a mixture of cream and brown fur. Their fur may also be fawn or apricot in colour.

5. Activity of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle

Activity of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle
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Don’t ignore this aspect of your puppy’s essential needs. The Westiepoo is a little breed with a lot of zest and drive that needs to be used wisely. They might behave badly and have health problems if you lock them in the flat for hours at a stretch. A Westiepoo needs both physical and mental engagement for good health and enjoyment. While Westiepoos don’t require as much activity as those other varieties, they will benefit from a regular 30-minute stroll and a few more minutes of fun. To mix it up a bit, vary their daily routine and attempt to visit different dog parks and areas.

6. Diet and Nutrition of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle

It may take a little practice to find the right diet for Westiepoos because they can be fussy eaters. Since shorter meals are simpler for puppies to process, you must aim to serve them 3 to 4 times daily as puppies.

After six months, you can switch to twice-daily feedings and transition from the high-calorie pup food to one that is more appropriate for an adult dog. They will require 1.5 to 2.5 servings of dry dog food per day, and the ideal choice is high-quality dry kibble since smaller dogs are more likely to have dental issues.

Avoid meals that contain chemical additives or synthetic colours, and ensure that maise or soy are listed later in the list of ingredients rather than at the front.

Westiepoos must eat a balanced diet because overeating can result in gaining weight and other health issues, particularly if enough exercise isn’t provided.

7. Training of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle

Training of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle
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It is not surprising that the Westiepoo is bright, given that both the PoodlePoodle and the Westie are intellectual dog breeds. They respond well to training and are a wonderful choice for new dog owners. Timely puppy preschool enrolment is strongly advised as it will support the learning and development of both the pawrent and the dog.

When they first move into a new residence, housetraining can be difficult, so crate instruction could be the best option. You must demonstrate yourself as the leader of the pack.

In the end, with this mixed breed, early socialisation truly rewards you. So when you bring your Westiepoo back to your house, acknowledge them for excellent behaviour.

Health Concerns of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle

In general, Westiepoos have excellent health. They can survive between 12 and 15 years if given the proper attention. So even though the mix could be susceptible to the same issues their parents suffer, Westiepoos are typically considered healthy animals.

  • Tooth loss: Routine dental treatment is essential for this breed because they could also be prone to early loss of teeth.
  • Atrophy: Loss of muscle tissue known as atrophy typically affects the joints, particularly the rear legs, but it can also affect other appendages. It also grows gradually without the pawrents knowing if it results from an accident or operation.
  • Epilepsy: A brain condition known as epilepsy is characterised by persistent seizure attacks. Although the precise cause of this medical problem is unclear, inherited factors may play a role. Pollutants, kidney damage, brain tumours, head injuries, or liver problems might also bring it on. It impacts female dogs less frequently than male dogs. The first episode in your dog is more likely to result between the ages of one and five.
  • Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is hip joint instability. The signs of this ailment include hobbling or restricted mobility.
  • Skin problems: The Westiepoo is susceptible to several skin problems.
  • Cardiac disease: Westiepoos over six should get a veterinarian checkup every six months to evaluate their cardiovascular and general health because Westiepoos are susceptible to cardiovascular problems.
  • Liver disease: Any dog breed can get a liver illness. Early signs include a yellow tinge to the epidermis, and the ears and eyes are probably where you may notice it beforehand.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy: Vision loss may result from the irreversible and gradual visual impairment known as progressive retinal atrophy. All pawrents should participate in regular screening to lower the population’s overall incidence of afflicted pets.
  • Patellar Luxation: A dog develops patellar luxation whenever the kneecap dislocates. A hobble or shaky steps are signs of this illness. For some canines, a significant patellar luxation requires surgery.
  • Addison’s disease: Addison’s disease is another prevalent medical problem with this dog. A hormonal imbalance is to blame. This illness might manifest as puking, diarrhoea, and excessive thirst. A vet must perform blood tests and urinary analyses to identify Addison’s disease. Luckily, some drugs can help with this issue.
  • Legg Calve Perthes disease: Small dogs with this orthopedic ailment will gradually become lame and have less muscle in their rear legs. It causes the apex of the proximal femur to degenerate over age.

Care of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle

Care of West Highland Terrier Cross Poodle
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  • Because small dogs are more likely to experience dental problems, try to clean your Westiepoo’s molars daily.
  • This breed is low-maintenance and doesn’t shed much, but you’ll still be required to conduct periodic brushing consultations to prevent mats from forming. In addition, it’s essential to give this dog a bath per 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Because of Westiepoos’ propensity for skin disorders, it’s vital to evaluate the body at least every week for rashes, hair loss, scar tissue, or discharge.
  • Ensure that you examine the breed’s ears once a week to see any indications of possible irritation or infection.
  • You must trim your Westiepoo nails once a month.

Final Words

The Westiepoo, a cuddly, adorable dog with a great attitude, is among the most well-liked hybrid dog breeds. This sturdy little variant is a friendly, family dog who enjoys being with people. They get along remarkably well with other dogs, cats, and older children. This dog will easily fit into virtually any household. It needs time and verbal praise to learn new skills because it is clever yet stubborn; however, once you connect with it, it will become too attached to you and your family. You can’t even live without a Westiepoo once you’ve welcomed it.

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