We are a Victoria, Australia based pet care and shelter provider. We are a volunteer run group led by former Veterinary Technician and life long lover, Zachary Dixon. Zachary wants to find a comfortable home for every pet.

Our mission is to improve the lives of our pets and help educate dog owners on becoming a better pet parent.

  • Dog rescue and shelter
  • Hospital visits
  • Dog product reviews
  • Dog breed and care tips

Zachary Dixon

Hey, I am Zachary and welcome to my website. I am a 32 year old full time dad to every pet that needs special care and attention. I graduated from college to be a Veterinary Technician in 2007. After working for three years as a vet, I realized my love for these kiddos just keeps growing.

So, I started “Zacharys Paws for Healing” here in Victoria, Australia, to help every pet heal as well as let our pets heal our loved ones. I also write guides to educate pet owners in becoming better pet parents.

  • Special attention and care to dogs in need
  • Hospital visits to provide comfort to our loved ones
  • Dog product reviews and guides on becoming a better dog owner
  • Volunteer groups to rescue pets and adopt pets