7 Best Dog Carrier Backpack in Australia (Our Top Pickup)

Many individuals are so devoted to their childhood pets that they really want to bring them wherever they go. This isn’t always a terrible aspect. However, it’s important to consider utilising anything a bit more durable than a standard bag to accomplish so.

A dog carrier is an useful contribution to dog necessities whether you and your dog wish to tour the globe with each other or you want something to accompany him to the clinic. It is an easy way to keep your pet safe and protected while also keeping your journey more pleasant.

Ibiyaya Double Decker Carrier Backpack

Ibiyaya Double Decker Carrier Backpack

Our Top Recommendation for Dog Carrier Backpack!

Our favourite in this list is the the Ibiyaya Double Decker Carrier backpack, because of its twin compartmentalization feature. Plus, it offers great comfort with being exceptionally lightweight, and you could even use it as a booster car seat.

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Before you decide on the first dog carrier you see, have a look at our top selections for the best dog carrier backpacks in Australia.

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Best Dog Carrier Backpacks to Buy

Ibiyaya Double Decker Carrier BackpackIbiyaya Double Decker Carrier Backpack• Double Decker
• Built-in mesh window
• Also suitable for use as a pet car seat
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K9 Sport SackK9 Sport Sack• Ideal for pets suffering from anxiety and depression
• Suitable for dogs of all sizes
• Sixty-day guarantee
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Mr. Peanut’s Backpack Pet CarrierMr. Peanut’s Backpack Pet Carrier• Airline Appropriate
• Included ID card holder
• Built-in leash tether and self-locking zippers
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Apollo Walker Pet Carrier BackpackApollo Walker Pet Carrier Backpack• Two-way entry
• Top mesh window
• Soft fleece bedding
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Petcute Dog Carrier BackpackPetcute Dog Carrier Backpack• Lightweight
• Easy to carry
• Ergonomic design of the head hole
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Petami Premium Pet Carrier BackpackPetami Premium Pet Carrier Backpack• Built-in collapsible pet bowl
• Sufficient aeration
• Bedding with Sherpa lining
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Coppthinktu Dog Carrier BackpackCoppthinktu Dog Carrier Backpack• Lightweight
• Integrated D-shaped buckle
• Money-back guarantee
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1. Ibiyaya Double Decker Carrier Backpack

Ibiyaya Double Decker Carrier Backpack
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The Ibiyaya backpack compartmentalises miraculously to fit your demands while also paying extra care to make you and your pet comfy. This one-of-a-kind dog carrier has earned its noteworthy spot on our list!


This royalty pet transportation backpack is sculpted into a superior and robust component for the shelter and convenience of you and your pet.

I Always Kept My Dog in a Ibiyaya Double Decker Carrier BackpackWhile Walking Out

Double Compartment

It has two distinct zippered pockets that are ideal for carrying one to two small-sized pets and storing clothes, toys, and supplies.


This dog carrier is very lightweight, saving you from carrying unnecessary weight on your back.


The Ibiyaya backpack is likewise composed of easy-to-clean washable cross-weave fabric.

Built-in Mesh Windows

This backpack also has mesh windows for some further ventilation.

Ibiyaya Double Decker Carrier Backpack Customer Review

Additional Support

For further support, the bag has a high-quality chest strap with an outer swinging hook and a cushioned length-adjustable hip band.

Additional Comfort for Both You and Your Pet

For increased comfort, it has ergonomically contoured fasteners with a variable load hoist. It also contains a soft, anatomically inner mattress cushioning at the bottom, making it extremely cozy for your dogs.

Suitable for Use as a Pet Car Seat

By simply attaching the seatbelts to the hooks to hold the kennel bag solid, it can be converted into a transportable dog vehicle seat.


This backpack features rubber feet pads to prevent scratches.


The Ibiyaya backpack is also water-resistant and keeps your pet dry in all conditions.

Ibiyaya Double Decker Carrier Backpack Review

Pros & Cons


  • Durable
  • Double compartment
  • Lightweight
  • Washable
  • Built-in mesh windows
  • Additional support
  • Additional comfort for both you and your pet
  • Suitable for use as a pet car seat


  • Not suitable for very long trips as there isn’t much space for the pets to stretch out their legs.

User Review: “It turned out to be precisely what I expected it to be. It was a very enjoyable experience to use it. Very comfy, robust, and has lots of room for my dogs. This purchase has made me extremely delighted!! And, to be honest, my dogs had never been in a backpack or bag of any kind, and they had no issues with this one. Definitely worth the investment. What you pay for is what you get.”

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2. K9 Sport Sack

K9 Sport Sack
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The K9 Sport Sack is our runner-up on this list. The K9 Sport Sack was designed by dog owners for dog owners to travel, cruise, experience adventure, and feel connected while remaining secure, comfy, and simple.

Ideal for Pets Suffering from Anxiety and Depression

This dog backpack is ideal for dogs suffering from depression or anxiety since it gives a safe and more spacious way of transporting them while allowing them to feel less intimidated or imprisoned.

Padded Resting Base

The K9 Sport Sack has a cushioned resting platform for your pet’s well-being.

K9 Sport Sack Customer Review

Added Support

To assist in dispersing the load on your back, this carrier incorporates ergonomic shoulder straps, upper and lower lumbar straps, and a sternum strap.

Two Side Pockets

This bag also has side pockets for storing a few more necessities.

Mesh Ventilation Panels

The mesh panels on the backpack make it breezy and airy.

Additional Protection for Your Pet

It also has a carabiner safety clip and a collar enclosure to assure your pet’s safety.

K9 Sport Sack Review

Suitable for Dogs of all Sizes

This backpack comes in four sizes to accommodate small, medium, and large dogs.

Available in a Variety of Shades

Light Grey, Tropical, Charcoal Grey, Summer Mint, Jet Black, Blue Camo, Grey, Navy, and Tan are the colours available for the K9 sports bag.

Guaranteed for Sixty Days

This bag is supported by a 60-day quality guarantee, and you can always contact the brand if you have any complaints or questions.

I Always Kept My Dog in a K9 Sport Sack While Walking Out

Pros & Cons


  • Ideal for pets suffering from anxiety and depression
  • Padded Resting Base
  • Added support
  • Two side pockets
  • Mesh ventilation panels
  • Additional protection for your pet
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
  • Available in a variety of shades
  • Guaranteed for sixty days


  • Material is not very durable

User Review: “In a review, I have yet to utilize the following two words: Purchase this! Pico, my 11-pound chihuahua, and I handed him around in the pack during the last two days of trekking in Southern Utah. This was the pack’s first test, and it passed with flying colours. It helps to have a well-trained and obedient dog; simply measure your dog as directed and follow the recommendations they offer.”

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3. Mr. Peanut’s Backpack Pet Carrier

Mr. Peanut’s Backpack Pet Carrier
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If you’re searching for a premium dog carrier, Mr Peanut’s Backpack is another great choice to explore. With a cozy fleece padded bed, this deluxe bag is made of high quality, long-lasting components to keep your pet quiet, secure, and snug.

Airline Appropriate

Each airline has its own set of regulations, which might differ between local, global, and regional flights, but it is always a good idea to check with your preferred airline. This carrier is meant to fit comfortably beneath your aircraft seat and is so considered airline-friendly.

Mr. Peanut’s Backpack Pet Carrier Customer Review

Handle Convenience

If you don’t want to wear it over your shoulder, the backpack has a handy handle.

Fleece Pad 

The carrier also has a detachable fleece cushion at the bottom to ensure your pet’s comfort.

Integrated Mesh Window

This backpack’s built-in window mesh guarantees optimal ventilation and an airy atmosphere for your pet.

Mr. Peanut’s Backpack Pet Carrier Review

ID Cardholder

The bag has an ID holder on which you may attach your contact information in case you misplace your backpack.

Built-in Leash Tether

The built-in leash tether keeps your pet in place and prevents them from leaping about.

Holders for Extras

The bag also contains a handy place where you can keep your water bottle when travelling. It also has a waste bag holder and a side pocket.

Available in a Variety of Shades

The bag is also available in Platinum Gray, Charcoal Ash, Deja Blue, and Purple.

Self-Locking Zippers

For enhanced security and safety, the bag has SBS Self-locking zippers.

I Always Kept My Dog in a Mr. Peanut’s Backpack Pet Carrier While Walking Out

Pros & Cons


  • Airline Appropriate
  • Handle convenience
  • Fleece pad
  • Integrated mesh window
  • ID cardholder
  • Built-in leash tether
  • Holders for extras
  • Available in a variety of shades
  • Self-locking zippers


  • Waist strap is not very comfortable
  • Tether clip is a little difficult to work

User Review: “The back pack appears to be of high quality. My 10-pound dog fits well in this and can even lie down in it. The back and straps are highly cushioned. The chest and waist straps really assist in equally distributing the weight of the bag with my dog inside. The mesh windows are made of an extremely robust plastic mesh that feels much stronger than conventional window mesh. One of the metal buttons on the top flap was very loose and fell out when I opened the shipment; however, once I informed the seller, they responded swiftly within a few hours and would send me a new one. Aside from that, this bag is fantastic and well-made.”

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4. Apollo Walker Pet Carrier Backpack

Apollo Walker Pet Carrier Backpack
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The Apollo Walker Pet Carrier Backpack is the fourth item on our list. This one-of-a-kind backpack is designed to provide you and your pet with optimum ease and convenience when trekking, travelling, bringing your best friend to the veterinarian, or going for walks in the neighbourhood.

Suitable for Pets of all Sizes

The Apollo walker carrier is appropriate for pets of all sizes since it comes in a variety of sizes that can handle small, medium, and big dogs.


This backpack also has sufficient ventilation to guarantee proper airflow.

Apollo Walker Pet Carrier Backpack Review

Two-Way Entry

This carrier also offers a two-way entrance for convenience.

Mesh Top Window

The Apollo Walker has a top mesh window for increased view and headroom.

Soft Fleece Bedding

While you’re on the go, the soft fleece bedding provides a cozy and peaceful environment for your pet.

Plenty of Space

The backpack also allows your pet to move about freely.

Integrated Leash Tether

The backpack has a leash tether that can be attached to your pet’s collar.

Additional Support

To provide additional stability, this backpack has chest and waist buckles.

Additional Comfort

The back and shoulder straps include additional thick cushioning for added comfort on lengthy journeys.

Apollo Walker Pet Carrier Backpack Customer Review

Side Pockets

The carrier has two side pockets where you may store odds and ends.

Pros & Cons


  • Suitable for pets of all sizes
  • Well-ventilated
  • Two-way entry
  • Mesh top window
  • Soft fleece bedding
  • Plenty of space
  • Integrated leash tether
  • Additional support
  • Additional comfort
  • Side pockets


  • Not the comfiest for long walks

User Review: “This high-quality, robust pet bag has exceeded my expectations! My pomeranian cross is 45cm tall and weighs 6kg, and this backpack perfectly closes. I have a tiny frame (153cm) and it appears extremely large on me, but it is really comfortable to wear (with well-padded straps and both shoulder and waist straps). I was concerned about sagging, but the bottom includes a layer of board and foam, and best of all, it has a zip so you can replace it with your own board if your pet is heavy. There is a lead hookup inside the backpack, and my dog sat great in it; in fact, she seemed to be really comfortable in there! I highly suggest it!”

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5. Petcute Dog Carrier Backpack

Petcute Dog Carrier Backpack
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The Petcute Dog Carrier Backpack is another popular Carrier among dog owners all over the world. Nonetheless, as the name implies, it’s rather adorable!

Adjustable Straps

The adjustable cushioned shoulder straps lighten the load, and the extra waist strap with buckle secures the backpack.

Integrated Safety Leash

The built-in safety leash with a clip may be connected to your pet’s collar/harness to prevent your pet from leaping out and make your pet more secure.

Petcute Dog Carrier Backpack Customer Review


This carrier is comprised of robust polyester fibre, making it durable and long-lasting.


The Petcute Dog Carrier Backpack is lightweight, so you won’t have to carry any extra weight.


This dog carrier is well-ventilated and will keep your pet comfortable.

Removable Base

It also includes a durable detachable base cover that makes cleaning easy.

Easy to Carry

It can function as both a pet backpack and a chest pet carrying bag.

Sufficient Legroom

Inside the bag, the dog may stand or sit freely.

Ergonomic Design of the Head Hole

The head hole allows your pet to push its head out for fresh air.

Side Mesh Pockets

The side mesh pockets are ideal for storing food, snacks, water bottles, as well as other essentials.

Petcute Dog Carrier Backpack Review

Available in a Variety of Shades

This backpack comes in shades of blue, green and orange.

Pros & Cons


  • Adjustable straps
  • Integrated safety leash
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Removable base
  • Easy to carry
  • Sufficient legroom
  • Ergonomic design of the head hole
  • Side mesh pockets
  • Available in a variety of shades


  • Not the best quality

User Review: “We have a little micro bolonka that weighs slightly less than 4 kg. She didn’t like it at first, but she didn’t want to abandon herself. It is quite heat sensitive and gets fatigued soon. Even in the summer, when the earth is really hot, this is a wonderful thing. We’re overjoyed. Strongly recommended!”

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6. Petami Premium Pet Carrier Backpack

Petami Premium Pet Carrier Backpack
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The PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack is the ideal travel companion for you and your companion. It has all of the features necessary to guarantee your pet’s luxury, security, and ease when travelling.

Suitable for Pets of all Sizes

This dog carrier is made to fit small, medium, and big dogs.

Sufficient Aeration

Its well-ventilated design ensures that your pet receives adequate ventilation.

Petami Premium Pet Carrier Backpack Customer Review

Bedding with Sherpa Lining

The PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack has a comfortable, snug sherpa-lined bedding that allows your pet to unwind and relax.

Built-in Collapsible Bowl

It also comes with a foldable dish to keep your pet nourished while travelling.

Additional Support

This backpack has waist and chest straps for further support.

Side Pockets

The carrier has side pockets for additional storage space for necessities.

Added Security

The backpack has a safety belt to keep your pet secured and prevent escape.


It is made of long-lasting 600D high-quality polyester.

Petami Premium Pet Carrier Backpack Review

Available in a Variety of Shades

It comes in seven different colours: black, dark grey, light grey, royal blue, light blue, red, and pink.

Pros & Cons


  • Suitable for pets of all sizes
  • Sufficient aeration
  • Bedding with Sherpa Lining
  • Built-in collapsible bowl
  • Additional support
  • Side pockets
  • Added security
  • Durable
  • Available in a variety of shades


  • Sizing is not accurate

User Review: “I took a plane to another city to get my new kitty. I had many hours at the airport with her before my journey home and was eager to begin bonding. I positioned it on my chest (straps tightening in the back — I could actually accomplish that myself), so I could see and chat to her the entire time, and she could keep an eye on the people and bustle at the airport. It fit neatly beneath the airline seat, and we maintained eye contact the whole ride.”

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7. Coppthinktu Dog Carrier Backpack

Coppthinktu Dog Carrier Backpack
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Last but not least, we have the Coppthinktu Dog Carrier Backpack. Coppthinktu thinks that your pet is a one-of-a-kind companion and that their gear should reflect it. Their one-of-a-kind dog carrier demonstrates the very same!

High-Grade Material

This dog carrier is composed of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials.


This high-quality fabric that has undergone several advanced treatments seems to be lightweight, smooth, and versatile.

Convenient Open Head Hole

The top of the bag has a string sliding neck hole that allows your pet to pop their head out.

Coppthinktu Dog Carrier Backpack Customer Review

Comfortable Straps

The dog carrier’s back and flexible shoulder belts are both provided with thick cushioning, which helps to reduce the weight on your back and shoulders, making it more convenient to use.

Adjustable Hooks

This pet shoulder bag has an extendable safety hook that connects to your puppy’s collar and two buttons on the bag, preventing your pet from slipping out accidentally.

Integrated D-Shaped Buckle

The side of the bag has a D-shaped clasp that may be used to attach the pet’s everyday usage items such as folding mugs and so on.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your new shoulder bag for any reason, the firm will process your refund or send you a substitute.

Coppthinktu Dog Carrier Backpack Review

Pros & Cons


  • High-grade material
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient Open head hole
  • Comfortable straps
  • Adjustable hooks
  • Integrated D-shaped buckle
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Sizing is not very accurate

User Review: “I’m not sure my pupper likes it, but I do, and he’ll appreciate being able to accompany me more often. Long excursions or even walks might be difficult for him because he weighs 14 pounds and has small legs. My spouse suggested locating a pack for him. I chose this one since it seems to be a suitable size for him, it can be worn in front or back, and it keeps his limbs free, which seems more comfortable than cramming him into a bag. He seemed to be at ease. It’s also convenient for me. I haven’t used it on a long trip yet, but being able to go front to back will come in handy if it starts to put too much strain on my shoulders.”

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Things to Consider

Here are a few things to consider before selecting a dog carrier backpack:

1. Size

The carrier you purchase should comfortably contain your pet while also allowing them some free movement within the carrier. Your dog or cat may become exceedingly uneasy while being carried if the bag is too tiny.

The carrier’s dimensions should enable the creature to lie down securely while also allowing it to start standing up and swivel around enough to switch positions.

2. Comfort

The carrier’s bottom should be padded for coziness, and the bag should have plenty of airflow so your pet can breathe properly and look through.

3. Safety

There are various factors of backpack security that you should consider before purchasing. Breathability, zippers, durability, and the feel of the bag from the inside are all elements that affect security. Look for zippers, security buckles, and tethers inside to attach your pet’s collar, and sufficient airflow.

4. Material

Opt for a fabric that is both robust and light. If the sewing on your bag comes undone simply because your dog clawed it, you might seriously question. Another thing to look for is that the bag is washable and that the inside is comfy with a firm base so that your dog is safe and protected the entire time.

5. Function

It is critical that you opt for a bag that gives you the most convenience and utility. Look for cushioned and flexible arms, waistline, and chest belts to keep the dog’s load off your shoulders.

6. Front carrier vs rear carrier

The decision between the front sling and the back carriage is mostly determined by your dog’s preferences. A front carrier is preferable for dogs who get frightened and would like to be closest to you. Try to find out what your dog would enjoy, and you’ll be able to pick the proper choice. Back carriers are often convenient to carry for most people.

7. Purpose

Certain carriers are better designed for different types of transport.

If you’re only searching for one that will work for the plane, rail, and automobile, a hard-sided dog travel cell is a better option.

If you intend to take your dog on vacations and excursions, a dog carrier bag or sling may be necessary, since they are simpler to carry and more pleasant for you.

If you have a little dog, perhaps all you need is a soft-sided dog carrier bag to drape across your shoulders.

8. Accessibility

If your pet is frightened to enter the carrier on her own, you might like to select a top-loading dog transport carrier with a front entrance. It’s much preferable if you can detach the top to assist your dog get used to the carrier.


The Ibiyaya Double Decker Dog Carrier Backpack is unquestionably the finest on the list, especially if you need to transport two canines.

If your dog is more prone to anxiety, the K9 sports bag is ideal. If you’re the kind to lose your luggage someplace, Mr Peanut’s Backpack Pet carrier might come in handy.

If you want a more accessible choice, choose the Apollo Walker Pet Carrier Backpack, but the Petcute Dog Carrier Backpack is a cuter option.

If you want to give your pet a more luxury experience, the PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Pack is the one for you, but consider Coppthinktu if you’re searching for an environmentally responsible solution.

We hope our reviews have made your search come to a successful end. Stay tuned for more!