5 Best Dog Water Fountains in Australia

There are so many activities that dogs like to engage in, and drinking water out of a water fountain is one of them. Thanks to the increasing number of dog lovers around the world, the market is flooded with dog-friendly products, and to spoil your choices, there are unlimited water fountains for dogs.

You must have noticed that, in general, dogs may not like to be bathed much, but they do love water. While some of them simply love to be around water and play in it, others enjoy swimming or even play fetch in the water. Water is a natural way to keep them cool and refreshing, especially during the summer months. Besides, many popular dog breeds enjoy swimming, which is a fun activity for them. Many dogs are particularly fond of a quick swim as they find it fun and refreshing. Also, water acts as a new territory for dogs, and many of them like to explore it because of the novelty.

The climate in most parts of Australia is quite hot and dry. This requires both humans and animals to be well hydrated throughout the day. And this is one of the reasons that you should also let your dog have a fresh source of clean water. Fortunately, it can be easily fulfilled by water fountains. Besides, water fountains also allow dogs to splash water on themselves, and this, in turn, reduces their body temperature, especially during the hot and sultry summer days.

All dog parents would understand the importance of keeping their dogs hydrated.

PetSafe APDPF75L Drinkwell Water Fountain

PetSafe APDPF75L Drinkwell Water Fountain

Our Top Recommendation for Dog Water Fountains in Australia!

PetSafe drinkwell water fountain for dog is one of the highly recommended products from the list as it offers a substantial space, and is endowed with carbon filters for safe water. Plus, it is highly efficient and cost-effective.

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Best Water Fountains For Dogs

There are many products in the market that cater to the growing needs of a dog. A water fountain for dogs is one of them and is a necessity for any dog parent. So, while you are at it, we’ll try to help you select the best dog water fountain to make your job easier.


PetSafe APDPF75L Drinkwell Water Fountain• Capacity - 7.5 litres
• Multiple pet friendly
• Hassle-free cleaning
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Veken 100oz Water Fountain with LED Lights• Capacity - 3 litres
• Fully automatic
• Energy efficient
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PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Dual Water Stream• Capacity - 2 litres
• Stylish porcelain finish
• Dual-stream
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Pioneer 3009 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain• Capacity - 2 litres
• Stainless steel
• Easy to clean
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1.3L Automatic Cat Pet Water Drinking Fountain• Capacity - 1.3 litres
• Stylish look
• Noise reduction pump
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#1. PetSafe APDPF75L Drinkwell Water Fountain

PetSafe APDPF75L Drinkwell Water Fountain
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PetSafe is a well-known brand that offers premium quality products. Any pet lover would be familiar with the brand PetSafe and its products. It caters to the requirements of not only cat parents but also dog parents.

If your concern is pertaining to the quality of the product, then PetSafe is the right choice for you. They have a wide range of products that cater to the requirements of cat and dog parents alike.

This fountain ensures that your dog has easy access to water that is clean and fresh. It has a unique design that allows dogs to drink water comfortably.

After setting up PetSafe APDPF75L Drinkwell Water Fountain

It is highly suitable for large breeds of dogs as its capacity is 7.5 litres. In case you have more than one pet, this product is meant for you. It is designed to cater to multiple pet households that find it difficult to deal with the food and water requirements for their pets. At least the water requirement of your dog is not going to be a concern anymore.

Took a image while testing PetSafe APDPF75L Drinkwell Water Fountain

The water stream can be adjusted according to your preference and can go from the silent circulation of a low setting to a high-speed stream. It is laced with a free-flowing water stream, thereby implying that the water is constantly circulated and recirculated. It ensures that the water that this meant for drinking by your dog will not go stagnant. 

Image of PetSafe APDPF75L Drinkwell Water Fountain while testing


  • Multiple Pets Friendly: Now, you do not have to worry about the spillage and the mess your dog is very much capable of creating while drinking water off the water fountain. This fountain is designed to reduce the splashing of water unnecessarily as it is relatively bigger in size. No wonder it allows multiple dogs to drink water from a large area that is at the disposal of your dog.
  • Hassle-free Cleaning: It can be quite a task to maintain the cleanliness of dog products, especially a product from which your dog is intaking water on a regular basis. This product offers hassle-free cleaning as it is dishwasher friendly. Also, there are no unnecessary nooks or corners that may be hard to reach. It prevents the accumulation of bacteria and fungus and thus keeps the water safe for drinking for dogs.
  • Efficient Filter: It is endowed with a dual filter, which ensures that the drinking water is safe for your dog. Its foam filter is a unique feature that protects the pump from dog hair and debris, thus increasing the longevity of the pump. 

    It uses a carbon filter to get rid of bad odour and taste. This filter helps keep the water for your dog not only safe but also clean and fresh. 
  • Adjustable Water Flows: By just moving the knob of the fountain, you can adjust the water flow of the fountain. It is very easy to operate and helps in maintaining the flow of the water as per the needs of your pet.


  • Flow control knob to customise the stream or turn it off for quieter operation
  • Replaceable charcoal filter removes bad tastes and odours from the water
  • Receiving ramp reduces the splash of falling water


  • Replaceable foam filter catches hair, dirt and debris
  • Constant water circulation inhibits bacteria growth

#2. Veken 100oz Water Fountain with LED Lights

Veken 100oz Water Fountain with LED Lights
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Veken is another brand that has experimented with dog products and has given competition to dog product manufacturers in the past. This brand is dedicated to providing quality material, and this pet fountain is BPA free and durable and is designed in a way that is easily cleanable. 

It has come up with an advanced solution to keep your dog well hydrated. You may have noticed that many dogs don’t like to wet their whiskers as it gets pretty annoying for them. It gets much worse in cold and windy weather. After a point, dogs tend to start withdrawing themselves from drinking water and end up dehydrating in the process. Dehydration can lead to too many medical problems in the long term.

image taken after setting up Veken 100oz Water Fountain with LED Lights

This fountain’s wide bowl helps dogs by keeping them hydrated. It is a thoughtful feature that only dog lovers could understand and appreciate. 

As mentioned before, they are constantly experimenting with their products in order to bring out something new and unique each time. Just to spark up the life of your furry friend, the product is laced with a LED light. 

Image of Veken 100oz Water Fountain with LED Lights

What’s more? 

The product has 3 distinct layers of water, and your dogs may choose to drink from the upper bowl, the lower bowl, or the free-falling water stream. This feature not just helps in breaking the monotony of the design but also has a functional utility as it helps maintain the flow of the water.

Taken image of Veken 100oz Water Fountain with LED Lights with my breed

Additionally, Veken has also added a triple filtration system to this dog fountain. Made of activated carbon, the filters are modified to keep your water clean and safe and safeguard your dogs from any potential illness. Apart from this, the pump which has been added to it is highly energy-efficient, and therefore, more environmental friendly and economical. Also, it creates less noise, and that is an added advantage. 


  • Large Capacity: The large capacity of this water fountain ensures that your dog never runs out of water. Since the capacity is large, you do not have to refill the fountain frequently. But it is strongly advised that you should clean your dog’s bowl at least once a week. Also, the large capacity of the bowl ensures that your dog doesn’t spill water as well. 
  • Triple Filtration System: Veken’s fountain comes with an advanced filtration system aimed at removing any harmful pesticides. This ensures clean drinking water for your dog and shall save your dog from falling sick. We recommend cleaning the fountain once a week and cleaning the pump once a month for best performance.
  • Energy-saving Pump: A noisy pump is jarring, both for you and your dog. Your dog may find the sound irritating after some time and may begin to avoid the fountain in the long run. That’s when this product comes in. Veken has come up with a low sounding pump, which consumes very little electricity. This not only reduces your carbon footprint but also saves you a lot of money. 


  • This automatic pet fountain is BPA free, durable, made of quality materials, easy to operate and clean.
  • Your pets have a choice of drinking from the upper bowl, lower bowl, or the free-falling stream on the water fountain.
  • The pet water fountain is equipped with 3 replacement filters, each composed of activated carbon.


  • No options for function if the power supply get disconnected.

#3. PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Pet Dual Water Stream

PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Pet Dual Water Stream
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If you are looking for a ceramic water fountain for your dog to match your interior, then this is the right choice for you. This water fountain also goes well with a classic lawn set-up that is well-protected for the security of your pet. Besides, ceramic is known to be naturally more hygienic than other materials used in making dog fountains. It is quite a home decor piece if placed properly according to the interior of your house. Your dog won’t take much time in memorizing the spot where this water fountain is placed. This way, you won’t have to keep moving it back and forth and allow it to remain at one spot itself. 

This water fountain comes with a replaceable charcoal filter to ensure pure and clean drinking water for your dog. It is also designed in such a way that it is easier to clean. It allows a continuous circular flow of 70 ounces of water which makes it easier for your pet to drink from it. For better service and longevity, the manufacturers of this fountain highly recommend that the fountain should be properly cleaned at least once a week. This shall also save your pet dog from some of the potential water-borne health hazards as well. 

Took a image of my breed with PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Pet Dual Water Stream Cx Review

Additionally, the fountain is endowed with a dual-stream feature which allows the free-falling flow of water twice over. It adds more oxygen to the water, making it ideal and healthier for drinking regularly. The water fountain is divided into two parts which not only increase the surface area but also allow more pets to drink from it at the same time. For the sake of the users’ convenience, it is compartmentalized into upper and lower dishes. 

Image of PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Pet Dual Water Stream while testing

The fountain, as a whole, is fairly priced, and you shall not have to think twice before purchasing it. One of the best features of this product is that it doesn’t produce much noise. Besides, this product can be easily set up, and the filters fitted inside are quite affordable. This shall enable you to time change the filters without burning a hole in your pocket. Moreover, the fountain can be easily cleaned as one can simply rinse it using any dishwasher.

All these qualities make this product highly durable and long-lasting. It is also safe to use by your pet for drinking water.

Image taken while my breed was drinking water from the PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Pet Dual Water Stream


  • Modern Outlook: Keeping updated with the latest trends, this fountain looks sure to complement any other accessories that your dog needs. It is made of ceramic, which is more environmental friendly and is easy to clean. It has a porcelain finish that makes this product stand out from the rest of the similar products in the market.
  • Dual Stream: We all know that running or falling water has more capacity to dissolve atmospheric oxygen in it. Falling water attracts dogs, and they will drink more water; this shall keep your dog hydrated and improve their health. 
  • Capacity: The large two litres capacity of the product will ensure So, dog owners now do not have to fret about often cleaning the water bowl. Besides, there is enough space, and your dog shall not spill much water while drinking from the fountain. 
  • Compartmentalized:  To ensure a seamless flow of water that is never stagnant and ease the drinking process, it has been divided into two sinks. 


  • Ceramic design is more hygienic, easy to clean and looks great in the home
  • Dual free-falling streams add oxygen for freshness and encourage pets to drink more
  • Upper and lower dishes provide two drinking areas for pets
  • Best for small to medium-sized dogs and cats


  • Breakable if a large dog tumble   over it in excitement.

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#4. Pioneer 3009 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

Pioneer 3009 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain
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If you are looking forward to owning a fashionable steel drinking fountain for your dog, the Pioneer 3009 stainless steel pet fountain has got your back. It is made of stainless steel, which adds to the durability of the steel drinking fountain. Additionally, a sturdy steel body not only saves it from rusting but also saves it from your dog’s sharp teeth, thus, adding to the shelf life of the product. 

The large capacity of the fountain also ensures that your favourite pet never runs short of water to quench his / her thirst. Additionally, the free-falling stream of water is bound to attract your dogs, and they shall drink more water, keeping them well hydrated. 

It consumes very little space and can therefore be stored anywhere you want to, including the kitchen or the storeroom. Moreover, the product is customizable and comes with a water filter to complement the fountain. This water filter is designed to remove any potentially harmful chemicals from the water meant for your dog, thereby improving the health of your furry friend. Besides, the active carbon fitted inside it eliminates odours, stray hair, and sediments. 

My breed drinking some water from the Pioneer 3009 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

Using a product like this on an everyday basis comes along with an additional cost in terms of electricity. This product, in particular, consumes minimum electricity, thereby saving energy and money. It makes this water fountain for dogs not just efficient, but also environmental friendly. 

Image Of Pioneer 3009 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

Last but not the least, this fountain holds 2 litres of water, which shall ensure that your dog always has plenty of water to drink. 


  • Easy to Clean: Made out of steel, this fountain is stylish and is easy to clean. The cleaning process is also simple. All you need is a dishwasher, and you can clean every nook and corner of the fountain. As a result, your dog gets a clean bowl to drink from, which is an added bonus for your pet dog.
  • Stainless Steel Top: This product is designed to ensure a continuous flow of water at all times. It not only makes it appealing for the pet to drink water from it but also serves the purpose of keeping the lower stainless steel basin clean and germ-free.
  • Stylish and Compact: The Pioneer 3009 stainless steel pet fountain is made out of solid steel, which makes the product hard and adds to its durability. Besides, it’s a stylish product, which can be a lovely addition to the interiors of your house. Its compact form allows it to be stored in a small space, thus averting any kind of storage problems. 


  • Circulating drinking water is naturally appealing to your pet
  • Replaceable charcoal filter for clean and pure water
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
  • These pet fountains will go with any decor in your home.


  • Pets may possibly get hurt by the sharp edges of the brim.

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#5. 1.3L Automatic Cat Pet Water Drinking Fountain

1.3L Automatic Cat Pet Water Drinking Fountain
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This dog fountain is styled according to the current taste of the dog owners. Made out of environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials, it is stylish enough to act as a decorative piece and make the interior of your home charming enough. The free-flowing water from this product shall attract your dog into drinking more water, which in turn shall keep your pet dog well hydrated, especially during the hot and sultry summer days. 

Available in two colour variants, blue and white, it comes with a USB power cord and a manual in English, which shall guide you with everything that you need to know about the usage and functioning of the fountain. The package is light and weighs just 1.3 kgs, and can carry 1.3 litres of water at a time. 

kittiy drinking water from the 1.3L Automatic Cat Pet Water Drinking Fountain

Additionally, it’s laced with a shock absorber and noise reduction pump. Both of these two mechanisms are especially useful at night when you and your pet can sleep peacefully without being disturbed by any unwanted noise. 

Image of 1.3L Automatic Cat Pet Water Drinking Fountain after setting up


  • Stylish Look: This fountain is made up of advanced porcelain materials, and the shiny surface is soothing for the eyes. The material is highly durable and rust-free. Besides, the unique design of the product does not allow your pet dog to chew it. Last, it is a compact device and does not occupy much space. So, you can easily store it in a small place, like your laundry room, and use it only when required. 
  • Noise Reduction Pump: One of the most irritating characteristics of a fountain is the constant noise it produces. But, this product is built differently. This fountain produces very little sound. This is one of the greatest features of this product that makes it ideal for your dog’s usage.
  • Multiple Purification System: This product also has an advanced purification system. This regularly circulates the water channels and softens the quality of water, which in turn ensures that your dog stays healthy. 


  • The pet fountain is designed with a noise reduction pump.
  • It is designed with ultra-quiet shock absorption and can be quietly operated at night to help you and your pet enjoy a sweet and healthy sleep at night.
  • It adopts environmentally friendly material, which is safe and non-toxic, and the stylish appearance will be perfectly as home decoration.
  • Automatically recycles the pet fountain, free flowing fountain water, and encourages pets to drink more water.


  • Not suitable for large animals.


If you have ever noticed how excited dogs get when they see any sprinkler around on a lawn, you would not be able to stop yourself from introducing your pet to a similar experience by installing an efficient dog water fountain at home. Being a dog parent, imagining such a sight can be overwhelming.

Dogs have a natural inclination towards running, and if dogs had their way, they’d spend their entire life in an open ground with a sprinkler splashing water endlessly on them. They enjoy the fresh smell and cool feeling of the water as they run carefree and play with their playmates.

All the aforementioned products are available for you to choose from in order to make the experience of drinking free-flowing water even more enjoyable for your pets. All these products are highly durable and safe to use. These can prove to be Go ahead and consider installing a dog water fountain in their homes or workplace where your pets can happily relax and stay hydrated.