5 Best Dog Water Fountains in Australia

There are so many activities that dogs like to engage in, and drinking water out of a water fountain is one of them. Thanks to the increasing number of dog lovers around the world, the market is flooded with dog-friendly products, and to spoil your choices, there are unlimited water fountains for dogs.

You must have noticed that, in general, dogs may not like to be bathed much, but they do love water. While some of them simply love to be around water and play in it, others enjoy swimming or even play fetch in the water. Water is a natural way to keep them cool and refreshing, especially during the summer months. Besides, many popular dog breeds enjoy swimming, which is a fun activity for them. Many dogs are particularly fond of a quick swim as they find it fun and refreshing. Also, water acts as a new territory for dogs, and many of them like to explore it because of the novelty.

The climate in most parts of Australia is quite hot and dry. This requires both humans and animals to be well hydrated throughout the day. And this is one of the reasons that you should also let your dog have a fresh source of clean water. Fortunately, it can be easily fulfilled by water fountains. Besides, water fountains also allow dogs to splash water on themselves, and this, in turn, reduces their body temperature, especially during the hot and sultry summer days.

All dog parents would understand the importance of keeping their dogs hydrated.

PetSafe APDPF75L Drinkwell Water Fountain

PetSafe APDPF75L Drinkwell Water Fountain

Our Top Recommendation for Dog Water Fountains in Australia!

PetSafe drinkwell water fountain for dog is one of the highly recommended products from the list as it offers a substantial space, and is endowed with carbon filters for safe water. Plus, it is highly efficient and cost-effective.

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Best Water Fountains For Dogs

There are many products in the market that cater to the growing needs of a dog. A water fountain for dogs is one of them and is a necessity for any dog parent. So, while you are at it, we’ll try to help you select the best dog water fountain to make your job easier.


PetSafe APDPF75L Drinkwell Water Fountain• Capacity - 7.5 litres
• Multiple pet friendly
• Hassle-free cleaning
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PetSafe Drinkwell Streamside Ceramic Pet Fountain
PetSafe Drinkwell Streamside Ceramic Pet Fountain• Hygienic, high-quality, and scratch-resistant ceramic
• Whisper-quiet design
• Constant water circulation.
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Dog Nation USB Dog Water Fountain for Small Dogs
Dog Nation USB Dog Water Fountain for Small Dogs• Active charcoal & ion-exchange filter
• 2-litre of water holding capacity
• Automatic.
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PetSafe Drinkwell Seaside Stainless Pet Foundation
PetSafe Drinkwell Seaside Stainless Pet Foundation• Made of high-grade stainless steel
• Soft & quiet bubbles
• 1.8litres of water holding capacity.
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PetSafe Drinkwell Butterfly Fountain 1.5L
PetSafe Drinkwell Butterfly Fountain 1.5L• Made from BPA-free plastic
• Four free-falling water streams
• Replaceable carbon and foam filters.
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1. PetSafe APDPF75L Drinkwell Water Fountain

PetSafe APDPF75L Drinkwell Water Fountain
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PetSafe is a well-known brand that offers premium quality products. Any pet lover would be familiar with the brand PetSafe and its products. It caters to the requirements of not only cat parents but also dog parents.

If your concern is pertaining to the quality of the product, then PetSafe is the right choice for you. They have a wide range of products that cater to the requirements of cat and dog parents alike.

This fountain ensures that your dog has easy access to water that is clean and fresh. It has a unique design that allows dogs to drink water comfortably.

After setting up PetSafe APDPF75L Drinkwell Water Fountain

It is highly suitable for large breeds of dogs as its capacity is 7.5 litres. In case you have more than one pet, this product is meant for you. It is designed to cater to multiple pet households that find it difficult to deal with the food and water requirements for their pets. At least the water requirement of your dog is not going to be a concern anymore.

Took a image while testing PetSafe APDPF75L Drinkwell Water Fountain

The water stream can be adjusted according to your preference and can go from the silent circulation of a low setting to a high-speed stream. It is laced with a free-flowing water stream, thereby implying that the water is constantly circulated and recirculated. It ensures that the water that this meant for drinking by your dog will not go stagnant. 

Image of PetSafe APDPF75L Drinkwell Water Fountain while testing

Multiple Pets Friendly

Now, you do not have to worry about the spillage and the mess your dog is very much capable of creating while drinking water off the water fountain. This fountain is designed to reduce the splashing of water unnecessarily as it is relatively bigger in size. No wonder it allows multiple dogs to drink water from a large area that is at the disposal of your dog.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

It can be quite a task to maintain the cleanliness of dog products, especially a product from which your dog is intaking water on a regular basis. This product offers hassle-free cleaning as it is dishwasher friendly. Also, there are no unnecessary nooks or corners that may be hard to reach. It prevents the accumulation of bacteria and fungus and thus keeps the water safe for drinking for dogs.

Efficient Filter

It is endowed with a dual filter, which ensures that the drinking water is safe for your dog. Its foam filter is a unique feature that protects the pump from dog hair and debris, thus increasing the longevity of the pump.

It uses a carbon filter to get rid of bad odour and taste. This filter helps keep the water for your dog not only safe but also clean and fresh.

Adjustable Water Flows

By just moving the knob of the fountain, you can adjust the water flow of the fountain. It is very easy to operate and helps in maintaining the flow of the water as per the needs of your pet.

Pros & Cons


  • Flow control knob to customise the stream or turn it off for quieter operation
  • Replaceable charcoal filter removes bad tastes and odours from the water
  • Receiving ramp reduces the splash of falling water


  • Replaceable foam filter catches hair, dirt and debris
  • Constant water circulation inhibits bacteria growth
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2. PetSafe Drinkwell Streamside Ceramic Pet Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Streamside Ceramic Pet Fountain
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When it’s about ceramic fountains, PetSafe offers an impressive one. Made of high-quality ceramic, this Drinkwell Streamside Ceramic Fountain offers plenty of class. What’s fascinating is that the fountain’s heavy base will make it hard for your restless doggy to knock around.

Instead, it will continuously offer a soft, bubbling source of freshwater. At the same time, it will blend exquisitely with your home because of its classic design.

High-Quality Ceramic

Let this PetSafe fountain keep your doggy hydrated and healthy! The fountain will provide quiet, circulating water that will encourage your doggy to drink more. It is built of premium, scratch-resistant ceramic that ensures to maintain a hygienic ambiance. And while there’s a constant water circulation, it will inhibit bacterial growth.

Whisper-Quiet Design

This fountain exhibits a whisper-quiet design that encourages timid pets to drink more. Eventually, your doggy will get the right amount of water every day, keeping them hydrated and healthy. Moreover, this pet fountain can hold up to 1.8 liters of water – a perfect amount for small dogs.

Support Pet Health

With this PetSafe Drinkwell Streamside Fountain, you won’t have to worry about your pet’s health or hygiene. The constant circulation of water will prevent the growth of bacteria. On top of that, the fountain packs a foam and carbon filter that work coherently to eliminate debris, hair, and dirt.

Plus, it will remove bad odors and tastes.

Overall, your doggy will always get fresh water to drink, keeping them hydrated and preventing kidney or urinary diseases.

Hydration From Each Angle

Thanks to the 360-degree design, the fountain allows pets to drink from every angle or side – from the bowl or the tower. PetSafe has been a globally recognized brand producing reliable pet products for about 30 years. The only objective is to help pets and their family live happily together by keeping the pets healthy and hydrated. So get this PetSafe fountain today and let your doggy enjoy playtime, giving the right amount of water daily.

Regarding convenience, you can easily wash the tower and base of the fountain. However, the pump requires gentle handling and washing by hand.

Pros & Cons


  • It’s made of premium ceramic
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Ideal for small, timid dogs
  • The water holding capacity is 1.8 liters
  • Circulates water quietly
  • The filters will remove bad odors and tastes
  • The constant water circulation will prevent bacterial growth
  • Its 360-design allows drinking from every angle.


  • It is not suited for larger dogs.

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3. Dog Nation USB Dog Water Fountain for Small Dogs

Dog Nation USB Dog Water Fountain for Small Dogs
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It is always important to keep your dog hydrated. If they don’t intake the right amount of water every day, your buddy can get sick and suffer from chronic illnesses. So to ensure your furry buddy stays adequately hydrated and healthy, you must get a good water fountain. And this automatically filtered water dispenser from Dog Nation will be an ideal addition.

It will ensure that your dog stays hydrated, consuming only clean, treated water.

Charcoal Filter

This Dog Nation USB Water Fountain is packed with ion exchange and an active charcoal filter. It will keep the water fresh, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. The filter eliminates chlorine and toxins from the water but won’t strip salts and essential minerals from the water. So rest assured your dog will get only a clear and fresh water supply from this fountain.

Other Utilities

You will be impressed to know you don’t need to fill in the dispenser daily as it can hold 2 liters of water. In addition, it comes with a knob to let you control the water flow. Now, the best part is that –

The fountain will close up automatically if the water level drops below the required level. That said, it has no idle pumping and will indicate the time to refill.

On top of that, you will benefit from the splash-proof slope of this Dog Nation Fountain. So there will be no mess made around the dispenser. Finally, the fountain is powered by a USB, and the package includes one water filter.

Pros & Cons


  • Automatically filtered water dispenser
  • The filter prevents harmful bacterial growth
  • It removes chlorine and toxins
  • The fountain can hold 2 liters of water
  • It automatically closes when the water goes below the required level
  • The slope is splash-proof
  • It comes with one water filter included
  • It is powered by a USB.


  • The water flow isn’t too powerful.
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4. PetSafe Drinkwell Seaside Stainless Pet Foundation

PetSafe Drinkwell Seaside Stainless Pet Foundation
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You will find only a few stainless-steel water fountains on the market. But they all are well-equipped with everything that boosts their elegance. This Drinkwell Seaside Stainless Fountain is a perfect example of it. Its exquisite simplicity blends into any home décor seamlessly. Dogs naturally prefer to drink from a flowing water source, and the PetSafe Fountain can give them exactly what they are looking for.


This pet fountain is crafted from high-grade stainless steel that offers resistance to rust and scratches. Moreover, the stainless steel material makes it long-lasting and hygienic. Your furry buddy will always be attracted to a continuous water flow, keeping them hydrated. However, while it has a 1.8-liter water holding capacity, the fountain will be a perfect fit for little pets.

On the other hand, quiet and soft bubbles over the steel tower will allow little nervous or shy dogs to drink confidently. They won’t be startled by loud flowing water.

Carbon And Foam Filter

What makes it more desirable is its carbon and foam filter. They work together to remove debris, hair, bad odors, and tastes, keeping the water clean and fresh. So no need to worry about your doggy’s health and hygiene! The constant fresh water circulation will prevent them from kidney or urinary problems. 

Besides, the bowl and fountain are dishwasher safe. However, clean the pump with your hand.

Pros & Cons


  • Long-lasting
  • Scratch-resistant and rust-resistant
  • Continuous flowing water motivates timid animals to drink
  • It’s perfectly sized for small pets
  • It produces soft and quiet bubbles
  • It can hold 1.8litre of water
  • Easy to clean with a dishwasher
  • Water flows evenly and easily across the steel
  • The filters keep the water fresh and clean
  • It is easy to move for a fast, non-messy wash.


  • Not suitable for large dogs.
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5. PetSafe Drinkwell Butterfly Fountain 1.5L

PetSafe Drinkwell Butterfly Fountain 1.5L
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Here’s another great pet fountain from PetSafe, crafted in a beautiful butterfly design. Water fountains are important to pet accessories as they encourage their drinking by offering a constant flow of fresh water. PetSafe has designed this fountain to give your dog a natural and healthy drinking experience, besides being a nice addition to your home décor.

Multiple Water Stream

This PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain features a decorative butterfly topper that adds a little beauty to your dog’s drinking experience. However, the fascinating fact is that this topper creates four free-falling water streams to let your furry buddy drink. On the other hand, you can get a smooth and quiet bubbling water flow by removing the butterfly.

Fresh Flowing Water

The company has equipped this pet fountain with Drinkwell Carbon Filter – PAC10-14088. On top of that, it even packs a Drinkwell Replacement Foam Filter. The carbon filter will work to get rid of bad tastes and odors. On the contrary, the foam filter will make sure that the water doesn’t have debris or pet hair.

Stimulates Hydration & Easy to Clean

You will simply like how this PetSafe fountain’s consistent water flow and 1.5litre water capacity will keep your furry pal happy and hydrated. Moreover, it is carved of BPA-free plastic. And while the bowl has no hard-to-reach areas or corners, cleaning the fountain will be a breeze. On top, the plastic pieces are dishwasher safe.

Pros & Cons


  • Multiple stream options due to 4 free-falling streams
  • Constant water flow
  • The topper can be removed to get a quiet, bubbling flow
  • Filters are replaceable
  • The carbon filter eliminates foul odors and tastes
  • The foam filter will catch debris and hair
  • It’s made of durable plastic
  • No hard-to-clean corners
  • Easy to clean
  • It has a 1.5-liter water holding capacity
  • It is designed specifically for small dogs and puppies.


  • The bowl is not dishwasher safe
  • The spout design is annoying.
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Choose The Best Material For Your Pet Water Fountain

Water fountains look stylish and more like a work of art in some ways to complement any home décor. However, their importance even lies in the fact that dogs love running water. It maintains freshness and encourages dogs to drink all day. In addition, water fountains are packed with filters to remove impurities from the water. All these things make a fountain a better choice than water bowls.

Nevertheless, water fountains for pets are made using various types of materials that have their own individual pros and cons. So let’s find out!

1. Ceramic

Ceramic fountains offer a classy feel. However, they are usually streets ahead of the rest just because it’s a hard stone. Ceramic is harder and more luxurious but usually more fragile than other materials.

This material is naturally cool, eventually keeping the water fresh. However, ceramic is heftier than plastic or stainless steel options. Although it might not be portable, the hefty weight will prevent your doggy from flipping it. Another drawback is that ceramic can chip.

The chips can sometimes be hard to spot, and your canine buddy can ingest one chip accidentally. So you have to be careful.

2. Plastic

Plastic pet fountains are portable and lightweight. You will find plastic fountains in more attractive patterns and colors. And if your doggy loves funky colors, they will be a great addition. There are not any significant drawbacks to using this material.

3. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel materials are generally more durable and easier to maintain. On top of that, they are comparatively pocket-friendly. In addition, thanks to their impenetrable, smooth surface, you will be able to clean it effortlessly. Stainless steel even offers a gleaming and classic look.

The significant drawback is that stainless steel water dispensers and bowls don’t have a grip. So if you choose a stainless steel water fountain, make sure to place it on a rubber mat to prevent slipping or sliding.


How Large Should You Choose Your Dog Water Dispenser?

When talking about the size, you have to consider two things –
First is the dispenser’s capacity. The dispenser you choose should have sufficient capacity to supply constant fresh water for your dog.
Secondly, your furry friend’s size. A small fountain won’t be a fit for a Great Dane. So consider your pet’s size while selecting the right water dispenser. Your doggy should not find it hard to drink the water. 

Can a dog water fountain be noisy?

Pet water fountains can be loud because of the pump mechanism inside them. However, top manufacturers try their best to make them as quiet as possible. Low noise will encourage pets, especially the small, timid ones, to drink more comfortably. 

Why do dogs love running water?

There are basically two theories behind why dogs love drinking from running water like cats. 
First, dogs find moving water more entertaining. It invokes playfulness in dogs, who consider a fountain more like a toy. 
Secondly, running water is cooler and more oxygenated compared to still water. As a result, the taste improves.

Are dog water fountains worth buying?

A dog water fountain is a great pet accessory for dogs and their owners. Like automatic dog feeders that keep dogs full, water fountains are designed to stimulate pets to drink more confidently, keeping them healthy and happy.


If you have ever noticed how excited dogs get when they see any sprinkler around on a lawn, you would not be able to stop yourself from introducing your pet to a similar experience by installing an efficient dog water fountain at home. Being a dog parent, imagining such a sight can be overwhelming.

Dogs have a natural inclination towards running, and if dogs had their way, they’d spend their entire life in an open ground with a sprinkler splashing water endlessly on them. They enjoy the fresh smell and cool feeling of the water as they run carefree and play with their playmates.

All the aforementioned products are available for you to choose from in order to make the experience of drinking free-flowing water even more enjoyable for your pets. All these products are highly durable and safe to use. These can prove to be Go ahead and consider installing a dog water fountain in their homes or workplace where your pets can happily relax and stay hydrated.