5 Best Dog Nail Grinder to Buy in Australia (Buyer’s Guide)

Dog grooming can be challenging and quite a trick to hold your notorious dog and cut its nails. The dog has sensitive paws, and it can be daunting to cut their nails without harming their nerves. Therefore, you need the best nail grinder appliance that helps groom pets easily and without messing up. 

However, choosing the professional nail grinder tool isn’t easy. Nevertheless, having the one perfect nail grinding tool can ease down the clipping claws and set you worry-free from the stress of pet grooming. Do you want the best nail grinder for your dog that helps groom your pet easily? Here is the list of the top-class nail grinders which you can buy. 

Best Dog Nail Grinders For Dogs

In this post, we’ve created the list of the five best nail grinding tools by considering all the essential things. We looked after the reviews, searched many pet nail grinder tools, and finally followed expert advice. At the end of the article, you’ll easily find out the best nail grinder. 

So, let’s not be too far and find the right tool.

Lucky Tail Dog Nail Grinder• Uses whisper-quiet & lightweight vibration technology
• Unique bend shape
• Portable

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Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder• Suitable for small dogs and cats
• Offers dual-speed controlling options
• Lightweight

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Rimposky Dog Nail Grinder• Reasonably priced
• Whisper-quiet technology
• Light in weight

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Andis EasyClip Animal Nail Grinder• Adjustable blade
• Operates quietly
• Simple and sleek design

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Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded• Super low noise-free operation
• Easy to use
• Light in weight

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1. Lucky Tail Dog Nail Grinder

Lucky Tail Dog Nail Grinder
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This enormous option from Lucky Tail is our top pick for a dog toenail shredder on the Australian market. It’s the ideal all-rounder for all of your dog grooming requirements, whether at home or on the job. To begin with, because this is a rechargeable wireless gadget, it is extremely portable and handy.

To begin with, because this is a rechargeable wireless gadget, it is extremely portable and handy. Two sand-covered drill bits are used to delve deeper into your dog’s nails gently. You may change the pressure as you work since you have total speed control. If you wish to travel with your nail grinding tools, it’s light enough to carry along. 

With whisper-quiet & lightweight vibration technology, it is ideally fit for all dog sizes. This option will make the nail grinding of your dog a breeze. Above this, it features an ultralight vibration mode which further enhances the experience of cutting nails quickly. 

It’s incredibly pet-friendly and doesn’t cause annoying sounds from which your pet fears the most. In addition, the nail grinder tool is extremely portable and lightweight; you can easily hold it in your hand and start using it to cut the dog’s nails. 

Image was taken while testing the Lucky Tail Dog Nail Grinder

A safety cap is included in the box to cover the top of the nail cutter after using it. The nail grinder is extremely worthier for pet grooming as it comes with two-mode speed control, which lets you control the cutter speed and ensure smooth cutting.

Key Features and Specifications: 

  • Quiet and Lightweight 

It comes with an ultralight vibration mode which makes it quiet as whispers. Besides that, it is very lightweight, so you can easily hold and cut the pet’s nails without creating noise. It is also easy on your hands, even if you hold it for a long time to cut your dogs’ nails. 

  • Ergonomic Design and Portable 

Lucky Tail nail grinder comes with a unique bend shape and is extremely portable in size. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to handle and use. You can easily groom your dog anywhere with this. Additionally, a special nail grinding port is included for mess-free cutting of nails. This is useful for notorious pets habitual of moving here and there while grooming. 

  • Two Speed Control 

This best dog nail grinder comes with two-speed control options. It helps cut the nails at different speeds and ensures that your pet is safe while grinding the nails. You can easily adjust the low to medium speed with this feature before cutting the dog’s nails.

  • Safe for The Pet 

Its innovative design makes it pet-friendly and allows you to cut the dog’s nails without making a mess. It doesn’t make much noise while cutting the pets’, and its bend design ensures that the nails are cut from the top only without harming the nail nerves.


  • Very easy to use and extremely pet-friendly. 
  • It doesn’t make noise and operates exceptionally quietly. 
  • Lightweight and comes with two-speed control features. 
  • Dual-speed control helps to cut the nails at a different speed. 
  • USB rechargeable and comes with a cap to protect the grinder tip.


  • We didn’t find any cons yet. 

2. Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder

Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder
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An Australian company designs the Ultimate Nail Grinder, and the cutter is ideal for tiny dogs and cats. It’s a battery-operated, wireless type and comes with a USB cord that can be recharged. This grinder has dual settings speeds that are strong enough to shave your dog’s nails yet quiet enough not to scare him. The LED light will aid control and precision – an excellent feature.

The dog nail grinder helps save the extra time installing the batteries and saving your money. Once charged, it provides you with non-stop functioning for three to four hours. 

This version also has a safety guard, which is a great feature for new users who wish to try this instrument without worrying about shaving excessively. 

The guard secures the nail at the proper angle. This safety protection is one of the key reasons we suggest this nail file for tiny dogs. You can use the nail cutter for larger canines without using its safety guard. However, it’s advisable to take it gradually when grinding the nails for the first time to gain confidence.

It comes with a double grinding head which eases the nail cutting procedure for large and small animals. The two ports help you to grind your pet nails very easily. Its first port is present at the top of its grinding helm. Here, you can easily keep the little paws to cut the nails. 

picture taken while testing Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder

Also, the second port is present at the bottom, in which you can set down the lather nails for easy cutting. 

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Easy to Clean 

Cleaning up the nail cutter after use is a daunting job. However, thanks to this nail grinding tool, it provides easy and hassle-free cleaning. This device comes with a dander collector, which can be cleaned easily. To clean it, you need to detach its headcover and start cleaning. The headcover is also detachable for easy cleaning. 

  • Rechargeable and Cordless 

This nail grinder for the dog comes with rechargeable batteries which is helpful to save your extra bucks. The cordless charging further made it a worthier option to invest in. It can last for up to three hours after being recharged. In addition, it is energy efficient and has two-speed grinding options for cutting the dog nails. 

  • Noise Free Operation 

The third most common reason pet owners need to invest in this nail grinder is its noise-free operation. Its motor is extremely quiet and doesn’t make much noise, not more than 50 dB. So, this would be a perfect tool for those pet owners whose pets fear noisy motors. 

  • Two-Speed Control 

This dog nail grinder comes with two speed controlling options that deliver 7000 rpm and 8000 rpm speed to cut the nails of small dogs. When grinding the top of the nail, you can start with high speed and while at the base, then shift to the low speed for easy to secure cutting.


  • It comes with two variable speed options for excellent nail cutting. 
  • Cordless charging and ergonomic design for easy nail grinding. 
  • Low noise nail grinding works perfectly for nervous pets. 
  • Built-in LED light for watching the blood level into the nails. 
  • Lightweight design for easy carrying. 


  • The blades are extremely sharp, which may hurt the dogs. 

3. Dog Nail Grinder with 2 Speed & 3 Ports

Dog Nail Grinder with 2 Speed & 3 Ports
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This could be a good option for those who want the dog nail grinder on a budget. This has quite simple designs still perfect for the new pet owners for so many reasons. It’s another USB-powered, rechargeable nail cutter tool for those individuals who need to grind their pet nails on the fly. 

The rechargeable battery lasts for two hours on a single charge and takes three hours to charge completely. We haven’t heard of a faster charge, but 2 hours is plenty for solitary use. After all, as we previously explained, you don’t need to utilize it too much in one sitting.

We like how the opening at the bottom of the grinder can be adjusted to fit the dog’s nail size, so even huge canines may use it. The vibration is designed to be quiet – below 50 decibels – so that even neurotic dogs aren’t bothered by it. There are two speeds to choose from, allowing you to tailor your trimming to your dog’s requirements and tolerance.

The Rimposky model comes strongly recommended for beginners and professionals, with desirable ratings and a broad range of functions. Two adjustable speed options help to cut the nails at different speeds. All of this is available for a very low cost. 

Image of Dog Nail Grinder with 2 Speed & 3 Ports

The best thing about this nail grinder is that it comes at a very reasonable price and boasts incredible features. It works excellently for small and large dogs. In addition, it can cut tough nails. 

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Noise Free Operation 

Most of the pets feel stressed out with the vibration and sound of the dog nail grinder. This nail grinder tool comes with whisper-quiet technology, ensuring extremely low sound and vibration. As a result, your pet doesn’t get restless and sits calmly for grooming. This way, you can cut the nails faster and effectively. 

  • Rechargeable And Portable Design 

The nail trimmer comes with built-in batteries that last more than 3 hours. Besides that, it is extremely lightweight and has an ergonomic design, making it easy for you to grind your dog’s nails. In addition, it comes with USB charging so that you can quickly charge the device and use it easily without any hassles. 

  • Advance Diamond Bit Grinder 

This dog nail grinder comes with an advanced diamond bit grinder that helps to deliver a remarkable experience of using the nail grinder. With this, you can achieve precise trimming of the pet nails. It is even effective on bigger dog paws and can cut their nails easily. Moreover, this device is also recommended by the top veterinarians for the secure and safe cutting of pet nails. 

  • Three Different Sizes Ports

The best thing about this dog nail filter is that it comes with three different size ports specially designed to cut the nails of all kinds of pets easily. Whether you have a small dog, a larger one, or any other pet, you can use this cutter to trim their nails.


  • Good for all sizes of pets and trim the hard nails easily. 
  • The USB based rechargeable batteries cut down the cost of batteries. 
  • It operates quietly, which is helpful to keep the dog calm. 
  • Lightweight and portable design for easy usage. 
  • Advance two-speed control options for better cutting.


  • There is hardcover protection given to cover the blade.

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4. Andis EasyClip 2-Speed Animal Nail Grinder

Andis EasyClip Animal Nail Grinder
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And is EasyClip is a stylish dog nail grinder tool you need to buy for your pet grooming. Its ergonomic design makes it possible to use for pet nail trimming. Moreover, it makes an extremely low noise, which helps cut the anxious dogs’ nails which get irritated with the sound. This nail filing tool is worth buying if you are a professional or a beginner. 

The set includes two drill bits of different sizes and has a variety of grit sand bands so that you may tailor it to your dog’s needs. This implies that pet parents can use this on dogs of any size. There is no size discrimination here. The Andis is super comfy to hold while working. It also includes a carry case that makes it simple to store and travel.

Before using the sanding drum, ensure the sand bands are tightened properly and firmly. As a result, it is not as straightforward to use as the other models on this list. You may always contact the manufacturer for further information.

Image of Andis EasyClip Animal Nail Grinder for my breed

Long hair can also get stuck in the drilling if you aren’t cautious. Its simple and sleek design can easily make it fit for use on all kinds of dogs. Moreover, it doesn’t cause strain on the hands if you hold it for longer. You can use this nail trimmer on other pets like cats. This would be an excellent option for middle price range nail grinder. 

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Lightweight and Powerful 

This stylish nail filer for dogs has a slim and sleek design which is why it is easy to use. Though slim and lightweight, it works exceptionally like any other high-end tool. It is immensely powerful to trim the nails of large size dogs. Moreover, you can use it even for longer hours without burden. 

  • Ergonomic Silicone Sleeves 

It comes with ergonomic silicone sleeves, is protected, and is easy to use. In addition to the silicon sleeves, it features a sharp cutter that helps trim the dog’s nails faster and effectively. It’s a very portable and handy device, and you can access it for grooming the pet.

  • Stress-Free Cutting 

This tool provides stress-free cutting and allows pet owners to trim their dogs’ nails easily. Besides that, it comes with multiple blade settings so that you can use them easily on your pet according to their size and nail type. You eventually enjoy trimming the nails with this nail trimmer making it stress-free. 

  • Suits All Pets 

This tool is perfect for pedicures of pets because it comes with multiple setting options. You can adjust the blade and start cutting the pet nails. It also comes with a cover that keeps the blade secure after using it.


  • Excellent options for trimming nails of dogs and cats. 
  • Lightweight and powerful design for sage trimming of the nails. 
  • Quiet operation and doesn’t make noise. 
  • Stylish design and cut the nails effectively without causing damage. 
  • Headcover included to keep it safe after using it.


  • No nail guard was given so that fur may stick between the trimmer.

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5. Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder
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Casfuy is the best dog nail grinder that allows you to cut the pet nails without making loud sounds and file up nails firmly. It is extremely versatile and has a simple & sleek design, making it a perfect tool for trimming the dogs’ nails. And if your pet is a naughty one, you are surely going to love this tool. 

On its lowest setting, Casfuy is the epitome of whisper-quiet. Even scaredy-cats can sit calmly for trimming nails with this electric nail file since it is so quiet. The Casfuy has many more benefits besides its silence, and it comes at a terrific price.

For a lasting, smooth finish, the bit grinder is diamond (carbon). With only one drill bit and an adaptable port, the Casfuy is less flexible than the others on our list. 

It has a USB rechargeable cord that may top up the battery before use. It doesn’t include a plug, which is positive in this context. However, this nail filing device listed here is not made in Australia; thus, you may need a power adaptor. You may use whatever USB charger you have on hand.

Image of Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder while testing

The most amazing thing about this dog nail grinder tool is it comes with a lifetime warranty. So, it could be a great investment. It ensures precise cutting and is available at affordable prices. Moreover, it comes with a headcover which helps to keep it protected and secure after using it. This can be a great tool for the nail trimming of dogs.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Advance Two Speed Feature 

This trimmer comes with an advanced two-speed control system that allows you to customize the speed and access to the tool as per your need. For example, you can set low to high speed for heavy nail grinding. Above this, its three ports can be helpful to trim the nails of almost all sizes of dogs, including small, medium, and large. Depending on the hardness level of nails, you can set their speed. 

  • No Vibration at All 

The best thing about having this tool is it features super low noise-free operation. In addition, it has whisper-quiet technology, which is helpful to maintain low noise and cut the nails faster and in an effective manner. So, your pet can easily sit for nail trimming, and you don’t need to worry about the pet being stressed. 

  • Rechargeable Batteries and Lightweight 

This nail filter comes with a cordless design and is easily rechargeable. An indicator light is present at the bottom of the tool, which shows the charging and turns on when you plug it in. Moreover, it comes with built-in batteries that will last longer than three hours when once charged. It has an ergonomic design and is lightweight enough to handle easily while trimming nails. 

  • Advance Drum Bit Grinder 

The dog nail cutter comes with a diamond drum bit grinder which delivers the comfortable experience of cutting the nails. With this tool, you can easily grind your dog’s nails without making them annoyed. This is why professionals and veterinarians also recommend it.


  • Simple to use and has a lightweight design. 
  • Advance drum bit grinder, which lets you grind the nails precisely. 
  • Ideal for using on small cats, dogs, and even on large dogs.
  • Rechargeable batteries cut down the cost of filling batteries.
  • Extremely low noise level and ensure safe cutting.


  • It doesn’t have a nail guard. 

Bottom Line 

Having a perfect dog nail grinder tool is helpful to trim the nails of the pet without making them annoyed. Therefore, now you have the five best nail grinder tools for the pet. You can choose from our list without having second thoughts. The dog nail cutters listed here are affordable and loaded with smart features that make Them ideal for cutting the dog’s nails. You can choose any of the best models by looking at the reviews and key features to make an informed decision.