Border Collie X Poodle: Picture, Facts, and Information

The Border Collie and Poodle were crossed to create the mixed breed, widely recognised as the Bordoodle. These puppies have several of their parents’ best traits, including intelligence, playfulness, and friendliness.

They are also widely referred to as Borpoos and Borderpoos. These canines are more than just attractive and intelligent. They will certainly make your daily life more enjoyable, entertaining, and cozy.

History of Border Collie X Poodle

History of  Border Collie X Poodle
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The bordoodle’s actual ancestry is unknown, although the border collie-poodle combination is a comparatively recent cross dog.

They are believed to have been first bred in the United States in the early 2000s.

Border collies and poodles could possibly have been accidentally blended in the past decades with many designer hybrids.

However, breeders have only recently started trying to centralise the cross. Thus, there is no record of someone creating this hybrid.

Height37.5 to 55cm
Weight13.5 to 27 kg
Lifespan11 to 16 years
Breed TypeHybrid
Coat coloursPredominantly Black, Gray, White, and cream
Best suited forActive families

About the Breed Border Collie X Poodle

One of the popular doodle dog breeds is the Border Collie Poodle Mix because they are typically multicoloured, affectionate, and sensitive. This hybrid of two canine breeds is incredibly bright, entertaining, and amiable.

The Border Collie Poodle mix produces a very fuzzy, smart, and energetic dog.

Be prepared for an active lifestyle because this breed enjoys playing catch and running. Be aware that combining the Poodle and Border Collie genes results in a Border Collie Poodle hybrid that loses significantly lesser hairs.

1. Physical Attributes

Physical Attributes
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This breed has three main sizes: miniature, toy, and standard. They weigh approximately 13.5 and 27 kg and range in height from 37.5 to 55cm.

The proportion of the Pups you choose to breed with can significantly impact the dimensions of your finished Bordoodles.

Typical Bordoodles weigh over 18 kg. They stand 50 to 55 cm tall. Small Bordoodles often weigh 12 to 18 kg. They stand 45 centimetres tall. Toy Bordoodles are smaller than 45 cm and weigh just under 12 kg.

2. Personality and Temperament

Being a novel mix hybrid with an unpredictable personality, the bordoodle’s capacity to be content in a tiny house without a yard dramatically depends on which parental breed she follows.

They can be excellent companions for any active family because they don’t have favourites and are inclined to play or cuddle with anyone. They can‌ exhibit some border collie-like aloofness towards outsiders.

3. With Family, Kids, And Other Pets

These happy family dogs are calm around kids, seldom hostile, extremely clever, and not excessively restless.

Although loyal to their family group, they are typically cordial and affectionate with outsiders. Such animals are flexible to nearly any living condition and are constantly up for daily hikes or trek runs if their holder is an energetic one. However, they are also equally delighted to engage in games in the backyard.

If you’re introducing one into a household with small kids, be aware that one of its ancestors is a herding breed, and as a result, they could become a bit determined to pursue kids and other pets.

Most of the time, bordoodles interact well with different canines and don’t mind being around cats. Notwithstanding their past, they do not possess a strong hunting drive.

However, given their tradition of herding, there is a good likelihood that they would try to herd other animals even if they didn’t hunt them. Thus, even tiny pets are usually secure.

4. Appearance

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Breeders of Border Collie Cross Poodle will strive for uniformity in looks, but since they are a mix, the parent breeds’ aesthetics may influence the resulting offspring’s appearance.

Their almond-shaped pupils and floppy ears atop a round face will catch the attention of any canine-lover.
Their lengthy tail is curled at the tip. The Bordoodle comes in various coat hues and designs, typically combining shades of black, grey, brown, and white.

5. Activity

The lively bordoodle needs a minimum of 45 minutes of daily physical activity. Since each of the hybrid’s parents is an active breed, required physical activity could take up to one hour.

Regardless of how much exercise he needs, it will likely be vigorous to expend that fuel. With the Bordoodle, a casual lap around the neighbourhood will not suffice.

6. Diet and Nutrition

The Bordoodle will eat about two and a half cups of kibble daily. It will thrive on premium feed that offers him a well-balanced diet. A meal free from chicken can help maintain their tummy calm because they are renowned for having delicate stomachs.

A canine’s diet should mainly comprise proteins, but he also requires wholesome carbs, fibre, essential fats, vitamins, and minerals to maintain good health.

We must feed this hybrid food suitable for their developmental phase, as its nutritional requirements change depending on maturity.

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7. Training

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The Bordoodle is among the smartest hybrid of dogs, but this intelligence isn’t just inherited. As any dog owner, we must instruct it in etiquette and orders.

This reclusive canine needs to be socialised quickly to prevent him from becoming overly timid or guarded.

Introduce them to as many pets and individuals as possible, both within and outside the house and on your property. Every time, make it enjoyable for him to learn that not everybody is an opponent.

8. Health Concerns

The Bordoodle has a long life expectancy of 11 to 16 years and is generally in good condition.

They may get the medical conditions out of either breed because it is a mixed cross. The following are some health issues you should be mindful of.

Eye Conditions

Eye Conditions
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As mentioned, the breed’s folks both have many eye issues. The most prevalent are progressive retinal atrophy, collie eye, and cataracts. If ignored, any of these conditions have the potential to cause loss of vision.


The neurological illness epilepsy brings seizures on. This is one category of canine breeds that are subject to hereditary epilepsy.

Hip Dysplasia

A deformity of the hip joint cup is known as hip dysplasia. The cross is susceptible to hip dysplasia, a disorder that equally affects Border Collies and Poodles.

Sebaceous Adenitis

When the immune system attacks the oil glands of the epidermis, it results in an aggressive skin condition known as sebaceous adenitis. Scaling and balding are indications.


Bloat is a problem that affects large breed dogs frequently but can also affect smaller dogs. Pawrents must immediately address this important problem, which may be deadly.

Addison’s Disease

The prevalence of this disease is also higher in poodles compared to other breeds; thus, poodle hybrid pawrents should be aware of the indications and risk signals.

9. Care

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  • Bordoodles must keep a balanced diet because binging can cause gaining weight and other medical conditions, mainly if sufficient activity isn’t provided.
  • The Bordoodle’s fur is velvety and wavy and ranges in lengths from medium to long. Shedding is on the lower side of the spectrum, and weekly combing should be sufficient.
  • The Bordoodle is a climate-adaptive breed of dog. If the temperature seems to be growing too cool and your dog appears chilled, supply a proper dog blanket.
  • Throughout the warmer months, ensure that there is always access to clean water and shelter throughout outside playing and exercise.
  • Attempt to brush your Bordoodle’s molars daily or, at minimum, a few days each week when it concerns dental hygiene.
  • Once a week, look for any visible damage to the mixed breed puppy’s paw pads and claws. Every two weeks, you should also trim the canine’s nails.


A Border Collie Cross Poodle is a beautiful addition to your family if you’re searching for a cheerful, vibrant dog that enjoys playing and cuddling with those around them.

Since they are descended from the herding group, they have a lot of extra energy and would make excellent hiking and trekking partners.

They also get along nicely and are excellent with dogs and young children. Even though we are unsure of their original history, this cross appeals to all dog lovers. Despite their occasional aloofness, these dogs are brilliant and straightforward to train.

Since both parents of this hybrid are breeds with certain health issues, all pawrents should be aware of their health conditions. This fuzzy pal is a terrific addition to your home if you have lots of extra time for cuddles.

We hope our reviews have assisted you in choosing a Bordoodle now! For more valuable facts, stay tuned for more such articles.

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