10 Famous Poodle Mixes And Doodle Crosses (with Pictures)

One of the most intelligent dog breeds that exist is the Poodle. They are also remarkably athletic creatures, which may astonish you, given their propensity for being somewhat stuck up.

Nevertheless, the reality that poodles are regarded as hypoallergenic makes them one of the best dogs for adoption. This is because they possess hair rather than fur, which prevents them from shedding as the other canines may.

Poodles are vibrant, playful, and energetic canines who want to be the party’s life. These endearing characteristics make it obvious why numerous owners combine Poodles.

As a result, one of the most frequent crossbreeds among pawrents over the last fifteen years has been Poodle crosses, sometimes called Doodles.

Famous Poodle Mixes and Doodle Crosses

Poodle and Doodle crosses have grown quite popular during the past few years owing to their lively personality and non-shedding coats. Here are some of the most famous Doodles we have come across:

1. Schnoodle (Schnauzer X Poodle)

Schnoodle (Schnauzer X Poodle)
Image source: dailypaws.com
Height 15 to 26 inches
Weight20 to 75 pounds
Lifespan10 to 18 years
Breed typeDesigner
Coat coloursWhite, Silver, Brown, Black, Sable, Apricot
Best suited forExperienced dog owners

The Schnoodle is playful like the Poodle and devoted, much like Schnauzer. Throughout the 1980s, as the popularity of Poodle hybrids grew, the Schnoodle was created.

The Schnoodle was developed to produce a dog with less shedding and allergens. There are three distinct sizes of the Schnauzer: miniature, standard, as well as a giant. Both parental varieties get along well with kids.

However, all pups must be socialised with youngsters to feel at ease around them. Although some have a reputation for caving into the whims of the household cat, most interact well with other creatures.

Collaborate with your canine to stop the barking that all these dogs have a propensity for. In general, seasoned dog owners could be most matched for the Schnoodle.

2. Shih Poo (Shih Tzu X Poodle)

Shih Poo (Shih Tzu X Poodle)
Image source: allthingsdogs
Height8 to 18 inches
Weight8 to 18 pounds
Lifespan10 to 16 years
Breed typeDesigner
Coat coloursWhite, Brindle, Black, Brown
Best suited forSingle Pawrents, Couples

A more recent designer dog breed created in North America seems to be the Shih-Poo. Owing to their Shih Tzu heritage, Shih Poos are Poodle hybrids that may be obstinate, although this trait can be readily taught owing to their Poodle father.

Although Shih-Poos may not snarl as much as their Poodle parents, they may let you know if they are unhappy. The Shih Poo is inclined to choose favourites and cannot perform well in big homes or with young children.

Shih Poos tend to lounge about with their pawrents all day and don’t require a lot of playing or exercise. Shih-Poos are excellent family pets for almost anyone, although an older adult in retirement may be the best fit.

3. Yorkiepoo (Yorkshire Terrier X Poodle)

Yorkiepoo (Yorkshire Terrier X Poodle)
Image source: dailypaws.com
Height7 to 15 inches
Weight3 to 14 pounds
Lifespan10 to 15 years
Breed typeDesigner
Coat coloursWhite, Cream, Tan, Gray, Silver, Chocolate, Apricot, Sable, Red, Black
Best suited forFamilies with older kids, Elderly Pawrents

The Toy Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier are the parents of the combined breed known as the Yorkiepoo. The Yorkipoo is a relatively new mix and has gained popularity for almost ten years.

They wouldn’t require a lot of exercise due to their tiny size, and they thrive in apartments. The Yorkipoo seems to be a playful, caring, and social dog that enjoys human interaction.

It is a friendly and affectionate dog that gets along well with kids. They are not suggested for households including very small kids due to the risk of injury from careless handling.

They get along nicely with several other canines and animals as a whole. They are ideal for retirees who might not be capable of walking large distances due to their modest fitness requirements.

4. Pomapoo (Pomeranian X Poodle)

Pomapoo (Pomeranian X Poodle)
Image source: rover.com
Height8 to 10 inches
Weight3 to 7 pounds
Lifespan12 to 14 years
Breed typeDesigner
Coat coloursWhite, Tan, Red, Gray, Brown, Black
Best suited forSingle Pawrents

In the late 1990s, the pomapoo first appeared in North America. This adorable Poodle hybrid was created by crossing a very puffy Pomeranian with a Poodle with natural curls.

They are distinctive in that they shed, requiring routine undercoat brushing. Pomapoos are susceptible to resource protection and might be violent. It could be a great idea to reject them if you have children.

On the other hand, pomapoos are intelligent, amusing, and devoted, quite like their parents. Many pomapoos have anxiety issues, and several are suspicious of outsiders.

Pomapoos thrive in households with lone parents, while bigger families may encounter issues.

5. St. Berdoodle (Saint Bernard X Poodle)

St. Berdoodle (Saint Bernard X Poodle)
Image source: perfectdogbreeds.com
Height15 to 30 inches
Weight70 to 150 pounds
Lifespan10 to 12 years
Breed typeDesigner
Coat coloursWhite and Black, White and Red, White and Brown
Best suited forAll families

The history of Saint Berdoodle’s development is partially clear, although it appears that they were purposefully raised in the US starting in the late 1800s.

The intellect of the Poodle as well as the curiosity of Saint Bernard undoubtedly produced this bright pup. If taught and socialised early enough, the Poodle’s ease of training helps to prevent possible trouble.

Saint Bernards are often referred to as “nanny dogs.” They dislike being by themselves. However, they get along well with individuals of all ages, especially kids.

Saint Berdoodles interact well with other animals, particularly if they are socialised early. Being a sluggish strain, Saint Bernards, you may anticipate that the St. Berdoodle will like taking naps throughout the day.

6. Peekapoo (Pekingese X Poodle)

Peekapoo (Pekingese X Poodle)
Image source: hellobark.com
Height Less than 11 inches
Weight4 to 20 pounds
Lifespan10 to 15 years
Breed typeDesigner
Coat coloursWhite, Cream, Silver, Gray, Sable, Apricot, Red, Buff, Chocolate, Black
Best suited forFamilies with older kids

Pekingese and Poodle hybrids, known as peekapoos, are a topic of much discussion. The Peekapoo’s silky hair has little shedding qualities due to the Pekingese’s crossing well with low-shedding Mini or Toy Poodle.

Therefore, even though no dog is entirely hypoallergenic as a companion, the Peekapoo sheds far less frequently than numerous other dog breeds. These dogs are typically up for a nice cuddle fest and loyal to their masters.

This canine companion is friendly and active, so they are equally content sitting on your couch as they would be for a neighbourhood walk.

Since peekapoos are normally outgoing and energetic, they frequently interact well with various animals and older kids. When left alone for extended periods, the Peekapoo may experience anxiety issues.

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7. Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd X Poodle)

Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd X Poodle)
Image source: dailypaws.com
Height 10 to 15 inches
Weight25 to 70 pounds
Lifespan10 to 13 years
Breed typeDesigner
Coat coloursRed merle, Blue merle, black and tan (phantom), parti, sable, black and red tri
Best suited forActive families

The Aussiedoodle makes a wonderful family pet and rapidly develops close relationships with its sentient caretakers. This is one of the reasons they are occasionally employed as therapy animals.

In addition, the Aussiedoodle is a very clever dog that is easy to train, much like other poodle hybrid varieties. Due to their intelligence, these energetic dogs have sometimes been described as the “Einstein” variety.

They thrive in households where they can receive much love and activity. As long as younger kids understand how to interact with the puppy properly, the Aussiedoodle is a great family pet.

In addition, the Aussidoodle can often interact with other pets quite well. Still, because the Australian Shepherd is a herding breed, it may try to swarm them, which might only sometimes be appreciated.

8. Scoodle (Scottish Terrier X Poodle)

Scoodle (Scottish Terrier X Poodle)
Image source: purina.com.au
Height8 to 14 inches
Weight9 to 20 pounds
Lifespan12 to 15 years
Breed typeDesigner
Coat coloursGray, Brown, Black
Best suited forFamilies, Seniors, Singles

The Scoodle is a playful and amiable cross between a Scottish Terrier and a Poodle. Because of their identical attitude and look, they have occasionally misunderstood a Schnauzer.

Due to their intelligence, Scoodles may be trained easily, yet they are also challenging to train. These canines tend to be obstinate as well as outspoken. They may get loud if they wish to be kept from being trained.

The Scoodle is an energetic and lively dog, but it’s also a devoted one that will develop a close relationship with its guardians.

Scoodles get along nicely with children and thrive in homes with several pets. Their tresses can vary in length from short to medium, and they might be smooth, wavy, curly, or velvety.

9. Westiepoo (West Highland Terrier X Poodle)

Westiepoo (West Highland Terrier X Poodle)
Image source: petguide.com
Height11 to 17 inches
Weight20 to 35 pounds
Lifespan12 to 15 years
Breed typeDesigner
Coat coloursBlonde, Gray, Silver, White
Best suited forFamilies, Seniors

A smart dog that craves plenty of affection and activity is born once the West Highland Terrier and the Poodle mix. Although the Westiepoo is often sidetracked, its interest and energy make them enjoyable to train.

They like the limelight and never decline a tummy stroke or chin rub. It is not uncommon for Westiepoos to develop an excessive attachment to people, although their devotion to their people is undoubtedly a charming trait.

The Westiepoo is suspicious of strangers entering their domain and can be slow to acclimatise to them, although rarely angry or violent. Whenever a new visitor comes, they frequently bark many times.

They make better tiny watchdogs because of this quality. Due to their intense hunting instinct, Westiepoos have quite a hard time getting along with other creatures. Even though they are not likely to threaten the other pets, they like pursuing tiny cats or dogs, which might worry some others.

10. Poochon (Bichon Frise X Poodle)

Poochon (Bichon Frise X Poodle)
Image source: dogtime.com
Height11 to 15 inches
Weight6 to 18 pounds
Lifespan12 to 15 years
Breed typeDesigner
Coat coloursBlack, Gray, Cream, Tan, Apricot
Best suited forFamilies with children and other pets

Although the Poochon breed may have developed organically over time, designer puppy farms began purposefully fusing Poodles with Bichon Frises in Australia in the 1990s. This toy dog often exhibits excellent patience, focus, and affection.

It is frequently seen as an excellent choice for parents with young children, but because of its tiny size, caution must be exercised not to harm the dog. Poochons are witty, amusing, and innately charming. They are in a happy and lively place on a gloomy day and tend to be mindful of the emotions of others around them.

As far as they get an adequate amount of love from their pawrent, the Poochon likes the companionship of other canines.

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Final Words

Any poodle can be a wonderful friend. They often enjoy playing and lying on your lap and are cheerful and gregarious. They are a realistic option for families because of their friendliness and ability to get along with kids.

There is no assurance that these canines will be hypoallergenic, even though most seem to lose less hair than their poodle parents.

You will be satisfied with nearly any poodle combination because these canine progenies seem to acquire the Poodle’s intellect, agility, and friendly disposition.

Before bringing home a possible pup, be certain you can meet their unique demands because various kinds are for diverse individuals.

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