6 Best Dog Grooming Table in Australia (Our Reviews)

Grooming your dogs gives several therapeutic effects that may not be readily evident. Brushing your dog’s fur allows it to grow healthier and removes damaged hair. Brushing through their coat encourages a good flow of blood. Furthermore, grooming is a terrific connecting activity and increases bonding with your canine.

Admittedly, most canine parents find the procedure of dog grooming to be difficult and inconvenient; therefore, they frequently leave their canines in the hands of experts at grooming centres. This isn’t relatively affordable, and given that grooming must be done regularly, it may soon pile up. That’s why a lot of dog owners consider grooming their pets even though it seems a handful of a task.

While a grooming table is not required, having one could make weekly grooming sessions with your dog as pleasant as it gets.

Hydraulic Z-Lift Dog Cat Pet Grooming Table

Hydraulic Z-Lift Dog Cat Pet Grooming Table

Our Top Recommendation for Dog Grooming Table!

The Hydraulic Z-Lift Dog Cat Pet Grooming Table has long been a favorite of dog owners. Its high load capacity, hydraulic lifting mechanism, and stainless steel construction have captured the hearts and tresses of dogs and groomers all over the world.

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There are numerous advantages to utilising a dog grooming table. It is indeed beneficial for your back, and you don’t have to follow your dog about. Because harnesses keep your dog in place, it’s useful for clipping a difficult dog’s claws, and it makes a basic haircut much smoother.

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Best Dog Grooming Tables to Buy

Hydraulic Z-Lift Dog Cat Pet Grooming TableHydraulic Z-Lift Dog Cat Pet Grooming Table• Hydraulic Lifting Function
• Large weight capacity up to 60kg
• Rubber tabletop surface
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Vidaxl Bath Grooming Table For DogsVidaxl Bath Grooming Table For Dogs• Table surface made of rubber
• Includes two grooming loops
• Cost-effective
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Master Equipment Blue Foldable Grooming Arm For PetsMaster Equipment Blue Foldable Grooming Arm For Pets• Steel structure
• Telescoping design
• Powder-coated finish
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Shelandy Professional Pet Grooming TableShelandy Professional Pet Grooming Table• A weight-holding capacity of up to 110kg
• Made of stainless steel
• Adjustable and detachable grooming arm
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Quality Pet Grooming Height Adjustable Table LargeQuality Pet Grooming Height Adjustable Table Large• Adjustable tabletop height
• Adjustable grooming arm
• Foldable
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Aeolus Low- Low Pro Electric Lifting Table With Air SwitchAeolus Low- Low Pro Electric Lifting Table With Air Switch• Suited for dogs of all breeds
• Easy step access for dogs with mobility issues or seriously ill dogs
• Power sockets and stainless steel hooks for maintaining grooming tools
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1. Hydraulic Z-Lift Dog Cat Pet Grooming Table

Hydraulic Z-Lift Dog Cat Pet Grooming Table
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If you want a grooming desk that will last indefinitely and can cater to the trimming necessities of both big and small pups, this would be the choice for you. The Hydraulic Grooming Table is indeed an ideal buy for giving your gorgeous dogs maximum comfort while having a shower whilst also calming stress on your spine and shoulders.

Assembling Hydraulic Z-Lift Dog Cat Pet Grooming Table

Made from High-Quality Materials

The said grooming table is composed of strong materials, making it long-lasting and reliable.

Hydraulic Lifting Function

Even with a heavy dog on the desk, you can change the height of the table from 54 to 94 cm. It thus makes it possible to improve the ideal height without needing to persuade a dog to jump onto it.

A large Weight Capacity

This table has a load capacity of 60 kg.

Features Powder-Coated Iron

This grooming table’s base, as well as expandable legs, have been made of powder-coated iron, which ensures that it is sturdy.

Grooming Arm Made from Stainless Steel

The above table has a stainless steel arm that is rust impervious, limiting destruction to your appliance.

Tabletop With a Non-Slip Surface

The anti-slip rubber texture on the tabletop ensures a smooth area for your animals to hold on to during the grooming sessions.

Detachable Grooming Arm

When not being used, the grooming arm easily detaches for simple transport and storage.

Hydraulic Z-Lift Dog Cat Pet Grooming Table Customer Review

Configurable Grooming Arm

The movable grooming loop securely restricts puppies and has an enhanced lockable slide buckle.

Elegant Style

The hydraulic Z-Lift dog cat pet grooming table has a classy look that is engineered to complement your home’s interiors.

Pros & Cons


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Height can be adjusted from 54 to 94 cm.
  • Large weight capacity of up to 60kg
  • Powder-coated iron base and legs
  • Grooming arm made of stainless steel
  • Detachable and configurable grooming arm for easy storage and transport
  • Tabletop with  a non-slip surface
  • Adjustable grooming loop
  • Elegant style
  • Ideal for small and large dogs


  • A little heavy
  • Not a very budget-friendly option

User Review: “Loved my new table; the dogs jump on it and like the elevation; it makes grooming my dogs so much smoother.”

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2. Vidaxl Bath Grooming Table For Dogs

Vidaxl Bath Grooming Table For Dogs
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This budget grooming table provides all of the necessary characteristics of an excellent grooming table at a far cheaper price than professional ones. It’s a terrific option for giving your adorable pets the ultimate comfort when they’re being groomed.

Ideal for Small and Medium Dogs

The tabletop of this grooming table is large enough to accommodate small and medium dogs.

Vidaxl Bath Grooming Table For Dogs Customer Review

Table Surface Made of Rubber

To keep the canine feet from slipping, the table’s surface is coated with a rubber pad.

Features Iron Legs

The table is supported by powder-coated iron legs thus making it strong and sturdy.

Foldable Table Legs

When not in use, the legs fold under the table, making this table practically portable and very easy to fold up and store.

Going to Groom My Dog In Vidaxl Bath Grooming Table For Dogs

Large Weight Tolerance

This table is robust to hold dogs weighing up to 60 kilograms.

The Grooming Arm is Detachable

The vidaXL grooming table includes a detachable grooming arm that connects to the table.

Two Grooming Loops are Also Included

The grooming arm also has two grooming rings for convenience. These adjustable grooming loops securely hold dogs and have enhanced lockable sliding buckles.

Extendable Grooming Arm

The grooming arm’s height is customisable to your convenience and ease of use.

Grooming My Dog at Vidaxl Bath Grooming Table For Dogs


This table is overall affordable and provides your pets with a professional styling experience at home on a budget.

Pros & Cons


  • Ideal for small and medium dogs
  • Table surface made of rubber
  • Features iron legs keeping it sturdy
  • Foldable table legs for easy storage and transport
  • Large weight tolerance up to 60 kilograms
  • Detachable grooming arm
  • Two grooming loops for easy use and convenience
  • Grooming arm with adjustable height
  • Cost-effective


  • Table height cannot be adjusted
  • Cannot accommodate large dogs.

User Review: “This has saved me a lot of back pain. Excellent size and adjustable leash strap poles. On the non-slip surface, all four of my puppies felt at peace. It was so wonderful that a buddy borrowed it.”

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3. Master Equipment Blue Foldable Grooming Arm For Pets

Master Equipment Blue Foldable Grooming Arm For Pets
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The Master Equipment Blue Foldable Grooming Arm for Dogs provides groomers with a lot of flexibility when it comes to keeping pets happy and comfortable during their grooming sessions.

Steel Structure

The Master Equipment grooming arm is made of steel, which makes it both sturdy and stable.

Design involving Telescoping

With the telescopic design, you may vary the height of the grooming arm anywhere between 24 to 48 inches, providing you considerable freedom as to how you operate the equipment.

Powder-Coated Colour

The collapsible grooming arm has a powder-finished tone coating that prevents corrosion, making it a long-lasting item.

Strong Tabletop Attachment

This flexible grooming arm will fit firmly on just about any styling table with a diameter of a minimum of three inches.


This grooming arm is foldable and hence can be stored and transported easily.

Pros & Cons


  • Steel structure
  • Telescoping design which provides the flexibility of use
  • A powder-coated colour finish that prevents rusting 
  • Securely attaches to tabletops
  • Foldable


  • A little pricey
  • Only a grooming arm is provided. No grooming table included.

User Review: “Great addition to my grooming table. Fits perfectly, and I can easily adjust its height according to my need! Portable and Easy to store. Would recommend this product.”

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4. Shelandy Professional Pet Grooming Table

Shelandy Professional Pet Grooming Table
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This Shelandy grooming table is yet another excellent alternative for all household groomers. It comes with a 30″ height adjustable arm, a dog Grooming Halter, and a robust clamp to help you with your pet’s styling needs and deliver a salon-style look at home.

Material Made of High-Quality Stainless Steel

The Shelandy Professional Pet Grooming Table is built of high-quality stainless steel, rendering it long-lasting and sturdy.

Shelandy Professional Pet Grooming Table Customer Review

Includes Double Leashes

This item includes two leashes for effectively securing your dog during grooming sessions.

Ideal for Small to Medium-Large Dogs

This grooming table is available in multiple sizes suitable for small to medium-large dogs, so you can choose the dimension that best meets your requirements.

Rubber Anti-Slip Mat

The functional area is protected by an installed rubber mat, which keeps your pet from skidding during grooming.

Foldable Legs

This product has folding legs, making storage and transportation easier.

Detachable Grooming Arm

The grooming arm can be readily added and detached as needed.

Adjustable Grooming Arm

The height of the arm can be adjusted up to 76 cm.

Shelandy Professional Pet Grooming Table Review

Huge Holding Capacity

This table has a weight capacity of 110 kg, which is rather large compared to the options we’ve come across so far.


Overall, this product is worth the investment.

Pros & Cons


  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Includes Double leashes
  • Ideal for small to medium-large sized dogs
  • Rubber anti-slip mat
  • Foldable legs facilitate storage and transport
  • Detachable and adjustable grooming arm
  • Huge weight capacity of up to 110 kilograms
  • Cost-effective


  • It is not appropriate for large dogs
  • Table height cannot be adjusted.

User Review: “I’m only a home groomer, but this table exceeded my expectations….solid, it’s a suitable height and size for me to use, easy to clean, and the accompanying leash keeps my dogs motionless. It’s simple to set up and takedown, as well as store. I’m quite pleased with my purchase, and I wholeheartedly suggest it. Very quick arrival and neatly packaged as well.”

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5. Quality Pet Grooming Height Adjustable Table Large

Quality Pet Grooming Height Adjustable Table Large
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If you’re searching for a tabletop with an adjustable height function and a wider comfort range, the Quality Pet grooming table is an excellent choice.

Base Made of Stainless Steel

These tables feature a stainless steel base that is corrosion resistant and will survive for a long time.

The Tabletop can be Adjusted

This table’s tabletop height is adjustable between 75 and 90 cm, providing you with the freedom of comfort.


The folding legs make it compact and easy for storage and transport.

Includes a Storage Container

There is a small storage basket in between the table’s legs where you can keep all of your grooming supplies.

Adjustable Grooming Arm

The grooming arm’s height may also be modified.

Loop for Grooming

This item also features a grooming loop to keep your pet safe and steady during the session.

Non-slip Rubber Mat in Vibrant Colours

You can even customise the shade of your mats for a unique touch, with the available purple, blue and pink options.

Pros & Cons


  • Stainless steel base
  • Durable
  • Adjustable tabletop
  • Foldable
  • Adjustable grooming arm
  • Includes a storage container
  • Built-in grooming loop
  • Non-slip rubber mat in different colours


  • Not a very cheap option

User Review: “ Great value for money! Would recommend it as it is perfectly customisable and adjustable to your comfort. The foldable legs make it easy to put away after use.”

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6. Aeolus Low- Low Pro Electric Lifting Table With Air Switch

Aeolus Low- Low Pro Electric Lifting Table With Air Switch
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For professional and at-home groomers alike, the Aeolus Pro electric grooming table is a dream come true. It is really easy to use and presents your dog with a luxurious experience in the comfort of your own home.

Powered by Electricity

This grooming table is electrical, and the tabletop elevation can be adjusted with just the press of a button.

Height May be Adjusted

Its height may be adjusted from 25 to 107 cm.

Aeolus Low- Low Pro Electric Lifting Table With Air Switch Customer Review

Simple Elevator Access

Provides the most convenient step-up entry for dogs, including adults and very ill canines.

Huge Load Capacity 

This table has a load capacity of 150 kg, which is exceptional.

A Tabletop that can be Removed

The countertop of the Aeolus Low grooming table is simply detachable, making it easy to clean and enabling the colours to be changed to more personalised styles.

Solid Rubber Sheeting that is Non-Slip

The tabletop has a non-slip rubber matting with a pyramidal design made from pure rubber, which is scrape proof and simple to maintain.

It has an H-frame and Two Nylon Leashes

This product includes an H-frame as well as two nylon leashes for conveniently restraining your pet during grooming sessions.

Hooks Made of Stainless Steel

The table also includes several stainless steel hooks for hanging clippers, nail grinders, and other small items.

Aeolus Low- Low Pro Electric Lifting Table With Air Switch Review

Power Sockets

There are power outlets, as well as USB ports, for plugging in your tools while they are in use.

Drawer for Efficiency

This item also has a drawer for keeping small accessories.

Pros & Cons


  • Electric-powered
  • Adjustable height
  • Simple elevator access
  • Huge load capacity up to 150kg
  • Removable tabletop
  • Solid non-slip rubber sheeting
  • Consists of an H-frame and nylon leashes for securely restraining your pet during their grooming sessions
  • Stainless steel hook additions
  • Power sockets
  • Convenience drawer for storage


  • Cannot be folded 
  • Expensive

User Review: “Perfect option if you’re looking for luxury grooming gear. Very easy and convenient to use. The included power sockets make it even more ideal to use, and you don’t have to look for power outlets while installing them. The low elevation option makes it easy for my older dog to step onto it. Would recommend it if you’re looking for something quite extravagant.”

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Types of Grooming Tables

There are now millions of different types of grooming tables on the market, all designed to make grooming easier for you and your dogs. First, let’s get to know the types of grooming tables.

Groomers are frequently perplexed as to which table is most suited for the particular task, as well as the accessibility of tables in the industry. To have a better grasp, let’s classify these according to their nature.

1. Folding Tables

This is the most affordable sort of table and is commonly found in pet parents’ houses. They are sometimes referred to as Manual Grooming Tables. The table elevation can be readily adjusted by adjusting its legs. It is one of the cheapest tables and might be a great choice for use at home, or if the table needs to be transported regularly.

2. Hydraulic Tables

The hydraulic table is by far the most premium form of table and is recommended by many groomed runs since it can be controlled with a foot pedal, enabling trimmers to work hands-free in all instances. Hydraulic dog grooming tables offer the best bang for the buck while also being more durable and convenient. These are appropriate for both home users and smaller dog groomer enterprises.

3. Electric Dog Grooming Tables

The most pricey variety on the checklist as well as the finest for the demands of expert users, electric dog grooming tables provide flexibility at the push of a button. Such dog grooming tables operate based on a movable suspension system that is driven by electricity and operated remotely. These are long-lasting, sturdy, and resistant to scrapes and pulls. They feature electrical outlets for the clippers and nail grinders, as well as a USB charging station.

4. Trolley Table

Because it is a portable table with rollers, it is a common pick among nomadic pet stylists who attend their customers’ residences. Because the table is movable, this will align the groomer’s height with the dog getting groomed. This helps to avoid lumbar pain caused by stooping throughout the grooming procedure.

Now that we’ve seen the types of grooming tables let’s take a look at the different kinds that are favoured over others. We’ve narrowed down our reviews on a handful of them to help you discover the best one. So, without further thought or care, here are Australia’s best dog grooming tables.

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Things to Consider

To buy the best dog grooming table, consider the following things before making your purchase.

1. Purpose

When making a purchase, examine why you require a grooming table. If you’re an at-home groomer searching for anything to make grooming sessions with your dogs easier, you might need something portable that you can store after use. If you’re a professional groomer, you can be a little more extravagant. If you have an elderly or sick dog who is unable to leap onto the table, you may want to consider getting one that can elevate to a lower level.

2. Size and Weight

Larger dogs may need a bigger, heavier table to operate on. A bigger table, on the other hand, is tougher to shift or transfer. Smaller grooming tables are often equipped with a circular, rotating tabletop on a frame with a grippy rubber base and are appropriate for usage with small dogs. It is also important to consider the load capacity of the table concerning your dog’s weight.

Professional groomers who will be grooming dogs of various sizes should select a platform that considers the convenience of the biggest dog.

3. Groomer’s Height

The goal of the whole adventure is to make grooming simpler and to lessen pressure on your back. In proportion to the size of the dog, an optimum grooming table must be suited for the groomer’s height and convenience. Any grooming table you intend to buy should raise your dog to the stable level of your waistline, preventing you from stooping or extending when grooming.

4. Grooming Arms

Grooming table arms are the second most influential component of a pet grooming table.

On either side of the pet grooming table, the H-Bar arms are normally secured and connected. These are especially helpful for anxious and scared pets. But, it will be difficult to walk around the table while performing your assignment.

Conventional arms are more appealing to experienced groomers since they provide them with much more freedom. These are also collapsible and adjustable, allowing you to arrange them to keep your dog as pleasant as possible.

5. Quality

When looking for the most sturdy and long-lasting dog grooming table, consider the material it is composed of. Because it will not rust, a stainless steel structure is an ideal alternative.

6. Sufficient Leashes

The top grooming tables are always equipped with a leash or restraints. Such additions aid in keeping your dog secure and steady. It also makes it easier for them to stand up. They frequently have various features that allow owners to do grooming chores without difficulty.

7. Portability

The compactness of your table is also an important aspect. If you will not be hauling your table frequently, a somewhat heavier table may be a wiser purchase. Nevertheless, if you want to move with it, a foldable table built of lighter weight is an excellent choice.

8. Tabletop Texture

A further important aspect of your judgment process is the tabletop. When selecting a tabletop, the surface ought to be non-skid at the very minimum. A nonslip mat keeps your dog from sliding as you brush him. So, to avoid your dog from wiggling about too often when on the tabletop, pick one with a non-slip, rubbery material.

9. Usage Frequency

If your dog requires regular trimming, you should have your grooming station ready in all circumstances. As a result, it may be best to choose a table that will fit into a pampering area that you have reserved. If you will not be brushing your dog regularly, a table that is suited for the size of your dog and collapses quickly for compact storage is considered to be more practical.

10. Easy to Clean

Tables with several cracks and holes will accumulate fur and rapidly become a catastrophe. The smoother the contours and edges of a table are, the easier it will be to clean and maintain. Furthermore, the matting should be simple to detach so that it may be washed after usage.


The Hydraulic Z-lift Dog Cat Pet Grooming table might be the one for you if you’re looking for an exquisite hydraulic lift feature. The VidaXL Bath grooming table is a less expensive version with foldable legs, but keep in mind that it cannot accommodate particularly large dogs.

If you’re searching for a telescopic grooming arm to add to your grooming station, the Master Equipment Blue Foldable Grooming Arm for Pets is a terrific option to consider.

The Shelandy Professional Pet Grooming Table comes with two leashes and is suitable for small to medium-large breeds. The Quality Pet Grooming Height Adjustable Table gives you the option to Personalize by choosing from different colours.

If you need a professional grooming table and money isn’t an issue, the Aeolus Low – Low Pro Electric Lifting Table with Air Switch is ideal for a premium salon-style session.

We hope our reviews have helped you. Keep an eye out for more product reviews and assistance. Have fun grooming!