German Shepherd X Poodle Dog Breed: Facts and Information

Due to its Poodle and German Shepherd ancestry, the German Shepherd Poodle hybrid is a fantastic dog. Shepapoo and Shepdoodle are just a few of the alternative titles for the Shepadoodle.

German Shepherd and Poodle were combined to create the hybrid dog breed known as the Shepadoodle. The Sherdoodle, designed to be a working dog, can add life to any family setting. Although the dispositions of a Poodle and a German Shepherd are often very unlike, they combine to create an excellent doodle canine.

These animals are big, cuddly, trainable, hypoallergenic, and non-shedding. Shepadoodles are good with kids and make wonderful household companions. Thus, they make great canines.

History: German Shepherd Cross Poodle

History German Shepherd Cross Poodle
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The German Shepherd was developed in Germany in the 19th century as a livestock and guard dog. Owing to their obedience and loving personalities, they were only employed as farm dogs and were never kept as companion animals until just before the First World War.

Due to their water-resistant coats that were utilised for water reclaiming sports, the Standard Poodle was initially identified in Germany. The Poodle is among the most intelligent dog breeds and makes wonderful pets.

Thus, other varieties began to emerge. A new generation, the Poodle German Shepherd hybrid, was developed in the 1960s for the American Army. It was fortunate to combine two intellectual dog breeds, since they are still helpful in military forces.

Height 22 to 28 inches
Weight50 to 90 pounds
Lifespan12 to 14 years
Breed typeDesigner
Coat coloursBlack, Grey, Tan, Cream and Sable
Best suited forActive Families

1. About the Breed

The German Shepherd x Poodle hybrid is a big softie. These loving dogs want constant attention since they like being the focus of everything. They are wary of outsiders and fiercely devoted to their friends and family.

They will always adore people once they begin to know them. The ideal family pet is a German Shepherd Poodle combination. These canines are incredibly loyal to kids and will interact with them endlessly. They don’t have strict nutritional requirements, are minimal upkeep, and are simple to coach.

These well-mannered dogs will request that you give them plenty of activity throughout the day so they can burn off all their surplus energy.

2. Physical Attributes

Physical Attributes
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The size of a Poodle and German Shepherd hybrid can range from small to gigantic. The typical Shepadoodle will reach around 50 to 90 lbs in weight and measure 22 to 28 inches in height. In general, females of this hybrid will weigh 10 lbs less.

3. Personality and Temperament

The drive and bravery of the German Shepherd strain are more subtly displayed inside this Poodle German Shepherd cross. They enjoy interacting with toys, sprinting, trekking, and retrieving balls.

They are among the most whimsical dogs in the emergence and constantly pursuing a new buddy. If you let them, these energetic little ones would frolic the whole day.

This type can carefully do whatever task you instruct them and is incredibly dynamic. Due to their self-assured and dedicated demeanour, these pooches are frequently used in the army and service jobs.

These canines don’t often bark. However, because of their protective instinct, they will growl whenever a stranger approaches your property.

4. With Family, Kids and Other Pets

With Family Kids and Other Pets
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These hybrids have warm, compassionate spirits and will instantly join your clan as a new addition. These loving dogs would gladly cuddle up next to you on your sofa.

This dog will rapidly turn into your tail and never leave your side. They frequently experience anxiety issues and cannot be alone for long due to their intense connection to their people.

These watchful dogs will defend your kids and become their greatest friends. They are pleasant and lively and have incredibly close relationships with their family and friends.

Although this well-liked dog breed is a good choice for a family pet and gets along well with kids, guests, and pets, its high activity level may lead them to play rougher with animals that are smaller than themselves.

5. Appearance Of German Shepherd Cross Poodle

These magnificent creatures have a rough, rural appearance.

The coats of German Shepherd Poodles are average in size. This could take on either the curled or wavy mane of its parental breeds, the German Shepherd or the Poodle. The coat’s hues might range from grey to black to cream to tan to sable.

This hybrid’s ears are laid back over its forehead, giving them a less commanding appearance. Their dense fur may become so long that it can hide their eyelids and frequently spreads out at every angle.

Notwithstanding their unkempt exterior, they have endearingly beautiful eyes that will immediately win your admiration and devotion.

6. Activity

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The main aspect of their maintenance is to keep them moving. It necessitates intense activity. This mixture may become obnoxious and naughty if left to its own devices.

 Such dogs adore leading busy lives, so they become agitated when unable to exercise as frequently as they would want. In addition to their routine walks, they require a minimum of 1-2 hours of daily activity.

They are simple to maintain as long as you find the time to offer them their proper workout. Preferably, you want to be giving them mental exercise as well. Play and exercise together to maintain your Shepadoodle healthily.

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7. Diet and Nutrition

The quantity will differ between each dog and is significantly influenced by its stature, maturity, degree of movement, body weight, and other factors. The typical serving size of premium kibbles for an active German Shepherd x Poodle hybrid dog can be anywhere from two to four cups.

It is best to split food portions across main servings per day. Additionally, they are prone to weight gain, so be careful to offer them a diet heavy in proteins and low in carbohydrates. Dry meal formulas are suggested to maintain the puppy’s molars and gums’ integrity.

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8. Training

The potential for therapeutic and service animals bred from German Shepherd and Poodle dogs is limitless, especially within the military. The owner-dog bond can be strengthened through a successful training session. In addition, they may take to obedience training quite well.

Like people, canines prefer to learn more effectively in a kind and encouraging environment. Positive language and nonverbal cues will support learning and prevent uneasiness and other unpleasant feelings.

Set a time limit for training. Lengthy stretches of training sometimes lead to undesirable behaviour. The dog may be using this to deflect attention or show tiredness. Early socialisation and kennel conditioning can also aid in developing a well-rounded dog in your canine partner.

9. Health Concerns

Health Concerns
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  1. Hip and Elbow Dysplasia: In overweight dogs, this issue frequently manifests. The dislocation of the hip socket and the femur bone is the reason behind it. The dog could experience discomfort when moving and limb immobility as a result.
  2. Osteoarthritis: Age-related degeneration is the cause of this illness. It makes using the damaged joint complicated and painful. The vertebrae are the area of the German Shepherd crossing that is most commonly harmed.
  3. Perianal fistula: Mostly, German Shepherds of the parent strain are affected by this disease. This occurs when an interior cavity may interact and leak from the skin around the anus. Infection and foul-smelling secretion might result from anal incisions.
  4. Hemophilia: This blood condition causes profuse hemorrhage, slow wound recovery, and wound closure. Despite being terminal, it is treatable. It’s critical to catch this initially in the dog’s lifespan.
  5. Ticks and Fleas: The main contributor to this issue is inadequate maintenance practices. This serves as an illustration of the value of grooming.

10. Care

  1. The German Shepherd Poodle’s fur requires grooming between two and four times weekly. The key to maintaining this mixed breed is combing. Depending on the dominant genes amongst their parental breeds, German Shepherd Poodles might shed little. Even during the shedding phases of the undercoat, everyday grooming is required.
  2. Examine the puppy’s fur for any potential irritant responses, malformations, inflammation, sores, hot patches, thin hair, and puffiness.
  3. To unravel matting or tangles in the fur, use a smoother brush. The slicker comb may penetrate the double coat’s thick layers, allowing for an excellent brushing experience.
  4. For their teeth and gums, your canine buddy should be brushed often.
  5. Regular nail trimming for your canine buddy is a must.

Final Words: German Shepherd Cross Poodle

Like a superior German Shepherd, the Shepadoodle is a hybrid breed. This hybrid boldly claims to be the biggest lap species.

These puppies may not be fully aware of their enormous size, or perhaps they do not allow their bulk to deter them from their overwhelming desire for affection. They are often minimal upkeep despite having healthy activity levels.

Everyone who enjoys being active and lives in a neighbourhood with a big yard would be delighted to bring a German Shepherd Poodle cross into their household. Any household that can catch pace with these adorable puppies will find them a wonderful addition. They are also as charming as they are huge.

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